The Decision 194/2003/qd-Ttg Dated: Approving The Strategy Management Of Natural Protected Areas System In Vietnam By 2010

Original Language Title: Quyết định 192/2003/QĐ-TTg: Về việc phê duyệt chiến lược quản lý hệ thống khu bảo tồn thiên nhiên Việt Nam đến năm 2010

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The PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law the Government Organization on December 25, 2001.

Pursuant to the law to protect and develop forests on August 12, 1991.

Consider the proposal of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development in the papers of 1650/BNN-KL on 27 June 2003 regarding the approval of the "strategic management of natural protected areas system in Vietnam by 2010", the opinion of the Ministry: justice, science and technology, aquatic, Interior, culture and information , Resources and the environment, planning and investment, the General Directorate of tourism.


Decision: article 1. Strategic management of natural protected areas system in Vietnam by 2010 with the following principal contents: i. objectives: 1. Establish, organize and manage effectively the system of natural protected areas in different ecosystems (including nature conservation on land the natural protected areas, wetlands and the marine nature reserve) in order to contribute to the protection of resources, biological diversity, rich and unique landscapes of Vietnam in the framework of sustainable development. Incorporates the activities of conservation and development, promotion of the role and full function of the system of natural protected areas to contribute actively to the implementation of a comprehensive growth strategy, poverty reduction in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country.

2. To raise the awareness of people about the importance and value of resources and biodiversity, clearly define roles, responsibilities and strengthen the people's participation in the protection of the nature reserve.

3. institutional innovation management policy of nature conservation, enhance management functions of State for natural protected areas system. Strengthening management of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity of the local government and the management of natural protected areas.

4. enhancing international cooperation, identify the source and the approach the grants.

II. Principles And APPROACHES 1. Principle: the basic principles of sustainable development is: To ensure immediate development does not harm the future of good protection and management of natural resources, the conservation of biological diversity of the country, namely: management of natural protected areas and buffer zone needs to have close coordination and synchronization between sectors levels, from the central to local mechanism, a specific plan. Ensure the implementation of the guidelines on an aggregate basis, including the conservation of genetic resources, species and ecosystems; Prevention of danger which may cause losses for these values.

The management plan and the implementation of nature conservation activities to the full reference to expectations about the economy and attract the participation of the communities living around the nature reserve. Raise awareness of the economic value of science, environment and nature conservation and promotion of the role of State management of the people's Committee of the levels, especially social, for the field of natural resource management and the management of local nature conservation Administrative Department of civil , the district.

In the area of nature conservation, the need to prioritize the management plan and emergency action in an effective way where there is a high threat risk as the risk of extinction of native species or harm to the ecosystem.

Regular updates, refer to the results of research and new information, to improve the effectiveness of the management and monitoring of the results of the new management solution.

Learn the proper awareness and full information about the use of traditional and special relationship of ethnic minority groups with land resources and biological diversity.

The Government concerned to effectively support the management of natural protected areas through priority capital investment annual grants from the State budget and other appropriate support activities.

2. The approach: strengthen the interdisciplinary management on the basis of clearly defined focal agency in accordance with the regulations in the law on organization of the Government and the Decree of the Government regulations on functions, duties, powers and responsibilities of the Ministry in the area of governance.

Fastened the Mission of conservation and sustainable development to promote the full potential, taking advantage of natural resources and bio-diversity, create new resources right from the nature reserve was set up to manage sustainable and long lasting.

Socializing the work to protect natural resources and biodiversity.

III. The ACTION of the strategy: 1. The planning of natural protected areas system.

Improve planning and grading, classified natural reserve system of Vietnam in various ecosystems (including nature conservation area on land, wetlands and marine nature conservation area), the Prime Minister and the decision on the system of natural protected areas of Vietnam in the new era.

Establish the order of priority management of natural protected areas based on the principle of priority to the conservation of biological diversity and the criteria to be approved by the authority.

2. Construction of the legal framework on the management of natural protected areas system: construction of unified legal framework on the protection of biodiversity and management of natural protected areas. Build advocacy plan and strengthen the enforcement of the legal regulations on the protection of biodiversity and management of natural protected areas has been issued.

Reviewing and recommending additional document to effect enforcement of the law on the protection of natural resources and environment has issued. Simplify and enhance the effect of the regulation have and will.

