Decision 84/2006/qd-Ttg Of: Approves Adjusted, Irrigation Planning Supplement In The Mekong River Delta In The Period 2006-2010 And Towards 2020

Original Language Title: Quyết định 84/2006/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt điều chỉnh, bổ sung Quy hoạch thuỷ lợi đồng bằng sông Cửu Long giai đoạn 2006 - 2010 và định hướng đến năm 2020

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The DECISION to approve the adjustments, additional water resources planning in the Mekong River Delta in the period 2006-2010 and towards 2020 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
Pursuant to the law on water resources, 20 May 1998;
Pursuant to Decree No. 86/2003/ND-CP dated 18 July 2003 of the Government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development;
According to the recommendation of the Minister of agriculture and rural development.
Article 1 DECISION. Approved adjustments, additional water resources planning in the Mekong River Delta in the period 2006-2010 and towards 2020 with the following principal contents: i. POINTS of VIEW: 1. Water resources planning must conform to the rules for socio-economic development in the Mekong River Delta, industry development plan , the field, as a basis for the effective implementation of planned conversion for agriculture, forestry, fisheries, meet and promote socio-economic development, national defense and security, social safety and order of the whole region.
2. irrigation development plan aimed at the protection, development of water resources in the upper and the vicinity, harmony between the solution and the pilot process, at the same time limit the harm caused by water quality causes, especially floods and salty, environmental protection and sustainable development.
Closely match between irrigation development planning with the planning of transport, residential and the other plan; add irrigation planning with flood control, brass, alum lottery, ensuring consistent implementation, and effective.
3. investing in the construction of the irrigation system in the direction of serving the most objective and comprehensive, exert the advantage, the strength of the agriculture, fisheries and forestry of the region, protection of the ecological environment for sustainable development, ensuring consistency all the region, consistent with the particularities of each region create conditions promoting development of other economic sectors, to solve water and improve people's lives.
Each works, irrigation systems proposed construction must meet the criteria of economic, technical, social and environmental.
4. Mobilize all resources from the State budget (Central and local), the other legitimate sources of capital in the country and abroad, and to mobilize people's contribution to investment in irrigation systems of the region.
5. Utilize effectively the benefits due to the natural resources, such as water floods bring silt, aquatic resources and sanitary fields, saline water with mangrove forests, coastal ecology and aquaculture ...
Projects, solutions for irrigation development plan of the region need to continue to update, additional adjustments to suit the needs and the new situation arose.
II. goals 1. General objective a) research, adjust, additional planning to create reasonable irrigation system, serve for the production of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development, solving the problems of socio-economic, civic, environmental protection and sustainable development;
b) this planning content base, the industry, the level of construction and additional planning, adjustment of the local branches to match the orientation of the development of the Mekong Delta region and Mekong River basin in General;
c) proposed programs and projects of irrigation investment priorities and annual implementation plan 2006-2010, the orientation to 2020;
d) recommendations, handle the problem exists, continue to study planning, including the planning of flood served residential stability and develop regional traffic flooding accordingly.
2. Specific objective a) agricultural development based on the harmonious flow of saline intrusion and the Mekong River, with the complete system:-prevents coastal salinity and the embankment along the River to serve effectively to develop agriculture, fisheries, the population and, at the same time appropriate measures when salty climb;
-Build system prevents the salty, sweet, keep enhancing the level of fresh water from the rivers and the effective use of rain water for the region of coastal agricultural production in order to stabilise and extend the sweet area.
For the conversion of production, along with the sweet store, should create favorable conditions to get saline water into copper and water for the production of safe and sustainable fisheries;
-Reasonable temporary layout to save irrigation water during the winter season, enhanced effective use of fresh water sources during the dry season;
-Accelerate the construction of flood control works to create the conditions for shifting the time of service and development of fisheries.
b) flood control development in the direction of "living with flooding" and limit the impact of the flow, with the:-improve flood control for residential, agriculture and infrastructure, on the basis of considering the impact of the upstream flood and flood control to influence development and aquatic resources;
-Harmonious solution in the first flood control service (mainly by how Bank system) to fit ensure reduced damage to Summer-Autumn rice, stabilize and enhance agricultural productivity, just get the alluvial, feed and breed the first aquatic resources flood into copper, falling to the lowest level of impact on the ecological environment and do not obstruct the main flood flows to service.
The shift schedule and time of service to adapt to the flood control time, facilitate the development of fisheries;
-Reduce to lowest level impacts of flood control works to the masterful flow distribution (System in the river channel) in order to increase the ability to keep moisture in the soil, underground water level stabilization, limiting salt intrusion.
Reviews the environmental impacts to the ecosystem the flooding, most seafood species and varieties, including the sensitive wet land. Considering the reviews and take measures to handle the interaction of flood control to the process of transformation, the river scoured on the Tien River and Hau River.
c) continued the steady improvement of agricultural development on the soil; good deal of demand about the same cultivation techniques and agricultural industry; improve the irrigation measures, pepper, tomatoes, washing the brass Alum to produce stable development for the soil are used for agricultural production; continue to invest in research to create heavy Alum Lands for the purpose of use to improve the efficiency of extraction, use of the soil.
d) stable agricultural development on soil salinity and improve the efficiency of production restructuring with the coastal region:-good deal of freshwater sources in the coastal enclave to salty soil, agricultural production, fisheries and improve people's lives in the region;
-Solve the harmony between agriculture and fisheries by the investment of irrigation, and promote fast uniform internal irrigation system for diversified production, especially agriculture and fisheries.
III. MAIN TASKS and the MAIN SOLUTION 1. A primary mission) in collaboration with the industry, the local review and identify development plan of each local branches, which focus on key economic sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, forestry, transport and demographics to 2010 and 2020;
b) construction planning of irrigation, including disaster management and water resources development in the Mekong River Delta on a consistent basis with the development strategy of the industry, the levels;

