Decision 86/2009/qd-Ttg Dated: Approved Master Plan For Socio-Economic Development Of Thua Thien Hue Province By 2020

Original Language Title: Quyết định 86/2009/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt Quy hoạch tổng thể phát triển kinh tế - xã hội tỉnh Thừa Thiên Huế đến năm 2020

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The DECISION approving the planning of the overall socio-economic development of Thua Thien Hue province by 2020 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
Pursuant to Decree No. 92/2006/ND-CP on 7 September 2006 by the Government on creation, approval and management of the overall socio-economic development;
Decree No. 04/2008/ND-CP dated 11 January 2008 amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree No. 92/2006/ND-CP of June 7, 2006;
Consider the proposal of the President of the people's Committee of Thua Thien Hue province and Minister of planning and investment, the DECISION: article 1. Approval of the master plan for socio-economic development of Thua Thien Hue province by 2020, with the following principal contents: i. DEVELOPMENTAL PERSPECTIVE 1. High mobilization of all resources to accelerate the pace of development and improving the quality of economic growth; strengthening links with the provinces in the region, the country and international integration; promote the effective potential, strong economic growth target, soon bringing the Hue became one of the centres of development of the central key economic Region.
2. Maximize the comparative advantage of hue, Hue City built into the administrative, political, economic, tourism, cultural center, the city's Festival featured the Vietnam training center, high-quality, intensive medical center and scientific center of the country , commercial and service centre of the central key economic region and the Central and Western areas.
3. enhancing foreign economic activity, perform consistent, long-term policies to attract external resources to economic development; expand domestic and foreign markets, increasing exports of items already through deep processing; ensuring the competitiveness of goods and services.
4. Positive economic restructuring towards modernization (service-industry-agriculture); breakthrough of converting the structure of production in each of the sectors, each sector, associated with the production of market goods and products; improving the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the products, businesses and the economy.
5. sustainable economic development, the goal of social-economic development of the province with the Millennium development goals that Vietnam has announced, at the same time taking the industrial development, tourism made the nucleus of economic development, and attach importance to agricultural and rural development. Quickly turn the advantage into a strong inner resources, strengthening links with the surrounding province to form a system of cooperation for sustainable development in the central key economic Region, between the municipalities of the region, the economic zones, industrial zones through economic corridor East-West , 1A Highway, highways.
6. Promote the human factor, in which the importance of developing human resources of high quality. The construction and development of the educational centre, a high-quality training, intensive medical center coupled with promoting the implementation of socialized health careers, education and training.
7. Attach importance to the work of the administrative reform of administrative procedure is the most advanced, effective governance, promoting democracy and the strength of the economic component, creating a friendly investment environment with the entrepreneurs, investors and people, aims to promote synergy in the development of socio-economic , improve people's lives.
8. Ensuring the sustainable development of society, tied to economic growth with equity, social progress, create jobs, poverty alleviation. Investment interest in technical infrastructure and ensure implementation of the policy on social welfare for rural, mountainous area.
9. Ensuring the sustainable development of the ecological environment, socio-economic development with conservation, promote and develop traditional culture, the cultural and historical values of hue, contribute to build Vietnam advanced culture, strong ethnic identity. Attach importance to protecting the ecological environment, no damage and environmental degradation, natural scenery, cultural and historical monuments.
10. Defense, security has always been a solid consolidation, ensuring good frontier defense on land and at sea. Maintaining friendship relationships with the neighbouring province of Vietnam-Laos border area. The defence mission deployment, security consistent with characteristics of a geographical importance.
II. DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES 1. The general goal of building Thua Thien Hue Province soon became the central cities, is the hub of the central region and one of the major centers of the country, on culture, tourism, science-technology, advanced health, education-diversified training areas , high quality. Striving to 2020, Hue worthy urban center is a national, regional and international, one of the economic centers of culture, science-technology, healthcare, the country's largest training area and South East Asia; Defense, security has been strengthened, social-political stability, solid; the material and spiritual life of the people constantly improve.
