Decision 123/2008/qd-Ttg Dated: Approved Master Plan For Socio-Economic Development Of The Province Of Phu Yen To 2020

Original Language Title: Quyết định 122/2008/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt Quy hoạch tổng thể phát triển kinh tế - xã hội tỉnh Phú Yên đến năm 2020

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The DECISION approving the planning of the overall socio-economic development of the province of Phu Yen by 2020 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
Pursuant to Decree No. 92/2006/ND-CP on 7 September 2006 by the Government on creation, approval and management of the overall socio-economic development.
Proposal of the people's Committee of Phu Yen province in the sheet number 43/TTr-April 11, 2007 and the opinion of the Ministry of planning and investment in document No. 1281/BKH & GSĐT APPLIED PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY March 2008 on the overall planning of social-economic development province of Phu Yen to 2020 decision: article 1. Approval of the master plan for socio-economic development of the province of Phu Yen to 2020 (hereafter referred to as the plan) with the following principal contents: 1. a development perspective) the economic development with high speed and sustainability to gradually narrow the gap between the province of Phu Yen provinces in the region and the country.
b) construction of Phú Yên province into a new gateway to the East for the Highlands; striving to become a center of tourism, great service in the area and the country. Formation of clusters of junctions of railways, waterways, air, the East-West Road.
c) accelerate economic restructuring in the direction of increasing the proportion of industry and services; mobilization of all resources of the economic sectors; the mining sector has the advantage of labor and resources; at the same time, focus on expanding economic sectors have high technical content, in line with the advantage of Phu Yen province and trend of the market.
d) to enhance the quality of human resources, have policies to attract high-quality human resources to meet the needs of socio-economic development of the province. Tied to economic growth with social justice, gradually raising the standard of living for the middle class population, especially the resistance base, mountain, the many ethnic minorities.
DD) closely match between socio-economic development to bolster the defense, security and environmental protection; strengthen the political system and strong administrative background.
2. The objective of developing a) General objectives continue to maintain a high speed of economic development and sustainability, creating the transformation in quality in the process of socio-economic development. Striving to 2020 the province of Phu Yen province become a basic industry and services. Promoting economic restructuring, labor structure toward industrialization and modernization, with the structure:-services-industrial agriculture. Gradually increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the economy. Promote the application of scientific advances and raise the level of science and technology in the manufacturing industry. Improving the quality of education and training and the quality of human resources. Effective exploitation of foreign economic relations. Construction of infrastructure systems, ensuring a favorable development requirements. Improving material and spiritual life for the people. Continued poverty, alleviate poverty, create jobs for workers. Hold the political, security, social order and economic development associated with defense, security and environmental protection.
b) specific goal-average growth phase to 2010 reaching 13.6% per year; the 2011-2015 period reached 15.2% per annum and the 2016-2020 period reached 15.3% per year.
-Per capita income in 2010 is $ 750, 2015 is $ 1,600, 2020 is 3,000 USD.
-Economic structure: 2010:24.5% agriculture, industry 38.5%, services 37%; to 2015:16% of the agricultural industry, 44%, services 40%; 2020: agriculture 10%, 47%, service industry 43%.
-The rate of budget revenues than GDP in 2010:11.5%; 2015:15% and in 2020 by 20%. Local budget expenditure rose by an average of 15% per year. By the year 2016 budget revenues to meet the demand of local budget expenditure.
-Export and Exchange 2010 services reached 150 million, reaching 1,000 million by 2015, 2020 reaching 1,500 million.
-Natural population growth rate until 2010 reduced to 1.26%; 2015 reduced to 1.17%; 2020 reduced to 1.0%. The rate of children under age 5 in vegetative failure 2010 reduced to 20%, the remaining 15% by 2015, 2020 10% reduction.
-Universal standard for secondary education in the province by 2015. Trained labor rates until 2010:40%, 2015:53% and 67% reached in 2020.
-The rate of poor households by 2010 is still 9%, 3.4% down in 2015, 2020 base no longer poor households.
