Decision 26/2008/qd-Ttg Dated: About Issuing A Number Of Mechanisms, Policies To Support Socio-Economic Development For The Province In The Mekong River Delta Region Until 2010

Original Language Title: Quyết định 26/2008/QĐ-TTg: Về việc ban hành một số cơ chế, chính sách hỗ trợ phát triển kinh tế - xã hội đối với các tỉnh, thành phố vùng đồng bằng sông Cửu Long đến năm 2010

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The PRIME MINISTER'S DECISION About issuing a number of mechanisms, policies to support socio-economic development for the province in the Mekong River Delta region until 2010 the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
Consider the proposal of the Ministry of planning and investment in the sheet number 3263/TTr-BKH on May 14, 2007, decision: article 1. Issued a number of mechanisms, policies to support socio-economic development for the province, the city of the region of the Mekong Delta by 2010 (including the city of can tho and the provinces of Long An, Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Tra Vinh, Vinh Long, Dong Thap, An Giang, Kien Giang, Soc Trang, BAC lieu, Hau Giang Mau), as follows: 1. A number of targets, mainly targets to the year 2010:-the region's GDP growth rate reached an annual average on 11%.
-The rate of poor households (new standard) 10-11%.
-Percentage of children under 5 years malnutrition below 20%.
-Students in the elementary school age reached over 95% of middle school students, reached over 85% of high school students, reaching over 50%, 100% of the school, the class was solidly, over 70% of the school, the class of the national standard. Professional high school enrollment increased annually over 20%, raise the rate of college students and college students, 120 thousand people up.
-The rate of trained workers account for about 38-40%.
-The proportion of the national health standard is 90%, the number of clinics doctor Township is 80%.
-The rate of urban used clean water reaches 90% and 75% rural.
2. The task of developing a center of gravity of the industry, the field mainly a) industry develop industrial production towards the priority of processing industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, in order to create products for export. Tapping the potential of gas in the waters of the West to develop a gas-electricity-fertilizer industry; ensure the progress of construction and putting into operation of power plants using gas in the region, speeding up the construction of the plant protein. Development of mechanical industry of agricultural, fishery and shipbuilding. Develop the industry of building materials such as cement, brick, tile, concrete structures for building houses in the region.
b) agriculture, forestry, Fisheries Industry Kept stable land rice irrigation conditions to intensive increase productivity; crop of high-quality rice varieties for export. Development of fruit crops, vegetables and flowers, plants in areas where conditions, forms the region of fruit trees, flowers, plants of value of exports.
Aquaculture development, created the Department of production goods has great production for export; striving to 2010, total production hydro seafood whole region reached about 2.2 million tons, over which foster production accounted for over 60%. Encourage economic sectors to invest in construction of the hydro-seed production, seafood, large, high quality.
Protection and development of coastal mangrove forests, forest Phu Quoc; new forest planting and restore tram in places where depressions, Dong Thap Muoi region alum sour and the Long Xuyen quadrangle, West Mau peninsula and river; coastal protective forest planting; planting trees definitely flooding in areas, waves along rivers, canals, the cluster of residential flooding region online.
c) commercial development, services, travel trade network extended to consume goods and agricultural products. The auction market development, market boundary with Cambodia. Striving to 2010 total goods retailers and sales services, the region achieved the double in 2005. Promote export of fisheries, agricultural products, flowers, fruits; improving the quality of rice varieties and harvesting and processing techniques to increase rice export value. By 2010, the total local exports reaching about 6.2-6.5 billion dollars, of which exports of aquatic products reached over 2.2 billion USD. The average exports reached over US $ 350/person/year.
For the target currency goods products, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, implementation mechanism affiliated organizations and signed a contract to buy-sell products between farmers, cooperatives and enterprises, on the basis of the agreement, mutually beneficial, with the appropriate method. Striving to 2010, there are over 60% of the farmers are produced and consumed goods according to the contract, which addresses the apparent consumption; also, processing enterprises and commercial businesses have stable sources of goods for production and business.