2. Goals and specific mission of economic goals-a) to strive for economic growth CAGR of the period 2006-2010 reached 15-16%; the period of 2011-2020 reach 12-13%. Quickly put the GDP level per person rose up and compared with the average rate of the country in the period 2006-2010 and reached over 1,000 USD (prices 2005) in 2010, 2020 on 4,000 USD per person (prices);
-Restructuring the economy towards industrialization, modernization; as of 2010, the economic structure would be: 45.9% services, industry-construction of 42.0%, agriculture-forestry-fisheries 12.0%; by the year 2015 the proportion of the 45.4% respectively this-46.6%-8.0% and by 2020 is 47.4%-47.3%-5.3%;
-Striving to achieve exports of at least 300 million in 2010 and about $ 1 billion in 2020;
-Striving for the rate of budget revenues accounted for about 13-14% from GDP in 2010 and over 14% by 2020.
b) social goals-creating a basic transformation in culture, health, education, training, improve, solve pressing issues about society, gradually improve the material and spiritual life of the people;
-Decreasing the average population growth rate period 2006-2010 under 1.2%, reduce the average annual birth rate 0.3-0.4 parts per thousand; after 2010, the natural population growth rate dropped to about 1.1-1.2%.
Strive to stabilize and gradually falling unemployment labour rate urban areas down to around 5%; employer time lifting rural area up above 80% in 2010 and by about 90% by 2020. Raising the number of labor are jobs up on the 14 thousand workers per year period 2006-2010 and 16-18 thousand workers per year period 2011-2020. Striving to 2010, labor exports reached 2,000-2,500/year labor; 2020 5,000-6,000 workers per year. Rising labor rates are up 40% job training in 2010 and over 50% in 2020.
-By 2010, the percentage of students mobilize in comparison with the population in the age in the school are as follows: kindergarten on 70%; primary school on 99.5%; over 99% of junior high and high school is 62%. By 2020, the rate is as follows: kindergarten is 50%, over 90% of kindergarten, primary secondary 100%, 99.9%, 75% high. By 2010, complete the universal basic education in the city of Hue and the plain districts;
-By 2010, has 98% of households have electricity use; 95% of the population used water hygiene;
-Limited and significantly, progress to eliminate virus infections of HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Maintain 100% results with doctors medical stations; by 2010, reaching 12 doctors, great wall and about 15 doctors, ten thousand inhabitants in 2020; the rate of hospital bed/population reached 37 thousand bed in 2010, over 40 bed in 2020; the rate of malnutrition of children under 5 years of age is still below 5% by 2020.
-The rate of poor households to under 10% in 2010 and below 3% by 2020;
-Improve the quality of cultural activities, sports, radio and television throughout the province. quick training, fostering talents, putting the sport spearheaded by local tradition and progress up the regional and country levels.
c) environmental goals-forest cover rate reaching 55% by 2010 and 60% by 2020;
-Environmental protection ecological areas, avoiding pollution of surface water and groundwater, coastal water entering the forest protection, ecological protection of the lagoon;
-The urban, industrial, industrial clusters and waste water to villages, collectors and solid waste treatment prescribed standards before discharge into the environment;
-Prevention, limited to the maximum extent the depletion and pollution of resources and the harm caused by natural disasters hurricanes etc..
III. DEVELOPMENT and BREAKTHROUGH DIRECTION 1. Breakthrough development direction choice-development of high-quality human resources, build and promote scientific and technological potential of the province, to meet the needs of socio-economic development towards industrialization, modernization;
-Build the city of Hue as the Centre of culture, tourism, the city's Festival featured the Vietnam training centre, the University and the advanced health, the country's high-tech, service centre of the central key economic region and the Central and Highland region;
-Focus on developing strong economic Zone Chan-lang co in various areas like port, port services, industrial zone, urban tax-free, high-quality tourism, recreational areas, golf courses etc..;

-Restructuring and enhancing the efficiency of industry by developing manufacturing industries: mechanical industry, construction and Assembly of electronics, high-tech industry. Focus on developing auxiliary industries associated with the clusters; development of the industrial sector has the advantage of resources, scale and major contributor to the State budget as the production of cement, building materials, processed food and beverages. etc. Construction of the small and medium industry clusters associated with the process of urbanization, create non-agricultural jobs. Focus fills the industrial zone; the construction and development of industrial clusters of small, medium, the traditional villages in rural areas on the basis of protecting the eco-environment. Interested in the development of the craft, especially in traditional villages and village craft exporter service;
-Promote restructuring and raise the quality of services to meet the market demand.
2. priority oriented development to 2020.
-Investment focus, soon to complete and modernize infrastructure system, the completion of the building works great;
-Focus on sustainable development, addressed the issues of environmental safety in planning and administration;
-Hue City development investment into the growth nucleus, core boost for Thua Thien Hue province become independent cities;
-Investing in the development of the Economic Zone Chan-lang co economic center and an important town to the South of the province, gradually became the economic centre of the key economic region in the central country and cooked;
-Gate economic zone development A Đớt the Center for promoting economic cooperation, border trade between Vietnam and countries on the East-West Economic Corridor;
-Restructure the rural economy, rural economy as a belt, the development of the Economic Zone and the municipalities in the province; developing the economy of the Tam Giang-Cau Hai;
-Improve territorial space planning towards creating the municipalities associated with each other and with the rural area on infrastructure system in sync;
-Add build, develop Thua Thien Hue province and the municipality of Hue in the organic relationship with the province, the city in the central key economic region and the countries of the Mekong River subregion.