-The forest cover rate in 2010:45%, 2015:47% and in 2020:51%.
3. industry development orientation and field a) agriculture, forestry, fisheries-agriculture construction and sustainable development, high quality, clean products, consistent with the ecosystem. Form the region focus have high productivity associated with post-harvest technology and processing industry, and to preserve and protect the environment. Ensuring food security, stabilize the area cultivated for rice, sugar cane, cassava; expand the area of rubber trees and some other crops. Toward farm economy with good breeding and disease control. Formation of the vegetables in the belt of the municipalities, industrial parks, resorts; grow flowers, pet.
-Promote afforestation, improving the forest, timber trees grow the raw materials for the processing industry. Strengthen forest protection, limited logging of natural forests and planted forests effectively exploited.
-Sustainable aquaculture development, comprehensive on the cultivation, extraction, processing and logistics services fishing. Promoting the application of science and technology in mining, aquaculture and seafood processing. Farming development based on Science, strengthen the cultivation on the sea, ensure the environment and create more destinations for visitors. Market expansion-product consumption, building brands for aquatic products.
-Construction of new, modern country, reduce the pressure on the population for the municipality, the economic development in The region between sync. Development services, trades tied to the Organization of the consumption goods to farmers, increase investment for the mountainous district, the area has many ethnic minorities live.
b) industry-focused investment depth, new technology applications, automation technology, improve the efficiency of production and business. Raising the quality and product branding, promotion, expand markets, increase capital investment in industrial development.
-Industrial development from the standpoint of sustainability, in line with the sustainable development strategy of the country. The development of priority industrial sectors have the advantage, with high technology and engineering, great value to create breakthrough developments, promoting fast-growing economies such as: Electronics, oil refining, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, agriculture and aquaculture, the production of electricity. Which is especially interested in the project of oil refinery with capacity of 4 million tons/year and petrochemical plants.
-Developing South Phu Yen economic zone has the South urban area, Tuy Hoa, industrial filters, oil and some other focus industry area attached Vung ro seaport, port Republic and Tuy Hoa airport. Continued investment in building infrastructure industrial zones, industrial concentration, forming networks of clusters, industrial districts, covering an area of 10-20 hectares.
-Development of villages in rural areas, introduced and replicated some new profession appropriate scale, effectively exploiting resources and solve many rural workers.
c) service-advanced civilization, develop the type of trade, modern services, while ensuring trade-service system through to the remote region. Formation of a municipality, the city market, the professional business streets, created diverse distribution network, ensuring the fast goods circulation, stimulate the production of development.
-Build system provides trade services, trade promotion, support to promote and diversify trade promotion activities. Enhanced check, control the market, price stability, the fight against the production and trafficking in counterfeit goods, poor quality, speculation, smuggling, tax evasion. Expand the market, diversification of the export, increased export turnover.
-Develop strong tourism economic sector spearheaded the "clean" industries, bring unique colors. Embellish the monuments, landscapes, tourist spots tied to environmental protection. The focus of infrastructure construction investment attraction: the combined tourism An Phu-An advanced Orthopaedics; urban tourism and senior services (River Bridge, Tuy Dong Xuan); the cluster of tourist ecological landscape, culture, recreation and relaxation.
-Improving the quality of transport services, warehousing, port services, postal services and telecommunications. Diversification of the forms of service.
-Focus and facilitate the economic development of the kind of services: finance, banking, science and technology, information technology, insurance, consulting, accounting, auditing, legal, notary, appraisal, property auctioneers, business property, real estate, health services , high quality education.
d) The social sector – implement good policy on population. Improve health protection network, delete the basic infectious diseases. Improving the quality of the population, increase height, fitness and longevity for people. In 2010 there are 7 doctors, ten thousand inhabitants; in 2020 there doctor/10.8 thousand inhabitants. 100% doctor Ward Township in 2010. Raise the standard of living of households have poor drainage, limiting re poor condition.
