1081/qd-Ttg Decision: Approved Master Plan For Socio-Economic Development Of The City By 2020, Orientation To 2030

Original Language Title: Quyết định 1081/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt quy hoạch tổng thể phát triển kinh tế - xã hội thành phố Hà Nội đến năm 2020, định hướng đến năm 2030

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The DECISION approving the planning of the overall socio-economic development of the city by 2020, orientation to 2030 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
 Pursuant to Decree No. 92/2006/ND-CP on 7 September 2006 by the Government on creation, approval and management of the overall socio-economic development and the Decree No. 04/2008/ND-CP dated 11 January 2008 amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree No. 92/2006/ND-CP on 7 September 2006 by the Government;
 Proposal of the people's Committee of Hanoi City, DECIDES: 1. Approval of the master plan for socio-economic development of the city by 2020, orientation to 2030 with the following principal contents: i. DEVELOPMENTAL PERSPECTIVE 1. Planning socio-economic development of the city by 2020, orientation to 2030 are consistent with the strategy of economic development-society of the country, the Planning Department of the capital Hanoi, the Red River Delta and the Northern key economic region; ensure consistency with sectoral planning, field; the construction and development of the capital Hanoi, the driving force of development of the country.
2. Promote the civil power, the effective use of all resources on economic development-fast and sustainable society, in which the effective potential, the advantage of capital is the deciding factor, enlist outside resources is important.
3. Closely match between economic development, construction, urban management with the development of the social sector, education and training; health, culture, in association with make progress, social justice and environmental protection; economic development is the task of the platform and constantly, build and manage the municipality's central task and social development is the regular tasks, important; developing and improving the quality of human resources, ensure economic development for fast, effective and sustainable.
4. investment in the priority sectors, the field created power for development (key infrastructure sectors and products, technology and human resources training); key investments in a number of areas that the city has a competitive advantage as tourism, service industry, high technology ... to improve the quality of growth and competitiveness of the economy.
5. the implementation of sustainable development, cohesion between economic and social development with the use of saving resources and protecting the ecological environment. Closely match between socio-economic development with enhanced, consolidating national defense, security, political security and social order and safety.
II. DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES 1. The general goal of building development Hanoi, rich nice, civilized, modern, typical for the country, ensure the implementation of the function is the Centre of politics, culture, science, technology, trade and the economy of the country's largest. Preserve and promote the cultural values of the tradition of thousands of years of civilization, human Hanoi building elegant, civilized, represent wisdom and fine traditions of the peoples of Vietnam; set the base on the country's top research, application of science, technology, culture, education, health, sports. Have the system technical infrastructure urban, modern, sustainable environment. Firmly secured political security, defense, social safety and order; foreign relations are expanding, the capital's position in the region and enhanced international.
2. Specific objective a) for economy-economic growth on average the period 2011-2015 reach 12-13% per year, the 2016-2020 period reaching about 11-12% and the period of 2021-2030 reach around 9.5-10%.
-By the year 2015, GDP per capita reached Hanoi's 4,100-$ 4,300; 2020 about 7,100-US $ 7,500, about 16,000-17,000 2030 USD (counted as actual price). Economic restructuring towards service-industry-agriculture; high quality service is a key role in the economic structure of the city.
By the year 2015, in economic structure: the proportion of the services constitute 54-55%, industry-construction accounted for 42% and agriculture-41 is 3-4%. By 2020, the service sector accounted for 55.5-56.6%, industry-construction accounted for 42% and agriculture-41 is 2-2.5%. The speed increase exports average of 14-15% per year in the period 2011-2015 and 13-14% of the 2016-2020 period.
b) on social-population size reached by 2015 7.2-7.3 million people, by 2020 about 7.9-8.0 million, to 2030 about 9.2 million people. Labor rates through training on the 55% by 2015 and 70-75% by 2020.
-Development of education and training to become a high quality training center of the country and has regional stature. The field rate (from pre-school to secondary) national standard about 50-55% by 2015 and reach 65-70% by 2020; Focus on vocational education, training development, especially education of high-tech workers, consistent with the requirements of economic development capital and Labor export service.
-Construction of advanced cultures, strong ethnic identity, the Hanoi elegance, civilization. Conservation, promote cultural values and objects.
-Career development of protection, care and improve people's health, increased longevity for people. Reduce the rate of malnutrition of children under 5 years can also light weight below 11% in 2015 and below 8% by 2020. The average poor household reduction of 1.5-1.8% of the 2011-2015 period and 1.4-1.5% in 2016-2020.
