The Decision 243/2005/qd-Ttg Dated: Issued The Government's Action Program To Implement Resolution No. 46/nq-Tw On Feb. 23, 2005 Of The Politburo On The Protection, Care And Improving Health ...

Original Language Title: Quyết định 243/2005/QĐ-TTg: Ban hành Chương trình hành động của Chính phủ thực hiện Nghị quyết số 46/NQ-TW ngày 23 tháng 02 năm 2005 của Bộ Chính trị về công tác bảo vệ, chăm sóc và nâng cao sức kh...

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The DECISION of the PRIME MINISTER issued the action programmes implemented by the Government resolution No. 46/NQ-TW on Feb. 23, 2005 of the Politburo on the protection, care and improving people's health in the new situation the PRIME Government Organization Law base on December 25, 2001;
Pursuant resolution No. 46/NQ-TW on Feb. 23, 2005 of the Politburo on the protection, care and improving people's health in the new situation;
Considering the recommendation of the Minister of health, decision: article 1. Attached to this decision of the Government's action program to implement resolution No. 46/NQ-TW on Feb. 23, 2005 of the Politburo on the protection, care and improving people's health in the new situation.
Article 2. This decision has the effect after 15 days from the date The report.
Article 3. The Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies, the Chairman of the people's committees of provinces and cities under central authority responsible for the implementation of this decision. The Ministry of health is responsible for monitoring and periodic reporting of the Prime Minister on the implementation of the programme of action.
The GOVERNMENT'S ACTION PROGRAM to implement resolution No. 46/NQ-TW on February 23, 2005 of the Politburo on the protection, care and improving people's health in the new situation (attached to decision No. 243/2005/QD-TTg dated 05/10/2005 by the Prime Minister) purposes On Feb. 23, 2005 , The Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam has issued resolution No. 46/NQ-TW on the protection, care and improving people's health in the new situation. This is a very important resolution for the entire party, the entire population, is oriented to develop the work to protect, care for and improve the people's health is consistent with the new situation.
1. general objective the objective of this action programme is to materialize the tasks, solutions to make good the content of resolution No. 46/NQ-TW; define and assign clear responsibilities of the ministries, the people's Committee of the levels in the Organization; put the party's resolutions to life, creating distinct movements in the protection, care and improve the health of the people, consolidate and develop the health-care system in sync from the central to the base. The ultimate goal is to reduce the incidence of disease, disability and mortality, improve health, increased longevity, improved quality of the race, contributed to improving the quality of life, the quality of human resources, meet the requirements of industrialization and modernization, construction and defense.
2. Specific objective a) General health indicators need to be achieved by 2010:-the average life expectancy increased to 72 years.
-The rate of dying mother fell under 70/100,000 live births.
-The rate of death for children under 1 years falls below 16% o live births.
-The death rate of children under 5 years falls below 25% o live births.
-Percentage of children under age 5 suffer from malnutrition dropped below 20%.
b) health service targets to 2010-rates on 7 doctor/10,000 population.
-Rates above 1 pharmacist University/10,000 population.
-Ensure 60% of medicines are produced in the country.
-Domestic production of medical equipment, meet 60% of the demand.
II. Duties 1. Strengthen communication, awareness and responsibility for the protection, care and improving people's health in the new situation of popular organizations, holds far-reaching resolution of the Politburo, the action program of the Government, the Party's guidelines, policies and laws of the State of the protection health care, and improve people's health in the new situation.
Strengthen the leadership, the direction of the Party, the Government Commission levels, especially at the grassroots, should identify the leader, directing the work to protect, care for and improve the people's health is one of the important political task; clearly defined responsibilities and check the operation of the departments, unions, social organizations in the protection, care and improve the health of the people in each locality, the unit.
To raise the awareness of people about the protection, care and enhance health. Need a deep awareness of health perspective is the most precious capital of each people, each family and the whole society. Protection, care and improving health is the duty of every people, every family and community, is the responsibility of all levels of the Party Committee, Government, unions and social organizations; contribute to ensure the manpower for construction and defense, is one of the priority policies of the party and the State. Investing for health care must be considered in investment for development, expressing the nature of the regime.