Expand the types of organizations such as cooperatives, producers, clubs, professional associations to support the production and currency products. Formed the Association of assistance to each other in the production and consumption of products, timely market information, prices, protecting the rights of people in manufacturing, business. Build the solution to each of the sectors, each sector on improving product quality, building, trade promotion and brand protection, creation of stable, sustainable market.
Tourism development in order to exploit the potential of regional peculiarities, building the resort's entertainment complexes, associated with ecological tourist attractions, historical monuments; the tourism development of the mangrove forest, the Dong Thap Muoi; Sea Island tourism development, focusing on Phu Quoc island tourism development.
Development of the type of service to meet the requirements of development. Improving the quality of the products and services of education, health, finance, banking, insurance, consultancy.
d) The fields of education, culture and society: enhance recreation, promoting interdisciplinary social, education, especially university education, and vocational college. Upgrade and established a number of new universities and colleges.
Strengthening the training of scientific-technical officer. Construction of a number of institutes and research centers, technology has advanced, first biotechnology serve the region.
-New construction and upgrades to the provincial hospital, in order to enhance the quality of examination and treatment and reduce pressure on the glands; speeding up the construction of modernization of the specialist hospital in can tho City serves for both regions. Construction and upgrading of hospitals in the district, the infirmary at the base. Upgrade the Research Center in key areas associated with the following subjects for vocational rehab. Timely prevention focus of the disease; control speed and toward diminishing the social diseases, especially HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. 100% of the countryside, neighbors have medical staff, raising the number of beds reached over 20 beds/ten thousand inhabitants;
-Development and preserve the cultural identity of peoples. Build the cultural center-province-level information, build and upgrade the radio-local tv, renovate and build the radio station at the base (the priority areas, the border region, the region of minorities), expanding programs and increasing the amount of time broadcast by Khmer;
-By 2010, the unemployment rate of the aged workers in urban areas to below 5%, the increase in the rate of use of labor time in rural up 85%, including through vocational training diploma from technical workers and older accounted for over 15%; life expectancy reached 72 years.
DD) science, technology and environmental protection: the priority of developing the base of scientific research and technology, the station, seed, farm pets. Promote the application of scientific research results, technologies into production, especially in agriculture, aquaculture.
As of 2010, putting 100% of the new production facilities construction apply clean technology or equipment furnished to minimize pollution, waste treatment guaranteed to focus the environmental standards.
Basically complete the renovation and upgrading of the drainage system and sewage in the urban, industrial zones, export processing zones. Guarantee on 30% of the urban areas and over 80% of industrial zones, export processing zones have waste water treatment system the focus of environmental standards, over 90% of the solid waste was collected, over 60% of the hazardous waste and 100% of hospital waste is processed.
Construction of the mechanism of coordination between the provinces and cities in the region and international cooperation with countries in the Mekong subregion in the exploitation, use and protection to sustainable development of water resources in the Mekong River.
e) development of human resources:-decision No. 20/2006/QD-TTg dated April 20, 2006 by the Prime Minister on "the development of education and vocational training, the region of the Mekong Delta by 2010". This is a strategic task to enhance recreation and training for human resources in the Mekong River Delta in the coming years;
-Human resource development must be done from high raise, increase the quantity and enhance the quality of teaching and learning at all levels, development of training industry forms a rich, consistent with each object, each industry should develop in each locality, building leadership team , Manager, business team have the capability and have adequate mechanisms and policies to attract talents, scientific officer-highly qualified engineering. Additional and often have a policy for effective use of the Agency's officials, the central business area close to the province, district and took the district to reinforce the town; alternating core staff.
Every year the local budget to spend a certain percentage for vocational training, the promotion of vocational training, business loans, creating conditions for poor students can learn trades.
Build the perfect training system structure of industries in the direction of training technical workers at various levels and different training time (technicians, skilled technical workers, high level technical workers) to attract the number of students graduating from high school , high school, the discharge team on course.
