Resolution 21/2011/qh13: About The Questions And The Answers To Questions In The Second Session, Key Congress Xiii

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 21/2011/QH13: Về chất vấn và trả lời chất vấn tại kỳ họp thứ 2, Quốc hội khóa XIII

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RESOLUTION Of questions and answers to questions in the second session, Expo Of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY of the SOCIALIST REPUBLIC of VIETNAM, pursuant to the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992 was revised, some additional articles by resolution No. 51/2001/QH10;
Pursuant to the law the monitoring activities of the National Assembly, the National Assembly session rules;
On the basis of the results to questions and answers to questions in the second session, key Congress XIII, RESOLUTION: i. welcomed the determination of the Government, the Prime Minister in the Executive direction of the work to overcome difficulties and challenges, strive to complete the task of socio-economic Defense, security, foreign relations of 2011, creating momentum for the successful implementation of the socio-economic tasks that Parliament has determined for 2012 and the following years; ensuring macro-economic stability, keeping inflation at levels a figure; implementing the drastic solution to the economy doesn't fall into stagnation, manufacturing, business continues to grow.
II. Congress acknowledged a number of solutions that the Prime Minister and Ministers, Vice-Minister pledged before Parliament, includes: 1. In the field of transport:-the political resolve of the Government, the industry, the level of the repelling bad traffic accident, accident traffic jams; identify targets from 2012 rising number of accidents, deaths due to traffic accidents from 5-10% each year; reduce the level of traffic jams in the capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City; retrieved in 2012 is the year set back discipline in order management, traffic safety.
-Endorse the advocates, the Government's measures, the Ministry of transportation in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the State management of traffic safety; promote, disseminate propaganda, legal education, cultural construction traffic; create transformation in the management of people and vehicles in traffic, register vehicles; increase the level of sanctions violates the law on traffic safety; delete the "black point" road traffic accidents, rail and inland waterways.
-Delivery of the people's Council, the people's Committee of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of public security, the ministries departments, within the scope of its powers, duties perform synchronous solutions ensure against traffic jams were reported.
2. In the field of agriculture and rural development:-increased investment for agriculture, farmers, rural, guaranteed 5 year investment levels to twice 2005-2010; striving to 2015 the country has 20% of the number of communes hit rural new criteria.
-Organization of research, production, supply of quality seed production needs of the region; associated with the production of consumption, have appropriate policies to enterprises, supermarket product consumption of farmers; applying the standards of importing agricultural goods consistent with international practices; renovation work for the purchase of agricultural products; build the market, strengthening trade promotion, open platform, the introduction of agricultural products; anti-dumping and discrimination with regard to Vietnam agricultural products.
-Make the right planning, agricultural land use plans, have limited synchronization solution to convert the land use purpose rice cultivation; supports rice production farmer, insure keep 3.812 million hectares of land for growing rice.
-The development of forms of cooperation in agriculture, link 4, link the region; scaling model "field model" to mechanization and apply science, advanced technology into production.
-Organizations doing good work in agricultural insurance pilot period 2011-2013, especially insurance risk due to natural disasters, disease for crop, livestock, poultry and aquatic products.
-Enhance the management of the production, trading, use of pesticides, medicines and plant protection; handle organization, individual violations.
-Review, adjust the planning of socio-economic development associated with the response to the impact of climate change, prevention of hurricanes, especially planning the sea Dyke system. Encourage enterprise development investment projects for environmental protection, sustainable development. Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of management of forest land to forest management, home use, protection; handle violations of the law to protect and develop forests; strong support to local authorities, Rangers and farmers in afforestation, forest protection.
3. in the field of education and training:-build the basic renovation project, comprehensive training and education, improving the quality of human resources in response to industrialization, modernization and international integration; strict regulations the conditions associated with foreign training, remote training, training to ensure the quality of undergraduate training; strengthen inspection, test, handle the institution the University of violating conditions of guarantee the quality of training. Tight management teaching more, learn more, not to overburden, and the pressure for students level.
-Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the State management, improve the system of legal documents on education and training. Service n 2012, pension regimes for retired teachers are not entitled to compensation mode; allowance regime for preschool teacher, preschool teachers to focus on teaching in the countryside, and the regime for poor students of ethnic minority people, monks, teachers teach the Khmer words and letters the other minorities; implementation of the roadmap for universal preschool education for children of 5 years old.
-Continue to prioritize development investment in education, training their children ethnic minorities and the difficult region, Southwest region, the Highlands, the central strip of coast and mountains of the North. 4. In the financial sector:-perform a market price mechanism for electricity, gasoline, coal and other commodities, other important services, have appropriate support policies with respect to the policy object. Enterprises operating in this sector are transparency results in manufacturing, trading and product to the deputies and the people monitor; in 2015, done outside the capital before the industry.
-Continue to implement policies to stabilize prices; mount the flow distribution with the producers, retail; expand the object made to small and medium businesses, widespread in the rural, mountainous, remote areas.
-Restructuring and facilitate the development of the stock market, bond market, insurance market and the investment funds under management system in line with international practices to meet the needs of capital for the economy.
-Implement effective measures against the State budget lost; control the transfer bad reviews make currency; build roadmap to reduce overspending State budget; enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of public debt management; the tight control the Government-guaranteed debt and local loans.
5. in the banking sector:-restructuring the commercial banking system, ensuring efficient operations, products and services, to meet the requirements of development of the economy; gradually raise the finance and competitiveness; ensure no longer weak banks, bad influence to the economy.
-Implement prudent monetary policies, flexible, ensure the control of inflation and meet the requirements of economic growth, the demand for the production of enterprises and agricultural production; operating rates according to market signals to encourage exports, reduce the deficit and ensure value for money in Vietnam.
-Tight management of import and export and the gold market, strive not to disparities in domestic gold prices are too large compared with world prices; Gold ownership protection of people; have gold resources mobilization policies among the people to serve the goals of development.
-Reduced interest loans, create favorable conditions for business access to capital, lower the cost of inputs; credit priority production, as priorities for agricultural production, rural, electricity production, exports and for small and medium businesses.
-Closely monitor credit activity of commercial banks; control of real estate lending, securities trading and bad debts of the Bank; strengthen inspection, supervision and strictly handle the negative phenomena in the business of the Bank, Forex and gold.
III. The Congress Committee of the National Assembly consider the content to be deputies questioned in the session and the other questions are sent to the time between the two sessions to organize questions and answers to questions at the session of the National Assembly Committee, which noted a number of problems :-investment: investment situation of the State budget, low efficiency; measures to resolve this situation;
-Medical fields: ensuring that the resources meet the required preventive and healing for people; the issue of medical ethics in the health sector;
-Education and training: basic innovation issues, comprehensive, enhance the quality of education and training;
-The field of the Interior: the problem of recruiting, training, fostering and mode for public officials; solutions to improve the quality of Government in the base.
Affairs of the Council of nation, the Congressional Committee conducting the awards session of Ministers, Vice-Minister of the pressing issues that emerged in the field of the Board, the Committee in charge is voter petitions and deputies.
IV. The Government, the Prime Minister, the Minister of transportation, Minister of agriculture and rural development, Minister of education and training, the Minister of finance, the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam, the Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies concerned, the people's Council Provincial people's Committee, the central cities in the scope of its powers, the mission is responsible for implementing the resolution.
The Commission of the National Assembly, the Council of the nation, the Committee of the Congress, the delegates of the Congress, the deputies within the scope of the task, their powers are responsible for monitoring the implementation of the resolution.

This resolution was the National Assembly of the Republic of Vietnam meant social lock-XIII, session 2 through June 26, 2011.