The medical profession is a profession in particular, need to be recruited, trained, used and special remuneration. Each of the officers, medical staff must constantly improve professional ethics and professional competence, deserve the credibility and honor of society, make good teachings of President Ho Chi Minh "Liang y must as from template".
To diversify the types of media to the people themselves and actively participate in the activities of health care such as preventive hygiene movement, fitness, disease prevention, prevention of social evils, limiting the harmful habits and lifestyle to health , build civilized, healthy lifestyle, creating the movement "the entire population because of health".
2. Innovation and perfect the Vietnam health system towards equity, efficiency and develop a) construction development of the health system to build and develop the Vietnam health system towards enhanced socialization, in which public health plays dominant role enough ability to settle on basic health care needs, protect and improve the health of people in each period with high professional technique; ensure fairness and efficiency in clinical, preventive, rehabilitation and improve people's health.
State management on medical technical expertise on nationwide from the central to the local, including public health and private medical.
Public health established by the State and as owners, managers, executives and investment developed to serve all strata in the area of protection, care and improving health, particularly serving the poor, persons with low income, children under 6 years old and the audience enjoy the social protection policy.
On the basis of the Ordinance on the private medical practitioners in State, facilitate and encourage the development of private medical institutions. Individuals or private organizations are allowed to register formed the basis of the practice of medicine, especially the General Hospital, a specialist in the cities, towns and other clinics in the Middle East where population and remote areas public health facilities. By 2010, the province, the major cities are all private hospitals. Encourage the private clinic we have upgraded the clinic or specialists, professional quality assurance according to the regulations of the Ministry of health. By 2020, most provinces have private hospitals.
Encourage the development of the health advice centre; development model of "family doctors", first performed in major cities to meet the health care needs of the community, and create healthy competition among medical institutions. Implementing examination and treatment for the health insurance card at the private medical establishments according to Decree No. 63/2005/ND-CP on November 16, 2005 by the Government on the health insurance regulations.

Developing the private nursing home, which focuses on health care and rehabilitation for the elderly, the disabled.
The State creates conditions for the development of the hospital joint ventures, with foreign links and develop 100% foreign-owned hospitals.
b) develop and improve the network of preventive medicine developed network of preventive medicine in a comprehensive manner, in order to meet the increasing demand of the people in the field of prevention; ensure the base preventive medicine qualifies and abilities made good professional tasks in the new situation.
Continue to develop the health unit of the central line to function in the field of preventive medicine on the nationwide or on the range. Upgrade the laboratory biosafety level 3 international standard in 2010 at the Central Institute of hygiene and epidemiology and at the Institute of the region: the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang Pasteur Institute, Institute of hygiene and epidemiology Highlands. By 2020, at least 1 Laboratory Biosafety of Vietnam to the international standard level 4 at the Central Institute of hygiene and epidemiology.
By 2010, 100% upgrade investment the laboratory of preventive health online center of the Labo standard safe biological level 1. All the provinces and cities under central Government are founded the Center for prevention and control of HIV/AIDS on the basis of the unit is performing the work, HIV/AIDS in the health centre today.
To the end of 2005, completing the establishment of the preventive medical center online by the Department of health district management and direction to make good the work of preventive medicine online district. As of 2010, the Health Center Online minimum district to have the Faculty of science, epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, prevention of social diseases.
Implementation focus good prevention against disease; HIV/AIDS; strengthening and developing school health.
Entire event management on food hygiene safety from central to local level. By 2010, all of the province's preventive medicine center, the city of science, food safety and hygiene in the Medical Center District have online backup Faculty of food safety and hygiene.
The construction and development of testing system for food safety in the health sector. As of 2010, there are 5 testing centre for food safety (1 National Centre in Hanoi and four regional centres located at: Nha Trang Pasteur Institute, Institute of hygiene and public health, Institute of hygiene and epidemiology and the Highlands city of can tho).
The Ministry of health in collaboration with the Ministry of construction and related industries, the Prime Minister's "national action plan to ensure food safety to 2010" aims to establish and maintain the food safety market, serving consumers in the country of export, of the WTO agreement on implementation of food safety and quarantine action , plant (SPS) and the agreement on technical barriers to trade (TBT) in the process of joining WTO. Research, suggested the government organization models suitable for the management of the State on drugs and cosmetics, the food.
