Resolution 17/2011/qh13: About Land Use Planning 2020 Land Use Plan And 5-Year (2011-2015) National Level

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 17/2011/QH13: Về quy hoạch sử dụng đất đến năm 2020 và kế hoạch sử dụng đất 5 năm (2011 - 2015) cấp quốc gia

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Resolution on land-use planning 2020 land use plan and 5-year (2011-2015) national level _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY of the SOCIALIST REPUBLIC of VIETNAM, pursuant to the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992 was revised, some additional articles by resolution No. 51/2001/QH10;
Pursuant to the law No. 13/2003 land/QH11;
After looking at the Sheet number 157/TTr-CP on January 16, 2011, supplementary report No. 199/BC-CP on November 12, 2011 and land use master plan 2020 land use plan for 5 years (2011-2015) national level by Government process, assessment of 96/BC-UBKT13 Oct. 13, 2011 of the Economic Committee of the Congress Of Deputies and comments Assembly, PARLIAMENT: i. RESULTS of LAND USE PLANNING IMPLEMENTATION to 2010 and PLANS to USE the LAND for 5 years (2006-2010) plan, land use plan after 10 years has achieved positive results: strengthening a step effect and effective State management of land exploitation potential of the land serve the objectives of socio-economic development, defense and security. Planning, land use planning have delineated land for agricultural production, ensure food security, countries have strategic reserves and exports; the protection and development of forests have transform; meet the basic needs of the soil to promote industrialization, modernization of the country and urban development; contribute important revenue sources for the State budget through the auction, collect money when land, land rental purposes to use soils; land not used each step was tapping put on fair use, land-use needs for socio-economic development and ecosystem balance requirements, protection of the environment.
Besides the results achieved, the implementation of planning, land-use planning is still some restrictions such as: the quality of planning, land use planning has not high; the Union connection, the Union and management remain weak; the observance of discipline, discipline in the implementation of the master plan, the plan is not yet strictly; land use status wrong purpose, waste, ineffectiveness also occurs in many places; policy, legislation, the decentralization of management any longer; inspection, test, handle complaints, violations, accusations do not meet the requirements.
II. ABOUT LAND USE PLANNING 2020 LAND USE PLAN and 5-year (2011-2015) NATIONAL LEVEL land use planning 2020 land use plan and 5-year (2011-2015) national level include objectives, targets, tasks and solutions implemented primarily to the following: 1. The goal of management of land resources strictly according to the planning , the plan and the law; ensure proper land use purpose, saving, efficient. Protecting ecological environment, to deal effectively with climate change and sea-level rise, ensuring sustainable development. Maximize the potential of land resources, meet the requirements of industrialization, modernization, restructuring the economy, ensure national food security and socio-economic development, defense and security of the country.
2. Some indicators of the target area by land use master plan 2020 area land use plan for 5 years (2011-2015) unit: 1000 ha 1. Đất nông nghiệp



- Đất trồng lúa



Trong đó: Đất chuyên trồng lúa nước (2 vụ trở lên)



- Đất rừng phòng hộ



- Đất rừng đặc dụng



- Đất rừng sản xuất



- Đất làm muối



- Đất nuôi trồng thủy sản



2. Đất phi nông nghiệp



- Đất quốc phòng



- Đất an ninh



- Đất khu công nghiệp



- Đất phát triển hạ tầng



Trong đó:



+ Đất cơ sở văn hóa



+ Đất cơ sở y tế



+ Đất cơ sở giáo dục - đào tạo



+ Đất cơ sở thể dục - thể thao



- Đất di tích, danh thắng



- Đất bãi thải, xử lý chất thải (trong đó có đất để xử lý, chôn lấp chất thải nguy hại)



- Đất ở tạ i đô thị



3. Đất chưa sử dụng



- Đất chưa sử dụng còn lại



- Diện tích đưa vào sử dụng



3. Task and solution implementation (1) planning, planning of departments, sectors, local land use are guaranteed on the basis of planning, land use planning national level has to be decided by Congress; the construction and implementation of planning, land use plans are tightly unified overall from the country to the region, the local response to socio-economic development, ensuring the defence and security of the country.
(2) determine the boundaries and public land to plant rice, the forest, the forest of special purpose need strict protection. Regulate the allocation of resources, foremost was the source of the State budget guarantees the interests between the local condition of industrial development with the local rice land hold much; increase investment in social infrastructure, infrastructure, building the basis of preserving, processing, rice consumption goods in the local hold many rice plantation; have policies, appropriate measures to reduce production costs, increase income, to rice growers assured production.
(3) the governing body, are closely monitoring the development of economic, industrial, land, industrial production and business establishments non-agricultural. The use of the land for the purpose of producing non-agricultural business right according to plan, save and effective.
Have mechanisms and policies to attract investment in infrastructure construction, industrial development, tourism services in sync with the infrastructure of social-economic in the middle region, coastal, montane, minimize the use of rice land in the plain areas.
(4) reviewing, defining the boundaries of land used for defense purposes, security; Earth defense, combined economic security; the land due to the defense unit, the public security work in the local economy before the year 2015.
(5) the renovation of land use management aligns with organization of production, protection, forest development in agricultural companies, forestry, forest management, aiming to resolve the status of land disputes and improve the efficiency of land use of this unit.
(6) strengthen investment for basic investigation work on the land; construction of the database, improve information systems on land; determine the system target specific land use planning in order to enhance the responsibility and initiative of each level of management, use of land; human resources training, scientific research, high technology application in land management; improving the quality of the work, forecasting, evaluation, management, implementation and monitoring of the planning, land use planning.

(7) promote administrative reform in the governance of the land. Strengthen the inspection, testing and timely handling of breaking the law, make sure to follow the land use zoning, planning, rigorous standards of planning, land use planning has to be decided by Congress. In the process of implementing the land use plan, if any the case should adjust the targets specified in section II of this resolution, the Government of the Congress to review the decision.
(8) research urgently, amendments and supplements to the law of the land in order to innovate and enhance the validity of planning, land use planning, ensuring all activities must comply with land use planning, the plan.
III. IMPLEMENTATION 1. The Government allocated land use indicators, steer the perfect planning, land use planning, defense and security; planning, land use plans of the local; the Guide and the implementation of this resolution.
Ministries, ministerial agencies, government agencies, provincial people's Committee, the central cities in the scope of its powers, duties or scrutinize, adjust planning hospitality industry, field consistent with the planning, land use planning, while enhancing the check, monitoring the implementation of the norms guarantee for the use of land in accordance with the master plan land use plans.
Recurring annually, the Government has reported the results of planning, land use plan with Congress.
2. The Commission of the National Assembly, the National Council of the Congress's Committee, the delegation of the National Assembly, the National Assembly deputies to supervise the implementation of this resolution.
3. The people's Council levels to supervise the implementation of this resolution at the local level.
4. the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the front's member organizations, within the scope of its powers, duties involved monitoring and advocacy, mobilizing people to perform well at this resolution.
This resolution was the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the second session of the XIII course through January 22, 2011.