Decision 2004/122/qđ-Bcn: On The Establishment Of The Industrial High School And Ministry Of Construction Industry

Original Language Title: Quyết định 122/2004/QĐ-BCN: Về việc thành lập Trường Trung học Công nghiệp và Xây dựng trực thuộc Bộ Công nghiệp

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The DECISION of the MINISTER of INDUSTRY on the establishment of the industrial high school and the construction Ministry of industry to the MINISTER of INDUSTRY pursuant to the law on education in March 1998;
Pursuant to Decree No. 55/2003/ND-CP dated May 28, 2003 of the Government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of industry;
With the agreement of the Ministry of education and training on the establishment of the industrial high school and built in document No. 9222/TCCB on October 18, 2004;
At the suggestion of the Director of personnel organization, decision: article 1. Established high schools, industry and construction (hereinafter the Market) on the basis of the motor trades training school and the construction Ministry of industry. The school has the function of training, the fostering of qualified technical workers and secondary lines: mechanical, electrical, electronics, Informatics, mechanical, industrial and civil construction; at the same time is the basis of scientific research-technology management, requirements served the production-the business of the industry and society.
The school is subject to the governance of the Ministry of education and training, Ministry of labor, invalids and Social Affairs on education and training; the administration under the people's Committee of the territory where the school based; enjoy these policies, the State's regime applies to the high school vocational and professional in the national education system.
Vietnamese name: industrial high school and build.
Short name: SSIC.
Head of School: Eastern Township, Uong bi town, Quang Ninh province.
Article 2. The school's business units have currency, has legal personality, opened the account in the State Treasury and banks, a seal (the seal and the seal shrinks) for operations and transactions in accordance with the law.
Article 3. The University has the following principal duties: 1. qualified officers training school branches: mechanical, electrical, electronics, information technology, industrial and civil construction and training technical workers of the trades: electrical, mechanical, electronics, motor equipment operator, mine engineering, driving the mine industrial and civil, electrical, industrial and civil construction according to the national education system is defined in the Education Act on December 2nd, 1998.
2. training, fostering of specialized technical staff, technical workers of higher standard of regulation and at the request of the agencies and enterprises in and outside the industry.
3. Build the program, teaching plans, study, compiled the syllabus the School lines allowed by frame program training Ministry of education and training, Ministry of labor, invalids and Social Affairs.
4. Organize and oversee the recruitment, the management of the school. The Organization of training activities in the main system, no official rules and issuing certificates in accordance with the law on education.
5. Manage staffing, organization according to the provisions of the State and the decentralized management of the Ministry of industry. Construction, upgrading and management of teachers under the standard rules of the Ministry of education and training, Ministry of labor, invalids and Social Affairs.
6. Research, science and technology application in association with training and work to improve the quality of training as required on the development of business-production industry.
7. Perform service activities in science, engineering and technology transfer; experimental production, the production-business matching trades training; career advice, job referrals to students and institutions, the business needs.
8. The organization of symposia, seminars, tours, learning experience survey; document printing, curriculum teaching served in training and scientific research in accordance with the law.
9. Implementation of the international cooperation, links, contact information about fostering, training, technical and scientific-technological research with agencies, organizations and individuals in the country and abroad in accordance with the law.
10. Management and use for your purposes, effective infrastructure, property, the State capital.
11. Maintaining political security, social order and safety in Schools, protection of property, a national secret. Construction and implementation of the rules, regulations and measures for protection, labor safety in the field. Article 4. The school's organizational structure 1. Leadership: a) the principal;
b) The Deputy Rector.
2. The business.
3. The faculty and the Department.
4. service parts, services and manufacturing, including: lab, print the document serves the teaching, library, hostels, school yard, the production team-business, scientific-technical services, training centre-fostering, manufacturing and service center, career advice , job referrals, driving, training of human resources in labor export service.
Article 5. School principals are responsible for: 1. The construction and the Ministry of industry approved the Charter organization and operation of the school on the basis of: the Charter of professional high school attached to decision No 24/2000/QD-BGDDT DATED October 11, 2000 by the Minister of education and training, Charter School attached to decision No. 776/2001/QD-BLDTBXH DATED September 8, 2001 of the Minister of labor, invalids and Social Affairs.

2. Build the organizational structure of the Ministry School review approval. Within the powers assigned, decided to set up the room, Board, faculty, departments, service units, services; appointment of management titles, layout and arrange for teachers, officials, staff of the professional standards for categories of public servants attached to decision 202/TCCP-VC on 08 June 1994 of the Minister, head of the Organization-Government officers (now Ministry of the Interior).
3. Build the organizational scheme and the operation of the service, service units, accounting production depends, independent accounting account and seals the industry Ministry to review the decision.
Article 6. This decision takes effect 15 days from the date The quote and replace decision No 1044/QD-TCCB, March 7, 1997 of the Minister of industry regarding the name change of motor workers and vocational training school building mechanization and construction.
Chief of the Department, the Chief Inspector, the Director, Bureau Chief, heads of agencies, units of the Department, the vocational training school of mechanization and the building and the high school principal and building industry is responsible for the implementation of this decision.

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