Decision 24/2002/qd-Ttg Dated: Approved Master Plan For Socio-Economic Development In Thanh Hoa Province 2001-2010 Period (Adjusted)

Original Language Title: Quyết định 24/2002/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt quy hoạch tổng thể phát triển kinh tế - xã hội tỉnh Thanh Hoá thời kỳ 2001 - 2010 (điều chỉnh)

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The DECISION approving the planning of the overall socio-economic development province of Thanh Hoa to the period 2001-2010 (adjust) the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;

Consider the proposal of the President of the people's Committee of Thanh Hoa province in the sheet number 3108/UB-TCTN on November 14, 2001;

Considering the recommendation of the Minister of planning and investment in no. 8354/BKH/VPĐT on December 10, 2001, decision: article 1. Approval of the master plan for socio-economic development province of Thanh Hoa to the period 2001-2010 (tune) with the following: 1 primarily content-oriented and development targets: a) orientation: continue to promote innovation, accelerate the pace of economic restructuring in the direction of industrialization modernization; formation of industrial economic structure-services-agriculture.

-Increase the speed of development on all areas aimed at achieving annual growth rate is higher than the average level of the country to gradually shorten the distance compared to the country.

-Tied economic restructuring to enhance efficiency and competitiveness; the development of priority sectors, the field has potential advantages, to meet the requirements of the market; Active along the country regional and economic integration in the world.

-Construction of system of urban, industrial-became the economic center with the kernel function is promoting the development of rural areas in the province.

-Proper care to rural areas, the mountainous region where many difficulties.

-Economic growth tied to improving people's lives; protection of the environment; create jobs for workers; human resources development, raising, fostering of talents. Incorporates socio-economic development with strengthening and consolidating national defense and security, uphold political stability.

b) development: the overall goal of socio-economic development in the 2001-2010 period are:-striving to catch up with the average level of the country. By 2010 the total product in The (GDP) increase of 2.6 to 2.8 times compared with 2000; focus on specific targets mainly the following: + striving for average growth of product in The (GDP) 2001-2010 period: 10.5% (old variant 13-15%).

+ Shifting economic structure is as follows (%): The industry, economic sector under the scheme have to browse the 1996 scheme adjusted for 2005-2010 agriculture 15 33.3 33.0 42 industry 24-25 39-41 43 34 33.7 services-capita GDP + 37: the old approach: 1000-1200 USD/person; case tuning : 2005:460/person; 2010:750 USD/person.

+ Foreign economic development, expanding export markets; strive for the province's exports totaled 160 million USD in 2005 and 300 million in 2010.

+ Reduce the population growth rate down to under 1% per year (old variant is 1.7%).

+ Create a transformation of culture and social issues, the fast development of education and training, health, fitness and sport in order to improve the material life a step further, the spirit of the people, social environment, healthy; the natural environment is protected.

-Enhance the capacity of science, technology capable of meeting the requirements of industrialization and modernization; the application of advanced technology, step by step approach the regional and international levels.

-Development of infrastructure to meet the requirements to receive the large-scale investments of local distribution. At the same time contributing to the development of strategic sectors, the region of the country.

2. The main tasks: a) on the development of agriculture, forestry and fishery-striving for growth pace in GDP structure 2001-2010 period is 5.0-5.5%. Restructuring the rural economy from farming to economic agricultural economic-industrial-service. Focus of agricultural production goods groups, group products on the basis of forecasts of supply and demand of agricultural product market in the country, the region and the world; Active science and technology applications to reduce cost, increasing quality, improving the competitiveness of commodity products.

+ Intensive implementation high on an area of irrigated rice. Striving for the target 1.5 million tons of food is stable from 2005 onwards.

+ stable area of 30,000 hectares of sugar cane crops, intensive increase productivity, ensure sufficient material for the sugar factory.

+ Care 7,800 hectares of rubber, formed the raw materials of 11,000 hectares in 2010, reaching 10,000-12,000 tons output LaTeX dry.

+ stable area of existing tea, as tea scale adjustment according to your State's program.

