Decision 2/qd-Ttg Dated: Approval Of The Project "capacity Building For Forest Fire Fire Rangers" Period 2007-2010

Original Language Title: Quyết định 02/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt Đề án "Nâng cao năng lực phòng cháy, chữa cháy rừng cho lực lượng kiểm lâm" giai đoạn 2007 - 2010

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DECISION on approval of the project "capacity building for forest fire fire Rangers" period 2007-2010 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
Pursuant to the law the room fire on June 29, 2001;
Pursuant to the law to protect and develop forests on December 3, 2004;
Considering the recommendation of the Minister of agriculture and rural development (the sheet of 2609/BNN-KL on October 10, 2006).
Decision: article 1. Approval of the project ' ' fire capacity for forest fire Rangers ' ' period 2007-2010 includes the following principal contents: 1. The goal and direction of fire prevention forest fire a) objective to consolidate the Organization, enhance the capacity of the specialized forces Fire Department forest fire from the central to local can afford to control forest fires, reduce the risk of forest fire, forest fire promptly, effectively, minimizing the damage caused by forest fires cause.
b) direction the prevention of forest fires:-raise awareness, responsibility of the people and the authorities on the prevention of forest fires;
-The room is mainstream, forest fire forest fire must promptly, urgently to be effective;
-Improve each step of capacity for forest fire fire Rangers;
-Build and deploy the forest fire according to the motto of the four on the spot. Celebrated local resources and forest fire command, central consolidation of forces strong enough to support key areas of forest fires and the large fires that exceed local control;
-Forest Owners are responsible for fire protection and forest fire on forest land, forest area of the State assigned the lease;
-Promote socialization advocates the prevention of forest fire, mobilized all resources of the society, the economic component for the prevention of forest fires.
2. content and solutions made a) education to raise awareness about the prevention of forest fires:-building program, the content of propaganda about the prevention of forest fires through the daily, thematic weeks and months on the mass media;
-Advocacy and awareness to the community about the policy of the State, the rights and obligations of organizations, individuals and communities in forest fire prevention and referral benefits of forests for human life;
-Build the table of rules protecting the forest fire and forest fire; fire bans and sea to sea-level forest fire prediction signal; print and released the popular documentary about the fire, forest fire and the provisions of the law on the protection of forest areas;
-Building demonstration model of forest fire management, program in cooperation with secondary schools and junior high schools to organize extra-curricular activity sessions to learn about the work of forest protection.
b) mechanism, policy on the prevention of forest fires:-consolidating the activities of the Central Steering Committee and the fire command Board, forest fire levels on matters of urgency in fire protection and forest fire;
-Fire force planning, forest fire from the central to local, on the basis of perfecting and consolidating the existing Ranger force;
-Steering mechanism construction, operating, Commander of the combined forces, fire, forest fire regulations and shared obligations, the rights of the forest fire;
-Financial regulations to ensure the operation of the prevention of forest fires;
-Building regulations on design of forest fire works in the production activities, the business of the forest;
-Building mechanisms, policies to facilitate and encourage the participation of the economic sectors, individuals, social organizations in and outside the country to reinforce the prevention of forest fires.
c) enhance the capacity of the Organization to join fire, forest fire:-every step of the event and the formation of specialized forest fire from the central to the provincial, district and commune levels, to ensure the management and maintain elite forces, the main force in the implementation of fire prevention forest fire;
-Improve the effectiveness, legal executive capacity and effective work in the field of forest protection and forest fire rooms for the servants Rangers from central to local, to actively implement assigned tasks in the new situation;
-Training of capacity management, professional management and staff are dedicated to forestry gradually organize themselves, monitoring and implementation of the fire plan, forest fire;
-Training, technical training, fire prevention, forest for the specialized forces, forest owners and the public, forest protection, forest fire. Priority for training local forces and facilities;
-Investment vehicles, technical equipment, facilities for the fire force base forest fire to have the ability to handle promptly when forest fires occur.
d) application of science and technology in the prevention of forest fires:-information technology applications in forest fire management: planning, key partitioning risk of forest fires; the forecast, warning of the risk of forest fires; early detection of forest fires point; communications, information processing and forest fire; mobilization of forces and organized forest fire;
-Application of provisional measures, the means, fire tools and equipment, advanced forest fire line with natural conditions of each region;
-Construction planning works fire, forest fire: the road system; canals, reservoirs, Lake dam; soup hut fire systems; communication systems; precipitation measuring stations systems, meteorological stations serving forest fire forecasting;
-Consolidation and construction technical centre for the forest protection Department became the 3rd place in research, training, professional training, career service of the whole country on fire prevention and forest fire forest fire rescue involved when there is a large fire in excess of local control.
DD) international cooperation in the prevention of forest fires:-international cooperation in the field of forest protection, fire and forest fire, particularly with the Member States in the ASEAN bloc made the agreement against cross-border haze pollution caused by forest fires, fire ground. Specifically: + cooperation exchange experiences, visit the study of forest fire management;
+ Research, training and the transfer of technical progress in the prevention of forest fires;
+ Swap, receiving technical assistance and investment projects for the prevention of forest fires.
3. investing-investment capital: capital investment from the central budget resources.
-Total estimated investment capital is: 502 billion, out of which: investment for units under the Ministry of agriculture and rural development: 200 billion.
+ Investment for local units: 302 billion.
-Specific investment categories include: a) the investment vehicles, the equipment and the facilities (annex I attached to this decision) for the Ranger unit in response to the prevention of forest fires;
b) prioritize investments for forest fire fire the national technical center, the forest protection Department of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development; the focus of large-scale forest region; the province has an area of large forests, high value forest and forest of high fire risk;
c) investment directly for viable projects of capacity building of forest fire fire the unit under the Ministry of agriculture and rural development (annex II attached to this decision);

d) investment support is the target for the key investment projects for capacity building for forest fire fire Rangers of the locality (Appendix III attached to this decision), under the provisions of the law on the State budget.
Article 2. Implementation measures 1. The Ministry of agriculture and rural development, directing, approving construction projects of capacity building for forest fire fire the unit under the Ministry of agriculture and rural development and guide the province build project capacity building for forest fire prevention units of the local Rangers.
2. Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of finance capital balance and record the specific category for the Ministry of agriculture and rural development and the people's committees of the province is investing in this project, the Prime Minister's statements in the annual budget plan.
3. The Ministry of public security, the Ministry of Defense is responsible for coordinating the building regulations on fire prevention, forest fire; deployment involved training, professional training techniques of forest fire.
4. the people's committees of provinces and cities under central responsibility to steer the formulation, approval and implementation of investment projects of capacity building for forest fire fire Rangers in the locality after comments about appraisal expertise of Ministry of agriculture and rural development.
Article 3. This decision has effect from the date of signing.
The Secretary of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, planning and investment, finance, defence, public security, the Chairman of people's Committee of the province, central cities, the heads of the agencies responsible for the implementation of this decision.

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