Decision 276/2005/qd-Ttg Approving The Task: Adjust General Planning Building The Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park

Original Language Title: Quyết định 274/2005/QĐ-TTg: Về việc phê duyệt nhiệm vụ điều chỉnh Quy hoạch chung xây dựng Khu công nghệ cao Hòa Lạc

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The DECISION of the PRIME MINISTER approving the task of adjusting the overall planning for the construction of Hoa Lac high-tech PRIME Government Organization Law base on December 25, 2001;
Pursuant to decision No. 198/1998/QD-TTg dated 12 October 1998 by the Prime Minister on the establishment of the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone; overall planning and project investments step 1, phase I Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone;
Pursuant to Decree No. 99/2003/ND-CP dated 28 August 2003 from the Government about issuing high-tech Zones regulations;
Proposal of the Ministry of construction in the sheet number 46/TTr-BXD dated 24 June 2005 regarding the approval task to adjust general planning of the construction of the Hoa Lac high-tech, decision: article 1. Approval task to adjust general planning of the construction of the Hoa Lac high-tech with the main content as follows: 1. The nature and the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park is the multifunctional engineering economy, have boundaries defined, in order to research-development and application of high technology, high-tech business incubator human resources training, and high-tech manufacturing and high-tech products.
2. The location, extent, boundaries and scale in a planning area) location: the current position in the municipality, the Hoa Lac commune, Thach Hoa Tan, Commissioned by the commune, Thach that district, Ha Tay Province.
b) planning boundary: the boundary Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone was adjusted as follows:-to the North: borders road 84;
-South: borders Highway lang-Hoa Lac;
-West: borders Highway 21;
-To the East: borders online urban belt Hoa Lac. c) scale land (2020): approx. 1,500 ha.
3. The goal and perspective adjustment-mount are the activities in the area of high technology with activities of other functional areas of the municipality of Hoa LAC and surrounding areas; mounting of the system infrastructure and landscape architectural space in the area.
-Create favorable conditions for the operation of the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone.-maximum extraction of topographic conditions, the landscape; create attractive investment environment, minimize the cost of investment in technical infrastructure.
-Created the legal basis for the implementation of the investment project and construction management, construction in the area of high technology.
-Based on the norms of land use, infrastructure, the requirements of modern, advanced and high-tech Areas to review and adjust the location, boundaries, land scale functional areas and infrastructure works, sure to meet the needs of development; at the same time consistent with the immediate management requirements as well as the long term.
-For the areas already and are building need to comply with the approved plan.
-For the areas not yet build needs to adjust the planning details for fit adjustment tasks.
4. The requirements for research-analysis, reviews the overall master plan has been approved and the process of implementation planning; the reality of the social-economic, population, land use, labor, construction, infrastructure, social, infrastructure and sanitation of the area.
-On the basis of the new impact factor, clearly define the relationships of the high technology region contact Hoa Lac, the functional areas in the area, population and land.
-The research sector functions, optimal selection and land use plans.
-Proposed economic technical targets mostly match the specific nature of each area also functions as appropriate to each stage of the development of high-tech zones.
-Space development orientation for the entire high-tech zones.
-Development of technical systems.
-Determine the category of priority projects, investments and capital plan.
-Draft regulation construction management according to the content of the General plan Hoa Lac hi-tech Park. 5. The main targets of the projects based on the standards of State regulation, Vietnam. In the course of projects adjusted overall planning, on the basis of review and sum up the practical experience of building the high-tech zones in the world, proposed technical economic indicators, consistent with the specific nature and requirements of each functional area, the whole high-tech zones and in accordance with conditions of Vietnam.
6. Functional areas mainly on the basis of the master plan has been approved, the proposed research, the principal functional areas, make sure it meets the objective, nature and high-tech zones in the Republic to adjust this master plan, such as:-The R&D centre, the training of human resources development , the national key laboratory, the underlying business of high technology.
-The software parks cater to the incubator and software industry development, production and sales of software products.
High-tech industrial zone.
-Technical cooperation Area, the information centre, the Internet, trading centers, high-tech Zone services.
-Technology trading center, the center of International Conference and exhibition on science technology, hotels, banks, commercial area.
-Low storey residential, condominiums, upscale residential area, the social infrastructure.
-The works of entertainment combined with the system of parks, green areas, water.
-Pursuant to Decree No. 99/2003/ND-CP dated 28 August 2003 from the Government about issuing high-tech Zone regulation, can study the layout, the export processing zone, the bonded zone tax.
7. The orientation of developing space-based on natural conditions, climate, terrain, scenery and architecture traditional Vietnam, proposed the solution space planning landscape architecture consistent with the nature and requirements of the functional areas. The buildings are modern, mounted tight with greenery, water systems, network traffic, terrain and natural landscape, bringing modernity and nationalism. Deployment of urban design, landscape the main space area.
-The research sector functions, compare and choose the optimal Variant. Define the scope, scale functional areas.
-Define the scope, scale of underground works.
-Determine the technical economic indicators mainly: scale, area, building density, land use coefficient and high rise construction of functional areas and the entire high-tech zones.
8. Development of technical infrastructure systems engineering infrastructure systems and high-tech Zones have to be designed and built high quality, modern; comply with the common technical infrastructure networks of urban Hoa Lac; ensure the landscape, safety and sanitation. The specific requirements are as follows:-define essence to control construction of each area and the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone.-determine network traffic for foreign, domestic; the location and scale of works junctions; just about the red line the main traffic axis and tuynen systems engineering. Need to refer to the JICA's proposal of the system and the public transportation and high-tech Zone peripheral to the study of reasonable alternatives.
-Identify sources of water supply, demand, the location, the scale of the works, water supply pipe network; the specifications mainly.
-Determine the power supply capacity, the demand side, the location and scale of the plant, substation, transmission corridors and main distribution network along the specifications mainly. To ensure absolute safety for production, research, and public lighting.
-Identify the location and scale of the wastewater treatment station, solid waste treatment, the cemetery; solutions and major drainage networks, outdoor conditioning and environmental protection solutions. Stormwater and wastewater system must be separate.

-Telecommunications infrastructure-the Internet of the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park must be planned according to the direction made the appeal to investors.
-Environmental impact assessment and propose solutions to limit the negative impact on the environment.
9. Profile Profile component projects of the general planning adjustments in the construction of the Hoa Lac hi-tech made according to the provisions of article 17 of Decree 8/2005/ND-CP on August 24, 2005 by the Government.
10. Implementation-project management planning: the Ministry of science and technology.
-Investment planning agency: management of Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone.-projects: foreign consultants associated with the consultants have full capacity according to current rules.
-Key projects: the Ministry of construction.
-Level review of projects: Prime.
-Projects: time not exceeding 12 months from the date of the planning mission approved.
Article 2.
1. The Ministry of science and technology Affairs, in coordination with the ministries concerned organized projects to adjust general planning of the construction of the Hoa Lac hi-tech. 2. Delivered to management the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park: capital planning budget for public works projects to adjust general planning of the construction of the Hoa Lac high-tech and the detailed plan of the functional areas, the authority for approval.
Article 3. This decision takes effect 15 days from the date The report.
The Minister of science and technology, construction, planning and investment, finance, resources and the environment, Defense; Chairman of people's Committee of Ha Tay Province; Head of the Board of management of Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone and the related organization is responsible for the implementation of this decision.

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