Directive 14/2007/ct-Ttg Dated: On Strengthening The Management Of Order In Urban Construction

Original Language Title: Chỉ thị 14/2007/CT-TTg: Về tăng cường công tác quản lý trật tự xây dựng tại các đô thị

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The PRIME MINISTER'S DIRECTIVE on strengthening the management of order built in the municipality _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ over the years, along with the process of industrialization, modernization of the country, the pace of development of the town took place quite quickly. To date the country has more than 700 municipalities, including nearly 100 cities and towns. The municipality is interested in investment in development should in general the quality of infrastructure, social infrastructure and public services is raised; each step in the formation of the modern municipality system in civilization oriented master plan for Vietnam urban development to 2020 has been approved by the Government wall Player.
Many legal documents on management of General construction, construction management of the town in particular has been issued in response to urban development and socio-economic development. In the local construction management, there have been many advances, reflected on the face: construction planning had turning sharply both in quantity and quality; improving administrative procedures, building permit procedures reduce troubles in construction management was concerned.
However, the management of the building in the municipality still exist and some weaknesses: many local not yet full attention and focus resources for planning construction; the publication, public construction plan of the town not yet taken seriously leads to the condition to the agreement planned for each work, each project; the organizations and individuals wishing to invest in the construction also encountered many difficulties in evaluation design and construction permit; some rules of withdrawal land did not really fit in with the different project types do affect the process of urban development; the inspection, test, handle the violated order urban construction n and not timely, the penalties are not yet strong enough to prevent lead to construction status are not allowed, false license also popular. The work of the administrative reform in the management of urban construction in a number of local importance, especially the reform of administrative procedures and the implementation of decentralized management of construction; officials at the grassroots level, missing, limited capacity, have yet to meet the requirements of the mission.
To overcome the above shortcomings existed and, strengthening the management, restore order, discipline construction in urban areas and improving the quality of urban architectural planning, the Prime requirements: 1. the people's committees of provinces and cities under central: a) review organization planning the construction has been approved on the , check the content and profile component projects, the case does not meet fully the provisions of the law on construction planning to plan the Organization to adjust or supplement. Whether your organization is completed in the fourth quarter of 2007.
b) balanced and arranged financing for the work construction planning; directs the preparation, organization, evaluation, approval of the construction plan on time, ensure consistency of architectural space organization, technical infrastructure system in the municipality under the provisions of the law on construction planning. Perform detailed planning covering urban construction the rate of 1/500 and 1/2000 on the area of the town at the request of construction management in each locality.
c) perform, publicly announced the projects of urban planning urban construction was approved, especially the detailed planning; at the same time held gender demarcation in fieldwork as a rule to all people know, perform surveillance and follow the planning.
d) of your organization, modify, supplement the local regulations on construction planning and construction management by planning, building permission as prescribed. Check out the made public the administrative procedures at the agency level below; make a transfer mechanism created favorable conditions for the people and businesses took part in implementation of urban management.
DD) Organization to review the situation of construction not allowed, false license; carry handle measures and timely projects, organizations, individuals and the infringement must be completed in the fourth quarter of 2007.
e) organized the drafting and promulgation of regulations urban architecture under the guidance of the Ministry of construction. In 2007 completed the promulgation of regulations for the urban architecture of the town on the table. June 2008 done issuing regulations for urban architecture, the Ward County, streets and the functional areas of the municipality.
g) continues to implement the decentralization of management of local construction, enhanced layout staff are qualified, have ethical qualities for granted.
h) intensify testing, inspection and focus, resolute handling of the breach of the order to build the municipality. Fix the right sanction status many times but still to exist; at the same time, make the dismantling works.
I) performs the sync solutions technical infrastructure works municipality, meet kip urban development requires time, overcome "hanging" on building urban infrastructure. The municipality from category II or above established the organization performs the ducted system for urban infrastructure.
k) intensify advocacy, education, common law order construction management, enhance the sense of community about order, discipline in local construction.
2. Ministry of construction: a) In June 2007, issued hơớng leading urban design according to the provisions of article 30, article 31 of Decree 8/2005/ND-CP on August 24, 2005 by the Government on the planning construction and architectural management regulation the municipality under the provisions of Decree No. 29/2007/ND-CP dated 27 February 2007 from the Government of it architecture management and town.
b) organized training, dissemination and implementation of the guidelines of the new Government Decree issued related to the technical infrastructure of the town: the underground construction, water supply, sewerage, solid waste, cemetery.
c) presiding, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, government inspectors study the amendments to Decree No. 46/2005/ND-CP dated April 6, 2005 by the Government on the organisation and operation of the building inspectors, the Government in the third quarter of 2007.
d) presided, in coordination with the ministries concerned to urgently research, drafting of the Government's Decree on the handling of violations of order construction of municipality, the Government in the third quarter of 2007.
DD) presided, in coordination with the ministries concerned to urgently study the revised Decree 126/2004/ND-CP dated 26 May 2004 by the Government on sanctioning administrative violations in the construction activity, the management of urban infrastructure and public works management used the House towards updated supplement full of violations, enforcement of handling powerful enough to ensure deterrence, stop; the Government in the third quarter of 2007.
e) Only, in coordination with the Interior Ministry study of mechanisms, policies to attract human resources and training, fostering capacity building for public officials to do the work order management urban construction, especially in the communes, wards and towns.
g) organize periodic checks and working with local building and planning guide and urge the local establishment, evaluation and approval of the construction plan in accordance with the provisions of the law on construction planning.
h) guide local implementation of new urban projects under the provisions of the Decree No. 02/2006/ND-CP dated 11 January 2006 from the Government about issuing new regulations, housing development as defined in the Housing Act and Decree No. 90/2006/ND-CP dated 6 September 2006 from the Government detailing and direction lead Law enforcement to housing. i) inspecting the work of the administrative procedure reform, implement a mechanism of the door of the local related to construction activities according to regulations.
3. The Ministry of finance, in cooperation with the Ministry of construction, management guidelines, the allocation of payments, capital planning for construction projects as economic career, completed in the third quarter of 2007 and the direction taken; in collaboration with the Ministry of construction complete research financing mechanisms to enhance resources for planning to build.
4. Ministry of environmental resources and hosted, in cooperation with the Ministry of construction and the ministries involved reviewing research, revise and supplement the provisions of the law of the land related to the condition, method of delivery, land rents, the certification of land use land use and collect money for urban construction projects the Government, in September 2007.
5. Inspection of the Government, in collaboration with the Ministry of construction, Ministry of Interior, strictly scrutinizing save the Government review, decided the Congress modified the Law supplements the 2004 inspection, towards building inspectors held multi-level, reinforcement of the base level, the condition of local alignment timely detection, handling of the breach of the order to build the municipality.
6. press agencies, television; the social-political organization, social-professional monitoring, detecting, reporting, timely handling of petitions issues related to managing the build order in the municipality.
7. Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies, the Chairman of the people's committees of provinces and cities under central organization, strict implementation of this directive.
The Ministry of construction is responsible for tracking, check the implementation and periodic reporting of the Prime Minister.