-The rate of urbanization in 2015 about 46-47%, reaching 58-60% by 2020 to 2030, reaching about 65-70%. Promoting new countryside construction, strive to 2015 have 40-45% by 2020, reaching 70% of the standard new rural township.
c) On infrastructure and environmental protection-building a green city, clean, beautiful, civilized. Technical infrastructure, urban infrastructure construction and improvement, basic modern requirements for socio-economic development. The development of public passenger transport, striving to the 2015-2020 period in at least 2 urban railways; 2020 public passenger transport meet 35-45% of the travel needs of the people.
-Modernization of the infrastructure of information and communication. Take to the fixed phone reached average 29-31 air/100 inhabitants in 2015 and 32-35 air/100 inhabitants by 2020.
-Internet subscriber density reached 30-32% in 2015 and 38-40% by 2020.
-Development of water supply system, make sure all the basic household water supply according to the national standards; renovating and building drainage systems, each step resolution attenuated status, by 2020 over 80% of waste water is treated. Construction of wastewater collection systems and processing 100% of the waste water, industrial clusters, the village.
-Striving to 2015 the rate of urban garbage is collected and disposed of in the day reached 100%. Lift the housing area to 23-24 m2/person in the year 2015 and 25-30 m2/person in 2020 (on average in both urban and rural areas). Developed network of gardens, trees, parks, striving to lift the green land area reaches 7-8 m2/person in 2015 and 10-12 m2/person in 2020.
d) build strong defense. Ensure the stability of the political security and social order and safety in every situation. Create a distinctly new movements of order, social security, urban lifestyle, fighting against the kind of crimes, social evils. Hanoi building became areas of solid defense.
III. ORIENTATION Of The DEVELOPMENT Of The INDUSTRY, Field 1. About service-Create powerful developments in the service sector, especially the high level of service, high quality. Construction of Hanoi into the center of wholesale goods market; establish, consolidate and develop the distribution channels of the goods and services in the direction of modern civilization.
Continue to hold the role as one of the tourist centre, is the source of the largest tourist distribution area north.-encourage the development of the service sector: financial, banking, insurance, securities, telecommunications-telecommunications, science-technology, healthcare, education-training, consulting, public transport. Construction of Hanoi into the financial center-the leading bank in the northern area and has an important role in the country.
-Priority to develop the kind of services to serve the economic development and knowledge infrastructure creation service. The service condition the development of other economic sectors. Reasonable distribution network of service facilities, especially the network of supermarkets, shops, market, banking system and network of hotels in the city.
-Striving for value added service sector increased on average about 13.5%-12.2/in the period 2011-2015 and about 11.1-12.2% per year in the period 2016-2020. The total number of domestic tourists to 2015: reaching 11.8-12 million, by 2020: reach 19.5-20 million; international tourists in 2015: reach 1.8-2.0 million, by 2020: reach 3.2-3.4 million.
Growth in goods exports in the period 2011-2015 the Hanoi increased on average 14-15% per year and the 2016-2020 period increased on average 13-14% per year. Total retail goods and social services the period 2011-2015 to increase by an average of 18-20% per year, the 2016-2020 period is 17-18% per year.
2. For industry-construction-striving for added value industry, build increased on average about 13-13.7% in the period 2011-2015, about 11.5-12.4% per year in the period 2016-2020. Focus fast-growing sectors, industrial products has properties such as: navigation in information technology, new materials technology, mould manufacturing technology; the industry and the product requires high technology: electronic industry, precision engineering, medical devices, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics ...-encouraged industrial development for key industrial sectors such as mechanical, electronics ...; strong development of the small and medium enterprises with private capital sources, create a network of satellites produced and exported to the big companies. Encourage economic sectors to participate in the construction and development of the defense industry in line with the current regulations.

-Improving, tweaking page, in-depth investment industrial focus was formed before the 1990s. Move the production base, the parts business for high-polluting levels, production conditions are not appropriate content it out, combine technological innovation and investment in waste disposal system.
-In the period to 2015: continue to implement industrial-9 has been the Prime Minister for approval. The period to 2020, orientation to 2030: expected new construction and expansion of 15 industrial parks; the development of industrial clusters in the suburbs, attracting the attention of industry do not pollute the environment. Construction of waste water treatment systems. The focus of infrastructure investment and attract investment into industrial clusters have formed.
-Continue to implement the development of traditional villages in the direction of technical applications, high technology. The combination between the development of the village with tourism development. Construction of the industrial village to separate the production of polluting the environment out of the villages, residential areas.
3. On the agricultural, forestry and fisheries and rural development-strive for the growth of value added agriculture and forestry fishery sector reached an average of 1.5-2% in the period 2011-2020. Restructuring the agricultural sector towards reducing the proportion of crop production, increase the proportion of livestock and aquatic products; by the year 2015 the structure cultivation-livestock-aquaculture is 40%-50%-10%, 2020 is 34.5%-54%-11.5%.
