Circular 40/2012/tt-Btc: Rules Of Management And Use Of Funds The Project "to Help Victims Of Agent Orange, The The Highlands Area Of Tay Ninh And The Period Of 2011 To 2015"

Original Language Title: Thông tư 40/2012/TT-BTC: Quy định quản lý và sử dụng kinh phí thực hiện Dự án “Giúp đỡ nạn nhân chất độc da cam các tỉnh khu vực Tây Nguyên và Tây Ninh giai đoạn 2011 đến 2015”

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Number: 40 /2012/TT-BTC
Hanoi, March 9, 2012


Management regulation and use of the project undertaking Project "Helping the victim of orange poison."

The provinces of the Western Highlands and Ningbo Stage 2011 to 2015 "


Base of Protocol 60 /2003/ND-CP June 6, 2003, of the Government of the Government Regulation and guidelines of the Law of the State Budget;

Base of Protocol 118 /2008/NĐ-CP November 27, 2008 of the Government Regulation, mandate, authority, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance;

Implementation of Decision No. 1227/QĐ-TTg on 22 July 2011 by the Prime Minister on Appropriation of the Project to Help the Victims of Poison Skins of the Western Highlands and Western Provinces of 2011 to 2015 (the following call is Decision No. 1227/QĐ-TTg);

At the suggestion of the Chief Financial Officer of the Career.

The Minister of Finance issued the Information Management Regulation and used the funding implementation of the Project to Help the Toxic Poison victims of the provinces of the Western Highlands and Western Ninh period 2011 to 2015 (the latter is called Project).

What? 1. Range and subject applicable

1. The agencies, organizations, units (later called units) used a career capital from the state budget to implement the Project in the Province of Lai, Kon Tum, Đắk Lắk, Đắk Rural, Forestry and Western Ningbo 2011 to 2015 approved at the Decision. 1227/QD-TTg.

2. The victim with an orange intoxication committed at the top of line 2, point a, paragraph 6, Article 1 Decision No. 1227/QD-TTg.

3. The case of units using unreimbursable aid or funding of organizations, individuals in and out of the country does by the implementation of the current regulation of the sponsor dedicated to these capital or by the regulation of the host body. management after the agreement of the sponsor's representative and the Ministry of Finance (if applicable); the case of a sponsor or sponsor representative and the Treasury Department has no specific regulation, as applicable under this Privacy.

What? 2. The funding source

1. The central budget layout in the annual state budget spending of the Vietnam Red Cross to implement the approved Content Project implementation at Decision No. 1227/QĐ-TTg.

2. The local budget supports funding for the Red Cross of the Province of the Lai, Kon Tum, Đắk Lắk, Dân Đồng, Lin, and Xianging to implement Project on the ability to balance the local budget.

3. The support source of organizations, individuals in and out of the country and other sources of mobiles according to the rule of law.

What? 3. Content and Cost of Project

1. Detail, selection of victim-to-skin poisoning victims, rehabilitation, rehabilitation, and home health care. The contents of the government include: the lease of the national translator and the guide, who hires the guide not the interpreter; the charge for the cadres (if any); writes the review report. The level of implementation by the Digital Information Regulation 58 /2011/TT-BTC May 11, 2011, of the Ministry of Finance to administer, use, and decide the funds to carry out statistical surveys.

2. Propaganda in the community on congenital maladaptive prevention measures that are associated with a cam/dioxin skin poison:

a) Television (support for editing and radio).

b) themable talk (support for writing themers, fostering directly to the subject matter and drinking water for the audience of attendance).

c) The ozone layer, the panô, the slogan.

The president of the provincial Red Cross decided to form the propaganda and the specific level of guarantees that fit the bill to be delivered and the economic conditions-local society.

3. Training for medical personnel, staff and red cross volunteers for congenital malfunction precautions related to skin poison cam/dioxin, rehabilitation techniques, health care for cases of severe disability in the community.

Every year, the airbase, requirements and training missions, the Provincial Red Cross decided to open training classes for medical personnel, staff and volunteers to conform to the delivery. The content and the level are as follows:

a) The compilation of the training document. That's a total of 70,000. The case must build a training course, the degree of execution by regulation at point c, paragraph 2, Article 4 of Digital. 123 /2009/TT-BTC June 17, 2009, of the Ministry of Finance, which regulates the framework, the cost of building the framework program and the editing of the program, the curriculum for the courses of the University, the College, the Professional Centre.

b) fostering lecturer, reporting, fees (if any) of cadres were sent to train, other necessary expenses for the training organization. Regulations level at Digital Information 139 /2010/TT-BTC On September 21, 2010, the Ministry of Finance regulated the planning, management and use of funding from the state budget for training, accretion, civil service.

