Directive 2007/53/ct-Bgddt: On The Focus Of The Mission Of Higher Education For The Academic Year 2007-2008

Original Language Title: Chỉ thị 53/2007/CT-BGDĐT: Về nhiệm vụ trọng tâm của giáo dục đại học năm học 2007 - 2008

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Directive on the heart of the Mission of higher education for the academic year 2007-2008 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ resolution holds National Congress of the Communist Party, basing the task in stage 2 of the educational development strategy 2001-2010, continuing the implementation of Directive No. 06-CT/TW on 07/11/2006 the Politburo about the movement of "learn and practice ethical codes Germany ", resolution No. 14/2005/NQ-CP on 02/11/2005 of the Government on basic and comprehensive innovation education Vietnam period 2006-2020 and Directive No. 33/2006/CT-TTg dated 8/9/2006 by the Prime Minister on the fight against the disease and overcome negative achievement in education; the results achieved in the 2006-2007 school year; the base situation of higher education, the Minister of education and training for the heart of the Mission of higher education for the academic year 2007-2008 are as follows: 1. Mount the practice seriously and effectively Directive No. 06-CT/TW of the Politburo about the movement of "learn and practice Ho Chi Minh's moral codes" with the implementation of the directive No. 33/2006/CT-TTg by the Prime Minister on the fight against the disease and overcome negative achievement in education, the undergraduate institution nationwide deployment focus the campaign "say no to substandard training, does not meet the needs of society".
For teachers and education managers, academic focus and follow Ho Chi Minh's moral codes are working out privately, teacher quality, practice thrift and fight against waste, corruption, Executive, law did not violate the ethics teacher, often self-taught, actively involved in scientific research. Each of the teachers is a moral mirror, self study and creation.
Students will implement the activities under the theme "youth learn and follow Ho Chi Minh's moral codes" with a focus on enhancing the consciousness and the will to study for your country, for ourselves, cultivate morals, comply with the law of that State and school rules, actively participate in social work and volunteer activities.
The movement of "two"-"say no to negative in examinations and accomplishment in education" in the academic year 2006-2007 of the whole industry has achieved initial results, and tremendous significance for the industry and the country.
In the field of higher education, something that the Congress, the Communist Party, Government and society, the local, the organ, the most pressing is a non-trivial percentage of the graduates annually is not enough knowledge and skills needed to be able to work according to the level of the qualification professional capacity, they do not meet the needs of society, of the receiving place they work. Students who have graduated from University, College song substandard training, not practice are appropriately, is a big waste to society, the school, the students themselves and their families. The phenomenon of the training quality does not meet social needs are is the biggest challenge, is the weakest point and is one of the largest waste of university education system, contrary to the divine mission that society, the State has trusted and entrusted us is : Provides high level human resources for modernization, industrialization and rapid development of the country.
So, starting from this academic year, the University institution in the country should implement the directive 33/2006/CT-TTg by the Prime Minister mostly through the movement of "say no to substandard training, does not meet the needs of society".
In September 2007 the Department of education and training will send to all higher education institutions the draft new fees scheme. Common sense is the new fees will be higher than the fees in the past year with reasonable rates, to create conditions for higher education establishments can provide training services with higher quality, at the same time there are discount policy, there are scholarships and loans to students qualified and ethical level to study at these schools through high school graduation exams (HIGH SCHOOL), college enrollment, college or selection (from 2009 onwards) can all be University/College.
As such, we will have the conditions necessary to soon end the current situation in a number of establishments of higher education: increase income for themselves by training and providing for society who graduated from substandard training, does not meet the needs of society, causing the waste to the country. In recent years, a number of institutions such as the University of transportation, agricultural University, Technical University, Ho Chi Minh City ... has shifted sharply from the training according to the ability training according to the needs of the business, of society.
Step into the new school year, heads of higher education establishments to report to party Committee discussions and resolutions on the implementation of this campaign in the field, coordinating closely with the Union, the Youth Union made this important undertakings of the Ministry of education and training. Need a deep activity in each Division, Department, room, Board, and Center in key staff school to discuss issues such as: education, science, training system, level of training would survive the training status, substandard training, students students, the school does not meet the basic requirements of the profession in the respective level, whether or not the situation let go drifting output quality, just pay attention to maintain the number of students, Master students to ensure income. From that proposed solutions to end early admissions status so the ability to ensure the quality of graduates, gradually improve the quality of training in the next 3 years and the next year. The 2007-2008 school year is the first year of phase 3 year foray into the "say no to substandard training, does not meet the needs of society".