-Agricultural development in the direction of ecological urban agriculture, production of major commodities, there are productivity, quality, efficiency, capable of highly competitive, sustainable and harmonious with the environment. Step by step construction of the new countryside fits the criteria of a new rural country, create conditions for the rural population enjoyed the best of social welfare.
a) agriculture – building and formation of the large scale intensive goods. The planning and construction of the vegetables, the vegetables, the flowers, plants, the fruit trees ... Build the region rice yield, high quality.
-Livestock development towards producing large goods, the application of advanced breeding techniques, creating a mass of large, high-quality products to serve the market in domestic consumption and exports. Quickly form the breeding area associated with slaughter, processing industry focus, away from residential areas, waste disposal system ensuring environmental hygiene standards.
b) aquaculture water aquaculture, deployed mainly in the districts sunken areas. Take advantage of the whole surface of the water, part of the land surface, converting a portion of rice low yield basin in flood regions for aquaculture.
c) forestry development, forest protection with the aim of protecting the ecological environment, the tourism landscape, conservation of genetic Fund. Doing well the management and protection of forests; fire and forest fire, confined to the lowest level of fires and deforestation occurred on the area. New forest planting positive focus, planting, promote improvement of forest growing there. The combination between the new forest planting, improvement and development with forest fruit concentrates serve ecotourism development.
d) rural development rural construction Hanoi economic infrastructure-more modern society, developed as planned, rational cohesion between agriculture with industry-building, services and municipalities. Rural development guaranteed stability, rich in ethnic culture identity, the ecological environment is protected.
4. The social sector a) labor, employment-enhancing the quality of labor source: strengthening vocational investment, raise the professional level for the workforce are working. Continue to promote socialization and training. Step by step upgrading, development of vocational basis. Focus on highly specialized human resources training for the spearhead economic industry. Make the shift of industries for employees consistent with the restructuring of the economy.
-Developing labor market information, improve the system of official trading on the labor market: improving the quality of the trading activity for jobs; set up information systems, labor market statistics are consistent from city to County, district, Ward/town. Strive every year new jobs for 135-140 thousand people the period of 2011-2015 and 155-160 thousand people the 2016-2020 period.
b) culture-cultural development commensurate with the tradition of thousands of years of civilization, with the noble title of Hero City, the capital, for peace, for the country. Conservation, embellished the historical cultural values, upholding the traditional festival. Literature and art development in a comprehensive manner. Implementation focus conservation projects, construction, upgrading of historic, cultural works.
-Implementation of social work in the field of culture. Promote the movement of "whole people unite to build cultural life, build the elegant Hanoi-civilization".
By the year 2015 has over 80% of the households are recognised cultural family; over 65% of villages recognized cultural village; over 55% of the city recognized the cultural population groups; over 60% of the units (including the central units stationed in the city) are recognizing the cultural unit; 2020 has 83-85% of the households are recognised cultural family; over 70% of villages recognized cultural village; over 60% of population groups recognized the cultural population groups; over 65% of the units (including the central units stationed in the city) are recognizing the cultural unit. Continue to build and develop the basis of amusement, entertainment for children.
c) education and training-maintaining and enhancing the leading position of the education-training, is the key to build the culture of people, building learning society and create the premise for economic development knowledge. Training of human resources to meet diverse requirements, multilayer technology and level of development of the sectors, industries.
-Make strong links between business, employers base, base training to human resource development for the society. Maintaining universal primary and secondary right age, proceed to secondary education universal. Continue building, scaling the high quality schools at all levels, level.
-Adjust the distribution network of the universities and colleges. Urban formation in Hoa Lac. building technical infrastructures in urban areas, the University complex of the University, both modern architecture and the infrastructure in the Country, SOC son, Shanxi, Xuan Mai, Phu Xuyen, Good paint. Focus development investment of universities of excellence key University. Expand vocational training; build a vocational training center of high technology.
-Basic development targets to 2020:2 sessions/day rate: primary school reached over 90%; High school reached over 50%; national standard school rate 65-70%; 100% school solidified, proceed gradually modernized; 100% of the communes, wards and towns have Community Learning Center.
d) in the field of health and population-health systems development, universal medium medium intensive in order to meet the health care needs and to better protect people's health. Consolidate, upgrade the whole system of healthcare facilities in the city, ensure convenient, fast response with good quality service serves all the health care needs of the people. Striving to all people enjoy medical services of high quality.