-Tied economic development with the task of ensuring security-defense created world political stability to economic and social development.
IV. DIRECTIONS of DEVELOPING the industry, FIELD 1. Services-construction of Thua Thien Hue province into one of the largest service centre in the region on the basis of improving the quality of tourism services activities, finance, banking, telecommunications, information technologies, health, education etc. to diversify and improve the quality of the products and services to become the main driving force for socio-economic development with the major service centre is the town of hue, the Economic Zone Chan-lang co economic zone in A gate, Đớt.
-Sustainable development of the tourism industry in order to achieve the objectives of both economic, socio-cultural and the environment; take tourism become the spearhead of The economy. Striving to 2010, attracted from 2-2.5 million tourists per year, which reached 1 million international visitors per year; increase sales by 30% per calendar year in moving the period 2006-2010; the growth in the number of tourists from 15-20% per year in the period 2011-2020.
-Effectively tapping natural resources, history and culture, promote the brand on the market potential; diversify and enhance the tourism product; building strategies developed technical infrastructure and human resources for the development of the tourism industry.
-Building strategy for international integration of the services sector and competitive strategy for goods services in line with the roadmap commitment to integration.
-Promote the production of exported goods and services, and increase the ability to export the items have passed through deep processing, goods of high value. Actively looking for international markets, maintain and develop the traditional market in the EU, Japan, ASEAN, the proper concern of foreign trade with the Lao People's Democratic Republic.
2. industry-enhancing the quality and competitiveness of industrial products. Striving to put industrial production value increased by an average of 21% over the period 2006-2010, 15% of the 2011-2015 period and 14% in 2016-2020.
-Tapping the resources of local advantages. Priority to develop the products with competitive advantages and are highly effective, focused market sectors, high technology, attracting many workers.
-The shift towards industrial products formed the key industrial products with advanced technology, have the capacity to compete. Investment promotion focused on the high-tech industry, new material industry, information industry, software industry, deep processing of agricultural products, food; industrial extraction and processing of minerals, production of industrial crafts etc.-developed trades and craft villages associated with tourism and export development, make use of the source material and the human resources in place, create opportunities for jobs and increase the income of workers.
-Construction of the Economic Zone infrastructure Chan-lang co economic zone in A gate, Đớt, the infrastructure of the Phu Bai industrial zone, Sichuan province, Phong Dien Phu, Quang Vinh, Painting, La Multi; the industrial-handicraft and craft villages in the districts and the city of Huế became the Centre of attraction of investment, technology transfer, science advances.
3. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
-Increase the average value of 1 ha of cultivated agricultural lands up on the 50 million; the proportion of livestock accounted for 40% of the value of agricultural production; stable growth industry production value of agriculture-forestry-fishery with the tempo 4-5% in the period 2006-2010, and about 3% of the period 2011-2020.
-Agriculture: comprehensive, sustainable development towards diversification of crops, livestock, crop conversion with suitable natural conditions; the application of science and technology progress to bring high economic efficiency. Associated development of agriculture-forestry-fisheries to protect land resource, forest and the sea, maintaining the environment and ecological balance.
The economic restructuring of agriculture, rural development and ecological agriculture with high technology and biotechnology. Increase the proportion of the livestock sector, ensuring food security; development of rural industries.
-Forestry: forest economic development tied to environmental protection. Capital development and protection of forests, the forest is the most protective watershed, forests and natural forest characteristics. In the next 10 years to plant new about 40-45 thousand hectares of forests; tending; take care to protect the forest in order to restore, enrich about 100 thousand hectares of forests; raising forest coverage up 55% in 2010 and over 60% by 2020.
-About fisheries: General mining coastal, brackish water lagoons and freshwater swamp River; combine to ensure diversity, the ability to maintain, regenerate fisheries resources and Habitat, lagoon sea valves. Striving for fisheries production value reached growth pace of 7-8% in the period 2006-2010 and 8-9% in the period 2011-2020.
-Labor structure transformation in rural areas by 2010 to around 50% of workers in agriculture and 2020 are also about 13-15%.
4. The direction of development, culture and society.
a) population, labour and poverty.