Reviews the effectiveness of the national target program pay some social disease, dangerous diseases and HIV/AIDS 2001-2005, based on that research to expand and continue to implement the program effectively national health goals 2006-2010.
Promote the role and effectiveness of the program combined military-civilian medicine in the protection, care and improve the health of the people and the armed forces, especially in the remote areas, borders, Islands. Put the combined force program-population of y into a content of the program the national health goals. Perfecting the Organization, clear assignment of responsibility, have dedicated core force powerful enough to make the steering function and the deployment of Army-civilian combined content y. c) consolidate, improve and enhance the quality of examination and treatment of construction network planning examination and treatment on nationwide , each region and each locality is suitable with the socio-economic development in the new situation. Consolidate and streamline the treatment network set up by residential clusters; technical and professional divide have transit regulations closely. Standardizing the means and technical rules, effective use and exploit the full capacity of the medical equipment in diagnosis and treatment.
Promote and strengthen rehabilitation activities, prevent the sequelae; investment priority to upgrade the base treatment online district to create favorable conditions for the people to be cared for and protected when health needs.
Developing the basis of examination and treatment, especially in hospitals, clinics and private specialist, to contribute to fortify the protection, care and improving people's health in the new situation.
In parallel with the consolidation, improving the network of healthcare facilities, priority health investment development high level engineering technical expertise with the advanced countries in the region, meet the needs of increasing treatment and the diversity of the people. Special interest examination and treatment for the poor, the minorities to contribute to ensure equity in health care.
Continue to favor investment in developing and exploiting effective 3 Advanced Medical Center in Hanoi, hue-Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. As of 2010, the Advanced Medical Center has enough infrastructure, equipment and qualified personnel with advanced countries in the region. Create mechanism to the heart of this highly technical development to have the ability to attract foreigners to Vietnam or combine travel and treatment.
Prepare the conditions on the basis of the material and human resources to the health centre was soon in the city of can tho. Established the leading clinics of infectious diseases, dermatology, cardiovascular and geriatric.
Construction of the regional medical center in son La, Thai Nguyen, Nam Dinh, Hai Phong, Nghe An, Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa, Dak Lak Province, Kien Giang and Tien Giang. The regional hospital is built, the investment and development of standard class I, hospitals have the highest expertise in the Engineering Department, ensure sufficient resolve good examination and treatment needs of people in the region with high quality.
Build the project to consolidate and improve the provincial hospital, the 2006-2010 period to provincial hospitals have enough capacity to perform well the task of protecting health care workers and the local population.
The effective implementation of the project to strengthen and upgrade the hospital district routes 2005-2008 to the hospital district routes capable of completing the work to protect, care for and improve the health of local people.
Make met 20.5 beds/10,000 population in 2010 (10% of which are private hospital bed) and 25 beds/10,000 inhabitants by 2020 (of which 20% are private hospital bed).
d) developed network of healthcare facilities continue to strengthen and improve the network of healthcare facilities both in terms of physical facilities, equipment and medical staff to enhance the quality of online health services facility, meet the health care needs of the entire population to basic , especially of the poor.
Strengthen the Organization, network and operating a medical professional. By 2010, 100% of the communes, wards had at clinics solidly fit of geographic, economic, and ecological environment treatment needs of local people.
Ensure 80% of communes having doctors, in which 100% of the town in the plain and the mountainous Township, 60% are doctors.

Strive to the end of 2010 there are 75% of communes throughout the country about the national health standard.
3. Improve people's health a) build cultural Village-Health: developing powerful preventive hygiene movement; take the health criteria in the program to build the cultural Village-health. Strengthen communication, education to raise the awareness of the authorities, departments, unions and the middle class people of purpose, meaning and content of Village culture movement-health. As of 2010, there are 80% of the countryside, villages and settlements of reaching health criteria in the movement "Cultural Village-Health".
b) enhance fitness, sports training: promoting bodybuilding movement, exercise, and sport. Promote the role of the media, health education, enhance understanding, attitudes and behavioral transformation of each individual to this activity became popular, regular lifestyle of the community.
c) build beneficial lifestyle for health, community safety: equipped with the knowledge and skills to each people, each family, each community initiative to build civilized lifestyle, lifestyle restrictions and the habit of causing harm to health as drinking alcohol, beer, smoking the Executive, not the labor safety and traffic safety.