The Organization form of diversity training with more appropriate model. Encourage socialization training profession. Note the tight cohesion between the vocational training and jobs for apprentices after school.
g) of infrastructure construction:-About irrigation:

Implementing decision No 84/2006/QD-TTg dated April 19, 2006 by the Prime Minister on the approval of regulators, additional irrigation planning in the Mekong River Delta region of the period 2006-2010 and towards 2020; investment priorities to build the important irrigation works, aims to use and exploit, the Mekong River water resources efficiently, serve for the production of agriculture, aquaculture and natural disaster prevention. Strategic management of construction, exploitation, hoarding the money River fresh water sources and the Hau River.
Continue to complete the investment of irrigation: Three Hybrids (Ben Tre), sweet goods program go Cong, CA Mau peninsula, flood control works, the Dong Thap Muoi, Long Xuyen quadrangle; flood irrigation drainage region between river-the river Late ... to suit the requirements of service transformation of The economic structure.
Implementing decision No 193/2006/QD-TTg dated 24 August 2006 by the Prime Minister on the approval of residential layout program areas: natural disasters, especially hard, borders, Islands, migration, weak pulse and very weak impulses of the forest, the forest's strict protection zone for the period 2006-2010 and orientation up to year 2015.
Strengthening the management and exploitation of the irrigation works, guarantee system, sync. Build the irrigation planning, support the avalanche area bordering Cambodia and avalanche areas along rivers and river Scenes, ensuring the safe and effective use of Mekong River water resources in conditions of adverse changes on the source.
-Transportation: implementation of decision No. 344/2005/QD-TTg dated 26 December 2005 by the Prime Minister on the direction, mission and plan the development of transport in the Mekong River Delta region until 2010 and towards 2020.
Construction schedule, soon put to use the works were arranged which government bonds.
Focused investment in the construction of some key projects of roads, River, sea and airports; priority routes out of the border, the road along the border with Cambodia, to meet the requirements of socio-economic development of the region in the coming years.
Review the list of works, projects and items in each works to arrange the order of priorities, relaxation for the progress of works not yet real urgency, ensure to meet the requirements of The traffic development and consistent ability to balance capital every year.
Closely to the timely processing of the obstacles arise for a number of major projects have been delivered from the Ministry of transportation for local investment, ensure the project progress.
-And build clusters of residential flooding region online: improving the efficiency of the residential routes the flooding; focus and combine resources to accelerate and ensure the sync infrastructure works in the residential routes such as: roads, electricity, running water, health, education etc. to put in in a stable; take the trades fit into clusters, residential routes to ensure for the people to have jobs, have stable income, gradually raise the standard of living. Striving to 2008 completed putting people from the region of frequent flooding into the new place. Construction of the residential routes, clusters become the new culture points.
Mobilizing all resources to implement the program deletes temporary home, simple home repair, improvement or construction of housing, semi-permanent for poor households in the region. Basic solving housing shortages, land for poor households in rural areas in the region.
Construction of the settlement in rural focus aligns with the development of the postal services, telecommunications, television broadcasting in order to improve the living conditions of the people, meet the requirements of industrialization and modernization of agriculture, the countryside.
-The construction and development of the municipality is located in the Centre of The quadrangle is the city of can tho, Vinh Long town, a town far from Thap and Long xuyen city; development of can tho city into a centre of industry, trade and service center, tourism, education and training, health and culture of the region.
h) guaranteed defense, security: combining economic development investment society associated with building the infrastructure to serve defense, security for the region, especially in the border areas, Islands.
The focus of economic development in the sea. Strengthening investment in infrastructure for economic activity, controlling and rescue on the River, on the sea.
Good deal of the policy on ethnic and religion; ensure security, social safety.
Article 2. Continue to implement and complement a number of mechanisms, policies and solutions to socio-economic development and ensure the defence and security of the region.
1. Mechanisms of agricultural policy and rural development:-household objects in an have to arrange, rearrange the population where the pulse is weak, very weak pulse, strict protection of forests, the forest featured in the Cuu Long River Delta entitled policy according to Decree No. 197/2004/ND-CP dated 3 December 2004 by the Government on compensation , support and resettlement when the State revoked the land.