-Scale, population structure: forecasting the population scale hue by 2020 was 1,356.6 thousand inhabitants, urban population about 949.6 thousand inhabitants, accounting for 70% of the population. Labor population (15-59 years) was 57%, amounting to thousands of 773.3 population.
-The work of population, family and children: promoting the work of population and family planning, enhance educational activities communications aims at sustainable development. Organizations make good health care protection, child education, interest groups of children in difficult circumstances. Implementation of national target programmes on population, family and children.
-Labour and employment: distribution of population, labour again match the direction of restructuring the production and direction of social-economic development of each region. Training, fostering and improving the quality of human resources, to increase the job opportunities for workers. Promote labour restructuring in the direction of reducing agricultural labour, increasing labour in non-agricultural sectors. Promote export of labor.
-Poverty reduction and implementation of social policy: investment focus for the town especially hard, impoverished township. Improve the living conditions of rural populations, especially in mountainous areas, lagoon, coastal region. Good organization defined policy, settlement, settlement populated by the planning; social housing funds for the low-income audience and poor households.
-Implementation of the social policy for the object of wounded soldiers, the families with the revolution. Of interest to those single elderly people, disabled people, those infected with Agent Orange, good social security policy.
b) health and protect people's health.
-Improving the quality of health of the entire population. Strive to achieve 100% in 2010, children under 1 years 10 injections of vaccines; reduce the rate of death of children under 1 year of age 7, children's death rate voice under 5 years longer 2.5 parts per thousand; the rate of malnutrition of children under 5 years of age is still below 20% in 2010 and under 5% in 2020.
-Application of scientific achievements and technological advancements to improve the quality of security services, community health care, preventing the social diseases and new illnesses appear. Control, no major epidemic to occur. Proactively prevent the risk of infection and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Mining of precious capital investment on traditional medicine and the production of medicinal herbs in. Implementation of the national target program on health, the regulations on hygiene, food safety.

-Improving the system of campus network of healthcare facilities, promote the application of scientific advances, techniques and the importance of human resource development; striving to 2020 has 100% of national health care.
-Continue to strengthen and develop the hospitals, provincial health centres, district, the clinic area; improving the quality of medical examination and treatment at clinics, solve the overload of hospitals on the route. Called the International Hospital, the specialty hospital ... Promotes socialized medicine, develop health care services in the home.
-Complete upgrade of hue Central Hospital-Medical Center of high quality for the whole region; stable operation of Advanced Medical Center. To upgrade, modernize the health centre the Health Centre North Central; established a quarantine Center for food safety and hygiene swabs regional level on the basis of strengthening the capacity of the Center for pharmaceutical, cosmetics.
c) education-training.
-Improving the quality and effectiveness of education at each study level, steps; to diversify the types of training, resolving the relationship between the universal and the raise. Team building teacher professional quality, ethical education. Have policies to attract, ensure enough teachers for difficult areas, remote areas.
-Interested in development of preschool education, especially in the region of the mountain Hill mound Township, the coastal lagoons; consolidating the results of literacy, universal primary education and the right age universal junior secondary. By 2010, achieve universal high school in Hue City and 6 plain district. Raise the rate of attendance at the right age level, 100% of the primary school, secondary school, secondary school and were gradually connected to the Internet in schools. Construction of the school system, national and international, market-friendly, positive, in which students, all high school reached the national standard in 2010. Development of high-quality school system in the school level. Complete school solidified and built the home service for teachers.
-Investing in the upgrade, expand, diversify vocational school system, professional high school, to meet the requirements in the province and surrounding areas. Encouraging and facilitating the development of the non-school type.
-Expand training systems upgrade universities, colleges, secondary schools towards multidisciplinary chemistry, chemical technology; exert the role of an important center of university training, and vocational colleges in the central areas and warehouses all over the country. Striving to invest to build the University of Hue became the National University before 2015 with the institution of multidisciplinary training center, high-quality, meet the requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate study for the central region and the country. Enhance international cooperation, strive to build an International University in hue. Development of the University of fine arts and music. Improve facilities for learning and teaching of the University.
-Tied training with scientific research and the application of technical progress. Importance to both training and retraining staff, scientific personnel, entrepreneurs and skilled artisans. Tied to education, training, science and technology officials, managers, technicians with the expanding labor market.
-Implementation of socialized education career-training, compulsory education, improve their recreation of the people, especially the rural and mountain dwellers. Building a learning-oriented society, often with diverse educational, modern. Encourage the development of non-public system established in all levels, steps; 100% of the communes, wards and community learning centre.
d) culture, information, fitness-sports.