Actively implement effective prevention programs harm tobacco; accident prevention programs, injury. Construction of the project, against the harmful effects of alcohol to health.
Prohibiting tobacco advertising activities, strong alcohol and stimulants is bad for the health.
d) environmental health: strengthening the management on the protection of the environment. Direction, guidance, advocacy, the Organization for people involved in the activities of making healthy living environment and labor environment.
health care) for objects priority: intensify education, protection and health care schools to do well the work of primary health care to students, students. Care and protection of maternal-child health, reproductive health, adolescent reproductive health, elderly health care.
e) proper nutrition and food safety: innovation and State regulators hygiene and food safety. Diversifying the types of media to raise awareness and mobilize more community involvement in the management of food safety and hygiene. By 2010, 90% of production, 80% of the food business, 100% of managers and 80% of consumers have understanding and practice proper hygiene and food safety.
Mount the tight construction of the model of ensuring food safety with citizen movement solidarity, build the cultural life. Replicate the typical about ensuring the safety of street foods, especially in large cities. By 2010, 70% of wards, communes of the municipality, the municipality of type I and type II standard of ensuring food safety of the street.
4. Research, inheritance, preserve and develop traditional medicine building plans Vietnam traditional medicine as a base to develop and improve the network. Investment in fast-growing traditional medicine Academy of Vietnam. Established hospitals combine traditional medicine and modern medicine with the 300-bed scale as a basis for the practice of traditional medicine Academy of Vietnam.
Establishment of the University of medicine and pharmacy of the University of traditional medicine and pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City in the 2010-2020 period, combined with the expansion of the Institute of traditional medicine in Ho Chi Minh City on stage after 2010 to serve as a basis for student practice.
Strengthening and modernizing traditional medicine hospital Central, acupuncture clinic in Hanoi hospital standards, class I to perform the function of leading hospitals of traditional medicine.
The development of traditional medicine hospitals in the province, the central cities. The hospital has a Faculty of medicine. The communes, wards and clinics have dedicated officers or concurrent treatment for people with traditional medicine.
To promote the study, conservation, inheritance and development of traditional medicine as a science. Expand the breeding, cultivation of raw materials for making the drug, dosage and drug production. The establishment and development of the Department of traditional medicine at the University, College and medical school in the country to meet the manpower to do the work of traditional medicine are the deficiency.
5. human resource development human resource development and health. Ensure the achievement of the basic objectives: have doctors on the 7/10,000 inhabitants in 2010 and have a doctor on the 8/10000 inhabitants by 2020; 1 pharmacist University/10,000 inhabitants by 2010 and 1.5 pharmacist/10,000 inhabitants by 2020, in which district lines have at least 1 to 3 pharmacist. Ensure medical officer structure at the basis of the treatment is 3.5/nursing. Development of human resources, medical officer on the University to provide for the medical facility.
Constructing and enacting the planning network of grassroots medical staff training; standard norms and structure of medical personnel to sue the entire medical staff, improve the quality and efficiency of health care activities. Arrange, expanding and upgrading the training facilities, to meet the demand in quantity and quality of the medical officers fit the health sector development plan. Investment in infrastructure, equipment and the teaching staff have the capacity to meet rapidly increasing training on the number and quality of undergraduate nursing, pharmacist and midwives. Ensure medical staff structure and balance to improve the effectiveness of the work of protect, care for and improve the people's health.
Build 2 training center health officials in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City vision of advanced countries in the region. Construction of operation mechanism suitable to the heart has the ability to link training with a number of foreign universities in the field of expertise and medical management.
Plans to upgrade most of the medical school, pharmacy of the city, the College of medicine, and pharmacy.
Promote the training of Pharmacy staff in several forms: long-term and specialized tu; link training to meet the quantity and quality of pharmaceutical staffs for the base medical career and for the pharmaceutical business. Open the short-term training course on management for medical personnel, especially in hospital management in the new situation.
Construction scheme of talents training, technical training for facilities to provide medical services to the central route and the route.
