Resolution 11/2011/qh13: On The Plan Of Socio-Economic Development In 2012

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 11/2011/QH13: Về kế hoạch phát triển kinh tế - xã hội năm 2012

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Resolution on plans for socio-economic development by 2012 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY of the SOCIALIST REPUBLIC of VIETNAM, pursuant to the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992 was revised, some additional articles by resolution No. 51/2001/QH10;
On the basis of consideration of the reports of the Government, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Agency of the National Assembly, the authorities and opinion deputies, PARLIAMENT i. ABOUT the IMPLEMENTATION PLANS of SOCIAL-economic DEVELOPMENT in 2011, 2011 world economy continued complications; in water, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, along with the difficulties, restrictions, weak from years of buildup through increased fluctuations in macro economy, the impact on the production and life of the people. With the effort, striving to overcome difficulties, our country's economy maintained the growth rate of around 6%, the macro balance has shifted towards positive variables. Stable political, defense, security, safety, social order was upheld; foreign relations continue to be enhanced. The issue of border territory on land, at sea and Islands are resolved in a satisfactory manner, in accordance to international law.
However, the country's economy is still facing many challenges, the high level of inflation; the left side of the solution to curb inflation, stabilize the macro economy ... has the effect of reducing economic growth.  Life of the people, especially the poor, low-income workers more difficult. The field of education and training, health, culture, sports still face many inadequacies. Social problems such as crime, accidents, traffic jams, pollution still pressing cause in people.
II. OBJECTIVES and INDICATORS MAINLY in 2012, 2012, the world economic situation forecasts will continue to have the variable unpredictable. In water, these limitations, weak reveal deeper, operating the macro economy will have difficulty handling the harmonious relationship between the macro-economic stability, curb inflation and maintain a reasonable growth rate. The situation and trends mentioned above will generate both advantages, the opportunity and the challenge of mixing, requires the leadership, direction, focus, maximize the power of both the country's Cabinet.
1. the General objectives of priority to curb inflation, macro-economic stability, maintain a reasonable level of growth associated with the renewal of growth model and restructure economy, improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness; ensure social welfare, social welfare and improve people's lives; maintaining political stability, consolidating national defense, national security, order, social security; improving the efficiency of foreign and international integration.
2. The principal criteria a) economic indicators domestic Gross product (GDP) increased by about 6%-6.5%.
The total export turnover increase of 13%. Deficit of about 11%-12% of total exports. In conditions allowing, striving reduced deficit down to under 10% of the total turnover.
Budget overspending under 4.8% of GDP.
The total capital investment in social development about 33.5% of the GDP.
The consumer price index falling below 10%.
b) The social norms to create jobs for about 1.6 million employees.
The unemployment rate in urban areas is about 4%.
Labor rates through training workers in total are working in the economy reached 46%.
The rate of poor households decreased 2%, poor districts own rising 4%.
The rate of children under age 5 suffer from malnutrition below 16.6%.
Number of beds per 1 thousand inhabitants (not counting the bed clinics commune) reached 21.5 bed.
c) environmental indicators base rate to pollute the environment seriously are handled reached 79%.
The rate of industrial zones, export processing zones and the active wastewater treatment systems focus environmental standards reached 70%.
The forest cover rate reached 41%.
III. SOME MISSIONS, the MAIN SOLUTION 1. Government to urgently complete the overall scheme restructuring the economy tied to the new growth model change in the direction of improving the quality, efficiency and competitiveness; make sync under the appropriate routes in all sectors, the above areas nationwide and reported at the third session of the Assembly.
Restructuring investments that focus on public investment in the direction of decreasing gravity and improve efficiency. Construction of the mechanism, policy direction and create conditions promoting socialization in investment activities. Improving the quality and sustainability of foreign direct investment.
Restructuring the financial markets that the focus is on restructuring the banking system, the financial institutions. Improve service quality and increase the safety of the system; diminishing the mobilization of investments mainly from bank credit; facilitate enterprises to mobilize investment capital from the capital market; tightly controlled operation of securities companies; increase the operational efficiency of insurance; the effective control of investment funds, preventing the phenomenon of market speculation.
Restructuring of enterprises in the economic sectors, in which the focus is on the economic Corporation, the State Corporation. Strengthening governance of State enterprises; biochemical transparency and financial results of business-production activity contributes to the security of the economy. Increase the accessibility of capital for small and medium businesses, exporters, enterprises processing agricultural products, consumer goods production serves to direct people's lives, create jobs, income for workers.
2. Ensure the coordination of sync state management agencies, the Executive and the Organization, implemented seriously by the authorities in the implementation of priority goal is to curb inflation. Strengthen the management, monitoring, control of government debt, public debt, the country's foreign debt. Operating closely, prudent fiscal policies, currency, export-import ... control to the consumer price index increased at a low level, in each month and reaching your goals all year. Priority use of State budget revenue beyond 2011 to reduce overspending, falling to repay or reduce debt. Strict control and reduced the maximum import especially imports of nonessential consumer goods.
Proactively control the price, ensuring the balance of supply and demand and stabilize market prices; strengthen the control of the observance of the law on prices and market management to prevent accident speculation, resolutely fight against smuggling, trade fraud.
3. Continue to promote industrial development serve domestic demand and exports, especially in the service sector has added value, the product has a competitive advantage and have the ability to participate in global value chains.
Reviewing and adjusting the sync in the land policy, tax, credit, labor market, to increase investment in the fields of agriculture, rural development. There are specific solutions that overcome the consequences of natural disasters in time, disease to increase production of food, food; priority solutions to promote agriculture, forestry and fisheries support farmers raising income, improve life; build and develop the complete cluster connects the production, processing, distribution and consumption of agricultural products. Organizations make available the results of the national target program of building new countryside in accordance with practical conditions of each locality.
Building mechanisms, policies that encourage the development of industry, Commerce, agriculture and the countryside; scrutinize the industrial development plan on the Department, improve the effectiveness of the existing industrial clusters; the focus of new investment projects in power generation, petrochemical products, continue to implement policies to promote the production of export service.
4. the effective implementation of the strategy, breakthrough 3 2012 focus practical summation of the enforcement and building the content of additional amendments to the Constitution in 1992 as the basis for the building, improving the legal system, stable, transparent. Strong Ðẩy propaganda, common law, increases the administrative discipline, discipline, legal rights in the the Executive apparatus. Increased investment for human resources, arranged to meet salary reform implementation. Enhanced check, review, correct medium universities upgraded from the colleges and new universities. Promote the role of research agencies, scientists in the evaluation of policies, programs and projects for socio-economic development. Enhance the application of science, technology in the industry, a key sector has essentially guaranteed on the basis of the material and human resources. Reviewing, reviews the development of the transport infrastructure, especially in the key economic region to end capital arranged the score for the project can be completed, put to use immediately in 2 year 2012-2013. Effective exploitation of Land Fund for the development of transport infrastructure, the cohesion of planning land use and transportation infrastructure planning to increase capital resources outside the budget.
5. Continue the implementation of social security policies, deploy fast poverty reduction program effective, sustainable, especially in the areas of disaster, disease, the social-economic constraints and particularly hard; publicity, transparency and simplify the administrative procedures for the timely support of the people. Continue to support policy, poor access to poor households, the impact of policy objects larger when the State price adjustment some electrical goods, petrol, coal and the price of public services according to the market mechanism. Lift the support level purchased health insurance for groups of objects, support for farmers join the roadmap to health insurance the whole population. Implementation of national target programs in the areas of health, employment, vocational training and poverty reduction; at the same time the study adjusted the mechanism operating the poverty reduction policy, focused resources to implement effective poverty reduction targets better.