Hanoi is building a high-tech center of the country's medicine, striving with and surpassing advanced countries in the area of quality, technical level; some areas reached the level of advanced countries in the world. Reduce the incidence of disease, improve stamina, increase the longevity of the inhabitants, built up the good practices of hygiene and prevention; ensure food safety and hygiene.
Thrive and selectively advanced medical centers, apply advanced techniques and modern in the examination, make sure on a par with the developed countries in the region. The investment is expected to build into the VU Medical Center cluster or the research, examination and have international stature in the satellite town and suburban districts to move some hospital in the inner city or the establishment of new institutions.
-The basic indicators on population, health: reduce the rate of natural population growth down 11.5 voice in 2015 and 11 parts per thousand in 2020; reduce the proportion of children under 5 years malnutrition can light weight down 11% in 2015 and below 8% by 2020; the average life expectancy reached 79 years and 80 years to 2015 to 2020.
Strive to achieve by 2015 the rate 20 beds/10,000 inhabitants (including Central Hospital is 34-35 beds/10,000 population) and about 25 beds/10,000 inhabitants by 2020 (including Central Hospital is 41-42 beds/10,000 inhabitants).
fitness, sports)-developer of sports with high achievements in regional level and reach the level of the continent and the world. Development of mass sport, the sport traditionally associated with extending some sport of the area.
Improving physical education in school, trained soldiers health standard bodybuilding, fitness with increasing quality.
-Continue to build and improve the sport works under planning, create conditions for the development of mass sports and sports with high achievements, exploit and use effectively the sport works.
e) science and technology-enhancing potential of science-technology, striving to Hanoi is really the center of science and technology in the country's largest, toward a center of science and technology of the South East Asian region in a number of areas. Focus on technology transfer, through international cooperation. Strengthening cooperation in science and technology between Hanoi capital with the water.
-Build and develop science and technology markets. Improving the quality and efficiency of the research, bringing the fast advancement of science-technology in production, business, promote technology innovation, product innovation, improve the quality and competitiveness of the economy; associated with the construction of the knowledge economy.

-Strengthening the common studies apply scientific and technological transfer service directly to the process of industrialization, modernization of the country and serve directly for the construction and development industry. Focus on high-technology industries. Promote research activities associated with the request application industrialization, modernization of individual sectors, each sector, each product, is the direct needs of enterprises and the base application.
-Accelerate the product program of Hanoi; the convergent products are many deep specialties created the technology, equipment, lines: business support programs create new competitive products; Application programs for technology transfer for local businesses; Business support technology innovation, equipment; Support for technology for the production of those lines serve the public realm of the city; Application of information technology in managing the business.
5. Defense-Security-civil defence building tied to people's security posture. Adjust the posture of Defense, consistent with the requirements of socio-economic development. Improve infrastructure to ensure national defense education work for the security object. Build the force and ensure facility equipped for combat readiness mission, the work of fire prevention, prevention of hurricanes, search and rescue.
-Build reserve mobilization combat-ready defense. Launched-citizen movement sweeping join homeland security protection, maintain political stability and safety in every situation. Fighting fiercely with the types of crime; handle violation of traffic laws.
6. About development of infrastructure a) traffic – traffic development created the link between Hanoi with the surrounding region, the Northern key economic region and the center of Commerce, tourism, international exchange, the municipality and the Centre of the town.
-Solving traffic jam tied to construction of infrastructure, modern; construction of the large public transport such as the railways, subways, underground works. Taking the Land Fund for urban traffic around 18-20% of the land area of the town (of which the static traffic 4-6%), in the old urban districts of about 10-12%. + roads: in collaboration with the Ministry of transport to complete the construction of the highway and radial, high speed transportation belt 2 and 3 (including the road on high). Construction of the interregional transport belt (the belt 4 and 5).
Expand, combine new construction the main axis of the municipality aimed at constituting the passenger flow mainly in the municipality of Makati, connect the Center to the new city, the axis of the western area of the city.
Complete upgrading of road network in the area, extending East-West axis (the old 1 ring road). Upgrade, enhance management and exploitation of the main street, the Road area. Upgrade, expansion bus, the network of parking spots and public parking, bus station in the satellite town, commune. Construction of underground car parking system, high buildings in the inner city.
+ Rail: speeding up the construction of urban railway (including going underground and overhead).
+ River: Tweaking treatment, reclamation of river routes (Red River, River Bottoms, River, River Delta region would match); upgrade, build the Harbor, Harbor.
+ Air: striving to 2020, the construction airports International has the total capacity reaching 20-25 million passengers per year, 260,000 tons of cargo a year and has an area of redundancy ensures the required service.
b power supply system)-500 KV grid: install more machines in the stations of 500 KV Association, instead of 500 KV station machine Usually (the period of 2011-2015), the construction of the 500 KV substations, Dong Anh Hoai Duc (the period 2016-2020). Construction of 500 KV lines-Quảng Ninh Hiep Hoa-City Connection (the period of 2011-2015).