Build training scheme in the form of national election for fellow children of ethnic minority mountain North, Central and Mekong Delta. The people's Committee of Northern mountainous provinces, Central and Mekong Delta is responsible for creating the source is the child of the fellow minorities to these objects are eligible to be trained accordingly to the needs and qualifications.
Continue implementing good training scheme in the form of national election for the Highland region.
Build and propose policies to recruit, train, use and abuse people in the medical industry. Promote the inclusion of medical officers going overseas for advanced training by State funding sources, sources of foreign aid; encourage self-sufficiency training funding.

Construction of the proposed policies and incentives for officers, medical personnel, especially medical officer online facility, medical officers working in mountainous, remote areas, a difficult region, borders, Islands. Build and implement a plan for personnel rotation, the obligation to serve in the mountainous, remote areas for new doctors. Sure there are extra modes appropriate remuneration levels for staff travel to reinforce.
Building and issued preferential regime to craft appropriate for officers, staff of the medical industry's equivalent to the education sector, because the medical profession is a profession in particular, need to be recruited, trained, used and special remuneration.
Implementation mode of social insurance and health insurance for working staff at the clinics. Construction of the mechanism of insurance regimes applicable to the case of risks caused by occupational accidents with medical personnel while on duty.
6. Manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical products to build and develop the pharmaceutical industry into a technical-economic spearhead towards industrialization and specialization and modernization; production capacity in the country, actively integrating the region and the world, favor the dosage, high-tech, in order to ensure sufficient supply of essential medications regularly and have quality, ensuring the rational use of drugs and, to meet the needs of protection and people's health care.
By 2010, ensure the production and supply to be a minimum of 60% of the demand of quality drugs to prevention and cure for the people, of which 20% are traditional medicine, with the per capita drug consumption reaches 12-15 USD per year. We must first invest, upgrade the drug production base in the country, strengthening international cooperation in order to have access to modern technology, the advanced world.
Research and production of vaccines, medical products towards modernization, the use of new technologies, improve domestic production capacity, enough to meet the demand for vaccines and essential medical products have the quality for the people. Ensure production to provide enough vaccine for 10 types of vaccination programs of national expansion, in which some types have the ability to export; at the same time providing at least 50% of the demand for the vaccine, medical products for the domestic market.
Diversification of the type of production and sales of medical products, vaccines, in which the State enterprise is the main body. To encourage private and foreign investment in this field.
As of 2010, the production of drugs, vaccines and medical products of Vietnam are standard of good manufacturing practices (GMP), good laboratory practices (GLP), good preservation and practice (GSP) of the World Health Organization.
7. The equipment and application of science and technology in industrial development of medical equipment in modern healthcare. Promote research, outreach and application achievements of technical science, modern technology and international cooperation in the process of developing the industrial background of medical equipment. Gradually improve the quality of products and expand the types of medical equipment in service requires the use of water in advance to export. By 2020, Vietnam's medical equipment reached par with advanced countries in the region.
Training and development of human resources with expertise in the field of medical equipment, enhanced personnel training have enough professional level skills, exploitation, use, as well as the maintenance of modern equipment to use is long and full capacity use of the equipment.
Besides the investment to upgrade the network development, universal health care, designed to protect and improve the health of the vast majority of people, the need to develop science and technology and applied science with a high technical level at the base of the Central Health Department and the province the city aims to solve most of the sick, the disabled requires high technique in diagnosis and treatment.
Technical modernization step by step diagnostic imaging, diagnostic reagent b., biophysics, immunology, genetics and molecular biology. Apply the techniques and technologies of cardiovascular, orthopedics, surgery, organ transplant and replacement. Build some standard tests and quality testing centre for food safety in a number of key areas.
The development of biotechnology, especially gene technology, the technology of breeding and culturing of tissue serves to produce the drug, vaccine production, biological products used for diagnosis and treatment. Development of automation technology in the production of medical equipment, hospital waste, hospital management.
Strengthen medical information application software, information technology, strengthen statistical reporting system, provide timely information with high reliability for the management at all levels. The development of information technology applied in remote medical diagnosis and treatment.