2. Continue the implementation of the roadmap for renovation work recruitment and deployment innovation program, curriculum, training institutions under the education a) continue to implement the agenda of renewal of enrollment work, College and university admissions system for the 2008-2009 school year basically remain stable as of 2007. The organization experiences the subject tests, the test guidelines for implementation of the test subjects.
To prepare for the implementation of a national exam in secondary (HIGH SCHOOL), used the results to just consider HIGH SCHOOL graduates, just to make a base for college admission, College, in the 2007-2008 school year the Ministry of education and training will build on the framework regulation and examination on the basis of higher education. Higher education institutions need to build alternative admission to each school and public announcement, widely to students, people know in 2008.
Implementing innovation methods of delivery of intake, the 2007-2008 school year the Ministry of education and training will the Prime Minister approved the project "innovation methods training intake delivery", which focused on the criteria of student/faculty Exchange 1 and the other necessary criteria expressed the ability to guarantee the quality of training of the base College education when the register enrolment targets.
Improving the quality of selected training inputs in the form of proceeding towards academic medium parity with the main system. The schools admissions organization form of proceeding just in two waves during the year. The contest is organized really seriously.
For admission doctoral training will follow new regulations, focus on capacity assessment study, the capacity to resolve the subject of each contestant and the ability of foreign language (through the certificate according to the international practices).
b) deploy innovative training organization Of the training programme: 2007-2008 School Year completed the editing, evaluation and issued 132 frame program, organized the construction of 100 new framework to enact on the 2008-2009 school year. The schools need to review each training program on the basis of the framework program issued and references to advanced training programs of the countries to rebuild training programs Advanced direction. The market expected some subjects completely according to the programs of foreign countries need to have the proper due diligence to ensure these programs better than the programs being taught.
Curriculum: continue to build electronic libraries, make sure the end of 2008 will be at least 1000 on the electronic network of the Ministry of education and training. The 2007-2008 school year, the school had investment plans needed to build the system (through the written curriculum, compiling textbooks, buy the right to use the materials or the use of electronic textbooks ...) to ensure 100% of the core subjects have the syllabus.
About training credits: November 2007 the Ministry of education and training will hold trainings, guide the implementation training study. In the 2007-2008 school year prepare and move on to training education in at least 50 establishments of higher education; the facilities are built, the route plan and declared the time of transition to education training, on the basis of adequate preparation conditions of infrastructure, power team, management methods, learning materials and experiments. The Ministry of education and training will examine the guarantee the prerequisites to deploy training education in the schools.
Focus on improving the quality of master's level training, degree: improving the quality of selection, focused reviews of professional ability and language when recruited, particularly for research students, in order to enhance the capacity of access to scientific documents of foreign, updated with modern scientific knowledge in the process of learning and research. Limiting the rate of students and researchers studying the form doesn't focus; to promote and improve the training of master's level education only. For doctoral training, focus on improving the quality of training through the requirement of publication of research results and research on the scientific journals of international repute and in water; strict regulations on the responsibilities of the Department and the instructor during the training of research students.

3. Construction of the teaching staff and officers management education for the academic year 2007-2008 complete the construction and implementation of the planning of training, fostering the teaching staff of the universities and colleges; build and implement working mode for college faculty, College; building standards and rules on the recruitment form, College and University Faculty. The Ministry of education and training process of approval by the Prime Minister and the organization implementing the project to mobilize professionals is the overseas Vietnam participated in training, scientific research and technology transfer in the institution the University of Vietnam.
The Ministry of education and training will improve the project of training 20,000 doctoral faculty higher education establishments to the Prime Minister for approval in November 2007. The 2007-2008 school year will own a selection to send 1,500 doctoral training for teaching staff in universities, colleges, which train about 500 overseas research students and training in the country of about 1,000 students. Each university institution need to build a team development plan to the year 2020 and has specific solutions for the implementation of the annual plan, for 2008, to the training of trainers will not affect the implementation of the Mission of teaching, research, and ensure immediate benefits as well as long term faculty.
The 2007-2008 school year, held 12 management professional training courses for about 450 leaders of higher education institutions and management cadre.
4. Quality control of higher education, 2007 National Conference on quality education of the University of Vietnam. For the academic year 2007-2008 continue perfecting and testing organizations to ensure quality education in higher education institutions; Guide and encourage the establishment of institutions of higher education accreditation is independent, operating under the business model. Complete inspection of 30 universities. Each university institution need to plan the quality control market, beginning with self-assessment. Proceed to build automatic mechanisms ensure the quality and the market conduct self-assessment periodically.