-220 KV grid: installing more air 220 KV substations in Van Tri, Anyang, Long bien, Shanxi, Xuan Mai, Usually Credit; new build 220 KV substation in eastern England, Hoai Duc, (the period 2011-2015), Van, Painted 2, Eastern England Squirrel 2 (the period 2016-2020). Construction of the 220 KV line Association (Care)-East of England, Long bien-East England, An Ocean-Mai, Hoai Duc in eastern England.
-Development of the 110 KV lines and electrical distribution network consistent with demand increasing load of the local area of the city. The underground electrical network of goods carried in the inner city. Improving the urban grid, the assure and urban landscape. Investing the substations and grid for residential, industrial, tourist resorts, the new urban areas. Building and installing street lights ensure the light.
c) information and communication-telecommunication development towards automation, computerization level modern advanced countries in the region, providing diverse services according to international standards. Enhance the quality, diversification of the type of service, combined with public utility service providers of commercial services, developing many types of new services to meet the needs of socio-economic development. The investment to upgrade the postal system development, social culture, especially in the difficult, mountainous area.
-Using modern technology, advanced method of providing information and public services across the city reached 3, 4 by 2020 to all citizens of Hanoi are payments, Exchange over environmental networking (Internet, 3 g, 4 g). The application of information technology in the construction of the system device that online briefing from the city down to the district level.
d) water level striving to 2020, essentially all households are granted water hygiene, in which an average water supply of the town reached 150-180 litres/person/day; improving the quality and the capacity to manage water supply network; reduce the rate of loss, lost clean water to about 24-26%.
-Water: water use restrictions step by step. Construction, raising the capacity of the plant using surface water: surface water factory in Black River, River Delta region surface water, surface water factory Red River. Building rural water supply.
-Construction of water transmission network synchronisation, self contained; continue to receive effective surface of the river. Complete water supply system for urban areas. Expand the water supply network to focus on rural areas and construction of water supply systems for rural areas.
DD) irrigation, drainage and waste-water treatment project completed 2-drainage project aims to improve the environment for the inner city of Hanoi (Fraud, Lightning River basin, the river of Taurus and the Moto calendar). Improvements of drainage ditches, rivers in the inner city. Project Elite River drainage, drainage projects for urban development area located between the basins of the elite Property and Describe the bottom.
Investment for drainage system in the area of Long bien district, and North-East England District Maintenance Van. Construction of the outdoor air conditioner combined with parks, green trees. Construction of irrigation systems and goals for the region.
-Construction of wastewater collection systems and wastewater treatment stations, ahead in the new city. Implement and complete the project on waste water treatment of large scale project: waste water treatment plant, Yen Yen, Phu. Construction of the wastewater treatment station for the clusters, the village, the satellite town.
e) solid waste disposal-striving to the year 2015, the proportion of urban garbage is collected and disposed of in the day reached 100%. Investment technology recycling, garbage disposal by new technology, advanced. Increase the proportion of waste being processed, diminishing the rate of garbage buried down to about 30% by 2020.
-Advocacy, educate the people sorting rubbish at source. Construction solid waste disposal areas, organic plants. Cooperation with neighboring provinces and central ministries building the garbage processing complex intercity service. Continue to promote social work in the field of collecting, transporting and disposing of garbage.
g) cemetery-built the funeral home in the city's districts. Switch the form to traditional burial funeral forms using new technologies, ensure environmental hygiene and save Earth. Invest some modern cremation facility ensure environmental hygiene.
-Research planning, construction of the small cemetery in the district in the form of the Park-Cemetery. Relocate the small cemetery is located in the residential area, new urban areas. The planning, the construction of the cemetery-large scale parks, architecture, beautiful scenery, ecological environment guaranteed.
IV. DIRECTIONS Of SPACE DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATIONS 1. The general direction of building the city became a town green, civilization, civilized, modern identity on the basis of sustainable development. Add city construction planning with the development space of the capital Hanoi, the Northern regions and in the country.
2. the specific direction of space organization modelled after Hanoi urban conurbation, including the town center, the satellite town, the towns and the countryside, are connected by a ring road traffic system combining the radial axis, affiliated with the regional transportation network and country. Center are separated with the satellite town, the commune by the green lobby.
-Municipalities in the center of the town layout Center headquarters, the central organ, the brain of the party, the State and the nation's unions and the city; the headquarters of diplomatic missions, international organizations; the commercial basis, transactions, financial services-banking-insurance-stocks; the first Research Institute in the industry; the headquarters of the corporations, large enterprises; the high-quality training facility with the proper scale.
