Circular 42/2009/tt-Bca: A Guide To The Vietnam Border Passport-Cambodia Staff, Officers, Workers Vietnam To Cambodia

Original Language Title: Thông tư 42/2011/TT-BCA: Hướng dẫn việc cấp giấy thông hành biên giới Việt Nam – Cămpuchia cho cán bộ, viên chức, công nhân Việt Nam sang Cămpuchia

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CIRCULAR guide the levels pass the border Vietnam-Cambodia staff, officers, workers Vietnam to Cambodia _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the base agreement on border regulations between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the people's Republic of Cambodia signed on 20 July 1983;
Pursuant resolution No. 61/NQ-CP on December 17, 2010 by the Government on the simplification of administrative procedures in the function of management;
Pursuant to Decree No. 77/2009/ND-CP on September 15th, 2009 by government regulation functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of public security;
The Ministry of public security guidelines the granting of Vietnam-Cambodia border travel for staff, officers, workers Vietnam into Cambodia as follows: article 1. Scope this circular guides the procedure of granting the Vietnam-Cambodia border travel (here written as passport border); specified object was granted the Passport to the border; the duration and scope of use the border pass; use value of the border pass and enact the "frontier pass" and the "sample grant proposal forms the frontier pass" (model TK6).
Article 2. Object-level pass border officers, officers, workers in the shared border with Cambodia; officers, employees, workers in the hospitality industry in Central and the other based in the province has borders with Cambodia needs to the border opposite Cambodia's work.
Article 3. The duration and scope of use the border pass 1. Pass the border levels individually, there is a time limit of not more than 12 months from the date of issue and cannot be renewed.
2. the border pass is only valid for use within the borders of Cambodia.
3. Officers, officers, workers bring passport are immigration through the nearest gate.
Article 4. Application-level border Passport profile contains:-1 grant proposal forms the border pass under model TK6 issued herewith, be certified and marked borders of direct administration;
-2 photo 4x6cm, face looking straight, head to the ceiling, white background, in which the 1st photo glued to the Declaration.
The case to pass the border must then resubmit your pass has been issued, if the border pass that value to use.
Article 5. Where the receiving records and the time limit for settling the procedure of border pass level 1. Officers, employees, workers demand levels pass the border procedures at the Immigration Department, the police have borders Cambodia headquarters.
Officers, employees, workers may be entrusted to the Agency, organization, enterprises themselves are doing the filing and get results. If the proposals pass level for many people must be accompanied by a list of signed, sealed by the Agency, organization, enterprises. Officials and employees when applying and receiving the results must present the paper introduction, the identity of the self.
2. The time limit for settling the procedure of granting the border pass is 10 working days from receipt of application rules.
3. Officers, officers, workers granted Passport border fees as prescribed by the Ministry of finance.
Article 6. Implementation 1. The Immigration Department Manager is responsible for:-Organization and management of white publications printed Passport form border issued herewith; Offer white publications border pass at the suggestion of the police of the province shares a border with Cambodia.
-Guide to police the province shares a border with Cambodia to the border passport issuance and solve the problems and obstacles in the process of implementation of this circular.
-Organization check, grasp the situation the implementation of this circular in police the provinces have borders when required.
2. The province has borders with Cambodia is responsible for:-force layouts, facilities, facilities ensure the reception, settlement records, charged the results and data transmission-level border pass on the Immigration Administration.
-Held in a grant proposal form border pass TK6 issued herewith to provide for staff, officers, workers need the border pass level.
Article 7. Effect 1. This circular effect since January 14, 2011.
2. The General Director, heads the unit directly under the Ministry of public security, the Director of the province, central cities, Director of the Fire Department and Police Department fire is responsible for the implementation of this circular.
In the process, if any problems arise, public security units, local authorities, relevant organizations of the Ministry of public security (through the immigration management Department) to have timely instructions./.