-Focus on improving the quality and effectiveness of education and training work, at the same time expanding the ranks of school and level of training, tailored to the needs of human resource training. The reasonable development scale of the education-training coupled with the investment to upgrade the facilities, equipment and teaching towards standardization, modernization. Improving the quality of teachers and administrators. To diversify the types of schools, socialization of education to increase resources for education.
-Expand the career training and professional expertise for workers, raising the rate of trained workers. New jobs each year for about 25 thousand labor of 2010 and phase about 15 thousand workers per year period 2011-2020.

-By 2010 85% reach the family culture; 70% of villages, human trafficking, neighborhood culture; 40% and 90% of Agency culture. 2020 on 95% of the family culture, countryside neighborhood merchant culture; over 95% of achieving cultural Township Township. Construction of the cultural institution, upgrading the facilities of radio, television, newspaper of the province, meet people's information needs.
-The year 2010 are: 22% of the population of exercise, regular sports; 95% of secondary schools and professional implementation of physical education has the Groove; over 90% of students, students on the province reaching standards of fitness; 95% standard soldiers officers soldiers; 100% of the market from the middle tier or over have teachers who are dedicated to sports. 2020: over 50% of the population practice sport regularly; 100% of schools and professional implementation of physical education has the Groove; 100% of students, students on the province reaching standards of fitness; 100% standard soldiers officers soldiers.
DD) development of infrastructure-traffic: the formation of synchronous transport network, the harness the effectiveness of sea transport, road, air, rail, linking the regions of the province and other provinces in the region, the creation of corridors for economic development of the subregion.
+ Roads: perfect investment and modernization of road transport network, taking the National Highway 1A, highway 25, TEL 645, the eastern coastal axis, the vertical axis of the West and the provincial road traffic axes-making strategy. A new way of forming a connection from the North-South Expressway and Highway 1A shaft down to industrial and urban clusters of coastal tourism. Building system, parking, bus stops. New investment and expansion of district roads, upgrade road, a path-connected middlemen, town, rural transport and internal transport, ensure the traffic is smoothly in any situation. Striving to 2020, the district and the town are hard surface road from 90-100%.
+ Rail: railway construction research of Phu Yen-the Highlands through the Cambodia-Laos-Thailand; the railway North-South high speed phase I through the van Phong economic zone (Khanh Hoa) to Phu Yen was the clue the railway going West.
+ Sea: complete, upgrade and exploit the Vung Ro port efficiency, research in building a number of specialized deep-water port, port Republic: Spring, Spring, An Hoa, the port serving the tourism and industrial development.
+ Air: Airport upgrades and increased flights from Tuy Hoa airport to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang, evolved into an unqualified to serve international customers. Study of mechanism for calling and allows foreign investors to invest in the construction of a regional airport in the North of the province, tourism and the development needs of the region.
-Irrigation + completed and put into use the following irrigation hydropower hydropower Lake, Michael. Improve the useful capacity of the Hinh River hydro: reservoir, the smart Board, Copper, Phu Xuan, Xuan Binh. Repair, upgrade the outdoor avalanche risk dam to ensure safety. The construction of the Lake, the dam to regulate irrigation water, water transfer works between basins, ensuring freshwater resolution for Panshi River, Bridge River area, works against natural disasters, floods, flash floods, the tide and the other under irrigation planning.
+ Enhanced solidified infield canals system, basic 2020 completed the building and solidifying the system of canals. Upgrades and new construction the system of levees, dams, embankment against the avalanche and ensure the safety of weak pulse on the dike, embankment of the River, the sea. The total area is irrigated by irrigation by 2020 approx. 93 thousand hectares cultivated, accounting for 65.8 percent of the total percentage of cultivated area. Provide fresh water for aquaculture.
-Power supply + accelerate investment and putting into operation of the hydro power plants: River Ba, Krong. Invest some new hydroelectric plant on the river terraces, the river States. Encourage the development of small hydro projects, wind power, the new form of energy appropriate to serve these regions cannot put to the national grid. Attract investment in large-scale thermal power capacity.