+ Expansion-oriented, urban development Center: Center for urban development extending from the inner city to the West, South to 4th ring road and North to the me Linh, Dong Anh area; East to Gia Lam area and Long bien.

+ Inner Zone it history (limited from the Red River to the South ring road 2): conservation, embellish the old quarter and the old town (France) created the landscape and unique living space with more traditional culture. Implemented restoration projects, upgrading, renovating old buildings, the French architecture.
Perfecting the system of public centers including the Center City we have as administrative center-national politics, political-administrative center of the city in the Lake area.
Renovating the old apartment in the direction of not increasing the density of the population and building density, increasing the green area and the construction of social infrastructure. Adjust the page spontaneously tubular home, loss of important American municipality. Adjust the function of land use, relocating production facilities, training facilities, health does not conform to the outside.
+ Inner Zone it extend (limited from the ring 2 to the elite River): this is the area of the development of new urban areas, cultural centres, service-level commercial cities with high quality modern architecture. At the same time as the main area attract people from internal it to history. Improving the infrastructure of modern urban architectural embellishment, some neighborhoods and villages, urban neighborhood in the process of urban expansion.
+ The area extending south of the Red River (from the River to the Beltway Elite 4): the area extending south of the river including the chain of municipality: Danfeng, Hoai Duc, HA Dong, Thanh Tri, are separated from the inner city by the river belt would match the buffer. This is the new residential development area of tall buildings and modern cultural center, commercial services, Department of finance, nation.
+ The area extending north of the Red River (to the South of the Giant Coffee): Long bien urban-Gia Lam-Yen Member: commercial service development, education, medical center ... in association with the high-tech industry in the direction of the National Highway 5 and National Highway 1.
Municipality in the East of England: the development of international trade, high-tech industry, eco-tourism, recreation, conservation associated with the promotion of the traditional cultural values of Loa, the river and the Lagoon Nebula; formed a new sports area Hanoi, trade, exhibition centre of Hanoi and the entertainment of the city.
Me Linh Town-East England: development services clean industries and high technology, in association with air services, airport, exhibition center, thang Long flower fair-me Linh and the science and Technology Center specialized in flowers and plants.
-The satellite town of formation and development of the satellite town has mixed functions and peculiarities, relatively independent activities to support and share with the center of training functions, industry, housing, service ... + Hoa Lac urban main function of science-technology and training. The investment focus is on basis of National University of Hanoi and Hoa Lac hi-tech zone; to further improve cultural village-travel Vietnam peoples associated with outdoor Council-Applying paint and Three tourist region Because-Men, the development of modern urban infrastructure and in sync.
+ Municipality of Shanxi's urban culture history, travel vacation packages; the focus is on the old city area of Shanxi, the ancient village of Forest Roads and develop new tourist service centre in association with Ho Xuan Khanh, training services, health.
+ Xuan Mai is the municipality of service-industry development support handicraft and village system. The development of the craft, the commercial service centers, universities, training colleges.
+ Phu Xuyen town is urban, junctions and intermediate goods. Construction of the zone, the great industrial piercing, Blueberries, Phu Xuyen ... to industrial relocation from the inner-city area, Ha Tay (old). Formation of the medical center of central services, the dwellings of the workers and other services such as high-quality healthcare, job training ... + SOC son town is on service development, harnessing the potential international air Port, the economic corridor of Kunming-Hanoi-Quang Ninh and the mountain landscape Care. Urban development, industry and air services, tourism eco-retreat, forming the industrial-clean; the Medical Center, the University area of focus.
-The construction of the town municipality of ecological model of low density, from the district capital town of existence such as: Western Dang Phung, related, Kim, Yun, Great Meaning, and Often the new town. Developing the district capital town became the center of the social-economic district, clues about the technical infrastructure (power supply, water supply, transportation, sanitation), public services (administrative, trade, education, health ...), production (industry, technology transfer, information, finance, ...).
-Suburban area formed the green belt tied to the development of large-scale ecological park. Development of the vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, clean food. Replication models of agricultural high-tech zone has been formed in the Country, eastern England, me Linh.
Formation of ecological tourism zone of large scale in Three areas Since, SOC son, Huong son-Son Officer. Associated with tourism development to create jobs, raise incomes for the people of the surrounding area.
Upgrade, expansion of infrastructure systems, create a reasonable alignment of infrastructure between urban and suburban, focused on the transportation network, water supply, waste management.
Improving the quality of life and people's income. Improve each step of suburban housing. Strengthen the management of planning, architecture, rural construction in accordance with the process of urbanization.