8. Strengthen the leadership, the direction for the work of health a) renovation, the rapidly increasing proportion of policy financing for public health (including the State budget, health insurance), descending form of the payment of hospital fees directly from the patient. Ensure the speed increase spending from the State budget for the health sector is higher than the speed increase annual State budget; which investment priority for healthcare facilities, for poor regions, mountain areas, remote areas, preventive medicine and focus on developing high-tech medical.
Execution autonomy, self responsible organization, apparatus, payroll and finance for the business units have currency in the medical field. For the private treatment facility, the implementation of financial autonomy should be conducted step by step, in parallel with the assurance of support for the poor, the objects of social policies and the progress of the health insurance expansion, toward health insurance for the entire population in 2010.
Building and issued decrees on hospital charges adjustment on the basis of calculating the costs of direct service of the sick. Public revenues, average hospital charges in the base treatment of the State.
Encourage health institutions mobilize resources outside the State budget to invest in infrastructure development, upgrading equipment and provide medical services to match the requirements and tasks in the new situation.
Encourage the ministries enhanced capital investment to improve the quality of treatment and rehabilitation, ensuring the health and labor market for workers.
Ensure budget and good organization of the examination and treatment for the poor, for children under 6 years old and the objects of social policies; building policy of assistance for people with low income (poor access), to ensure equity in health care.
Turn regular spending State budget from form the basis of examination and treatment to direct support for users of the service.

Building research health insurance draft law. The Organization deployed well no. 63/2005/ND-CP of the Government on the health insurance regulations. Build and deploy a good roadmap toward health insurance for the entire population in 2010. To diversify the type of insurance health, developing the kind of health insurance based on the community. Building policy support a portion of funding to encourage low-income people, join a health insurance. Good organization providing patient services medical insurance; expands deployment of examination and treatment of medical insurance to the medical station of the commune/ward. Adjust the face value health insurance, pay ceiling level, timely drug supplements, medical services are health insurance payment. Renewal procedure and method of payment, create favorable conditions for the health insurance card during examination and treatment.
b) enhance effective governance to promote administrative reform in the health sector; perfecting the legal system of health consistent with the situation of socio-economic development of the country. Study and propose to the National Assembly Law construction examination and treatment to protect the life, health, dignity of the patient and of the medical officers while on duty; construction of the Health Insurance Act; implementation of occupational risk insurance for medical officers when on duty.
Prepare the necessary conditions in the areas of management, production and supply of medical services to each step ready to meet with the WTO regulations and international treaties in the process of globalization and international economic integration.
Perfecting the inspection system health, enhance the effect inspection activities to implement good governance by law. Build and process the Government issued the Decree on the medical inspector. Enhance staff health inspector, make sure to increase the number of health inspectors from the 200 officers (equivalent to 0.025 officers/10,000 population) currently over 400 officers (equivalent to 0.05 officers/10,000 inhabitants) in 2010.
Capacity planning and financial management in the areas of operation of the health sector. Regular follow-up, monitoring and evaluation of the results of operations of building and implementing the plan. Clear management hierarchy for the health online, the local. Strengthen quality management of medical service, tight management and efficient use of financial resources of the public health facilities to ensure the practice of saving, against waste.
Implementation of resolution No. 2005/NQ-CP dated 18 April 2005 by the Government on promoting socialization of activities in education, health, culture and sport. Implementing Ordinance on private medical practice, good governance role for the private health system. Strengthen inspection, check to the medical facility outside of the established operating under the provisions of the law, especially the regulations prescribe and sell drugs. Encourage the medical establishment also engaged public examination and treatment covered by health and humanitarian activities because of health.
9. Strengthening international cooperation in strengthening the multilateral and bilateral cooperation with other international organizations, non-governmental organizations, international banking institutions and Governments have been supporting policy, cooperation with Vietnam.
Construction of the mechanism for effective use of the sources of foreign aid. Build a number of key investment projects to investors, development of health regions, provincial, district and health for each sector of the healthcare industry in each stage of development.
Actively mobilize the non-refundable aid to support treatment for the poor, children, the disabled and the prevention of some diseases, such as Tuberculosis, dangerous epidemic malaria, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, the new translation appeared.
Expand bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the development and application of advanced medical techniques.
Encourage aid for construction of health sector development policies and for scientific research.
