The Decision In 1666/qd-Bgddt To: Enact The Programme Of Action Of The Ministry Of Education And Training For The Period 2011-2016 Implementing Resolution No. 06/nq-Cp On 07 March 2012 Of The Government

Original Language Title: Quyết định 1666/QĐ-BGDĐT: Ban hành Chương trình hành động của Bộ giáo dục và Đào tạo giai đoạn 2011-2016 thực hiện nghị quyết số 06/NQ-CP ngày 07 tháng 3 năm 2012 của Chính phủ

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The DECISION to enact the action program of the Ministry of education and training for the period 2011-2016 implementing resolution No. 06/NQ-CP on 07 March 2012 of the Government _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the MINISTER of EDUCATION and TRAINING base of Decree 178/2007/ND-CP dated 3 December 2007 of the Government functions duties, powers and organizational structure of ministries, ministerial agencies;
Pursuant to Decree No. 32/2008/ND-CP dated 19 March 2008 of the Government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of education and training;
Pursuant resolution No. 06/NQ-CP on 07 March 2012 of the Government issued the action program of the Government term 2011-2016;
Consider the proposals of the Chief of the Department, the decision: article 1. Attached to this decision action program of the Ministry of education and training for the period 2011-2016 implementing resolution No. 06/NQ-CP on 07 March 2012 on the action program of the Government of the 2011-2016 term.
Article 2. This decision has effect from the date of signing.
Article 3. Chief of the Department, heads of units and subdivisions, the Ministry of education and training is responsible for the implementation of this decision.


(Signed) MINISTER Pham vu Luan ACTION PROGRAM Of the Ministry of education and training for the period 2011-2016 implementing resolution No. 06/NQ-CP on 07 March 2012 of the Government (attached to decision No 1666/QD-BGDDT DATED May 4th, 2012 of the Minister of education and training) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ purposes 1. General objectives the basic innovation, comprehensive education in Vietnam towards standardization and modernization, socialization, democracy and international integration.
Enhance recreation, fostering talents, development of human resources is the most high-quality human resources, meeting the needs of society; improving the comprehensive quality of education, especially in regard to education, the traditional education of revolutionary history, ethics, lifestyle, innovation capacity, skills practice, industrial style, sense of social responsibility.
Development of the scale, the structure of education, harmonization, ensure social justice to correspond with the conditions to ensure the quality of education and lifelong learning opportunities for every people.
2. Specific objective a) preschool education completed target universal preschool education for children age 5 by 2015; create a basic transformation in the quality of health care, education and harmonious development of child physical, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic, form the first elements of the personality, well prepared for children in grade 1; reducing the rate of child malnutrition in the preschool institution down below 10% in 2015.
b) primary education and improving the quality of education, the highest to meet the needs of the people, striving to 2015:70% of elementary school students are learning the 2 sessions/day, 30% of middle school students and 25% of high school students are learning the 2 sessions/day; 90% of people in this age are secondary school, 70% of people in this age are secondary school, which is particularly focused on raising the proportion of ethnic minority children, girls; strengthening the education of disabled children integration.
Maintain and improve the quality of universal primary education universal right age and middle school education, make compulsory education in the local conditions.
c) vocational education promote the training according to the needs of society. Innovation, improve the quality of professional secondary education by the year 2015 to attract 15 percent of students graduated from the junior high school level professional and make sure 95% of students graduated from professional work are business and labor use agency reviews meet job requirements.
d) University education raising the number of students on a thousand inhabitants over 300 by 2015; increase the proportion of students who are minorities, especially ethnic students the few people and female students. Reasonable expansion on the basis of the quality assurance conditions. Simultaneously with the improvement of the quality of higher education, focus on training high-quality human resources, meeting the needs of the labour market. Construction of higher education Law, managing to raise training quality in the whole system.
Development of higher education and vocational education to ensure the ratio of trained workers reached 50% in 2015.
e) continuing education continuing education development to create opportunities for people to lifelong learning consistent with the circumstances and conditions, promoting the construction of the learning society. Maintain solid results delete illiterate. Strive to the year 2015, the proportion of literate people aged 15 upwards of 96% and the literacy rate of people aged from 15 to 35 is 98%; 100% of the communes, wards and towns have community study centres; 100% of the County, district, town or city in the continuing education center at district level; 100% of the province, the city has a continuing education center.
Improving the quality of continuing education, help the learner have the knowledge, practical skills to increase income or career transition, improving the quality of life.
II. MAIN TASKS 1. Deploying a basic innovation and comprehensive education, training a) in collaboration with the Central propaganda Committee built the basic renovation project, comprehensive training and education, improving the quality of human resources in response to industrialization, modernization and international integration, report to the Central Committee of the Communist Party in the Central Convention VI; implementation of the project when the Central Party had resolution on educational innovation.
b) focus on building for the National Assembly passed the law on higher education, build, and deploy guide Law enforcement. Completion and the Prime Minister approved the education development strategy to 2020; the Organization implemented phase 1 strategy.
c) innovation project construction program and educational textbooks after the year 2015, including building regulations and guidance documents for the appropriate exam exam with the new secondary curriculum.