+ Continuing capacity to the existing substations and transformer stations new investment to meet the needs of your production server for the entire Province. + small hydro development with more proper form of investment for people in deep remote areas. Striving to complete the national grid investment in 100% of villages, human trafficking to come before the year 2010, approximately 100% of households have electricity.
-Information technology, television broadcasting invest in information systems, broadcasting media. The fast development of public telecommunications networks as well as with the use of modern techniques, proceed to implement the network of multiple services, personal broadband information networks, high speed Internet. The development of postal cultural point town, universal postal services basic telecommunications. As of 2010, the rate of use of mobile phones reached 40/100 inhabitants; 2015 50 air/100 inhabitants; 2020 reached 60/100 inhabitants. In 2010 by an average of 15 people per 100 inhabitants use the Internet service, by 2020 this proportion reached 35-40 people per 100 inhabitants; 100% of households have audiovisual media.
-Water supply system + 2010 all the municipalities in the province all have water supply plants for living and production. 80% of the rural population have clean water. 2020 ensures 100% clean water source for residential living.
+ Complete investment of water supply system in the city of Tuy Hoa. Lifting capacity of the water plants in the towns: La, Two, Gorgeous Paint, Criteria, and Bridge River up 8,000-10,000 Phu Hoa m3/day. New building in Hoa Vinh water plant with capacity of 8,000-10,000 m3/day, the new town of Phu Tuesday, painting Long (Van Hoa) and Xuan Loc Ward capacity 3,000-5,000 m3/day. Investment in the construction of water plants and capacity of over 50,000 m3/day in 2010; 200,000 m3/day in 2015 and 300,000 m3/day by 2020, serving the South Phu Yen economic zone and other areas.
+ Invest well clusters at the cluster of small retail and residential water supply systems to households for the concentrated population clusters and the town centre, on the basis of exploiting the water resources match the characteristics of each district in the province.
-Sewerage and sanitation upgrade, improvement and construction of the system of pipes and canals for drainage. Construction of sewer wastewater and rain water. Construction of the drainage pump station, the wastewater treatment station in the industrial area, the hospital, the production base. All the toxic liquid waste are processed locally before the waste into the common system. Guarantee 100% of the municipalities have sewer, sewage disposal, garbage; 100% of manufacturing establishments have waste treatment systems, or the means of bringing about a general waste disposal area.
-Urban infrastructure construction complete infrastructures in the municipality, the new urban areas. Build the city of Tuy Hoa became the municipality of type II eco-municipality, with a center of politics, economy, culture, science and technology, tourism, and services; junctions, making in the province; at the same time, is the largest traffic hub of the southern central coastal region and the Highlands. Form the Centre of industry, services, education and training, science and technology for the region. Upgrade the district the River Bridge, Dong Hoa district town. Completed construction of the new district town (Phu, Phu Hoa, Hoa Vinh); South urban construction and new urban chain Tac travel, local industrial districts, coastal cities, the new district at Sushil Van Hoa, Hoa Hiep town Central, An American.
-Physical training education + continuing investment in upgrading the school system, by 2010 there are 50%, 70% of primary schools, 50% of secondary schools, 50% of secondary schools reach the national standard; 2020 has 100% of schools in The national standard and the schools have enough classrooms to learning 2 days/day/class.
+ Investment in the University District; development towards multidisciplinary, multi-level, became the center of training and scientific research of the province and the region. Support the College of building No. 3, Tuy Hoa industrial College investment upgraded to universities, to expand and upgrade the banking Academy Institute, upgrade medical school into a medical college and then into the Faculty of Medicine of the University District. Create conditions for investors to open private University and vocational training service of high quality human resources.
+ Vocational college investment, upgrade vocational day Center Hoa Thanh Son district vocational secondary school for the youth of the mountain peoples. After the year 2010 vocational centres in other districts to upgrade developed into vocational schools.