-All the objects in the migration project, the households living in the disaster zone, flooding was added to the cluster of residential lines exceeded the flood, there is no ground to, extensive reclaiming an area of agriculture, forestry, local immigrant ... shall be entitled to the policy support from the central budget according to decision No 190/2003/QD-TTg dated 16 September 2003 by the Prime Minister.
-Allow application of the mechanism, the existing policy outlined in the following decisions for Mekong River Delta: + decision No. 307/2005/QD-TTg dated 23 July 2005 regarding the forest stock, delivery pilot forest protection to households and communities;
+ Decision No. 231/2005/QD-TTg dated 22 September 2005 about corporate support of agriculture, state forestry, forest management, forest management, special-purpose protective was the employer of minorities.
2. On the policy of land for landless farmers, the lack of land for the production of:-Create more land by reclamation; review the Land Fund of the agricultural organizations, state forestry does not use or use inefficient to recover, handed back to local farmers for delivery yet the land produced.
-In places where no longer Land Fund, the local government organized for workers switching industries by training, attract labor in the mills, factories, the basis of handicraft, local services or provide labor for industrial zones in other regions.
-Create the conditions for a division of farmers lack the land or not land was settled in the new economic region or extend careers in many different forms, create jobs for landless farmers produce. Boost jobs for rural youth through labor export.
3. The mechanism, policy with regard to ethnic minorities:-focus on implementation of decision No 134/2004/QD-TTg dated 20 July 2004 about some policies to support productive land, land, housing, running water for ethnic minority households in poverty; at the same time fulfills the social policy of the State in accordance with the conditions and customs of the fellow.
-A policy of support which the State budget to build a private school: for children of male monks, Khmer and built the cremation customs in the region of minorities, support for teachers (including monks) teach the Khmer font in the temple.
-The lifting tackle priority investment loans from the Bank of social policy and other capital sources. Implementation of agricultural extension work, promotional and enhanced dining guides for fellow.
-For the poor ethnic families, in addition to the contribution exemption for academic, clinical, local needs specific regulations exemptions of other contributions within the jurisdiction.
-Continue to implement preferential policies for poor households, for other policy objects, the households producing, trading in the region due to the difficult social policy Bank and the Development Bank practices as determined by the Government.
-Expansion interface sent to recruit students for ethnic minorities. For students who are poor minorities in an attended the boarding school but attended the public schools, Public Charter enjoy the scholarship by 50% of the boarding scholarship level as current rules. Priority jobs for fellow children of minorities have been through training.
-Building policy specific incentives for businesses to invest in the region of the Khmer Nation and the project uses many workers who are minorities.
-Expand the program and increase the amount of time the ethnic Khmer language broadcast, renovate and build the radio station at the base. Planning conservation, exploitation and promoting the cultural capital of the minority in the region.
-Continue to implement decision No 139/2002/QD-TTg dated 15 October 2002 by the Prime Minister on the examination and treatment for the poor and the audience in the social policy area.
-Adjust the level of consumption of medicines and medical supplies for the medical tramh commune, allowances level for preschool teachers, kindergarten and extra medical staff by 50% compared to the basic wage in the region difficult under decision No 30/2007/QD-TTg dated 12 March 2007 Prime Minister's Government.
4. The mechanism, policies on mobilizing resources for development:-the maximum mobilization of resources, including especially the resources from exploitation of the Land Fund, the assets, reorganization of State-owned enterprises, implementation of privatization of State enterprises. Continue to implement social policies according to resolution No. 2005/NQ-CP of the Government, in accordance with economic and social conditions in each locality. State budget spends funds prioritized investment in building infrastructure mainly.
-Encourage the expansion of forms of capital services for producers, especially encouraging businesses to solve the capital for a population under which applications for producers and recovered again by the products.

-Organization of the introductory promotion and field strengths are incentives to call on local investment in FDI. At the same time, it should enact specific provisions to help businesses to have access to land, production, access to capital sources; business support through the clearance, training of human resources; establishment of the credit guarantee Fund.