4. Home health care support for an orange-toxic victim who is not likely to self-serve:

a) The equipment is essential for the training and care of the victims at the family. Based on the condition of the patient's disease, the President of the Red Cross decided to choose the essential equipment for the training and care of the victims at the family. There are no more than 800,000 copper/patients.

b) Chi support for medical staff, staff and red cross volunteers to guide training, care of the victim at home:

-Compensant fostering 35,000 per person per day, a maximum of no more than 20 days.

-The travel costs. The level of support is 0.2 (liter xăn/km) in terms of the administrative distance and gas prices at the time of use.

5. Support for orthopedialysis, rehabilitation (including operations: discovery, screening for classification; surgery-orthopeto and training to restore motor function, operation to the victim).

a) Discovery, screening for classification:

-Examination of the disease, carrying out technical services, medical tests at the doctor ' s designation and according to the price of medical examination, the treatment of the existing body of the authorities prescribed to the clinic, the disease of the public.

-The diagnostic detail determines the degree of disability, illness due to an orange infection to indicate surgery and other treatments. That's $100,000. In the case of cases, the maximum cost is no more than 200,000 per person per day.

-The surgical profile (including a photo and a affidavit to make a tracking profile). The maximum level of 30,000 copper per patient has a doctor's surgical designation.

b) Details-orthope:

-The prescriptions, blood, fluids, chemicals, chemicals, medical consumption and the cost of carrying out other technical services and medical tests at the doctor ' s designation and according to the price of the disease, cure the existing authorities of the authorities. It ' s the basis of the disease, the treatment of the disease.

-Surgical for surgery. The specified level at Decision No. 73 /2011/QĐ-TTg The Prime Minister's December 28, 2011, on December 28, 2011, the Prime Minister provides a number of special privileges to the public, the official, the workers in the public health facilities and the anti-translation-dependent regime and the written instructions.

-In support of a patient who takes care of the patient in the absence of a family during the days of the hospital for treatment. The level of support of 30,000 per day/person.

-Orthopeis. Depending on the extent of the victim's disability to allow appropriate orthopefactors, a maximum of 500,000 persons per patient.

The provincial Red Cross implemented a contract with the examination facility, which is eligible for orthopegeal surgery. In addition to a doctor in a specialist form, in addition to the contract that he has signed with the medical examination, the unit invites the specialist to pay for the meal, stay, and provide the doctor's fee to the doctor according to the state's current cost-of-work.

c) Recovery function:

-Case rehabilitation victim at home supported:

+ Buy a functional recovery exercise that matches the needs of each patient. There are no more than 800,000 copper/patients.

+ Nutritions fostering rehabilitation for victims. The level of the rule is at point b, paragraph 4 This.

-The case of patients treated by a doctor only to exercise rehabilitation at the facilities of the disease, healing and rehabilitation: The provincial Red Cross has a responsibility to contract with the facilities of the disease, healing or the rehabilitation facility and the rehabilitation facility. Pay for medical treatment, medical treatment, and rehabilitation at the cost of the disease, the current treatment of the authority of the body has jurisdiction over the basis of the disease, the disease of the public.

d) Discovery after orthope-rehabilitation surgery-rehabilitation:

Patients after orthopetherapeutic surgery-rehabilitation is discovered after treatment to determine health status and provide treatment for treatment. Content and expenditures include: medical examination, medical services and medical tests by physician and according to the price of the disease, treating the existing authorities of the regulatory authority on the basis of the disease, healing of the disease.

Support the patient's money back to the patient and 1 to visit the patient. The level of support according to public transport fares used. The auto-autonomous case is supported by 0.2 (litres of xă/km) by the administrative distance and gas prices at the time of use.

e) Support the money for patients and 01 persons during orthopetherapeutic surgery, rehabilitation at the facility of disease, healing or rehabilitation facilities. The patient ' s support level is $40,000 per person per day; the patient is 25,000 per person per day.

6. Support for vocational education, development of livestock, production to improve life:

a) Support conditions:

-A victim of a poor and poor-to-poor.

-Unsupported from programs, projects, other state projects in the same regulatory content provided at point b, paragraph 6, this.

The victim's family must have a petition to provide assistance according to the number 01 (which has the confirmation of the Chair of the Residential Committee) to the Provincial Red Cross and commit the use of the right support capital. In case of the use of the wrong purpose, the President of the Provincial Red Cross has the right to revoking the money or artifacts issued to the victim ' s family.

b) Content and support levels.

-Support for short-term vocational education: A victim of orange intoxication is supported by a time of short-term learning costs (a three-month degree of training and technology) for a maximum of 2 people with the following level of support:

+ Support for vocational tuition: The president of the Red Cross department of the expected base of the bill is delivered and the level of training costs of each profession due to the competent authority and the actual time of learning to specifically provide support levels but maximum not more than 3,000,000. There are a number of people who are poor and no more than 2,500,000.

