Directive 3004/ct-Bgddt: Mission Focus Of Preschool Education, General Education, Continuing Education And Professional Education Of The School Year 2013-2014

Original Language Title: Chỉ thị 3004/CT-BGDĐT: Về nhiệm vụ trọng tâm của giáo dục mầm non, giáo dục phổ thông, giáo dục thường xuyên và giáo dục chuyên nghiệp năm học 2013 - 2014

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Indicator of the Mission focus of preschool education, general education, continuing education and professional education of the school year 2013-2014 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the base of the party and Parliament resolutions, the text of the Government and the Prime Minister on education and training;
The base situation of educational practices;
The Minister of education and training a whole industry focus only made four mission team at the heart of the school year 2013-2014:1. About the management of education continued to perform the task of educational development under the resolution of the eleventh Party Congress, concluded the number 51-KL/TW on 29/10/2012 of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and Directive No. 2/CT-TTg on October 22 01/2013 of the Prime radical innovation, comprehensive education and training associated with the implementation of the planning, the education development plan in the local. Implementation focus action program of education development strategy of education 2011-2020.
Improve management coordination mechanisms between the Education Ministry and local departments. Renovation work on the governance of the education and management of the institution; Continued effective implementation of Decree 115/2010/ND-CP on 24/12/2010 of the Government responsible for the governance of education.
Strengthening the checking, monitoring of quality assurance terms; Inspection, checking the implementation of the tasks in the training institution, handle the abuses associated with the review of the management and accountability of collective, individual heads of educational establishments to occur the negative and the public notice works.
The practice of saving, against waste in infrastructure investment, procurement of equipment and organizing educational activities. Promote the application of information technology in the management, organization of conferences, workshops of the educational administration, educational institutions.
Improving the quality and efficiency of common work, legal education in the schools.
2. On the Organization of educational activities 2.1. The General task of the school level continue to implement learning and follow Ho Chi Minh's moral codes associated with the 45-year anniversary on practical Uncle HO sent a final letter to the education sector (15/10/1968-4/10/2013). Put the content "Per teacher, the teacher is a moral, self-study and creativity", "two" and "movement friendly school building, students" into the regular activities of the industry.
Continue implementation of Directive No. 10-CT/TW on 05/01/2011 the Politburo about universal preschool education for children of 5 years, consolidating results universal elementary education and secondary school, improve the quality of compulsory education. Make good Threading after high school and between educational programs, academic level and the level of training; diversify learning methods to meet the needs of advanced understanding and create lifelong learning opportunities for the people.
Special attention to the issue of the quality of education at the University level and for ethnic education, Education Department hard. Strengthen moral education, lifestyle, life skills, physical education, health and environmental protection education for students.
Continue implementing self-evaluation and external evaluation of educational institutions, recognition of the institution of quality standards.
Accelerate the tasks of training and fostering innovation, teacher testing, reviews the results of learning, building the teaching program based on the foreign language capacity Frame 6 tier for Vietnam to implement effective foreign language teaching and learning scheme in the national education system the period 2008-2020.
The full and timely implementation of the regime, preferential policies for students an social policy, students in the mountainous region social economy especially hard.
Strengthen information, communication about the educational activities. Renovation work emulating rewarded tied to organized effective educational activities.
2.2. Preschool education strengthening, expanding the network of preschool education institutions consistent with the situation of local practices, increase the rate of mobilization of children to school 2 days/day. Strengthen construction of national standard kindergarten; Enhance the effective management of the preschool education institutions outside the establishment.
Focus improving the quality of care and education of the child nursery and kindergarten, preparing children for kindergarten for the Vietnamese ethnic minorities, support implementation of preschool education programs in the region difficult.
Prioritize the resources implemented universal preschool education for children of 5 years of quality assurance.
2.3. universal education to accelerate the preparation of the specific conditions for implementing innovation content, curriculum, teaching and learning methods, method of exam, tests, reviews in order to create a positive turnaround, clarity about the quality and effectiveness of education.