IV. The EMPHASIS Of DEVELOPMENT 1. Formation of the system of public offices, political-administrative centre ensures implementation of the function is political-administrative center of the country.
2. development of Hanoi into high quality service center of the region, the country and the region.
3. selective development of some industries have great value, using high technology.
4. Build network infrastructures, modern.
5. Develop high quality human resources and potential in science and technology to meet the development requirements of the capital and the country. Building the civilized urban lifestyle, the Hanoi elegance, civilization.
6. Research to form the major cultural buildings, typical.
7. development of urban eco-agriculture and new rural construction.
V. LIST of PROGRAM, project INVESTMENT RESEARCH PRIORITIES (Appendix). A NUMBER Of SOLUTIONS In The IMPLEMENTATION Of The MASTER PLAN 1. Mobilize investment capital the total capital needs the whole society the period 2011-2015 estimated 1,400-1,500 trillion according to the actual price (respectively of about 69-70 billion USD), the 2016-2020 period to about 2,500-2,600 trillion (equivalent to about 110-120 billion dollars).
Deployment, the system measures the capital mobilization, in which internal power source is primarily, a maximum mobilization of resources from the Land Fund, from the property owned by the State to urban development, infrastructure, attracting attention from other economic sectors, promoting socialization in the medical field education, culture and sports. Identify the cultural value (tangible and intangible) is an important development resources.
-Investment capital from the State budget (including ODA), intended mainly for infrastructure development of economy and society. Expected capital investment from the budget will accommodate about 16-18% capital needs depending on each stage. The cumulative rate of increase from internal to the city's economy, continue to maintain a high growth rate and has measures to encourage savings for investment and development. The central budget funds invested in large infrastructure works of network traffic, irrigation, hospitals, universities, public works infrastructures scale to the region ... in the city.
-Release studies bonds, established some credit company shares large scale to meet the capital works projects, consistent with the city's development plan. Continue to enlist the ODA, NGO funding, focusing on the fields of infrastructure construction, environmental protection techniques such as water supply, drainage and sewage treatment, solid waste disposal ...-improving the efficiency of investment, against waste, losses in investment from the State budget. Implementation of integrating the resources of the national program, the support of the international project to create a synergy of resources and improve the efficiency of capital. Strengthen capital mobilization from non-State businesses and residents. Continuing research, build the policy mechanism to defuse the difficult for most enterprises is a field related to the input element and output products.
-Promote the attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI). Continue to improve the investment environment, create advantages in attracting investment resources directly and indirectly from foreign countries. Attach importance to investment promotion work to attract new investment wave to Vietnam. Boost capital mobilization from the Land Fund. Perfecting financial policy land (land leasing and valuation) according to international standards. Effective use of the land through the construction and management of good land-use planning; publicity and transparency of land use planning, Land Fund. Create "clean" Land Fund (compensation, clearance) to auction the right to use the land, creating the revenue to develop the network of infrastructures and social welfare works.
Determined to recover the land, the water not used or not used effectively in the organs, organizations, enterprises had been assigned previously to have plans to use more reasonable.

-Enhancing the mobilization of capital investment through the investment form of BOT, BTO, BT to accelerate infrastructure development; continue to study, apply to pilot some new forms of investment in the construction of infrastructure works, social engineering and to provide services such as PPP (public-private partnership), TOT (transfer-business-transfer). Boost attract capital through issuing bonds works; boost currency certificates the right to use the land, and do well the work of collecting tax; forming, expansion of urban development funds, fund development of urban infrastructure, urban housing development fund in accordance with the law.
2. The mechanism, policy and human resource training-continuing research, introduced the mechanism, specific policies for the city in the areas of construction, development, urban management; the mobilization of resources, there is a solution to encourage and harness good resources from scientific staff and existing techniques. Strengthen the investment for the area of education and training to raise the level of population, labor rates are vocational training and workers ' health. Rearrange and plans to raise the level of training cadres, make the task of governance.
-Promote socialization of education and vocational training. Modernization technologies applied science and technology advancements to enhance management capacity, executives of enterprises, meet the requirements of the integration process.
3. Science, technology – continues to innovate the management mechanism, the State management system of science and technology in the direction consistent with the administrative reform process, on the basis of direction. Create a strong turnaround in the application of scientific and technological achievements, especially in the field of biotechnology, information-communication technologies, new materials technology, aiming to solve the pressing issues in socio-economic development of the city.
-Building training and development strategy of human resources in science and technology in the long term, people to encourage and promote innovative, rapidly increasing the number and quality of the inventors, inventions, technical improvements to serve the requirements of socio-economic development.
