Circular No. 54/2010/tt-Bnnptnt: Experimental Room Capacity Requirements In Terms Of Quality, Food Safety Agriculture And Forestry Fisheries And Salt

Original Language Title: Thông tư 54/2011/TT-BNNPTNT: Yêu cầu năng lực phòng thử nghiệm về chất lượng, an toàn thực phẩm Nông lâm thủy sản và muối

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Pursuant to Decree No. 01/2008/ND-CP dated 9 January 2008 of the Government regulations on functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development; Decree No. 75/2009/ND-CP on February 10, 2009 by the Government on the amendments to article 3 of the Decree No. 01/2008/ND-CP dated 9 January 2008;

Pursuant to the law of standards and technical regulation No. 69/2006/QH11 POKER course through Congress on 29/6/2006 and in force from January 1, 2007;

Pursuant to decree 127/2007/ND-CP on 1st August 2007 detailing the Government's implementation of some articles of the law on technical regulation and standards;

Pursuant to the law on quality of goods and products of 2007/QH12 XII Congress passed on November 21, 2007 and came into force on July 1, 2008;

Pursuant to Decree 132/2008/ND-CP on December 31, 2008 detailing the Government's implementation of some articles of the law, quality goods and products;

The Ministry of agriculture and rural development guidelines for capacity requirements with quality test, food safety agriculture and forestry fisheries and salt as follows: chapter I GENERAL PROVISIONS article 1. Scope this circular defined competency requirements for laboratories capable of analyzing the test in the field of biology, chemistry, serves the State management of food safety and quality in the scope of management of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development.

Article 2. The object that applies to this circular applies to the registration test rooms designated as test for the quality of food safety agriculture and forestry fisheries serve state management in the scope of management of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development (hereinafter referred to as the experimental room).

Article 3. Explain the term In this circular, the terms below are interpreted as follows: 1. the quality management system of laboratories: the personnel management system, equipment, infrastructure and quality of the manual system, the records and documents in order to ensure the quality of the test results.

2. quality testing Handbook: materials rules the quality management system of laboratories.

3. Approval test method: evaluation of the functioning parameters (speed, accuracy is not guaranteed, ...) to put out the evidence and confirmed the reliability and applicability of the method.

4. proficiency testing: the performance of the test on the same sample by two or more laboratories according to predetermined conditions to assess the ability to perform that test of the test room.

5. Compare the Union: is the assessment of the quality of test results between two or more of the test room due to independent units organized by comparing the results of the analysis on the samples are identical to the common values of the set of results obtained from testing involved testing proficiency.

The other term is understood under the ISO standard ISO/IEC 17025:2007 General requirements about the competence of testing and calibration.

Chapter II RULES on COMPETENCE TEST ROOM article 4. Regulatory requirements 1. Test or test suite organization, must have legal personality, has registered active field tested as specified in circular No. 08/2009/TT-BKHCN on April 8, 2009 by the Ministry of science and technology guidance on request, order, registration field operations reviews the fit.

2. Laboratories shall comply with the requirements set forth in section 4 the ISO standard ISO/IEC 17025:2007 General requirements about the competence of testing and calibration.

3. test Room must have administration officials; There are at least 2 technical staff have the expertise levels match each field trial quality, food safety agriculture and forestry fisheries and salt and have experience from 3 years upwards.

Article 5. Technical requirements 1. Testing rooms must meet the technical requirements are specified in section 5 the ISO standard ISO/IEC 17025:2007 General requirements about the competence of testing and calibration.

2. Test method to use in the experiment room a) test method must meet:-suitable to apply to the food object needs analysis;

-Analytical limited minimal method (MRPL) or the limit of detection (LOD) or quantitative limits (LOQ) suitable to be able to draw conclusions only goal/target group need to experiment to meet the regulations of Vietnam or the importer of the maximum limit allowed by the only goal/target group;

-The application of analytical techniques in order to minimize effects on the health of staff and testing for environmental protection;

b) The test method applied in the test room must be assessed and confirmed the value of use prescribed in the appendix attached to this circular and meet the requirements of quality control and food safety agriculture and forestry and fisheries authorities Vietnam's salt or water;

c) test Rooms active participants to check the quality of the food agriculture and forestry aquatic products export, the test method must meet additional requirements of the importing country authorities (if any).