+ Pineapple growing region building 5,000 hectares, yield approximately 300,000 tons/year; the planted 4,000 ha, cassava yields on 100,000 tons/year, annual material guarantee for export processing and consumption. Development of the fruit attached to the requirements of the market.

+ Lifting peanuts area up 20,000-23,000 ha, yield approximately 100,000 tons/year.

+ Tree sedge: 4,000 ha, yield – 38,000 40,000 tons (2010).

+ Encourage developing soybean, corn in the direction of promoting intensive farming, lower, increase the value of earnings per unit area and the raw materials processing industry development.

Breeding: breeding region construction material about meat, milk associated with processing. Raise the proportion of livestock breeding in industry up 28% in 2005 and over 30% in 2010.

-Forestry: the comprehensive forestry development, extraction of forest produce in the direction most farming, diversified agriculture, forestry products combined, tied to the processing industry, the building materials meet the requirements of producing 100,000 tons of paper and pulp-160,000/year.

-Fisheries: sync investments to develop aquaculture, the focus is on shrimp exports. Investment in infrastructure and facilities, improve the efficiency of catching bad off, bad heart, off-shore fishing.

Striving to increase the GDP fisheries averaged 10.5-12.0% per year, the aquatic output on 100,000 tons in 2010, which exploit the 65,000-70,000 tons, cultivating 35,000 tons; 10,500 tons of raw shrimp. Export turnover reached over 50 million USD, jobs for 70,000 workers.

b) industry: industrial development to create the superior in the economic structure and labor structure toward industrialization and modernization. Striving to increase the industrial GDP CAGR of the period 2001-2010 was 16.5-20%.

-The period of 2001-2005: focusing on industrial investment and development include: oil filter oil refinery No. 2, capacity of 7 million tonnes/year, production capacity of 200,000 tons/year Polyester, Polypropylene production plant with capacity of 150,000 tons/year; industry paper and pulp production; production of synthetic detergents (LAP) with capacity of 50,000 ton/year; development of industrial production of building materials; the agricultural, forestry and fisheries; strengthening industrial development, repair ships, production of agricultural tools; industry uses more labor: textile, garment, footwear, Silk weaving recovery ... organized rearranging State-owned enterprises, changing technology equipment to improve the quality of products and expand production; at the same time the fast development of the small and medium industrial establishments in rural areas contribute to the industrialization and modernization of agriculture, the countryside.

Main products: cement on the 4 million tonnes, 220,000 tons of sugar and paper pulp, 70,000-80,000 tons, corn starch, cassava, coffee, rubber, pineapple juice, tomato juice, seafood 17,000-18,000 tons; in it, 3,000 tons of frozen shrimp, fish flour, 5,000 tons of Eastern meat-fish oil 1,500-2,000 tons.

Continued investment in the industry, first of all is the industrial focus. Prioritize infrastructure construction including transportation, ports, electricity, water, urban services, training of human resources in the service of building the Nghi son refinery No. 2 oil and industrial complexes on the area.

-The 2006-2010 period: Insert the filter into the oil industry operates; expand the capacity of the industry has strengths such as: weighing 6-7 million tons; Stone 1.5-2 million m2; wood processing flow, pulp and paper products take up 100,000-160,000 tons; 300,000 tons of sugar; corn starch to export 30,000-50,000 tons; 30,000 tons of tapioca starch; 10,000 tons of coffee; 4,000-10,000 tons of rubber; 10,000 tonnes of frozen seafood, of which 5,000 tons of frozen shrimp, pork, pigs milk; 250,000 tons of fertilizer; 100,000 tons of rolled steel. Build complex of textile-dyeing; microbial fertilizer factory; plastic construction materials; refractory in industrial 24-Mon; construction of synthetic fertilizers (DAP); thermal power plants; steel; concrete structures; shipbuilding and ship repair; mechanical Assembly ... in an industrial Paint Facilities.

c) developed the service sector: striving service sector growth in the period 2001-2010 annual average 9.0-11.0%, contributing to the distribution of labor back in the economic sector of the province.