-To preserve and promote the value of the traditional cultural heritage; Hue building into a cultural center-hearty travel the nation and culture. Complete basic restoration, conservation and embellishment of hue monuments.
Step by step-building and modernization of the system of cultural institution levels. Improving the quality of the operation of the existing cultural institution. The whole event organization and staff do culture. Expanding domestic and international cooperation on culture.
-Strong development of literary art, encourage innovative capability of the team van. Each step in the modernization of the information system, prepare the conditions for good management and use of the Internet.
-The powerful conversion sports professional, service-oriented culture, socialization. Professional sports development, sports. Construction of the cultural center-level sport have prepared enough to steer management, development of the sports movement. Construction of Hue into sports centre of the region.
DD) science-technology and scientific environments-technology:-raise the level and ability of the scientific-technological applications in the fields. Applied science – accomplishments of national and international technology into production and management. Strengthen research activities on the social sciences and Humanities, focus on basic investigative work.
-The construction and development of information technology into a popular activity in the whole society. Successful implementation of e-government program, built up the electronic information environment for State agencies, enterprises, schools and the whole society. Development of the information technology industry.
-Strengthen cooperation, links in research, scientific applications. Encourage activities, technology transfer, intellectual property registration, register trade mark. Promoting socialized capital sources for science-technology, formed the scientific-technological market.
In collaboration with the University of Hue constructed national key laboratories; construction of the specialized National Center in hue. Strive to build Hue into a strong Center of medical research, education and training, information technology, preservation of monuments, the social sciences and humanities.
Environmental protection:-implementation of the provisions of the law on environmental protection and the enforcement of the guidelines text. Attach importance to the work of educational media and socialization of environmental protection. Application of synchronization of environmental protection measures. Development and improvement of the quality of clean water supply systems, waste treatment systems, wastewater. Strengthening the management and handling of solid waste in urban, residential, industrial and tourist zones.
-Study the Thuan An, sea erosion Hien, the banks of the river; handle the environmental issues arising from the sea of the sea gate, the fight against erosion of the River to the sea. Study of protection of genetic resources, plant in the Bach Ma National Park, like the Tam Giang Lagoon aquaculture-Bridge. Construction of the Museum of nature of the Central Coast region.
-The application of biotechnology in the development of plant breeding, livestock yield high quality, non-degenerate, not harming biodiversity.
-Perform the process of "industrialization". Institutionalize the take environmental factors into the planning process, development planning at all levels, the regulation requires all enterprises to set up automatic systems to environmental monitoring.
e) mounting economic development, defense and security affairs-work incorporates socio-economic development with enhanced potential defense-foreign and security; build defense posture the entire population tied to people's security posture; build strong armed forces, maintain political stability, social order and safety. Build some defenses in some key points on the province-building proactive approach, timely prevention, rescue, rescue aims to reduce to low for the damage to life and property of the State and the people in the event of a disaster. Consolidate personnel for domestic industries.
Strengthen directing the work of combating corruption, smuggling, commercial fraud, strict and timely handling of negative incidents. Directs implementation of public regulation, democracy at the grassroots, the next mode and complaints of the citizens.
-Take care to build a political system increasingly strong. Take care of fostering, training cadres from the party leadership, Government, mass levels. Promote the work of the administrative reform and the direction made there Groove the living mode, task.
V. ORGANIZATIONAL APPROACH for socio-ECONOMIC SPACE-strive to build Thua Thien Hue province become city centrally on the nuclear facility, it is the center of Hue City, a satellite town is new town Chan-lang co town of Huong Thuy, Tea, incense, Thuan An , Toyota, and the towns associated with the settlement of the district, industrial, resort. Speeding up urban dynamics cluster formation Hue-Phu Bai-Foursome-An Agreement-the average Fill became inner-city area in the city of Hue in the future; new Foot city building Cloud-lang co and the city, the average Fill, Phong Thanh, Vinh Thanh, Vinh hung, A Đớt, Hong van ...-hue city is the center of the city, the Festival features of Vietnam are the focus of building structural system of modern urban infrastructure consistent with the city's heritage the City Festival, a focal center of trade on the East-West Economic Corridor and developed that corresponds to the location of a cultural tourism centre and the international training centre, the University, the advanced medical and health quality of the whole nation, in a commercial center , the service of the central region and the Highlands.

-Focus on building Economic Zone Chan-lang co is one of the major international trade center, a modern town of the central key economic region, tourism centre, relaxation area, stature, international shipping center. Economic development zones Chan-lang co in relationship, in cooperation with the cities of hue, Da Nang, the provinces in the central key economic region with the countries in the Mekong subregion to expand, East-West Economic Corridor; ensure effective economy, politics, security, defense, preserve the natural landscape, the protection of the environment.