3. Management prototype: preservation must guarantee conditions follow the requirements of the specifications of each type of product and the corresponding test methods. In addition, particularly for some food samples the sample used for analysis of microbiological criteria should guarantee requirements on temperature and time conditions as prescribed in section 8.2 TCVN 6655:2007 (ISO7218:1996), micro-organisms in food and feed-in general principles of microbial testing. The receipt form, encrypted form and processed to ensure the results retrieved the information prescribed in clause 5 of this Article.

4. Ensure the quality test results: a) laboratories to choose a provider of proficiency testing program/Union comparison (TNTT/SSLP) have the ability to meet match on the subject, target analysis and periodic participation with at least 3 years frequency/time/target or group of targets in which:-experimental/SSLP TNTT program must meet the requirements of the program/agency SSLP TNTT reviews, specify organization or do the clues; due to the international organization and regional organizations; because the vendors/organizations adopt ISO/IEC 17043 Conformity assessment – General requirements for proficiency testing (conformity assessment – General requirements for proficiency testing) or equivalent organization and must have satisfactory results;

-Test Rooms must keep the results of all the programs/SSLP TNTT participated. This profile is in part to be considered in the evaluation of the agency reviews, specify;

b) test Room must make internal proficiency test annually. Allows testing of the internal competency includes reproducible tests, the repeated recovery and reconstruction; The model type, the number of times performed, methods, calculations, and criteria of acceptance for each method should be detailed in the quality handbook and be authorized by approved laboratories.

c) test Room must conduct competency testing and checking the employee with the least frequency/year/multidirectional reproduction targets or groups of targets. The criteria and the level of acceptance check workmanship should be detailed in the quality handbook and be authorized by approved laboratories. Testing only the analysis of samples for these employees were checking the workmanship meet the requirements.

d) data quality control test results to be kept and the regular statistics to evaluate trends and make timely preventive measures.

DD) for the chemical test, in each analysis must test in parallel with at least 1 prototype control sample and 1 white form. Accept the white form by blind samples instead of just in case there is no evidence white sample for the test. The case could not be blind samples should have evidence is not found the blind samples for the test.

e) for biological tests, in each analysis must be tested in parallel with the try at least 1 model confronting Ocean and 1 sample of confronting negative/confronting white. Accept instead of confronting the positive sample by pure strains of positive proof just in case there is evidence is not looking to be the model for the certificate. Accept instead of confronting negative patterns/white by confronting negative pure strains of certificate template just in case there is no evidence of negative specimens or samples that test for white.

5. report the result a) in the case of the agreement with the customer delivery of results by electronic means to ensure true to original and signs were controlled;

b) test report must contain the minimum information that ensures the ability to retrieve source prototype include:-the date of sampling;

-Identification number of the prototype at the testing room;

-The date and the sender template, sample receipt;

-Day analysis and check results;

-Experiment results (according to customer's request);

-Test method: the name and the code of the test method;

-Limitation of test method: LOD LOQ or (if available) or other parameters as required by the importing country authorities;

-The product's characteristics and special preservation conditions (if any).

The test room must ensure the report test results accurate, objective, informed and responsible for the test results.

Chapter III LIABILITY article 6 TESTING ORGANIZATION. The Organization's responsibility to test the 1. Ensure the capacity of the room tested as prescribed in this circular.

2. Report the authorities when there is a change in the capacity of the testing rooms.

3. Subject to the checking, monitoring of the competence of laboratories of competent authorities.

Chapter IV the TERMS OF IMPLEMENTATION of article 7. Effect 1. This circular effect after forty-five (45) days from the date of signing.

2. This circular replaces decision No 115/2008/QD-BNN on 03/12/2008 of the Minister of agriculture and rural development capacity requirements for testing the quality and food safety agriculture and forestry fisheries.

3. In the process of implementing this circular if there are difficulties and obstacles, the Organization, the individual reports of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development to review, amend, Supplement.