-Health sector infrastructure + completed building basic Central Province General Hospital in 2009, soon completed the regional hospital North. Formation of specialty hospital: paediatric, eye, dermatology, new construction, the Center, other specialized stations. Facilitate the investors to open private hospital of high quality. Striving to 2015 standard for Township health stations.
+ Investment to upgrade and expand the hospital district routes. Additional equipment to enhance the quality of the activities of the medical ward Township station. Build the system of preventive medicine from the provincial level to the District have adequate infrastructure and equipment to meet the needs of prevention, prevention, hygiene and the environment.
-Physical culture and sports industry

Continue to invest and use effectively the cultural institution. The 2020 target: 100% of the countryside, traffickers, neighborhood House of culture (or cultural venues) and bookcases; 100% of the communes, wards and towns have a library or reading room, the civil culture; 100% of the city, the district, the town is the cultural centre, the cultural centre-sports, library, children's recreation area, Park. Provincial level: complete the cultural institution: the Museum, the historic culture, American Culture Center, Conference Center, Conference-exhibition, theatre, library, parks, children's recreation area. Construction of a new sports center of the province according to the master plan.
e) science, technology and environment protection-promoting basic investigations, focused on basic research in the Three social studies and humanities-oriented to serve the needs of socio-economic development and the areas of Phu Yen are strong. Application of scientific and technological achievements into production, increased possibilities for economic development. Invest, rather old technology gradually by modern technology. Prevent and handle cases enter and use technology to pollute the environment. Common use of the technology, equipment, electronic systems and information technology in the new leadership, management, training professionals, skilled workers, advanced education, recreation and Cultural Affairs.
-Continue the prevention of pollution, enhancing the conservation of biodiversity, the importance of effective use, saving natural resources and improve the environment, the development of the industry, environmental friendly technology.
-Building Regulation inspection activities to protect the environment and preserve the natural landscape. Pay attention to environmental protection in the industrial zone, urban, coastal environment. There are mechanisms to encourage investment in the construction of waste treatment plants according to new technology in Tuy Hoa city, the communes.
g) Defense-Security maintain political stability and assure the safety and order of society. Willing to deal with the conspiracy of peaceful evolution of the hostile forces, serving for the cause of social-economic development. Strengthen the construction of civil defence in association with world people's strong security battle. Build strong armed forces, ensure combat readiness. Focus on building defence works completed on schedule and as planned. Investment in equipment, the equipment ensure the active armed forces effective, protecting security and territorial sovereignty, domestic safety and rescued, and rescue.
4. Development Plan according to the space, a territory) land use-oriented focus brought land barren, wild land into use; protection, management and effective use of the existing forest land.
-Ensure priority for food security mission, formation of the industrial plants; improving land use coefficient and fertility of the soil, pollution-limiting the recession. The logical layout of the structure of agricultural land; taking the Land Fund for industrial development, tourism, the formation of industrial clusters, urban residential area new tourism, the economic zone.
-Development of urban system in line with the process of economic restructuring. Preparation of the land, the infrastructure for the new municipality and to expand the existing municipalities.
-Use of land to meet the needs of land in land use; meet the requirements of economic development, culture, society and ensure land security needs on defense. Exploitation and use of the land must pay attention to environmental protection, combating pollution, land degradation, stable and sustainable use; a combination of front and long.
b) orientation of social-economic development according to regions and coastal waters:-this is the driving force of The economy, the strategic significance of economic, defense and security.
Marine General economic development, construction, modernization of the infrastructure, such as transportation, warehouse, port, beaches create the leverage of promoting economic development in the region. Preserve the marine environment and the coastal region of social problems to meet the requirements of industrialization and modernization.
-The Plains: the region has a lot of potential on labour, infrastructure has been invested. The direction of development is the focus-intensive food crops, livestock and food products of high quality, clean, short on industrial crops, fruit trees, flowers, plants. Formation of the specialized production, the production of goods, supply of raw materials for the processing industry.