-For the Delta: promote agricultural development toward industrialization and modernization. To ensure food security, create conditions for the development of other sectors, focus on building better irrigation systems, strengthen agriculture, promote the application of scientific and technological progress, the shift of crops, farm animals to rapidly increasing value on 1 ha cultivated. Encourage the development of trades and craft villages associated with the development of industrial clusters; development of processing industry of agricultural products in small and medium scale; reallocation of labour step by step towards the reduction of farming labor rates, increase the rate of labor trades, services in the countryside. Economic development associated with the construction of new countryside and development.
-With respect to the sea-lagoons: exert every potential and advantages, focus on building and socio-economic development of the Tam Giang Lagoon-Bridge become active, comprehensive development areas including tourism, fisheries, agriculture, forestry, the processing industry. Expand the type of farm economics, economics of the garden, the garden of forests, development economic model farm on the sand infield; solve basic stitch and irrigation water for the people of the region.
-For the mounds of hills, mountains; construction and sustainable development, form an economic region agriculture-forestry-processing industry associated with the development of services and tourism. Build A border gate economic zone in Đớt, the development of industrial clusters. Associated with economic development ensuring the Defense-Security, build the logistic bases, solid technique. Perform the planning residential development, migration into the buffer zone near the border, just dig bare soil has just formed the villages a border protection form the Economic Corridor associated with security defense.
VI. DEVELOPMENT of INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMS 1. Network traffic:-the construction of infrastructures, guaranteed traffic smoothly between regions in the province, between the provinces in the central key economic region, associated with the exploitation of the Economic Corridor East-West.
-Investing in the construction of roads, high speed railway, the Road East of Ho Chi Minh, Phu Gia pass tunnels, Blessed the statue; to upgrade and expand the national road 49A, extend the road La Paint-South East new road investments, 71 and 74 of Ho Chi Minh connecting to National Highway 1A and sea ports; the road to the gate and the water connections to the S10 S3 in the Mekong River; upgrading, expanding national highways 49B; the bridge crossed the lagoon Ca quail, Yongxiu, Middle, bridge and dam Gates Strabismus; the bridge over the perfume River, An Former River; the coastal road system, the lagoon; complete system of border patrols.
-New investment lang co rail aligns with the needs of economic development zones Chan-lang co and the municipality of Chan; move the hue train station out of the inner city and upgraded the city's central train station; the cargo terminal will be invested in building the station, Marine Flavor and Superfluous. Upgrading Phu Bai international airport to meet the needs of transport 2 million passengers per year and 100 thousand tons/year.
-The effective exploitation of the port Pins, gradually expand into international distribution centre port connects the East and West, the passenger port of high speed routes on sea; capacity reaches 2.2 to 2.3 Chan port million tons in 2010, reaching 6 million tons a year by 2020, sufficient capacity to welcome 50,000 DWT ships. Expanding port capacity reached An 1.5 million tonnes per year, by 2020, 5,000 DWT ships pickup capacity. building optical cable into port at the foot of the cloud research, build pipeline system transports gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas from the port of Chan to the countries in the Mekong subregion.
-Focus on expanding, upgrading and new construction system of town of Hue City and the towns of the district capital; development of the transport network, rural traffic. Complete the online chemistry plastic provincial road, the highway district; concrete turned rural transportation;
-Investing in the upgrade of the water transportation, especially the routes on the perfume River, the River, Long box, Great River River River, Tam Giang Lagoon-Bridge. Conduct immediate dredging, signalling network and complete construction of the station management of waterways and lagoons. Construction of the dock, the boat on the River, lagoons, anchoring zone avoid stay storm.
2. Irrigation:-investment in development of the irrigation system in the direction of maximum goal, just make sure to regulate water supplies, restrict flooding, prevent salinity and water supply for agriculture, aquaculture, industry, living, incorporating prevention of forest fire in places where there are conditions.
-Complete outdoor works Described as of 2010 the Trach; new construction Lake dam and irrigation system, h Yen-Shui Orange, upgrading Phu Bai Lake; complete irrigation system in Southwestern Flavors of tea, Ho hydroelectric dam system associated with irrigation; irrigation system in the lower region of the river Long box; the sea Dyke system upgrade, the Tam Giang Lagoon embankment-Bridge, dike of East-West Long box; upgrade, solidifying the embankment system, the inner dike; dredging of rivers, flood and flood drainage criteria bald; continue to invest in improving the system of pump stations, the irrigation Department in the region of hills, mounds of sand; complete system solidified canals.