+ Support for $30,000 per day of food/worker/person is a victim of an orange intoxication.

+ Travel support: a maximum of 200,000 copper/person/course for apprentiers away from 15 (km) or more.

The base of demand and the number of apprentiers, the Red Cross granted the contract to order with a prescribed vocational basis at the Digital Information. 105 /2008/TT-BTC of the Treasury Department about guiding some of the provisions of the Digital Decision 39 /2008/QĐ-TTg On March 14, 2008, the Prime Minister issued bids, ordering, tasked with providing a public service using state budget and transferring funding to the vocational facility to pay for vocational subjects.

-Support for manufacturing, breeding: Depending on the needs and the actual situation, the victim's family is supported in the form of non-recoverable form to develop livestock, increasing production to contribute to improving life. Content and support levels are as follows:

+ Support tree, breed, manufacturing tools, machinery. Maximum support for $5,000,000/poor; 4,000,000 in poor households.

+ Support for fertilizer, food protection, veterinary medicine, herding farm. Maximum support for ¥ 500,000/poor, ¥ 400,000/poor.

The chairman of the provincial Red Cross decided to list the support of the household after being unified with the Chairman of the Social People's Committee, which secured the requirements of the victims ' families and the total amount of the bill was delivered.

7. Manual, surveillance, inspection, evaluation, birth, sump end, stationing, stationing, book printing, book purchase, documentation for project management work. The actual level of payments on the basis of the expected bill is granted jurisdiction and the existing regulations of the State. The total cost of this activity is not more than 10% of the total cost of the project.

What? 4. Set up, allocate the bill and make a budget decision.

The establishment, allocation, acceptance and decision-making of the project is defined by the provisions of the State Budget Law and the manual text. This information instructs the specific instructions to add some of the following content:

1. For the Provincial Red Cross to join the Project:

a) A budget bill: The base and the task are delivered, the project implementation of the project of the previous year, the content and the cost of directions at this Smart, the Red Cross of the Provincial Committee to establish a demand for funding (in detail according to the state budget, accompanied) according to the computational basis theory) sent the Vietnam Red Cross before June 20 of the previous year.

b) The issuer and management of the funding:

-The cost of implementing the project is granted by the Vietnamese Red Cross to the Provincial Red Cross in accordance with the work responsibility and progress of the project.

-For supplies of supplies, equipment, instruments must be made in accordance with the provisions of the law on the procurement bid for the administrative body, the career unit by state budget.


Every year, the Provincial Red Cross is responsible for deciding the funding of implementing the Project on the basis of the recovery, liquing the responsibility that has signed with the Vietnam Red Cross, carrying out the evidence from the original accounting from the Red Cross. spending on the provisions of the Accounting Law.

2. For the Vietnam Red Cross:

a) A budget bill: Base to total state budget support for the Project at Decision No. 1227/QĐ-TTg and a budget bill sent by the Red Cross, the Vietnam Red Cross sets the funding of the Project to send the Finance Ministry under its provisions. State Budget Law and Law Guide documents.

b) Allocation Allocation: Expected to be granted an annual delivery authority, the Vietnam Red Cross performs a draft allocation for entities that implement the Project under the provisions of the State Budget Law and the Law-directed texts; the funding level for the provinces. to implement the Project on the basis of a liability contract with the Provincial Red Cross.

c) Cost of funding: The Red Cross of Vietnam review the funding decision on the basis of the recovery, liquing the responsibility contract signed with the Provincial Red Cross and general general in the report of the annual state budget decision of the Cross. Red Vietnamese to send the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the regulations.

What? 5. Terms of execution.

1. This message has been effective since 1 May 2012.

2. Every year, the Vietnam Red Cross Base Decision No. 1227/QĐ-TTg approx only training, vocational training, life support, health care and orthopeplastic surgery, rehabilitation of the province ' s orange-poison victim, as a base for the operation. Operating, overseeing the project's expenditures.

3. Vietnam Red Cross presided over, in collaboration with the Red Cross of the provinces of the Highlands and West Ninh deploying the project on time, ensuring the use of the right budget, the right subject. The president of the Red Cross of the provinces, Director of the Fund for Toxic Poison victims and the President of the Red Cross of Vietnam, is responsible for the authority when the state of the state is in the wrong use of the right, wrong object.

4. People ' s Committee of the Western provinces and Western Ninh by function and jurisdiction in coordination with the Vietnam Red Cross guidelines for the Provincial Red Cross to implement the Project. Every year, the Poisonous Leather Victim and the Vietnam Red Cross conduct examination, assessing the situation, and the reporting of the Prime Minister.

In the course of implementation if there is a timely difficulty in response to the Ministry of Finance to study the amendment to the appropriate ./.



Nguyen Thu Minh