Circular 70/2010/tt-Bgtvt: Regulations On Supporting Elderly People When Taking Public Transportation

Original Language Title: Thông tư 71/2011/TT-BGTVT: Quy định về hỗ trợ người cao tuổi khi tham gia giao thông công cộng

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The CIRCULAR stipulates that support elderly people when taking public transportation _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the elder Law base on November 23, 2009;
Pursuant to Decree No. 6/2010/ND-CP on 14 January 2011 from the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the law on the elderly;
Pursuant to Decree No. 51/2008/ND-CP on April 22, 2008 Government's functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of transportation;
The Minister of transportation regulations on supporting elderly people when taking public transportation as follows: article 1. Scope and objects 1. The scope of this circular adjustment assistance regulations, create favorable conditions for the elderly when taking public transportation.
2. apply object a) agencies, units, organizations and individuals involved in the field of public passenger transport.
b) traffic participant from enough 60 years according to the provisions of article 2 of the law on the elderly.
Article 2. Regulations on supporting elderly people when taking public transportation 1. Support elderly people participating in railway traffic, the waterway a) elderly when travelling by train, passenger ships and inland waterway means are buying tickets at the door ticket sales for priority subjects.
Staff on board is responsible for guiding, convenient seating arrangement for the elderly; support to the elderly when the up, down and arrange media when necessary.
b) elderly when travelling by train are reduced by at least 15% of the ticket price, the price of the service while using the service: unloading of luggage, buy tickets over the phone, give the ticket to the home; be reduced by at least 15% of the ticket price when travelling by means of inland marine, ocean liner.
Reduced levels of specific fares because the heads of the Organization of the transport business based actual conditions and specific time of construction, announced the execution.
2. support the elderly when taking road traffic a) elderly people use public transportation by road is preferred to buy tickets at the ticket counters, used for seating priority objects.
b) drive, staff on the means of transport are responsible for guiding the elderly use the priority seats, supports up, down and arrange for the objects in need of special care.
c) encourage enterprises to build transportation projects free, discount tickets for the elderly and make transport routes.
3. support the elderly when in traffic by air a) employees of the Vietnam Airlines, airports and business enterprises to provide other relevant air services have a responsibility to guide, assist, facilitate the elderly in line serves passengers at the airports Airport, Vietnam, including: procedures for tickets, seating arrangement (check in), the aviation security check, wait in the waiting room, boarding (boarding) and receive checked baggage at destination.
b) crew of the Vietnam Airlines is responsible for instruction, assist the elderly reach the seats, arrange personal luggage on board the plane.
c) enterprises mentioned in point a, b of this clause is new construction or additions, revised regulations, the documentation of the current passenger service and deploy the necessary matching each other airports, the airport aimed at implementing the provisions referred to in this paragraph.
d) passengers are elderly people are falling at least 15% of the economy class fares are less restrictive conditions for resale of Vietnam territory on the domestic air transport. Reduced levels of specific fares because airlines grounded the actual conditions of building and announced the execution.
4. The elderly need special care have loved travelling with the same seating suitable for intensive care.
5. The elderly at the same time to reduce ticket prices, the price of the service according to the different mode then just enjoy a discount ticket rates the highest.
6. Encourages the organizations, individual business of public passenger transport vehicles, equipment investment to serve the elderly in traffic safety, convenience: the bus low floor; the tool supports the elderly up, down to the media; information equipment and other tools.
Article 3. Implementation 1. The responsibility of the governing body a) Of the Bureau of roads in Vietnam, Vietnam inland waterways, Maritime Bureau, Vietnam Vietnam railway Bureau, the Vietnam Civil Aviation Administration has the responsibility to guide and test the Organization, personal business of public passenger transport to perform the provisions of this circular.
b) The Department of transportation is responsible for advocacy organizations, popular to simultaneously track and guide the Organization, personal business of public passenger transport activity within the local implementation of the provisions of this circular.
2. The liability of the Organization, the individual business public passenger transport a) prepared the conditions needed to help elderly people taking public transport to meet the requirements in paragraph 2 article 4, paragraph 4 Article 5 of Decree 6/2010/ND-CP of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the law on the elderly and the provisions in Article 2 of this circular.
b) take measures to announce to the elderly and the related object know, perform the operations in support of elderly people when taking public transportation.
c) integrating content to help elderly passengers in the trainings, guidance for who controls the media, staff passengers.
3. The responsibility of the Transport Association advocacy organisation, disseminating, informing the institutions, individual passenger transport business is a member of the Association to organize the implementation of the provisions of this circular.
4. Liability of passengers of passengers involved the transportation of passengers are responsible for public help, support for the elderly; in collaboration with the staff on the media help the elderly in traffic convenience.
Article 4. The effect and enforcement responsibilities 1. This circular effect after 45 days from the date of signing.
2. Office; The Chief Inspector of the Ministry; Director of the Service; General Director of the Bureau of roads in Vietnam; Director of the Directorate: Vietnam inland waterways, maritime Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam airline railroad; The Director of the Department of transportation and the Organization, the individual concerned is responsible for the implementation of this circular.
3. in the implementation process if there are difficulties and obstacles, the agencies, organizations, individuals in need of timely reflection of the Ministry of transport to be considered, solved.