The capacity of the organizations executive law and collaborated closely with the Ranger force, the force protection of aquatic resources in the enforcement of the law on the protection of natural resources has issued.

Reviewing the regulations on administrative sanctions to recommend to modify the level of fines for the breach of protection of natural resources (such as forests, water, fisheries, environment), avoid these disparities, unreasonable about the fine specified in the different areas. Consider other forms of appropriate penalties as an alternative solution for the fines for poor people.

Strengthen and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Ranger force, the force protection of the aquatic resources and customs, including coordination with law agents such as the police, customs, the courts, the Procurator.

Improved salary mode and mechanism of injury compensation for the Executive Force, the law on the protection of natural resources, especially in the regions are more difficult.

Improve and systemize the text issued and the monitoring of the situation of the enforcement of that text.

3. Strengthen natural resource management and biodiversity conservation.

Clarify the relationship between the buffer and a natural reserve by the solution build operation rules and the principle of coordination between the buffer with the nature conservation area. The regulation of the rights and obligations of the parties to manage buffer, especially for ethnic communities on every local nature reserve. Build long-term plans on investing for the buffer.

Construction of the Convention on the protection of natural resources, the conservation of biological diversity of the rural population; construction of the model of economic development sustainable households in the buffer.

Strengthen the conservation of the species of transposition, wild plants are threatened by the solution to build the plant in the Garden, consolidate and develop the Center for wildlife rescue;

Construct and enact text in principle to collaborate and determine responsibility in eco-tourism activities in the natural conservation area; unity of mechanisms to share benefits derived from tourism and rollover provisions for the management and conservation of biodiversity in the nature reserve.

Supplement and perfect the policy mechanism and system construction of the development models of the buffer. Building and extensive application implementing the demonstration project on the use of the product beyond the wood and planting, planting models fuel dispersion and concentration.

Limit the extraction of firewood as fuel and ensure sustainable use of forest products out of wood; prevent hunting accidents, storing and trade of sea creatures, and unauthorized wild plants; control the species, plant type.

Prevent and control pollution, reduce environmental impacts with respect to wetlands and the marine ecosystems caused by economic development; the capacity of forest fire control and fire prevention forest fire; steady encroachment of forestry land.

Detect any things in the management of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity in order to find effective solutions on the basis of the analysis, selection of the opinions of scientists, managers, conservationists and local communities.

4. System governing the nature reserve: the ministries are tasked with managing natural resources to review the Department's tasks, his industry in the conservation of biodiversity and the governing body of the natural protected areas; the study proposes a reasonable organization structure (by sector or industry, professional or coordination) consistent with Decree No. 86/2002/ND-CP DATED December 5, 2002 11năm of the Government functions, duties and powers of the ministries, ministerial-level agencies: assign clear responsibility for the governance of the the Central sector, and the people's Committee of the level of resources in the nature reserve, which clearly defined the work that the people's committees of the province necessarily the Ministry before deciding. Strengthen the capacity of the people's Committee to enforce better task management on the forest special purpose in his locality as prescribed in decision 243/TTg dated 21 December 1998 by the Prime Minister on the implementation of the responsibility to manage the State of the level for the forest and forest land.

Strengthening and reorganization of management bodies, specialized Management Bureau of the Ministry has been tasked with the management of natural protected areas system as: FPD (Ministry of agriculture and rural development), the Environmental Protection Department (Ministry of natural resources and the environment), the aquatic resources Protection Department (Ministry of fisheries). Enabling the Agency to perform well the task of helping the Secretary of State management for the conservation of nature has been assigned and coordinated interdisciplinary management more effectively.

Innovation of organization management mechanism for the management of natural protected areas form the business units, are qualified to perform the duties at the level of natural resource management, biodiversity conservation and construction of nature reserves under the current rules.

5. set the renovation, investment and financing for nature conservation area: on the basis of review of the individual planning of natural protected areas need clarifying boundaries, defined clearly the duties and powers of the Board of management of natural protected areas for the protection of local natural resources Department of State affairs management.

The disposition of resources necessary to meet the requirements of the approved work plans in order to manage all of the natural protected areas identified in the system of natural protected areas by 2010.

Emergency planning browser the natural conservation area and create the conditions to set up, organize the management of natural protected areas.