c) on the basis of the irrigation development strategy, progress to resolve key issues such as flood control, control grid, salty, sour, pepper flood criteria, soil improvement and serve the shift of production to meet the goal of socio-economic development in the Mekong River Delta region.
2. The primary solution a.1) The description of the river of money The Money River Description includes three regions is the North Channel Next Men, Nguyen Van Nguyen and channel sandwiched between 2 rivers Vam grass. The main water supply for the region is from the river of money, partly from the Vam Grass (with the addition of the irrigation system, the Oil) and a small part from the rain. The direction of the main target of this region off down the river systems and Vam Money grass.
The North subregion Nair have flood control task is, together with the main water supply for the irrigation and help push for salty, sour pepper downstream, serving residential stability, combine infrastructure development beyond flood.
The basic Marketing channels, Nguyen Van Nam was sweet, salty, stop levels need good coordination with the minor areas north of the river and escape the flood protection of orchards.
The river is sandwiched between two main mission is Grass Vam control saline intrusion, make the most of fresh water source from the River to the Money and on the Vam, in collaboration with the entire region in flood drainage and improving the environment, especially the salt and alum, in parallel with the preparation of the deal when the salinity rises high , agriculture, fisheries, water supply, industry, population and environmental protection.
b) Region between the money-Hau River Region between the money-Hau River is divided into 4 Sub region is Northern Vinh An Canal, East of the South Compound to compound Cement, Cement River and Ben Tre. The main source of water supply for the region is from the Tien River and Hau 2. Consumer oriented primarily to the Hau River and part of the Money.
The North Wing of favorable for water Security should be the primary task is to control the flood for residential stability and agricultural development.
The minor Northern region Cement Compound also has a freshwater source quite abundant so the main task is to improve water supply, drainage and flood control by horizontal channel system, serving residential stability, agricultural development, including the protection of orchards.
The Southern Cement Compound to tasks mainly control the salty, sweet pepper, flood levels serve residential stability, development of agriculture and fisheries.
The Ben Tre currently has works, with Three beats-tribute mission mainly to control flooding in the northern part of the province, control of salty, fresh water supply, exiting from the flood, the flood in order to stabilize the population, agricultural development (which protect the orchards), seafood for the southern part.
c) Mau Peninsula region of The Mau peninsula of 6 subregions are East of the River, U Minh Thuong, U Minh Hạ, Phung Hiep, Highway-South coastal BAC lieu and CA Mau-Vinh Chau. The main water supply for the region is from the Hau River through the channel axis and from the rain. Rain water very important role in the subregion of Western, southern and coastal. The direction of the main target is The Large river systems-The kid, he's a proud American, Hanh Tri Thanh, Director ... and directly out to sea.
The main task of the State to the West of the river is saline control, keep fresh water from rain, step by step, fresh water supply from the river Scenes, residential stability, protection of agricultural production, fisheries, particularly National Guard U Min. The lower U Minh with the ecological development according to the complete system required fresh sea dike along the river and Western Director drain saline control system under the dike, Babysitting skills and sweet from the rain, serves residential, agricultural stability and protect the forest tram, which has lower U Minh National Park.
The Manage Highways-Phung Hiep is in the process of converting a portion of land was turned into sweet, aquaculture should adjust the suitable irrigation systems, in which special attention to salty Dick-sweet agricultural stabilization service-fisheries.
The U.S. Southern region eco-region is Mau variety and rich fisheries development potential, with the primary mission is to keep the sweet and stable formation system taking salty and pepper to serve aquaculture.
Minor coastal Lieu-Chau Vinh has a strong development of fisheries in the form of industry, should have the duty to prevent salty, sweet kept from rain, and retrieved on demand active salty.
d) Long Xuyen quadrangle Areas.
The Long Xuyen quadrangle are tasked mainly flood control, increase the supply of fresh water from the River, the flood, the tart and salty coastal controls to serve residential stability, development of agriculture, fisheries and infrastructure. The region has been developing quite the flood control system.
Continued investment in irrigation development serves seafood, complete flood control system, increase the level of fresh water from the river Late and bronze, brass, alum and salt control wash.
IV. LONG-TERM PLANNING DIRECTION when the IMPACTS in the upper Ministry of agriculture and rural development, in collaboration with the Mekong River Commission, the international organization and the water in the basin regularly researched, closely monitor the situation of water resources in terms of both quantity and quality, to promptly propose the solution proactively and appropriately before the adverse situations, national interests and the common interests of the countries in the basin.
To actively cope scarcity of fresh water in the dry season, the focus of implementation of the following solutions: 1. Conversion of agricultural production structure, appropriate temporary layout, use of water saving, especially in the period from March to may every year.
2. Dredge the canals, first drain the last of the main channel and the channel to store water, regulate when necessary.
3. Study the construction of outdoor flood water storage, moderator for the dry season to supplement water supply, irrigation water for living, travel ...
After 2010, the ability to do research on large-scale works estuaries, ensure active sources of fresh water for socio-economic development and environmental protection.
Article 2. Order planning and investment capital 1. This planning content base and base capable of balancing the State budget annually under the provisions of the law on the State budget, the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, the people's committees of provinces and cities in the Mekong River Delta and the ministries concerned should arrange order of precedence investment, ensure uniform and effective, specific needs make planning according to the following priority sequence: a) the works unfinished and ensure synchronization to complete soon put to use effective development;
b) urgent works and works efficiently in order to serve the key program of social-economic development of the region;
c) works to protect the residential flooding, the construction of roads the lifeblood combine traffic and irrigation;
d) works to protect the fruit;
DD) public works segment boundaries are salty-sweet and served water aquaculture;
e) The drainage of sea dykes and levees, flooding the estuary;
g) The drainage flood spills into Dong Thap Muoi region border and the Long Xuyen quadrangle;
h) irrigation shaft stations, and soil improvement and the remaining work and complete the contract.
2. Mechanisms and estimates of capital construction projects, irrigation of the Mekong Delta region.
a) in the period 2006-2010, the total investment was estimated at about 14,000 billion, out of which, the central budget of 5,000 billion to construction investment, supplies of the channel, the channel axis/level I (the category works attached in annex I to this decision). Local 6,000 billion budget (small scale construction, complete the channel level II) and contributions from the people of 3,000 billion and other legitimate sources of capital to complete the system of internal canals.