Industrial development and rural craft. Form the basis of processing industry, small and medium-scale village development, product diversification, development services, making satellites for big companies, create jobs for workers. Develop the village tourism, tourism visit handicraft villages, associated with sea travel routes, mountain.
-Mountain, region: afforestation, construction of the intensive industrial plants, fruit trees, vast cattle-breeding, agriculture and processing industry of forest products; freshwater aquaculture, farm economic development; construction of agricultural production models combining production of Garden Hills, wooded gardens with the appropriate scale. Development of rubber trees, experimental stations layout and garden seed, build rubber processing plants. Construction of industrial concentration in rural areas. The investment priorities of the agricultural processing plants, forest products, mining and processing of minerals in the mountains.
Strong mountain tourism development associated with the ethnic culture, natural scenery, combining to form the line connecting between coastal and Highlands. Construction of Van Hoa, Lake Highlands Ha Hinh River Lakes, Three Rivers became the centers of clusters of Phu Yen. Construction of some cultural village tourist trade of the peoples.
c) adjustment orientation of administrative boundary When meet the standards will consider creation of a new district of Van Hoa area.
d) oriented urban system development until 2020, the urban network of the province consists of 7 cities, 2 towns, 12 townships; Tuy Hoa City developed into the municipality of type II in 2015-2016; Bridge River district developed into the town of the municipality of type IV in 2010; Dong Hoa district into industrial town municipality type IV in 2019-2020. The new town development: the second Rich (Western Peace); The Peace Plan East (Phú Hòa); Hoa Vinh Hoa Hiep, Lieutenant (later to become the town's ward 2 East); Van Hoa (the new district) and An American (Tuy). Prepare the necessary conditions for the development of the town of Gong and two Private Paints the town in 2020.
5. A number of solutions in implementing a) solution of the projected investment capital demand the 2006-2020 period, about 238 trillion. The 2006-2010 period to average about 4.2 trillion per year, the period of 2011-2015 about 12.7 trillion/year and the 2016-2020 period to about 38 trillion/year.
Building and issued the list of investment projects by 2020, focused on the fields of infrastructure construction, industrial production projects attract more labor and materials in place, the tourist services project, the high-tech agricultural projects , plantation, manufacturing exports, investment projects in the area still much potential in the mountainous district; waste treatment projects, wastewater; projects on energy, infrastructure for the industrial focus.
Expand the project in the form of BOT, BTO, BT ... diversifying the forms of capital creation; promote administrative reform in the field of investment; support the investors we have implemented good registered projects and timely implementation of State policies in a particular way and in accordance with the characteristics of The good mining. sources of capital investment budget focus, investment capital of central ministries capital, credit and the target program to invest in the key field, and the decision required.
b) training solutions and attract human resources to enhance the quality and effectiveness of training human resources to solve the problem of the lack of qualified skilled workers is high. Promoting job training, arrange the network of schools, training centers, improving the quality of training for satisfy human needs in place, consistent with the socio-economic structure of the province. promote socialization training, encourage economic sectors to participate in vocational training, active employment referral service. Support the capacity of the Centre for training and job referral. Have mode, preferential policies to attract talent and labor have high qualification to work in The long run. c) solutions to improve administrative management capabilities promote administrative reform, quick resolution of administrative procedures between the departments, the sector, the district , the city. Create the most convenient, fastest in the settlement of the administrative procedure. To reform the management and exploitation of the project after you have granted the investment license. The administrative reform in the housing sector, minimize the administrative procedures and administrative interventions on the transactions on the real estate market. Campus-wide events, techniques for agencies, increase capacity, improve public servants.
d) solution of scientific and technological development, the efficient use of resources and environmental protection research and development is a priority direction for technology innovation with the structure of many different levels. Strengthen investment for basic investigation work to science and technology contribute effectively in the counsels for the province and the economic sector. Investment in development of science and technology, create breakthroughs in productivity, quality of goods and products. The construction and development of scientific and technological potential of The importance of biotechnology, information technology, marine science and technology.