-Trade promotion: search engine marketing activities of consumption goods exports in The total flow rate striving. goods society 2001-2010 period increased on average 25-30%; the value of exports falling 24-26% per year.

-Tourism: tourism program built in line with the overall tourism development program of the country; investment priority tourist areas: the ham Rong, Sam son, Lam, into the Lake.

-To adjust the structure of transportation; restoration and development of marine transport, actively participate in the circulation of commodities of Thanh Hoa with both countries, the region and internationally; development of river and sea port services, effective deep water seaport, Harbor Painted Holiday Facilities.

-Development of postal-telecommunication networks with modern techniques. Continued strong development of the postal sector associated with the advent of industrial, service, the new economic regions of the province. To 2005:100% of the communes have phone, reached 1.82 air/100 inhabitants, 2010 reaches 7.5 air/100 inhabitants, ensure people in remote villages receive regular release.

-Fast-growing types of financial services, banking, consulting, information technology, technical services, promote capital markets, particularly in the countryside.

d) of infrastructure construction:-municipality: prioritize infrastructure construction system of the municipality of Thanh Hoa city, meet the requirements of the municipality of type II in 2005; infrastructure construction of the new urban areas: Nghi son, Shicheng, the Son ... According to the master plan, to improve the infrastructure of the town, town, commune, district capital of 2010 to the whole province had a population of over 1 million urban people, urbanized rate of 25-33%.

-Traffic: the upgrade promotion North-South transportation axis. Investment priority to upgrade the main shaft up to the West of the province; the transportation industry, the Department of raw material. Plastic goods or concrete road surface chemistry (for 100% plain districts, mountainous 50%), complete the remaining bridge over the big river, 100% of the commune there are of highways to be Center. Construction of the port and dredging the waterways mostly, continue to upgrade the port and deep-water Ceremony Paint Facilities. To build civilian airport when there is demand.

-Hydraulic engineering: construction of the dam, the river reaches the Door Lèn, hit the target for some of the flood region flood award is the focus. At the same time complete irrigation system, chemical neutralization of canals, irrigation area expanded for a number of industrial plants, irrigation priority for aquaculture. Compensation, restoration often dike, embankment.

-Water supply and sanitation: water supply system construction for the population of b. and the development of social-economic sector. Striving to 2010 have 90% of the rural population and 100% of the urban population are using clean water. Most municipalities have water supply and drainage system, Thanh Hoa city own met water supply 120-130 litres/person/day. Industrial waste water and urban sewage into the River, before the sea.

-Power: 110 KV substation construction according to the master plan was approved by the industry Ministry. Put power up mountainous districts, improved grid system in the municipality, Thanh Hoa city priorities, Sam son town, urban Painting Facilities, industrial and populous region. Eletricity growth CAGR of 13-15 percent, raising the per capita up 359 KWh/year in 2005; 800 KWh/year in 2010.

-Socio-cultural infrastructure: construction of Hong Duc University with other universities in the country; construction of the Institute or the Institute, Center for research in science, technology (biotechnology, information technology), the professional and vocational schools, secondary schools and kindergartens. Upgrade the provincial hospital, the Medical Center district, especially the Medical Center area, strengthening the infrastructure for online medical fitness centers, sports. Embellish the history of cultural relics such as Lam, into the Lake, the landscape such as: Ben Martin, the verb Form.

e) developed the socio-cultural field:-promote socialization of cultural activities, social, step by step create the transformation of culture, education and training, health and social issues in order to improve the material life a step further, the spirit of the people.

-Annual birth rate Decreases from 0.4-0.5 0/oo. Strengthening investment in infrastructure for the implementation of family planning, protection of the health of mothers and children; the physical basis for the examination, namely: to upgrade, modernize The hospital, hospital construction area N Lac serves 8 mountain district to the West of the province; building children's Hospital; improvement and upgrade and supplement examination equipment for the provincial hospital, the district.

-Education: catch up and exceed the national goal, created the basic and comprehensive transformation in education. Complete universal secondary school 100% of communes in 2007. Enhance the physical facilities, equipment for teaching and learning, basically complete the neutralization reagent elementary school, secondary school and the nursery school.