Reviewing, enacting a new law, regulation, procedure and process again to set the nature reserve to reduce the duplicate stitch.

Construction and multi-disciplinary regulation issued on organization structure and management types, grades, class nature reserve, specifies the tasks of the Board of management of natural protected areas of the face: biodiversity conservation, scientific research, construction, eco-tourism development.

The study defined specific tasks for the management of nature conservation for the program of social-economic development in the region in the local buffer.

Study of the model of organization and management of the natural reserve covers much of the province, to strengthen the coordination between the local in an effort to protect the nature reserve has the venture ecosystem.

Steer sued the organization-wide management of natural protected areas in order to facilitate the management of nature conservation area become business units, have the right to take the initiative and responsibility for the full implementation of the tasks in the correct legal status has been determined.

Additional facilities required for the management of natural protected areas, as means of information, communication, transport, investigation in the nature reserve to create conditions for the employees to approach the area and working with the local population.

Promulgated Regulation stipulates clearly the responsibility and the content build action plans periodically (every year, 5 years, 10 years) on the integrated management of natural resources in the nature reserve.

The renovation of the financial allocations from the State budget: building the specific rules about support from the central budget for the budget to make the investment to build and manage the nature reserve; The study established the Fund to protect natural resources from different sources to provide financing for the activities of the natural protected areas; the construction cost limit often about nature reserve management by objectives appropriate knowledge, used as a basis to allocate costs often for the nature reserve.

Research and construction of the regulations to strengthen the financial resources and the mobilization of the financial resources of social investment for natural protected areas (such as fees, taxes and lottery tickets); Build mechanisms to attract international financial investment source for natural protected areas (such as encouraging foreign investment, innovation regulations partners to make ODA more effectively, attract funding individuals and of international organizations); Construction of the mechanism of financial donations from individuals, organizations have used the nature reserve on the purposes for which the nature conservation area are allowed to meet to strengthen investment resources for the nature reserve.

6. training and human resources development, enhance knowledge and skills in conservation.

Build the program and brought in the management plan of research on biodiversity resources, about the use of natural resources and the socio-economic issues related to nature conservation areas.

The Organization of training courses and training on: investigate and monitor biodiversity in protected areas; construction skills training and database management, skills in collecting, handling and storage of samples, plant; enhance management skills the ecosystems on the basis of using modern techniques and using school equipment for building management and development in the natural reserve.

Organize the class and fostering of geographic information systems (GIS), construction reports and use the software to manage the database for the provincial administration and the Department of nature conservation work.

Build and organize educational and training programs to meet the varying needs of those directly related to the conservation of nature and the people who do the work of the Organization, staff management and policymakers on the management and conservation of nature.

Training of scientists and technical staff on building the database program (long term) and on information search strategies on the international information network (Internet) (short term), on building sites and put up the network; recruitment of officers working in the system of natural protected areas in accordance with the requirements for qualification.

Build the program study tours in and outside the country for the nature conservation officers to exchange experiences and information.

Encourage the implementation of the research project to focus even in the nature reserve includes the field reviews serve for the construction of Government policy.

The Organization reviews the areas can proceed with reforestation or forest regeneration in the natural protected areas and identify species of native plants suitable for each region.

Enhance skills development projects build buffer zone and other areas near the nature reserve about using resources in a sustainable and the forest restoration projects in the nature reserve.

7. promote the work of information-education-communication and attract community participation in the conservation of biodiversity: building of programmes about the information-education-communication to raise awareness about biodiversity and nature conservation for the communities living in the core and buffer zone of nature reserve , the natural protected area management, administration and policy makers at all levels.

Staff training on communications for the conservation of biodiversity and protection of the nature reserve and view them as a mainstay was tasked with raising awareness of biodiversity conservation at the base level. Strengthen the fostering of knowledge and skill to perform the communication on biodiversity conservation and nature reserve management for management of natural protected areas.

Universal knowledge organization for the conservation of biodiversity and management of natural protected areas for key staff of the town has natural conservation area and buffer zone.

Develop media work on nature conservation and biodiversity conservation to communities to raise awareness and capacity management for the community.

Attract organizations such as: the Vietnam Women's Union, the Vietnam farmers ' Union, the Communist Youth Union Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Veterans Association ... and the local community in the planning and implementation of awareness raising activities.