Exploitation, effective use of natural resources: construction planning, socio-economic development plan must be attached to the social protection of natural resources and the ecological environment to ensure sustainable development goals. In balancing the State budget annually should give priority to projects of waste, waste water and environmental protection.

DD) market development solutions thriving domestic market, focus on rural markets, the remote areas. Enhance the ability to consume goods of farmers. Stimulus solutions implemented in the production, construction and consumption to increase consumption of products. There are plans to train a team of skilled entrepreneurs to seek and expand markets, strengthen and guarantee stable export market was there and seek new export markets.
Synchronous development of the market, create healthy competitive environment for investors. Every step of the real estate market formation, capital market, labor market, science and technology in the market to suit the needs of international economic integration.
Implement multilateral and diversified development in the labor market. Business network development involved labour export, facilitate rural people have access to and have jobs.
e) develop economic sectors to facilitate ventilation aims to support the development of local economic sectors, create production environment is clear, consistent, competitive equality irrespective of the economic component. Encourage the development of small and medium enterprises, form a number of big business.
g) solution of international cooperation, the region and other provinces in economic cooperation on the basis of bilateral, multilateral agreements which Vietnam has signed with other countries and international organizations; promoting the Association, in partnership with the provinces to implement the master plan aims to increase the power and created the market for the produce of the province. h) mechanisms, policy besides implementing mechanisms, current policies, in collaboration with the Ministry, the central building research sector a number of mechanisms the new policy has the peculiarity of the Government, the prime consideration, decided to adopt, in order to promote socio-economic development of the province of Phu Yen according to its objectives.
Periodically check the legal text of the province to ensure synchronization, and in accordance with the General provisions of the law.
I) implementation based on the master plan for socio-economic development has been approved, the industry, the level of construction planning, annual plan and ensure conformity with the development orientation of The construction action program, the programs developed by each period according to the orientation of the master plan for socio-economic development up to 2020.
Publication and publicity planning in many forms in order to attract the attention of the entire population, of the domestic and foreign investors participated in the planning. In collaboration with the ministries and other central provinces to implement development programmes and cooperation in development. Explicitly responsible for planning and implementing inspections, monitoring the implementation of the master plan.
Article 2. This plan is oriented, the basis for the establishment of, and implementing the master plan, the investment project on the area of the province under the rules.
Article 3. Phu Yen people's Committee to base the objective, tasks and directions of social-economic development of the province in planning, chaired, in coordination with the ministries concerned, the direction and implementation of the browser as specified:-planning of socio-economic development in the district the town; development planning of urban system and its residents, construction planning; planning, land use plans; development of the industry, the sectors to ensure the overall development, in sync.
-Construction studies, issued under the authority or the State Agency has the authority to enact a number of mechanisms, policies consistent with the requirements of The development and the law of the State in each stage in order to attract, mobilize resources to implement the master plan.
-Created the long-term planning, medium term, short term; the key development programme, the specific projects to focus investment or the step-by-step layout logical priority.
-The prime consideration, decided to supplement the timely planning, in accordance with the situation of socio-economic development of the province and the country in each stage of the planning.
Article 4. The ministries involved in the scope of the functions, duties, his powers have a responsibility to support the people's Committee of Phu Yen province in the study established the aforementioned planning; Research of construction and the State Agency has the authority to enact a number of mechanisms, policies consistent with the requirements of socio-economic development of the province in each stage, in order to mobilize and effectively use resources, encourage, attract investment, make good targets , mission and traditional approach towards socio-economic development of the province stated in the report of the planning. Accelerate the investments, perform the work, the project has the scale, nature and important for the development of the province has decided to invest. Research, review, tuning added to the industry development planning, investment planning, works related projects are expected to be invested in the planning report.
Article 5. This decision has the effect after 15 days from the date The report.
Article 6. The Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies, the Chairman of people's Committee of Phu Yen province is responsible for the implementation of this decision.