In front, the 2006-2010 period, the priority focus of capital to complete the unfinished projects and works really urgent and effective promotion on the area, soon put into exploitation, use in the correct target and schedule is approved by the authority.
Investment capital: capital annual State s1ch Bank (the central budget and local budgets, which government bonds, ODA), contribution of the people of the region to benefit and the other lawful capital sources.
b) period after 2010 and towards 2020-to further improve the drainage, flood control channels, salty irrigation shaft left in the previous stage. The first step is to develop a number of large scale works of saline control, keep sweet in the lower rivers Major Ones-The baby, Ham Luong, Vam grass, ...
Implementation of irrigation to serve other seafood in the coastal region and the models of rice-aquaculture ecological region (list of works envisaged in annex II of this decision).
-For the portfolio, the expected work performed in the period 2011-2015 and 2020, need to arrange in order of priority and clearly define the structure of capital investment from the central budget, local budget, mobilization of capital resources to join the people's benefit , economic institutions, including ODA to make planning.
Article 3. Implementation 1. The Ministry of agriculture and rural development, in coordination with the ministries, local:-holds and directs implementation of the objective, content, solution development, planning and management of water resources planning and protection of water resources, protection of the irrigation period 2006-2010 and towards 2020.
-Guide, examine the conduct of local water resources planning each detail, each geographical region.
In collaboration with the people's Committee of the sort order of priority investment projects, works according to the goals as: irrigation for aquaculture, the high-quality rice export service, flood drainage, traffic mix, against the way in prevention of saline input limit ...-direction determines the structure of the specific capital investment from the central budget local mobilization, and other capital sources, including ODA and proposed solutions, policies to attract investment capital developed irrigation systems of the region.
2. the people's committees of provinces and cities in the Mekong River Delta region directed the Agency holds and make planning under the direction of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development.
3. Ministry of planning and investment, phốihợp with the Ministry of finance, Ministry of agriculture and rural development and the ministries, relevant local balance, annual capital disposition under the provisions of the law on the State budget to implement this planning content. At the same time chỉu the responsibility of tracking, monitoring investment, ensure investment capital for the project, work done properly targeted and effective.
4. The other ministries according to function, its mission has the responsibility to work closely with the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, the people's committees of provinces and cities in the Mekong River Delta implemented effective content adjustments, additional water resources planning in the Mekong River Delta in the period 2006-2010 and 2020 at the same time considering the adjustment of the planning of local industry, consistent with the content of this plan.
Article 4. This decision has the effect after 15 days from the date The report.
Article 5. The Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, government agency, Prime Minister, Chairman of the people's Committee of the province, in the Mekong River Delta city is responsible for the implementation of this decision.

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