2. Renovation of educational management mechanism a) scrutinize the Organization and drafting the legal documents on education in which priority documents the implementation of the Education Law, the resolutions of the National Assembly on education.
b) strengthening decentralized management, improve coordination mechanisms between ministries, departments and local education management under Decree No. 115/2010/ND-CP on 24/12/2010 of the Government; increasing the autonomy and responsibility of the local education management; increased autonomy and social responsibility of higher education institutions, professional education. Improve the efficiency of State management on education for different types of education, the educational institutions have foreign elements.
c) implementing the programme of action of the Government report concluded the number 37-TB/TW on 26/5/2011 the Politburo about the project "the renovation works of the business units, promote socialization some kind of service to the public".
d) continue implementation of Directive No. 296/CT-TTg by the Prime Minister on the innovation of higher education management period 2010-2012, summarizing three years of implementation of this directive.
DD) strengthen State management of educational inspection work. Innovation of organization and active inspector. Focus depth inspection inspection activities inspection and administrative disciplines at all levels of study, level of training; enhanced check, recheck, renovation of the College, the new College to upgrade new or established; inspection of the institution and public external training and educational institutions have foreign elements. Strengthen directing the work of self-examination of the institution. Perfecting the educational inspection organizations and professional enhancement for inspectors and collaborators.
e) registration process innovation determine intake, screening and processing the implementation training intake annually; strengthening the checking, monitoring the implementation of the publicity for the institution of the national education system; strengthening the role of the Department of education and training and the local authorities, universities, colleges in managing currency-chi at the institution, handle the violation; strengthening the role of surveillance, check the Department of education and training with regard to the conditions for ensuring the training quality of higher education institutions; strengthen management, and check the effective use of ODA resources in education and training.
g) established the human resources development Council national level, the provincial level, the city with the participation of representatives of State administration concerned, training establishments and businesses. Establish educational Advisory Council at the Ministry of education and training with the participation of enterprises, ministries.
h) renewal of testing activities, testing and evaluation of the quality of education in the direction of the tool is to improve the quality of education and training.
I) renovation work to collect and process information from different channels to solve promptly the issue of industry. Actively coordinating educational activities propaganda created the consensus of society.
k) construction of e-Government in The agencies associated with the implementation of the "one-door" mechanism and the survey procedures.
l) promotes movement suitable to each object. Renovation work emulating rewarded in the whole industry towards practical, effective.
3. the teacher team construction and management of education officer a) complete education salaries schemes the period 2012-2020 to the Central Conference 5 lock POKER review. Construction of the mode of subsidy for retired teachers are not entitled to seniority allowance.
b) implementing human resources development education period of 2011-2020, the program develops teaching and pedagogical schools 2011-2020 period.

c) continue to build standard, principal, teacher's pedagogical standards levels; guide the institution held reviews, teacher, officers graded management in the school level, according to the standard is issued. Steer, guide and inspect the work of regular training, strengthening information technology and foreign language teacher for team; deploy your work, rearrange the team management officials and teacher education.
d) implemented the project of doctoral training for teaching staff of the universities and colleges with combined approach of training in and outside the country. Focus commissioned for some college students, universities and major research institutes in the country undertakes the training of Ph.d. in the country with the participation of invited professors from the prestigious University in the world.
Implementing the project "training teachers education-security for secondary schools, professional secondary and the period 2010-2016". The implemented contract mode instead of the payroll in recruitment and screening, teacher trainers. Construction, promulgated and implemented the preferential policy, especially policy on wages and policies to encourage teachers, and attract people who have the ability and high level, have the talent on the team of teachers; step by step implementation of the Rector decides salaries for teachers, trainers based on results the work of the individual in the institution.
DD) staff development educational enough research to build Vietnam, education science background for planning Chief advocates, education policy. Election of officers shall take priority training, overseas training in science education; investment in order to enhance the scientific research potential of the Institute and the Research Center for science education. There are special policies to attract overseas scientists have the prestige and experience, the Vietnamese intellectuals engaged in teaching and scientific research in Vietnam.
e) force development leaders and managers have the vision and the capacity to adapt to the changing conditions, dedicated, skilled, available operating capacity; build training programs, fostering management consistent with requirements of educational innovations, especially women; worthy remuneration regime for the management team. Construction, issued a policy to encourage the institution signed a contract with the teachers, scientists and reputable domestic and foreign experience in management and administration of the institution.