5. support mechanisms which the State budget: annually, the central budget for the local support in the region through programs, projects, management; investment support for the local target.
Funding from the central budget to support priority investment in the construction of economic infrastructure and social infrastructure. The works, due to local project management mainly due to local budget layout, the central budget supports a stake for local based on the ability to balance the State budget approved by Congress annually.
-From now to 2010 to focus campaigning and spending ODA priority for the Mekong Delta region to invest in construction of social-economic infrastructure, comprehensive rural development, hunger, and poverty reduction; development of network traffic, irrigation, new investment and upgrading the plumbing system; support the development of education and training; development of health systems, disease prevention.
The construction plan of local attraction and use of ODA from now to 2010 to make a base for mobilization, establishing close relations with the ministries in the process of integrating programs, ODA projects are large, established relationships with donors to better access ODA and NGO the Conference, the coordination of ODA for the whole region.
-Increase the level of support which the central budget must not exceed 70 billion industrial zone for the investment for the local meet the criteria of decision No 183/2004/QD-TTg dated 19 October 2004 from the Prime Minister's (including the way middlemen or sugar, in the industrial area).
-The central budget support for the construction of a second industrial zone infrastructure local-option, must not exceed 70 billion, for the local meet the criteria of decision No 183/2004/QD-TTg dated.-100% support for the project by the local management of ODA for the project meets the conditions of support of decision No 210/2006/QD-TTg dated September 12, 2006 by the Prime Minister.
-Continue arranging capital to implement decision No 84/2006/QD-TTg dated 19 April 2006 Prime Minister's decision No. 346/2005/QD-TTg dated 26 December 2005, the Prime Minister's decision No. 78/2004/QD-TTg dated 7 May 2004 of the Prime Minister about the additional adjustments a number of mechanisms , the policy to accelerate the pace of building clusters of residential housing and routes in the province regularly flooding in the Mekong River Delta and coordinating, integrating the programs, objectives; Special priority and focus capital disposition from the program: clean water, sanitation, rural environment, upgrade building schools, health programs and other programs to improve synchronisation of the cluster infrastructure, residential routes.
Article 3. Implementation 1. The people's committees of provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta region to research solutions to improve the investment environment of powerful business, strengthen the attraction of capital investment for economic growth; at the same time, work closely with the central ministries to formulate and organize the implementation of the program, projects proposed; in collaboration with the ministries, ministerial agencies, government agencies review, Supplement, adjust overall planning the social-economic development of the province, city and planning the appropriate sector of space, time and the new situation; identify mechanisms of coordination between local, between sets, with the local industry; construction of a 5-year plan 2006-2010 and the annual plan by planning objectives have been browsing and the progress made in each period. Determine the category of program, project mostly 5-year investment and annual plan; monitoring of the implementation of the development investment as planned.
The local organization doing good work to reduce compensation for investment management, designed to accelerate the progress of construction projects in transportation, irrigation investments from government bond funds.
Using the right purpose of lottery earnings to local back to invest in education and training, health, social welfare works.
2. The ministries based on the functions, duties and powers, and the content of this decision, are responsible together with the provinces, the cities in the region of the Organization directing the implementation of the programme, the specific projects in the scope of its responsibilities.
Check, adjust, Supplement, building planning, plan in the industry, his field of management and planning of their industry with the provinces, the cities in the region before approval. At the same time directing seriously implemented the program, project, his industry's development plan in the 2006-2010 period was approved by the Prime Minister; works closely with the local Department of construction, issued coordinated regulation aims to create a fast development, unified economic space in the region.
3. The ministries, local 6-month recurring, annual report the implementation of this decision, submit the Ministry of planning and investment, the Prime Minister's report.
4. Every year, the Ministry of planning and investment to host, in cooperation with relevant ministries, sectors and localities in the Mekong Delta region summary, summarizing, reporting the Prime Minister on the results of this decision.
Article 4. This decision has the effect after 15 days from the date The report.
Article 5. The Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies, the Chairman of people's Committee of the province, the city in the Mekong Delta region is responsible for the implementation of this decision.

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