-Construction works against erosion Thuan An coast – private Sage, the projects against the erosion of the River, the River, the river Long box. The base of the dyke system complete dams prevent flooding in the salty, coastal lagoons, estuaries. New construction works, storm warning flooding.
3. power supply: NET-developed transmission system. New construction in combination with renovating the central grid system, the lower world. Upgrade, modernization of power supply network to meet the demand load, ensuring a safe, stable quality of electricity production and living; the complete investment lighting system the municipality to ensure the landscape aesthetics in the municipality.
-Build Binh Dien hydroelectricity plants, Incense, A Grid, A Lin and the small hydropower; construction of the power stations with wind power, solar power for ensuring the production and life of the people.
4. level, sewer:-investing in expanding and upgrading the water supply system of the municipality and surrounding areas. Upgrading the water supply system of Hue City phase II. Construction of water supply system for outdoor Truồi outdoor, marine Hydro-upgrading Cam Yen and renovate water mills in the district; raising the capacity of water supply for production and living up on the 200,000 m3/day by 2010, growing pipeline network synchronization for water supply; ensuring water supply for 100% of the people of Hue City, 90% of the population of the towns, cities, industrial parks, resorts and surrounding areas. By 2010, the percentage of households using clean water reaches 95%; the basic problem-solving water supply for the people of the region, coastal sand.
-Complete the basic construction of the sewer system and sewage treatment in the municipalities of hue, Chan-lang co ... investment, building drainage, solid waste management in the urban areas, industrial zones, industrial, village; ensure waste water and industrial waste water must be disposed of standard allow before flushing out the sewer system.
5. Postal and telecommunications-develop and improve the quality of the postal and telecommunications networks towards a diverse, modern, uniform standards, the countries in the region. Make the cable strategy turns The internal transmission to the districts, industrial, trade, tourism.
VII. list of the PROGRAMS and projects of INVESTMENT RESEARCH PRIORITIES 1. The program directory of investment research priorities-the program of urban development;
-Economic development zones program Chan-lang co;
-Restoration program embellished Hue monuments;
-The program exploited the East corridor axes-West;
-Program development services;
-Industrial development program;
-Aggregate-mining program the mounds of hills, mountains;
-Program development the Tam Giang Lagoon-Bridge;
-Cultural development, health, education;
-Program development information technology;
-A program to improve the quality of human resources.
2. The list of priority projects investment research (Appendix) VIII. The SOLUTIONS 1. Solutions for mobilizing investment capital-total expected capital needs for the implementation of the master plan is very large compared to the capabilities of The resources and the support of the Central Government. So, to meet the needs of capital, need financing solutions to promote diversification of investment; in it, promote the internal power source is primarily, a maximum mobilization of resources from the Land Fund, encourage investment from the economic component, socialized investment in the health sector, education, sport, in particular:-the State budget (central budget and local budgets) focus for investment in economic infrastructure development health and society;
-Continue creating more resources from the Land Fund, conducted auctions of land use to attract the sources of capital into the construction of infrastructure, the new urban, industrial-economic zone, etc. Use of the Land Fund to generate capital to build the infrastructure needed for industrial development. Reviewing, recovered the land not in use, improper use of purposes;
-Encourage businesses to prepare good conditions to issue and list shares on the stock market, aiming to attract the private capital business development;

-Implementing "the State and the people doing the same" in the chemical concrete canals, building and solidifying rural transportation system; formation of The investment funds according to the current rules of law;
-Promote administrative reform, create favorable conditions for the economic component to establish new businesses and expand existing business according to business law; aggressive investment promotion to attract the investment projects in the country and abroad;
-Enlist maximum and efficient use of resources of official development assistance (ODA) foreign.
2. human resource development solutions-building and implementing human resource development strategies of the Department. Planning, positive support and extend the new training and retraining staff of entrepreneurship, business management. There are adequate policies to attract economic officers, engineering science, good professionals, skilled workers, the artisans of working in the Department. Extending cooperation with prestigious institutions in and outside the province to train skilled technical workers. Encourage enterprises raising capital and means to enhance the quality of training or training. Construction of the training base with suitable conditions and actual requirements. Promote the work of socialized education, mobilize all resources in society to develop education.
3. scientific development solutions-technology and environmental protection-encouraged businesses to focus investment in improved technology. Investment in development of science and technology, create breakthroughs in productivity, quality of goods and products. Training of scientific staff in the areas of technology, business, management, protection of the environment. Links with research institutes, universities, funding for research, technology transfer, applications for enterprises.
