The Decision 194/2001/qd-Ttg Dated: Approving A National Policy Of Prevention Of Accidents, Injuries In 2002-2010

Original Language Title: Quyết định 197/2001/QĐ-TTg: Về việc phê duyệt Chính sách Quốc gia phòng, chống tai nạn, thương tích giai đoạn 2002 - 2010

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The DECISION of the PRIME MINISTER approving national policies for prevention of accidents, injuries in 2002-2010 PRIME base on Government Organization Law, 30 September 1992;
Considering the recommendation of the Minister of health, decision: article 1. Approval of the national policy of prevention of accidents, injuries in 2002-2010, which included the following major contents: 1. Target: a) General: step by step limiting accidents, injury on all areas of social life such as transport, labor, production, family activities , school, public places ... in order to achieve a positive effect in ensuring safety of life, property of the State, the happiness of the people, contributing to ensure the sustainable development of the country on the face of the political, economic, social.
b) specific objectives: raising awareness, responsibility of agencies, organizations, individuals, from which the behavior change, appropriate lifestyle to limit accidents, injuries.
Make socializing prevention of work accidents, injuries, generated the interest of the authorities, the social organization and of the entire population for the prevention of accidents, the injuries.
Implement resolute measures, promptly to gradually limit accidents, injuries, particularly serious accidents.
By 2010, the number of accidents in the study decreased 40%, labour in the production of 30% discount, in families and communities reduce 30% compared with 2000. By 2005, the number of deaths due to traffic accidents reduced from 14 to 11 people and media/10.000 to 2010, down 9/10,000 vehicles.
2. The solution: a) intensify leadership, the direction of the ministries, the people's Committee for the prevention of accidents, injuries, ensure security for the people.
Clearly define prevention of accidents, injury is one of the important tasks of the strategy of socio-economic development of the region and must be materialized into the plan and program of activities. Clearly define objectives and specific measures in the resolution of the Council of the people's level, the plan of the people's committees of all levels, ministries and organizations, social organizations.
The ministries concerned and the people's Committee of the level assigned to a Division Chief and regularly monitor this work, due to a comrade of the Agency directed to oversee the Organization of prevention of injury. The Department staff has specific activity programs, regular reviews, summarizing and recommending to the level of the local Government Committee, the advocates of positive measures, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the prevention of accidents, the injuries.
Put the content of the program prevention of accidents, injuries are an indicator of the movement in the locality, in the branches, and combined with the mainstream movement such as the construction of the village culture, family culture, social evils prevention ... training, fostering staff , enhance understanding, organizational level, the direction of the levels and especially appreciate the work test, monitoring the performance of subordinates, made serious reporting periodically.
b) regular education about prevention of accidents, injuries; conducting integrated, combined in the political activities of the organs, organizations and communities. Educational content including advocates, the party's policy, the law of the State on the issue of prevention of accidents, injuries, ensure safe on all spheres of social life. At the same time, education for people to enhance the understanding of the risk are likely to occur and to understand how the prevention of accidents, injuries in all situations. Enhance educational activities, injury, accident prevention in schools.
c) improve environmental hygiene, working conditions and means of work, traffic ..., overcome the risk to people living, working in safe conditions, environment.
Upgrading of roads (road, rail, sea, river) including the national roads, InterCity line, contact the district. In particular, the focus on overcoming the key traffic accident on the high speed lines. Consolidation, the full complement of safety signaling system on the axis roads.
Regularly check that the means of transportation both in the road, sea, air, the machinery equipment in railway stations, wharves, plants, factories, construction sites, irrigation systems, civil works, power systems, other basic works. Detection, timely processing, overcoming the shortcomings of the technique in order to guarantee safety during use, operate the equipment and construction machinery.
in each of the hamlets, neighborhood, school, family, regular inspection, discovered the risks of an accident to have remedies.
Strengthen inspection, safety check, ensuring the correct implementation of labor discipline, ensure safe in labour, with the motto "to produce, safe to produce".
The governing social environment, how clean the area of the social evils, the criminal offenses, making healthy relationships in the family, in society to prevent violence. Detection and timely resolution of these conflicts in the family, in the village of neighbors to prevent, mediate the cases can lead to suicide, painting, there is a problem is the increased risk.
d) build, additions, improve legislation on the issue of prevention of the injury, ensuring order, security, social security, creating a legal corridor for people to make. Special emphasis on traffic laws, labor protection, irrigation works, protection, explosion-proof, the use of chemicals in agriculture, social security order, environmental hygiene in production and business activities.
Capacity, the responsibility of the Agency for quality control for vehicles and other means of transport, training level by driving the train, driving, avoid the serious consequences caused by the negative in this cause.
Close coordination between the functional sectors, regularly held General check the driver training facility, a comprehensive assessment of the capacity, quality, about the content of the training program, the process for granting a licence to train a team of high-quality drive.
e) set up a tracking system, aggregate, analyze, classify the injury and the loss occurs on each locality, in each period, grasp the happenings, trends and the causes of the accidents, injuries to the advocates, timely, effective measures.
g) health sector must have the adequate preparation, thoughtful resources including manpower, drugs and vehicles to timely emergency victims, well organized the healing, rehabilitation.

