The Decision 2857/qd-Ttcp: Approving The Planning Inspector Industry Human Resources Development The Period Of 2011-2020

Original Language Title: Quyết định 2857/QĐ-TTCP: Về việc phê duyệt quy hoạch phát triển nhân lực ngành thanh tra thời kỳ 2011-2020

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The DECISION approving the planning inspector industry human resources development the period of 2011-2020 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the INSPECTOR GENERAL of GOVERNMENT pursuant to Decree No. 65/2008/ND-CP dated 20/5/2008 of the Government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Government Inspector;
Pursuant to decision No. 1216/QD-TTg on 22/7/2010 the Prime Minister's approval of the human resources development plan 2011-2020 period;
Proposal of the Director of the Organization Department, DECIDES: 1. Approved industry human resources development planning the inspection period of 2011-2020, as follows: 1. A human development perspective is, human resources development industry Inspector is an integral Department in developing the country's human resources, strategic long-term and continuous, often associated with the layout , use, therefore, the inspection industry human resources development must be placed in a harmonious relationship with the human resource development of the industry, and local levels.
Two are human resource development sector, the inspector must stem from functions, mission, organization and direction of activity of the inspection industry in the whole industry development strategy until 2020, was the breakthrough the industry development, contributing to promote industrialization, modernization and international integration. Human resources development sector inspectors ensure to maximize the strengths of each agency, and local units; ensure balance and harmony between the regions in the country; ensure computer science, uniform, comprehensive, viable, inheritance and maximize resources, existing inspection industry officials, ensuring the stable and sustainable development, focused, and practical conditions suit our country.
Thirdly, the need to deep holds the views of officers is the deciding factor the loss of jobs, is sewn in the party building work, is meaningful elements to decide on the development of the industry Ombudsman. Therefore, human resources development industry Inspector is the General responsibility of departments with the particular interest of the party and the State, and is both the right and the obligation of agencies, units and individuals in the inspection industry. Human resources development sector inspectors must keep abreast of the resolution, the party's policy and the law of the State in order to meet the requirements of the tasks set out in the period from 2011-2020.
The four are, through practices and industry inspectors discovered the young have the capacity, good qualities, have the ability to develop training, refresher training of immediate and long-term officer.
2. The goal of human development a) general objective-building be staff inspection industry has a strong political; theoretical level, high professional expertise; There are professional ethics, quality and capacity; the suit targets and directions of development of the industry, meet the requirements, the Mission of the new era. Attach importance to the construction of leading cadres, management units and inspection staff have high professional level, ensuring the continuous and stable transition between the generations of officers.
-The structure of leading cadres, and equivalent service level management or over must ensure the prescribed age 3.
b) specific objectives-to 2015: total industry-wide labor reached over 24,000 inhabitants, of which 60% have a university degree, on 17% had levels above the University; 70% of the turnover was appointed to the Inspector; over 70% of qualified political arguments from intermediate upwards.
-2020: total industry-wide labor reached over 28,500 people, of which 65% had university degrees, over 20% had levels above the University; over 85% of the turnover was appointed to the Inspector; over 85% of the level of political theory from intermediate upwards.
-Construction, training, fostering qualified staff political reasoning, professional competence, quality and professional ethics, the spirit of solidarity, the sense of good coordination in the work of the spirit, responsibility and passionate heart, sticking with professional bodies.
-Improve the regulation, the regulation on the work of officers and manage layouts, fair use, the right to promote professional interests, potential, motivate staff to do the work of inspectors.
-The layout, arrangement and use effectively for existing staff. Continue to build and execute your plan, organize, transfer, effective use of human resources, enhancing quality staff to the industry.
-Ensure the logical structure of the age and the proportion in inspection staff total human resources to ensure the continued, stable next.
-Make chemical professional staff do the inspection;
-Training, fostering the capacity of governance and laws for leading cadres, management.
-Fostering a firm grasp of the party's direction, improving writing, interpreting, presenting the issues related to the Ombudsman profession.
-Build plan, professional training for the staff to do the work of staff, General.
3. human development direction a) Total anticipated manpower demand by 2020, the additional demand of human resources for increased inspection industry due to the requirements of development of the industry per year increased by about 3%-4%. Total industry needs new recruits required inspection period 2011-2020 is over 7,000 people; in it the Government inspection agency is about on the 100 people; for the inspection of the Ministry, local branches is approximately 7,000 people.
b) human development solutions-training, raise the level of knowledge and skill inspections;
-Retraining and advanced training levels, inspection skills;
-Recruitment of manpower training and organize new training;
-To keep and attract high level professionals and talents;
-Development of training institutions, faculty and innovation content, training methods;
-International cooperation on training of manpower;
-Ensure funds for human development;
c) priority project-project built school officials inspected the Ombudsman Institute.
4. Organize a) plans to implement human resources development planning the inspection industry in the period of 2011-2020 is done in two phases:-phase 1, from 2011-2015 focuses on institutional settlement, building programs, projects, feasibility scheme of human resource training period 2011-2015 and towards 2020 in which: + improve the deployment, upgrading school officials inspected the Inspector Academy according to the approved plan.
+ The base human needs of the sector by the year 2015, implement training, fostering ensure quantity, improve the quality of the level of training.
+ Preliminary proceeding 5 years.
-Stage 2, from 2016-2020 + promoting the results of the period 2011-2015, continue to scrutinize program content, the level of training, human resource structure to timely adjust and implementation planning reached its objectives.
+ Continue to perform and complete the project, the project in the planning.
+ Reviews, summarizing results of planning; recommended next steps.
b) assigned responsibility to implement Executive Board-and to help the Board make the sector human resources development planning the inspection period of 2011-2020. The Inspector General is the head of Government, members of the Executive Committee the Executive Committee comprises representatives of government inspectors, heads of some service, Bureau, Agency units of government inspectors, Chief Inspector of some ministries, local.
-Delivery of Service personnel is the Permanent Executive Body, helps the Board of management in Service personnel and deployed a number of part-time officers and a number of officers who are dedicated.
-Specific tasks of organizations in government inspection pursuant to this plan to the assignment done.
-The ministries, local based on the human development sectors planning the inspection period of 2011-2020, to implement the related content in the ministries, local.
Article 2. This decision has the effect since the date of signing.
Article 3. Chief of staff, heads of Department, service, units of government inspection agencies and bodies, related institutions responsible for the implementation of this decision.