-Training: strengthen undergraduate training, established the Research Institute or the Institute, expanding the College System. Development of vocational training, labour was taken through the training of 30-35% in 2010. Reduce the unemployment rate in urban areas to below 4%, increasing the rate of use of labor time in rural up 80%, new jobs annually from 3.5-4.0 thousand employees.

-Improve and enhance people's lives, striving to 2010 no longer hungry households, also 7-8% of poor households (according to the new standards), are no longer poor, 100 percent of communes have essential infrastructure. The only goal of enjoyment over the top people in the field of health reached the average rate of the country.

-Improve the quality of cultural activities, sports, information, advocacy, preserving the cultural identity and promote the traditions of the peoples of The new 300 each year. building the cultural village of 2010 to have 4,000 cultural villages, 90% of the households of family cultural standards. New construction and restoration created a number of important cultural works.

-Investment in strengthening the capacity, improving the quality, length of radio broadcasting and television. Up to 95% in 2010: the population is watching tv; radio coverage of 100%.

g) developed the territory:-the sea: comprehensive economic development; focus, focus is aquaculture shrimp cultivation, sale and export processing. Build the planting of rice, peanuts, jute, rush, vegetables ...; development of pig breeding, poultry. The construction industry focus son Tinh Gia (filter oil, cement, building materials, service ports, seafood processing, mechanical closing and repair of vessels). Exploitation of deep water sea port; promote investment in infrastructure system the new municipality of Nghi son, infrastructure Department in aquaculture. Development of handicraft, trade, services, tourism.

-Mountain, region: development of social-economic comprehensive mountain, gradually shortening the distance on the socio-economic life than the prose. The priority of developing the paper, tied with forest protection, forest watershed, improve the effectiveness of the program to plant 5 million ha of forest. Investment focus to build sugar processing industry, fruit, candy, forestry ... associated with the construction of the specialized seedlings; the rubber, fruit trees, cinnamon, threading, comments sashes, tea, cassava, pineapples; promote the economic development of the farm created stable concentration source material provided to the processing facilities.

Extraction and processing of building materials: limestone, sand, gravel, marble. The focus of infrastructure development, the priority for the expansion and upgrading of network traffic, electricity, clean water ... to promote commercial activities, exchange of goods. Implementation of the social policy to improve recreation and population, particularly the minorities.

-The plain: switch focus in economic structure of agriculture, the rural areas towards industrialization, improving the efficiency of the economy, create jobs for workers.

Strengthening the construction of high rice production region, the region of sugar cane, tobacco, fruit, pork, poultry, dairy ... associated with the processing industry. At the same time develop strong industrial focus: ceremony, BIM son-Shicheng, the Paint-Blue paint, commercial development, tourism and other service industries.

Article 2. Thanh Hoa province people's Committee has the task of:-chaired, had the help of the ministries involved building research programs of socio-economic development 2001-2010 period, detailed planning, building the program objectives and investment projects consistent with the master plan has been approved by the authority. At the same time out of sync solutions in order to maximize the resources to promote the development of the province.

-Research and recommendations to the Prime Minister issued specific policy mechanisms, consistent with the terms of The aim to encourage economic sectors to invest in production, search engines and expanding markets, developing human resources, protection of the environment to implement the objectives of socio-economic development.

-Make the renewal of the Organization, management, promote administrative reform, create a favourable environment to attract domestic and foreign investment.

-The direction of investment focus are key to quickly bring in efficiency; investment priorities to build the technical infrastructure, social infrastructure facilitates the development of certain economic sectors spearheaded by the Department.

Article 3. The ministries are responsible for the same central Thanh Hoa province held made this plan to achieve these objectives. Development of economic sectors social engineering of the ministries should be materialized on the province by the plan, the program objectives and specific investment projects in each stage. In the process, the President of the people's Committee of Thanh Hoa province has the responsibility to monitor, coordinate to have timely adjusted solutions.

Article 4. This decision takes effect 15 days from the date of signing. Chairman of Thanh Hoa province people's Committee, the Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies responsible for the implementation of this decision.


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