Continue to implement the new school model of Vietnam (VNEN), replicated this model according to the different levels consistent with local conditions. Implementation of the project "development of hand moulding powder in school in the period 2011-2015". Apply to teach Vietnamese class 1 according to material technology education. Promote teaching organization 2 sessions/day in primary according to local conditions.
Continue direction adjusting teaching content towards streamlining; Build and deploy the integrated topic teaching related subjects; Strengthen the activities aimed at helping students to apply learned knowledge to solve practical problems; Launching far-reaching science contest for high school students; Strengthen vocational counselling in schools.
Enhanced security solutions for students; Crime, violence, social evils in schools.
2.4. regular education continue to promote propaganda on purpose, meaning, the benefits of lifelong learning and the learning society; The effective implementation of the project to build the learning society the period 2012-2020, a project to Remove illiteracy by 2020.
Consolidated operating model continuing education center at district level in the direction of each district have a heart made many tasks: education, career, vocational training; Expand the teaching of culture combined with vocational training; strengthen the activities of the Community Learning Center meets the needs of lifelong learning of people in the community; Combined community learning centre with cultural center-sports town to help center operations are effective and sustainable development.
Strengthen the construction of infrastructure, teaching equipment for continuing education, the priority geographical regions in difficulty, in remote areas. Enhance the background folds, discipline, effectiveness of foreign language, and information technology center.
2.5. Professional education expanding, diversifying the trades training, training forms and types of professional secondary school tied to quality assurance training, consistent with the availability of human resources training and development plan of the Ministry of human resources and local branches. Innovating the training program, training methods and evaluation of results. Promote training according to the needs of society, in cooperation with business and international collaboration in the education profession.
Strengthen inspection, check for established activities and allow professional secondary school educational activities, training regulations, open training fields, training and determine the intake level professional.
3. On the development team of teachers and education managers make planning the development team of teachers and education managers. Strengthen the management, testing, monitoring the construction and implementation of the planning staff of the local education sector.
Implementing the development program of pedagogical and teaching schools by 2020. Continued implementation of the project "training teachers education-security for secondary schools, professional secondary and the period 2010-2016".
Improve the effectiveness of advanced training, professional qualification for teachers, administrators and staff education to meet the requirements of industry practices in the current period and in accordance with the actual situation. Direction, guidance, test evaluation of teachers, managers of the institution according to the standard of teachers, administration officials have issued.
The full and timely implementation of the regime, the policy with respect to teachers, educational managers especially for teachers, educational managers work in the mountainous, ethnic minorities, the special economic and social difficulties and social insurance support for preschool teachers.
4. increase the investment resources and innovative financial mechanisms in education continue to implement innovative mechanisms to finance education, use and effective management of the resources invested in education combined with promoting social work education chemistry.
Directs the implementation of the work of the basic construction investment; Speeding up the construction of kindergartens, schools reach the national standard; Continue to implement the project of developing secondary school system specializing in the period 2010-2020. Strengthen the school supplies, school library.
Effective implementation of these schemes, programmes and projects on education and training.
To organize the implementation of the above mentioned focus on the mission, the Minister of education and training requirements: the Director of the Department of education and training, based on the situation of local practices, positive staff/Committee with The delegation, people's councils and people's committees of provinces/cities have the resolution on development of education and training Mission directive, the focus of the school year 2013-2014 in the locality; The initiative promotes collaboration, coordination of the departments, the local unions to education sector have to facilitate implementation of the tasks of the school year. Steer, checked, urging education and training, the educational establishments of the cities, made the task of the school year 2013-2014.

The heads of the units of the Ministry of education and training organization guide, test and urge the local education management level to perform well the task of the focus of the school year; Timely report, reflect the situation, proposed the solution directs, promptly solve problems arising in the process of implementation.
This directive was disseminated to public servants at all levels of education management, teachers in the pre-school institutions, general education, continuing education, professional education and holds to make./.

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