Circular 55/2011/tt-Bgtvt: Amendments And Supplements To Some Articles Of The "regulatory Recognition And Active Management Specialized Laboratory Construction Traffic" Attached To Decision No. 14/2008/q

Original Language Title: Thông tư 55/2011/TT-BGTVT: Sửa đổi, bổ sung một số điều của “Quy định công nhận và quản lý hoạt động phòng thí nghiệm chuyên ngành xây dựng giao thông” ban hành kèm theo Quyết định số 14/2008/Q

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CIRCULAR additional amendments to some articles of the "regulatory recognition and active management specialized laboratory construction traffic" attached to decision No. 14/2008/QD-BGTVT dated August 21, 2008 by the Minister of transportation _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pursuant to Decree No. 51/2008/ND-CP on 22/4/2008 of the Government functions duties, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of transportation;
Pursuant to circular No. 10/2011/TT-BXD dated 21/6/2011 by Ministry of construction about the amendments and supplements to some articles rules of administrative procedures in the field of construction; architecture, building planning enforcement of resolution No. 55/NQ-CP on December 14, 2010 of the Government on the simplification of administrative procedures in the range management functions of the building;
The Minister of transportation regulations as follows: article 1. Amendments and supplements to some articles of the regulations and operational management specialized laboratory construction traffic attached to decision No. 14/2008/QD-BGTVT of the Minister of transport (hereinafter abbreviated as decision No. 14/2008/QD-BGTVT): 1. Amend article 5 as follows : "article 5. Laboratory management facility must register the additional recognition when in need of expansion, shrinking capacity in operation or change locations laboratory. Additional recognition profile laboratories comply with the contents specified in article 9 of this regulation. "
2. Modify Article 6 as follows: "article 6. Specialized laboratory construction traffic has passed assessment, if the requirements under the provisions of this Regulation shall be the Ministry of transportation review, grant decided to recognize. "
3. Amendments, supplements article 8 as follows: "article 8. The registration profile to recognize specialized laboratory construction traffic including: 1) recognized form of specialized laboratory construction of traffic (according to the model in annex 4 of this Regulation);
2) A shooting star decided to set up the laboratory of direct management facility;
3) A shooting star decided to appoint the head of the laboratory;
4) A copy of the training certificate of the head of the laboratory, the laboratory staff or technicians testing the training function;
5) reported the ability and activities of the laboratory (according to the model in annex 3 of this Regulation);
6) ground drawing laboratory (using the size of the room, location of the laboratory equipment, the location of the Save template ...);
7) A copy of the contract of purchase, invoice and delivery of laboratory equipment and measuring of the laboratory; A copy of the decision authority for the equipment was moved from other agencies;
8) A copy of the contract the employer for managers and staff of experiments are registered in profile;
For a copy of the papers in the profile will be collated with the originals during the reviews of the lab. "
4. Modify Article 9 as follows: "article 9. Profile register additional recognition include: 1) suggested additional recognition Unit (according to the model in annex 5 of this Regulation);
2) list of additional tests, technical standards; Inspection/calibration certificate the additional equipment; A copy of document proving the equipment to be purchased or transferred from other agencies; Certified staff perform additional tests;
3) reporting capabilities and operational situation of the laboratory (according to the model in annex 3 of this Regulation);
4) the drawing using the laboratory and testing equipment disposition (case change locations lab). "
5. Amend article 10 as follows: "article 10. Profile recognition and additional recognition of specialized laboratory construction traffic is delivered directly at the Ministry of transport or by post. If the profile does not meet regulatory requirements, within 7 working days, recognized rating agency must respond in writing to the laboratory management facility to complement and complete the profile. Evaluation in the laboratory will be conducted within 20 working days, from receipt of the full profile. For the laboratory is accredited for the first evaluation, the time limit for the Ministry of transport construction Ministry proposal to grant code LAS-XD will be conducted within 4 working days from when the test finishes, expert reviews and recommended the Ministry of transportation decision-making recognized laboratory. After getting the code by the Ministry of CONSTRUCTION to build LAS-level, after 3 days the Ministry of transportation will decide to recognize specialized laboratory building traffic for the unit. "
6. Modify Article 11 as follows: "article 11. Depending on the scale, nature and complexity and the number of the test, the Ministry of transportation will decide the founding consultants to conduct testing, evaluation of laboratory capacity. Experts in hosted components include representatives of recognized rating agency, the Agency for quality management in local construction and specialist areas of specialized experiments. "
7. Amend article 12 as follows: "article 12. Reviews of the laboratory includes the following principal contents: 1) decided to set up the laboratory, appointed head of the laboratory;
2) against the purchase contract, invoice and delivery of laboratory equipment, equipment transfer documents of authority; the labor contract of the managers and employees of experiments are registered;
3) define the match criteria TCXDVN 297-2003, including: the working environment conditions of the laboratory; certificate of training managers and laboratory workers; device status and inspection/calibration certificate equipment; the standards and documentation of laboratory techniques for the content of the base;
4) check the quality management system of the laboratory, including: sampling, survey processes; manuals, operating procedures and equipment for each laboratory test; the record books (delivery of samples; laboratory process results; save the form); the vote results of experiments; certificate of quality management system of the laboratory according to the standards ISO 9001:2000 ISO or ISO/IEC 17025 (for the base was operational for 1 year from the date of the decision and suggested additional accreditation registration). "
8. Amendments, supplements article 17 as follows: "article 17. The vote results of experiments by the facility set up at the request of the trial, but must have the information and the following basic content: 1) name of the laboratory management facility;
2) name and address of laboratory, LAS-code (in the decision);
3) Of economic contracts or written request of the unit test requirements;
4) project name/works/projects surveyed, sampling, experiments. For the experiments serve research/test the quality of the manufacturer shall specify the purpose of the experiment.
5 surveillance officers) name the owner in the process of sampling, experiments;
6) type of model experiments;
7) standards and laboratory equipment;
8) results of experiments;
9) time the vote results of experiments;
10) signed by the staff and head of laboratory experiments;
11) signature of authorized person and stamp of legal basis to manage the laboratory. "
9. Revised supplementary article 20, as follows: "article 20. The system of specialized laboratory construction traffic was announced on electronic information page of the Ministry of construction at the address Information on the system of the laboratory include: 1) the name, address and code laboratory (LAS-XD);
2) laboratory accreditation decisions;
3) list of the test and the test method attached to the decision;
4) list of laboratory staff and Manager;
5) list of laboratory, laboratory staff and Manager in violation of the provisions of the law, suspension of activity ".
10. Cancellation of article 7, article 23, article 29.
11. Modify Annex 3 of the "regulatory recognition and management specialized laboratory construction of traffic".
12. additional annex 4, Appendix 5, as follows: 1) Appendix 4: application forms suggest recognition of specialized laboratory construction traffic;
2) Addendum No. 5: application form to suggest additional recognition of specialized laboratory construction traffic.
Article 2. Effect and implementation 1. This circular has the effect after 45 days from the date of signing.
2. Office, Director of science and technology, the heads of the General Directorate, the Directorate, the Service, the relevant Institution of the Ministry of transportation, the Director of the Department of transportation, the organizations and individuals that are related to the operation and management specialized laboratory construction traffic is responsible for the implementation of this circular.
3. in the implementation process, if there are obstacles, suggest that the agencies, organizations and individuals that reflect timely the Ministry of transport to consider, resolve./.