The Decree 46/hđbt: Functions, Tasks And Organization Of The Ministry Of Agriculture And Food Industry

Original Language Title: Nghị định 46/HĐBT: Quy định chức năng, nhiệm vụ và tổ chức bộ máy của Bộ Nông nghiệp và Công nghiệp thực phẩm

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The DECREE of the COUNCIL of MINISTERS No. 46, DATED 5-3-1987 FUNCTIONS, tasks and ORGANIZATION of the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE and FOOD INDUSTRY COUNCIL of MINISTERS pursuant to the law the Council of Ministers held on 4-7-1981;
Pursuant to the State Council's resolution number 782-NQ/HĐNN7 on 16-2-1987 ratified the establishment of the Ministry of agriculture and food industry;
According to the recommendation of the Minister of agriculture and food industry.
DECREE: article 1. -Ministry of agriculture and food industry is the Agency of the Council of Ministers, is responsible for the unified management of the State of food and agriculture, the food industry within the country, by the way, the party's policy, the laws of the State, ensure the demand for food, food for the people , for the defence, industrial raw materials and agricultural products for export.
Article 2. -Ministry of agriculture and food industry has the duty and authority: 1. Based on the policy and the policy of the party, the law of the State, to build the planning, the plan (long term, 5 years, annual) of agricultural production, agricultural product processing industry, food acquisition, food distribution in the country to the Council of Ministers decision and steering design organization her plan.
2. Build the projects of laws, policies, regulations, regimes, standards, technical-economic norms, processes, rules on agricultural production, food industry, about the procurement, preservation, processing and distribution of food, the Ministerial Council decision or decide under the authority of the Ministry.
3. Build the anticipation of scientific and technical development of the agricultural sector, the food industry, consistent management of the implementation of the policy, the policy on Science and technology, of research, scientific and technical development; the direction of putting scientific and technological advances in production, processing and preserving of food and agricultural products, food.
4. Held steering conversion and improve the relations of production in agriculture, agricultural products processing, food in State institutions, collective and other economic elements. The Organization and management of the food market.
5. Directs the construction plans and implementation plans for international cooperation of science and technology and economic, export and import of agricultural products, food, food, supplies and equipment for agricultural production and the food industry, food processing and preservation under the policy and the regulations of the State in relations with foreign countries.
6. The Council of Ministers decide organizational system industry management from the central to local levels.
The Council of Ministers promulgated or enacted policies, the regime for the officers, officials, titles, and professional standards of industry officials.
Organizing and directing the training, fostering the use of officials and employees of the industry as assigned, decentralized management of the Council of Ministers.
7. The organization directing the production, import and supply of technical materials, specialized equipment in agriculture production, processing of agricultural products, food, in the acquisition, preservation, processing and distribution of food (according to the category of State assigned). The industry guide, the local build specialized infrastructure for agricultural production, food processing, industrial procurement, preservation, processing and distribution of food under the master plan, the plan State.
8. Promote the initiative business and production of the base. Directing and inspect the subdivisions to ensure implementation of the State plan and mission; effective use of staff, money, labor, materials, capital equipment is the State of affairs.
The Guide, check out the industry, the local, the facilities in both countries about the problems in the management function of State of agriculture, food and the food industry to ensure uniform, accepted the job of managing content in the industry.
Article 3. -Minister of agriculture and food industry is responsible before the Council of Ministers about the whole field of the work was entrusted to manage. The Minister has a number of Deputy Minister is assigned in charge of each sector, including a first Deputy Minister.
Article 4. -The help the Minister of agriculture and food industry of immediate include: 1. Office 2. Service plan 3. Financial accounting services 4. Service construction 5. Service personnel 6. Service labor wages 7. Production 8. Food service 9. Service Engineering Science 10. 11-international cooperation. Management and improvement of agriculture-food industry 12. The Inspection Committee, the Bureau, the Committee did not organize, perform Service, Bureau heads mode, working directly with the expert. Private office may hold some rooms such as administration, management, General.
Specific tasks, staffing officers and sidelines the way working of the unit comes on by the Minister of agriculture and food industry regulations.
Article 5. -Minister of agriculture and food industry is responsible for the business units and business units of the Ministry of agriculture, food, food industry, the process of the Council of Ministers and decided. Going forward, we have to continue normal operations until there is a new decision.
Article 6. -This Decree shall take effect from the day of promulgation; the previous provisions contrary to this Decree are repealed.
Article 7. -Minister of agriculture and food industry and the heads of the relevant departments and the people's Committee of the levels is responsible for the implementation of this Decree.

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