Strengthen staff training on healthcare in developed countries to absorb the fruits of the scientific advances in medicine in the world.
Expand business ventures, affiliated with the Organization, foreign investment involved the development of the field of the healthcare industry.
III. IMPLEMENTATION 1. Ministries, ministerial agencies, government agencies, people's committees of provinces and cities under central are responsible for:-research, holds the contents of the resolution and the action program; materialize the views, objectives of the resolution and the action program in the annual plan, 5 year plan of ministries, sectors and localities.
-The Organization leverages the mission, program, project, the project has been approved by the Prime Minister.
-The people's Committee in the local people's Councils of the same level distributed layout, State budget expenditure for protecting people's health care, ensuring consistent with actual local requirements, in accordance with the direction, the General objectives have been identified in resolution No. 46/NQ-TW.
2. The Ministry of health has the responsibility to:-coordinate with the Education Faculty of the Central Committee, the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the ministries, the local unions held widespread the content of resolution of the Politburo and the programme of action.
-Build and the Prime projects, projects as assigned by the Prime Minister.
-Tracking, urge, examine the implementation of this programme and the annual recurring Government report.
3. Ministry of planning and investment to host, in cooperation with the Ministry of finance arranged enough basic construction investment capital to invest heavily, creating the steps in action to upgrade and improve the network of healthcare facilities, preventive medicine, the provincial hospital, the district, the regional medical center and the Medical Center.
4. The Ministry of finance, in cooperation with the Ministry of health and the ministries concerned and improve financial health policy towards the rapidly increasing proportion of financial resources from the State budget, health insurance; diminishing payments hospital fees directly from the patient, ensure enough funding treatment for people with the revolution, the poor, children under 6 years old and the other social policy object.
5. The Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with the Department of health and relevant agencies soon to finalize the project enhance the autonomy to hospitals; the project of renovation and the State administration of pharmaceuticals, food hygiene and safety the Prime in 2005.
6. The Ministry of education and training in collaboration with the Ministry of health to build a training center of the medical personnel par advanced countries in the region, strengthening the medical officer training in the form of elections for mountainous and Mekong Delta, expanding the medical officers had taken advanced trainings abroad by the State budget.
7. The Ministry of culture and information in cooperation with the Ministry of health to promote the work of health education communicators on the mass media. At the same time, in coordination with the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and the Ministry of health to promote the deployment of movement building "cultural village-health" in every village.
8. The Ministry of defence in coordination with the Ministry of health to promote combined military-civilian program in health protection, health care and improve the health of the people and the armed forces.
9. The Ministry of labour, invalids and Social Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of health to build and execute the program on labor accident prevention, care and health protection for workers; successfully deployed examination and treatment for the poor; the deployment of effective activity of the drug, cure for plights drugs, prostitution.

10. Sport Committee works closely with the Ministry of health and the ministries concerned organized effective the scheme: "enhance the stature and the Vietnam" and other activities contributed to improving human health for Vietnam.
11. Committee on population, family and children works closely with the Ministry of health to implement good organization work of examination and treatment for children under 6 years of age.
12. Social insurance in Vietnam have the task of implementing the policy on health insurance in order to implement the roadmap toward health insurance for the entire population in 2010.
13. the people's committees of provinces and cities under central are responsible for: directing, organizing comprehensive deployment and effectively the content outlined in the resolution of the Politburo and this action programmes locally.
Complete the construction of the program of action of the city, before 31 October 2005 to deploy a specific resolution of the Politburo and Government's action program.
Mobilize local resources, the layout of the budget for the care and protection of people's health in the province. Of special importance to the formulation of the plan, work plans should be built on the basis of the resources available and resolve the specific health problems of the people in the locality.
Build the policy engine suit every condition of local circumstances in order to establish a legal corridor to the Organization, and the people participate actively in the work of caring for and protecting the health of local people.
Good organization direction, inspection, monitoring and periodically report the Prime Minister on the results of activity in local health care.
Ministries, ministerial agencies, government agencies, people's committees of provinces and cities under central base on this action programme of the Government and comes from the actual situation of each local ministries, held right in the implementation of the resolution of the Politburo on work protection health care, and improve people's health in the new situation.