Directive 8-Ct/tw: On Strengthening The Leadership Of The Party With Regard To Food Safety Problems In The New Situation

Original Language Title: Chỉ thị 08-CT/TW: Về tăng cường sự lãnh đạo của Đảng đối với vấn đề an toàn thực phẩm trong tình hình mới

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The DIRECTIVE on strengthening the leadership of the party with regard to food safety problems in the new situation _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the last time, the issue of food safety has been granted party Standing Committee, the Government concerned, direction and leadership to achieve certain results. Perceptions of managers, business people and consumers on safe food initially had moved. The system of legal texts on the work of food safety has been built and each step is complete. Organization of State administration on food safety from the central to local, are being sued; make the assignment, decentralization and coordination among ministries, sectors and localities to promote effective first step; the management and ensure safe food crisp progress in some aspects.
However, the issue of secure products hực are still many weaknesses. Many of the production facilities, the business run by the non profit as of the interests of consumers. Food poisoning are complications and tend to increase, affecting people's health, race and the social-economic development of the country. The effect and efficiency of State management on food safety still many restrictions.
The main cause of the limitations and shortcomings on is due to the leadership, direction, missing sync, missing by a few levels of the Party Committee, Government; perceptions of business people and people about food safety are incomplete, too simple.
Before the above situation, the Secretariat of the Central Party Committee levels requires the party, Government, national trade union organizations, the people, the food industry association holds and make good the following tasks: 1. to strengthen the leadership of the party with regard to the work of ensuring food safety of the party committees at all levels the Government and the entire political system to the deep holds, to raise the awareness of the people about the importance of food safety to social life, to human health, the development of race and socio-economic development of the country. All people have the right to use food safe and has the obligation to ensure food safety. Food safety is a responsibility and reputation of each unit produced, the food business. Often focus on the leader, directing the work to ensure food safety, the entire population of voluntary implementation of the legal provisions on food safety to contribute to constantly improving the quality of life of the people; take the food safety criteria to the plan for socio-economic development of the locality.
2. Enhance the capacity and quality of the governance of food safety focuses on strengthening the management of food safety, implementation of effective synchronization of policies and legislation on food safety. Soon issued the national strategy on food security by 2020 and accelerate the implementation guides food safety Laws and regulations governing food safety standards; the study findings, adjustments, additional relevant regulations in a timely manner in accordance with the practices of social-economic development of the country and international integration; delineate clearly the responsibility of ministries, sectors and localities.
Strengthening the checking and monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the law relating to food safety. Resolute struggle, dealing with the violation. Strengthening the Organization, improving the capacity of staff to do state management on food safety.
3. promote the work mobilization, advocacy, education, created the real turnaround regarding food safety, promoting socialization of food safety work The Committee level of the party, the Government, the Vietnam Fatherland Front and mass unions actively coordinate with relevant ministries to promote the propaganda popular, sweeping food safety Laws through the rich, diverse forms, in line with the level of AFP each object, each region, especially people living in the rural, mountainous area. Launching widespread movement and sustain the implementation of the objective of food safety associated with the movement of "whole people unite to build the cultural life in the settlement", create the basic turnaround in manufacturing, business and consumer goods guarantee hygiene, food safety.
Ban the party Ministry of health officials coordinated with the Agency have overall advocacy program, raising awareness in order to change the behavior of food safety in the community.
Social organizations, associations, social organizations, the profession-protecting the rights of consumers actively participate in counseling, the Guide applies the scientific-technical progress relevant to food safety for facilities cultivation, production, processing, transportation, food business.
4. Implementation Of the mandate, the Commissioner, the Board of the Union Party, party officials, Party Committee and municipal party committees at all levels are responsible for organizational leadership holds, building programs and specific plan implemented this directive.
Propaganda Central Committee coordinated with the Office of the Party Central Committee, the party of Government Officials, Ban the Communist Party officials and agencies responsible to guide, monitor, test, urging the implementation of the directive, to periodically report the Secretariat.