4. Renewal of the program, content, teaching and learning methods, check the reviews at all levels of study, level of training a) implementing Directive No. 10-CT/TW on 05/01/2011 the Politburo about universal preschool education for children of 5 years, consolidating results universal elementary education and secondary school Threading, enhanced students after high school and literacy for adults, including: implementing the project of universal preschool education for children of 5 years the period 2010-2015, ensure at least 10 provinces, the city of universal completion in 2012; 14 the province, the city completed in 2013; the 29th, the city completed in 2014 and 10 provinces, the city completed in 2015. Continue to maintain, strengthen and improve the quality of universal primary education, combat illiteracy; universal primary education right age. To 2015, 63 provinces and cities achieved the standard of universal right age, a number of local level 2 standard. Building plans strengthen, improve the quality of universal education high school period 2012-2020. Striving for 100% of the communes on national standard for universal secondary education by 2013 and the proportion of people aged 15 to 18 have high school reached over 90% in 2015. Construction and application of the scheme of building electronic information system management of universal-fight illiteracy.
b) continue implementation of preschool education programs across the country. Strengthening preparing children's Vietnamese ethnic minority regions and the region difficult. Developing diverse forms of health care, education and children below 5 years.
c) continue to review the entire program and the popular textbook, overcome overload, heavy on theory, slight of practice. Attach importance to the implementation of the activities: education outside of the classroom, physical education, art education, vocational education, educational values, life skills education for students to improve the quality of education.
d) expanding and improving the quality of language training through the implementation of the project "learning and teaching of foreign languages in the national education system the period 2008-2020".
DD) directs and organizes the national examination and safe international, rigorous, ensuring exam results really objective, reflect the quality of teaching and learning, a positive impact on teaching and learning, made educational goals. Deploy the circular about benchmarking study results of students. Research and implementation of the program for international student assessment: PISA, PARSECS. Prepare the conditions for organizing the International Chemistry Olympiad in 2014 and 2016 international biology Olympiad in Vietnam.
e) innovation objectives, the training content to meet standards of professional competence of employees. Diversified career education methods, apply flexibility in the methods of teaching practice, development of self study, self knowledge and skill formation in the study, teaching methods according to the project, vocational communications ... Combining theoretical teaching and practical teaching under the integrated programme.
g) renewal of the higher education programs in the direction associated with social needs, increased autonomy for the University institution in the construction program. Strong innovation in training law, judicial titles, create the human resources about the law, high quality justice. Turning sharply to the training education in the training system. By the year 2015 all universities switched completely to education training; amended regulation supplements the University training, college credit system to suit the Vietnam education practices; build the frame of the policy rules on the recognition and credit transfer between institutions. Complete the prescribed text and directing the University institutions improve the quality of in-service training courses, remote training, training, training links contact information.
Develop the training program University level under 2 direction: career and research applications. Selective use of some advanced training program of the prestigious University in the world in the training of some universities in Vietnam.
Implementing stratified education. To 2015 form the Group of research-oriented universities, University career-oriented application, the College community.
h) develop continuing education programs, expanding form of distance learning, self-study courses, has just made available a guide to meet the diverse learning needs of the people.
I) implement innovative methods of teaching and examining, assessing learning outcomes, ethics of the students, the students towards promoting the positive properties, own initiative, creation of the school, moved the focus of learning content review to assess the quality and competence of learners , passive transfer process variables of direct knowledge of teachers, faculty members into the process of self-study guides and management of teachers, lecturers.
5. Strengthen the comprehensive education of students, student a) continue to implement innovative, effective learning and follow Ho Chi Minh's moral codes according to Directive No. 03-CT/TW on 14/5/2010 of the politics associated with the particularities of the sector is to make the movement of "Each master She is a moral, self-study and creativity "and" movement friendly school building, students ". Of the 5 year implementation of movement "the friendly school building, students".
b) promotes the work of moral education, lifestyle, living skills; strengthen the management, coordinating security, order schools, crime, violence, social evils in the students, students. Directing the action program of education about prevention of the harmful effects of online games have violent content, not healthy period 2011-2015. School building safety, prevent injury, national target programs of clean water and sanitation, ensure food safety and hygiene. Implementing the action plan of the education sector implementation of the national strategy on prevention of disaster relief period 2011-2020; Action program of education about HIV/AIDS in the period 2012-2020 vision, to 2030. Build and deploy the project "strengthening drug prevention in schools in the complex area of cocaine"; The project "educational transformation behavior of building families and family violence prevention period 2011-2020".
c) promotes the work of physical education, wellness of students, students: building renovation project the teaching fitness and sports activities in schools; build evaluation criteria about the work of school sports. Continue to strengthen the Organization of sports activities of students, students in the country.
d) implement effectively the project improve the quality of the work of popular legal education school in the period 2010-2012. Build the project by 2020.