6. Strengthen mechanisms, policy measures, planting, forest protection. The management, exploitation and efficient use of land, water resources, mineral and other resources. Announced the national program on responding to climate change, sea-level rise each region, local and specific deployment plans to the people and actively avoid, mitigate risk. Focus promoting environmental pollution in economic zones, industrial zones, export processing zones, villages, hospitals, regular inspection, check the timely detection and resolutely dealt strictly with respect to those violations.
7. Enhance the quality, performance investigation, prosecution, trial, execution. Renew the Organization and operation of the judicial bodies on the basis of determining the court having a central location, the trial is active in judicial reform. Enhance the facilities and staff for the judiciary. Strengthening the responsibility of the Prosecutor during the investigation, trial, against the criminal trespassing, making removal oan innocents; interested in perfecting and improving the quality of operation of auxiliary judicial bodies.
8. the strengthened defense potentials, security in the area the local defenses, especially in the key areas, borders, Islands; closely associated with economic, defense and security in planning strategy, planning and project development; boost defense industry development, security; investment in development of the economic zone-defense, Sea Island area. Ðẩy mass mobilization work, building strong, comprehensive base, consolidating security defense posture increasingly solid. Strong Ðẩy prevention of violation of law and crime, especially organized crime, transnational crime, economic crime, corruption, Minister; handle the behavior against the person on duty. Preventing social ills, curb, drove traffic accidents, each step resolution situation of traffic jams in major cities.
9. Continue expand and handle foreign relations harmony, relations with partners, especially the neighboring countries, the region, the large countries and potential partners, traditional friends, go in-depth, stable and more sustainable, creating a stable, peaceful environment to develop and defend the country. Implementation of international commitments. The bidding will scramble to protect legitimate interests of our country in the trade dispute; strengthening the steering mechanism and the implementation of international agreements. Do better research, Chief, strategic forecasting, alignment of the new happenings of the world and regional situation, timely detect and handle these issues arise to ensure the construction and defense.
IV. IMPLEMENTATION of the Government, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuracy according their functions implementation effective resolutions of the National Assembly.
The Commission of the National Assembly, the Council of the nation, the Committee of the National Assembly, the Communists bolster ties deputies, deputies to supervise the implementation of this resolution.
The Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the front's member organizations and other social organizations are established according to the provisions of the law to monitor and motivate all walks of people making good resolutions of the National Assembly.
The Congress called on fellow soldiers all over the country and compatriots abroad promote the spirit of emulation, solidarity, strive, capitalize advantages, overcome difficulties and challenges, implement the plan for socio-economic development by 2012, creating the premise of completing the comprehensive plan 2011-2015.
This resolution was the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam locked XIII, second session passed on 9-11-2011.