-Building integration program for science and technology, to shorten the gap in science and technology of the city with the cities in the region and the world. Encourage organizations and individuals to invest in scientific and technological development.
4. Environmental protection mechanism, policy, planning, the overall plan for the Organization of management and implementation of environmental protection. Control, prevent basically the level of increased pollution, restore the recession and improve environmental quality, ensure sustainable development, to ensure for the people to live in an environment of good quality of air, soil, water, landscape, other environmental factors.
5. Expanding international cooperation – expanding trade, investment, culture, science and technology, with the capital and the countries in the region and the world. Implementation of the commitment, international cooperation in the fields of economy, society, science and technology, national defense and security between Hanoi capital with the country.
-Expand, enhance the effectiveness of cooperation with the local on the two economic corridor of Kunming-Lao Cai-Hanoi-Haiphong-Quang Ninh province and Nanning-lang son-Hanoi-Haiphong-Quang Ninh.
6. Strengthen cooperation, in collaboration with the Ministry, the Central and local industry in and outside the region.
-Coordination with the ministries, local in the planning and construction of the works by the ministries of local management of the city.
-Strengthen cooperation, joint ventures, link and coordinate developments with other cities in the province, on the basis of local strengths to promote development on a number of areas: construction of the new town, the new town, a residential area; industrial development zones, industrial clusters; tourism development, services; Agriculture and the green belt; the development of the social infrastructure and the social sector; infrastructure systems engineering and formation of economic corridors; investment promotion, trade, and tourism.
7. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of State-promote administrative reform, enhancing governance and effective law enforcement, reform administrative procedures in order to innovate and create the basic transformation in the quality of the Administration on all three aspects : officers, organization and administrative procedures. Perfecting the mechanisms and policies in all socio-economic sectors to improve the business environment, investment environment, enhance competitiveness index (PCI). Build a legal corridor for investment activities, produce-local business.
-Extend the implementation mechanism "a door" in the areas under the authority of the State administration. Modernization of infrastructure and applications of information technology for building electronic government to provide for the people, organizations, online services business "one stop shop" convenience, easy access anytime anywhere over the network; step by step, transparency of the operations of the City Government through the Internet.
8. Implementation Planning-check, the construction and development of disciplines and fields, the local, the detailed planning; focused planning urban construction; improving the quality of urban design, landscape architecture, planning of underground space exploitation; industry collaboration in the process of implementation planning, ensure consistency between the overall planning the social-economic development, construction planning, land use planning and the development of the industry.
-Deployment of planning through the economic development plan – 5 year and annual social; the development plan is sticking to the planned objectives have been browsing and progress must be made in each period. Monitor, check the implementation development investment as planned; strengthening the responsibility of the ministries and localities in the implementation planning. The end of each planning period (2015, 2020) Organization reviews the implementation of the master plan of each period, and additional targets to suit the actual situation.
Article 2. Overall planning the social-economic development of the city until 2020 to 2030, the orientation is the basis for the establishment of, and implementing the sectoral planning (planning the building, zoning, land use plans and other planning related), the investment project in the city of Hanoi).
Article 3. The people's Committee of Hanoi City planning content base approved directing the browser, and implemented according to the following rules: 1. Overall planning the social-economic development district; construction planning; planning, land use plans; development of the industry, areas in the city to ensure the goal of socio-economic development associated with the consolidation of Defense and security.
2. Planning long term, medium term, short term associated with the particular project to plan appropriate investment layout.
3. building research, issued by the authorized or issued a number of mechanisms, policies consistent with the city's development requirements in each stage in order to attract investment, better mobilization of resources make planning.
4. The prime consideration, decided to supplement the timely planning, in accordance with the situation of socio-economic development of the city and of the country in each stage to implementation planning.
Article 4. The ministries involved in the scope of the functions, duties, authority is responsible for: 1. Guide the people's Committee of Hanoi City established the specific planning, building research and process the authority issued the policy mechanisms, consistent with the requirements of socio-economic development in each stage in order to use effectively the resources encourage investment, according to the objectives and tasks for socio-economic development.
2. In the process of reviewing, correcting, planning, additional areas of need in collaboration with Hanoi to ensure harmony, consistency of planning; look, the city support in mobilizing the capital investment in the country and abroad to implement the master plan. Investing for works by the ministries of local management of the city such as: the high speed line, the belt; large scale works in the electric supply systems, irrigation, drainage and treatment of pollution of rivers; the training facility, medical ...
3. support, enabling the city to attract investment in high-tech areas, the senior service ... Article 5. This decision has the effect since the date of signing.
Article 6. Chairman of people's Committee of Hanoi, the Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies responsible for the implementation of this decision.