Put the knowledge related to biological diversity and nature conservation area on the syllabus in primary, secondary and college students, especially at the College and boarding school in the mountainous province.

Encourage non-governmental organizations actively implement knowledge transfer work, research, training and supporting the management of nature conservation and regional development, especially in agricultural and forestry activities.

8. international cooperation: implementation of the action plan for biodiversity were issued a system management strategy and the nature reserve in Vietnam to increase the practical and specific contribution of our country in the implementation of the International Convention for the conservation of biological diversity.

Review the list of proposed areas of wetland nature reserve and proposed more new areas for inclusion in the Ramsar list to attract the interest of the community in and outside the country.

Promote sustainable wetland protection and to maintain the wetland nature reserve (both the big and small) from drying or used for other purposes, reduced biodiversity, and the value of them.

The assignment of responsibility, provide resources and infrastructure for monitoring compliance with the RAMSAR Convention, as in the nature reserve wetlands.

Ensure progress and the reliability of the national reports be made every three years and attend the conferences of the Member States and maintain contact with the Ramsar Convention secretariat.

Enforcement of national legislation on wild plants, and conduct training workshop on the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild plants, endangered (CITES Convention) for the relevant agencies of Vietnam.

Strengthening implementation of CITES the Agency CITES jurisdiction by enhancing the approach (for example, to translate from English to Vietnamese) of CITES documents and attend the meeting of the Conference of the Member countries of CITES. Effective cooperation in implementing the activities of the trade monitoring organization fauna (TRAFFIC).

Strengthen controls along the border on land, at sea, the gate between Vietnam trade with foreign countries.

Encouraged to coordinate enforcement of CITES between Vietnam and neighboring countries. Building a national action plan to strengthen control over the trade of wild plants, illegal and unsustainable. Build a dynamic trading strategy, wild areas in order to ensure international cooperation in efforts to resolve the problem of the trafficking of wild fauna.

Close cooperation with TRAFFIC to strengthen the investigation of illicit trafficking activities, (for example with regard to sea turtles).

9. The priorities of the strategy: building the necessary legal framework for the management of natural protected areas system. Research, build new nature conservation law to regulate social relations in the management of natural resources, conservation of biodiversity and the management system of natural protected areas.

Organize a national agency do manage the nature reserve has precedence in accordance with the content of administrative reform.

Set up the connection, communication between the Administration and the agency responsible for developing the buffer to review the decision to develop in both the natural conservation area and buffer zone.

Construction plan management of nature reserves and provisions allowing the protected area development activities to assess and summarize the activities and general financial planning; upgrade the necessary infrastructure, direct support to manage, upgrade and provide equipment for the nature reserve.

Article 2. Organizer: Ministry of planning and investment and the Ministry of finance is responsible for balance, allocation of resources, coordination of public funding and the coordination of funding, annual State budget resources for these types of nature reserve.

The Ministry of science and technology, chaired the program construction plans on the scientific research to protect natural resources and the conservation of biological diversity, as a basis for the effective management of natural protected areas.

The Ministry of agriculture and rural development is responsible for governing the nature reserve in the system of special purpose forests.

The Ministry of fisheries is responsible for governing the marine protected areas.

Ministry of natural resources and environment is responsible for the Organization and management of the wetland nature reserve.

The Ministry of education and training is responsible for organizing the introduction of educational content on the protection of natural resources, conservation of biodiversity, protection of the nature reserve on the teaching in the schools.

The Ministry of culture and information, is responsible for coordinating with the Department assigned management of natural protected areas do well the work of information and communications.

The social organizations according to their functions involved in running the information-education-communication, encouragement, members of his Union members participate actively in activities to protect the natural conservation area in the community.

The people's committees of provinces and cities under central responsible and have the highest authority for the implementation of the strategy in each province, set up appropriate organization structure locally, set the specific action plan to implement the strategy, directing the district level make the content of the strategy. In collaboration with the ministries in the Central Government and donors to attract the sources of capital and technical assistance to promote the implementation of the strategy.

Article 3. This decision takes effect 15 days from the Post Gazette.

Article 4. The Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, part of the Government and the President of the people's committees of provinces and cities under central authority responsible for the implementation of this decision