-Strengthen measures to control environmental pollution, to mobilize the participation of the Community contribution, and there are preferential policies in financing investments in the field of environmental protection; at the same time enhance accountability, strengthen the coordination between the departments, business units, service of protection and minimizing environmental pollution, make sure to keep the ecological balance, ensuring socio-economic development sustainable.
4. Solutions to enhance the effect and efficiency of State management.
-Continue to improve the mechanisms and policies; speeding up administrative reform, the focus is on reform of administrative procedures; strengthen the direction and Executive planning, implementation of the plan.
5. The solution enhances poverty, poverty reduction – continue to implement the policy, measures to assist economic development and access to social services for the poor. Promote policies to encourage the development of production, development of vocational training for workers, the labor rate advanced through training and vocational training. Continue to promote, the implementation of the social security policy as people care, social protection, prevention of social evils etc. towards socialization.
6. enhanced solutions expand economic cooperation.
-Expand collaborate, closely associated with the neighboring province and the provinces in the central key economic region in the fields of infrastructure construction and urban development; in planning the urban clusters, provide services, raw material sources and markets; cooperation on information exchange and trade promotion, the Organization of the fair, the exhibition. Open market, enhance the competitiveness of the product, ensure the computer actively with the regional integration process and international. Create airy environment to attract foreign aid and investment. Maintain and develop the existing market, actively seeking new markets. Timely dissemination of economic information, especially about the mechanism and policy to create favorable conditions for business access to information, and expand market penetration.
7. Increase security, national defense and continue to implement the strategy the Defense protection and security. Launch mass movement the people involved to protect homeland security. Tight match between the task of social-economic development with security, defense. Strengthen the propaganda in the law officer, people; the management of State security; resolutely suppress and handle the type of crime. Boost situational work premises, the work to resolve complaints, denunciations of the people in order to create trust and social environment, clean.
IX. IMPLEMENTATION and MONITORING of the IMPLEMENTATION of the MASTER PLAN 1. The Organization announced, common planning-organization published, popular overall planning the social-economic development of the province by 2020 for all levels of the Party Committee and Government, industry, unions, businesses and people in the province.-introducing, promoting on the potential advantage, priority projects for investors.
2. Construction of the program of action and investment promotion.
– After the master plan was approved by the Prime Minister, on the basis of the objectives of the master plan, construction of the program of action, implementation planning goals.
-Promote investment promotion activities, focusing on the key project has the products, decisive success in realizing the objective of planning.
-Construction of a number of programs the province's flagship product and organization done earnest, created new impetus for the development of production-the business of the people. At the same time, have the incentive policy, incentives for the development of production and sales of the products on the market, capital, land.
-Step by step detailed planning and put on the 5-year plan, annual to make. Depending on the change of the situation of socio-economic development in each period, check, adjust, additional planning time to suit the development process.
-The ministries, the political organization of society and the people of all nationalities in the province has the responsibility to check, monitor the implementation of the master plan.
Article 2. The people's Committee of Thua Thien Hue based goals, tasks and directions of social-economic development of the province stated in planning after you have been approved, in coordination with the ministries concerned, directing the browser and implemented under the provisions of the following : 1. Overall planning the social-economic development districts; planning of urban system development and settlement; construction planning; planning, land use plans; development of the disciplines, fields etc. to ensure overall growth and synchronization.
2. Programming the 5 year plan, annual; the programs of economic development, culture, social; specific projects to focus on investment, investment priority arranged in a logical manner.
3. The study of construction, issued or the competent State agencies issued (if the issue beyond the authority) a number of mechanisms, policies consistent with the development requirements of the province in each stage, aims to attract, mobilize resources to implement the master plan.
Article 3. Delivery of the ministries concerned according to function, its mission to support people's Committee of Thua Thien Hue province research established the aforementioned planning; Research of construction and the State Agency has the authority to enact a number of mechanisms, policies consistent with the requirements of socio-economic development of the province of Thua Thien Hue in each stage in order to mobilize and effectively use resources, encourage, attract investment to ensure the implementation of the objective , tasks and directions of social-economic development of the province stated in planning. Accelerate the investments, perform the work, the project has the scale, nature and important for the development of Thua Thien Hue province has decided to invest. The study considered adjustments, additions to the industry development planning, investment planning, works related projects are expected to be outlined in the investment planning.
Article 4. This decision has effect as from September 1, 2009.
Article 5. Chairman of people's Committee of Thua Thien Hue province, Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies responsible for the implementation of this decision.