5. the planning, financing and construction of infrastructure completed the renovation scheme for the financing of higher education, project fees, scholarships and student credit to the Prime Minister for approval in late 2007; construction of hierarchical rules about financing for the business units directly under the Ministry of public education and training.
Encourage links with enterprises in training, professional practice and use of human resources through training. The Ministry of education and training in collaboration with the Ministry of labor, invalids and Social Affairs, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of planning and investment and the unions organized a seminar on training according to the needs of society, the needs of the business. On the basis of which the Union and the project to promote professional training according to the needs of business and society in the fourth quarter of 2007. After the scheme was approved by the Prime Minister, along with the Government's regulations regarding the mechanism of collecting and using tuition, universities, colleges will have important legal basis to launch the campaign "say no to substandard training, does not meet the needs of society".
Implementing decision No 121/2007/QD-TTg dated 27/7/2007 of the Prime Minister approving the planning network of colleges and universities in the period 2006-2020, in October 2007 the Ministry of education and training will work with the Ministry of natural resources and environment, the Ministry of Finance of the fund earmarked for the construction of the higher education establishments. In the fourth quarter of 2007, the Ministry of education and training will coordinate with the province to organize Conference on college planning, College in the region, announced the master plan and the criteria established in the field, the table of solutions to build the strong field for each zone.
In the annual school development plans, the school needed a detailed construction plan financial resources, diversification of financial sources, thorough extraction of resources from activities of scientific research and technology deployment, from the services and advice, from international cooperation and foreign investment to build infrastructure school, class, equipment.
The school should build the roadmap and declare the roadmap to ensure sufficient classrooms and self-study for students (deleted status go to class and rental restrictions gradually learning in the evening), enough seats to work for faculty and research staff, strives to end the 2007-2008 school year the professors and associate professors there own seat at the school.
6. scientific research for the academic year 2007-2008 enacted the funding allocation criteria of scientific career technology based on the number of faculty, Ph.d., Associate Professor, Professor and the number of research students for training institutions, to strengthen decentralized management for the market. Construction of the mechanism of encouraging teachers, leading scientists to join the Mission of scientific research (RESEARCH), guide RESEARCH students. Enacting provisions on the tasks of the RESEARCH Faculty of the universities and colleges. Build and shape the national database of scientific research of higher education institutions; deployment of network technology market place trading orders in the research and commercialization of research results. Build the book on methods of scientific research to be published in late 2007.
The schools need to have specific provisions on the duties of faculty RESEARCH, promote the strengths of each school, each of the faculties, departments, groups of faculty members in the implementation of the research. The school should strive to have growing revenues from RESEARCH activities.
7. international cooperation activities to build new rules intended to increase the initiative for the basis of international cooperation, to ensure the quality of training. Prepared for the international Physics competition held in Hanoi in July 2008.
Founded the free University-Germany on the basis of cooperation between the two countries.
The 2007-2008 school year every school needs to build international cooperation strategy (until 2010, orientation to 2015), defines the strategic partnership with the science and advanced management experience, have the financial resources to support the development of the school. Each school should actively seek funding, facilitating, participating managers discuss the contents, programs, curriculum and school management experience and education administration in advanced countries in the region and the world.
8. Direction of the sector In September 2007, the Minister and the Deputy Minister works with 12 higher education establishments on the plan to deploy the campaign "say no to substandard training, does not meet the needs of society". In October 2007, in January 2008 and in April 2008 leadership education and training Ministry presided over the University institution in seven regions of the country to assess the situation and athletes of 2007-2008 the University block colleges all over the country in August 2008.
Starting from the 2007-2008 school year, the education and training Ministry will coordinate with the school to build and publish the criteria for emulation, to reviews and deserve the school and individuals had contributed positively to the development of educational and training activities of scientific research according to the needs of business and society , a leader in innovative education career college.
The inspection activities of education, people's Ombudsman should be strengthened in order to monitor the operation of the school, against the negative, against waste, fight against corruption.
To implement the above duties, the Minister of education and training requirements: the Director of the University, the Academy, Rector of the University, College, Director of the Research Institute for doctoral training is responsible for building specific deployment plans and the movement of "say no to substandard training , do not meet social needs "submitted to the Ministry of education and training before September 30, 2007 and implementation.
The heads of the units of the Ministry of education and training is responsible for implementing this directive seriously; Guide, test, urge higher education institutions to perform the task; the timeliness of receiving the report, reflect the situation and propose measures directed to solve the problems arising in the process of implementation.
This directive was disseminated to all public servants in the management of higher education, the higher education establishments in the public and private types to holds and make./.

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