The emergency system of organization in the area needed to be able to put the patient into the emergency basis is the fastest, most secure. The medical establishment, as in Ward Township, district county routes need correct and accurate assessment of the number of accidents, the injuries, the extent of the accident, the injury often occurs on the local media, medications often must use to proactively prepare for and active manpower heal victims promptly , is effective. Medical facilities from clinics, wards to the township hospital in near the important transport roads are equipped with full instrumentation, medical officers to be trained more thoroughly about the emergency capacity. Organize the training of the medical staff in villages and people in first aid skills to people in distress.
Strengthen the capacity of the hospital district, the route line, the central line in the emergency victims, special attention with the ca. Good organization of work healing and rehabilitation.
3. Implementation: a) the ministries, according to the functions and tasks of coordination with Government and social organizations to create synergy of the whole society in the prevention of accidents, injury on all spheres of social life. In General, according to the coordination function, each of the ministries, must play a key role in each sector in its management rights.
The people's Committee of the levels is responsible for directing and organizing the coordination among the agencies in his administration, economic organizations, local civil society organizations to carry out the task of prevention of accidents, the injuries.
b) Ministry of health, in collaboration with the relevant ministries steer the Organization heal victims, wellness, rehabilitation for people in distress; spacious guides the entire population use medicines safely and ensure food safety, prevention of food poisoning; chaired and coordinated follow-up, General, classification of accidents, injuries happen; main responsibility and coordinate with other ministries and provincial people's committees, the central cities in the prevention of accidents, the injuries to build models of the provinces, districts, communes, schools ... into the community, to sum up the experience in order to expand the construction of safe community in the country.
c) the Ministry of culture and information, hosted, in cooperation with the ministries involved in building and operating organization information, advocacy, education on the mass media on prevention of accidents, the injuries.
d) Ministry of transportation, in collaboration with the Ministry of public security and the National Committee for traffic safety developed specific projects to strengthen the capacity of the force to control traffic, traffic accident prevention in the locality, the key areas and with the means of transport are at high risk of accidents , injuries; the proposal with the Government issued policy guidelines, the rules, the new regulations in the field of transport in order to increase safety, reduce traffic accidents in the field.
DD) the Ministry of education and training, in collaboration with the ministries relating implement school health programs, including content, against accidents, injury; the school building, compiling educational materials on prevention of accidents, injuries in the school.
e) Ministry of labor, invalids and Social Affairs, in collaboration with The relevant instructions and check regularly that the regulations on hygiene, safety and implement measures on ensuring safety in production, labor.
g) Ministry of agriculture and rural development, in coordination with the ministries concerned implementation of the provisions of the law and the measure of prevention of Hurricane flooding, protection dykes, preservation, farmers guide safe use of chemicals in agriculture.
h) Ministry of industry, in collaboration with the relevant ministries ensure safety in mining; in production, the use of chemicals, use electricity, especially in the countryside.
I) protection committees and chaired Vietnam child care, in collaboration with The relevant instructions and regularly check the regulations on prevention of accidents, injuries to children.
k) Sports Committee chaired, in coordination with the ministries concerned instructions and regularly check the regulations on accident prevention, injury and ensure the safety of the athletes, the members participate in sports activities.
l) of other ministries, local initiative, in coordination with the ministries concerned organized the prevention of accidents, injuries in the industry, the field of management, actively deployed regular funding of local ministries, made the task of prevention of accidents, the injuries.
m) suggest that the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front and the front's member organizations in collaboration with the branches of the levels people's stadium in the country to participate actively in the activities room, injury prevention, contribute to improving the quality of life of people and to promote the process of economic and social development of our country.
n) on the basis of national policies for prevention of accidents, injuries, ministries, ministerial agencies build action programs prevention of accidents, injuries, their industry in management; The provincial people's Committee building action programme prevention of accidents, the injuries of his local.
o) established the National Steering Committee on prevention of accidents, the injuries to help Prime steer and oversee the Organization of prevention of accidents, injuries in the country.
The Minister of health is Chairperson. The Ministry of health is the Agency of the National Steering Committee on prevention of accidents, the injuries.
Article 2. This decision takes effect 15 days from the date of signing.
Article 3. The Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies, the Chairman of the people's committees of provinces and cities under central authority responsible for the implementation of this decision.