6. The work plan, and strengthening financial infrastructure a) directed the local new course fees apply from 2010-2011 to ensure that everyone is educated, mobilized more and more and more efficient use of the resources of the State and society to increase the scale and improve the quality of education. Build the criteria determining the correlation between levels of investment, tuition and training quality.

b) in coordination with related agencies directed the institution to implement the policy discount, exemption, credit policy students to ensure students, students in an policy, disadvantaged students are capable of learning are going to school. Expand the object of lending is the young faculty postgraduate, research student.
c) build and deploy national target programs of education and training in 2011-2015 associated with performing the task of socio-economic phase.
d) of your deployment, adjust the planning network of universities, colleges; perform planning, development plans in education nationwide and has been the key economic region. Guide to higher education institutions to build the overall development planning of the school the period 2012-2020.
Build the project "relocation of some universities and colleges from the inner city of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to the area" with the deployment of sufficient funding and other conditions of service for the Organization of effective relocation; in collaboration with the Ministry of construction to continue implementing the project to build student dormitories of universities and colleges. Effective deployment decision No. 412/QĐ-TTg dated 10/4/2011 by the Prime Minister on the planning system of the Education Center, national defense and security of the students the period 2011-2015.
DD) implement innovative delivery of intake circular No. 57/2011/TT-BGDDT on 02/12/2011. Reviewing the planning of human resource needs associated with the training plan of the University, College, open to allow TCCN training fields.
e) made the development plan for education and training for the period 2011-2015 for the region of North-Western Highlands and Southwest towards priorities ensure social fairness; some development of preschool period 2011-2015.
g) complete the project solidified the school, classroom and Home Affairs for the period 2008-2012 teacher; build and deploy the project solidified the school, classroom and home civil service for teachers of the period 2013-2015. Construction investment, modernization of the secondary school system. The project of development of education in poor districts of 62.
h) continue to supplement, improve mechanisms, policies and sanctions related to the procurement, preservation and use of teaching equipment, children's toys; continue to implement the project of teaching equipment development DIY education universal, the period 2010-2015.
I) system construction of electronic library and learning resource centre of the College, the secondary school specializing in national scope; construction of the laboratory for the University. Gradually standardize the technical infrastructure for the institution, which, focused investment in building classrooms, laboratories, classrooms, practice facility and teaching equipment in the study level and training are priorities.
k) focus state investment and ODA loan used to build some educational institutions the University of Vietnam to the international level. The year 2015 will complete the construction 4 University of Vietnam have the facilities-modern techniques.
l) strengthening of infrastructure, the modernization of the equipment at The Agency meet the requirements of the education management renovation.
7. promote training and scientific research, technology transfer to meet social needs a) deployment of the training agreement, contract, human use concluded. Mobilizing the maximum involvement of enterprises in identifying training needs, build and evaluate programs, student recruitment and training organizations, assist in the deployment of possible internship and recruiting students, graduate students. Implementing the directive on training according to social needs the period 2011-2015 after the Prime Minister for approval.
b) specified the responsibilities and appropriate mechanisms to expand the content, forms the link between training establishments and the enterprises in training, the use of human resources and research and technology transfer; promotes open undergraduate education base in the large enterprise to implement effectively the human resources provided directly to the business, create conditions for enterprises engaged in the process of building and implementing the training program.
c) support and encourage the universities and colleges affiliated with foreign partners in training, scientific research and development of new technology applications to meet the needs of society.
d) focus investment for scientific research institutions and spearheaded the laboratory in key universities.
DD) focusing investment in building and upgrading some of the Analysis Center, predicts demand to provide data and scientific basis for the careers.
e) intensify research in science education, focuses on basic research; focus resources to deploy the application to build the scientific arguments in State management innovations in education and teaching process in the school; research and development of these urgent tasks, the tasks of the political branches. The quick transfer of the results of scientific research innovation education service.
8. To promote the application of information technology and human resources training on information technology a) issued by products of information technology use in education; selection, evaluation and equipped with the essential software for general use for the whole industry.
b) build and deploy the network for education, development and construction of libraries, the content of information resources for education; educational technology, e-Learning technology to contribute to renewing the content and teaching methods; deploy electronic library system share, connect international library networks.
c) standard construction knowledge and information technology skills for teachers and education management officer; Regulation on the application of information technology in schools.
d) professional appraisal organizations in the projects of information technology applications using State budget funds (including the information technology component of the ODA projects and programmes, schemes and projects of the Ministry). Ensure the viability and effectiveness of the information technology industry's through steer, guide, coordinate, manage and monitor the program, content, planned by the Ministry of information technology deployment; track, General, reviews the situation development, effective use during implementation and after the end of the program, project, project.
DD) deployment of manpower training programs in information technology; Pilot deployment virtual school model.
9. Enhanced support for education, training in ethnic regions, remote areas and difficult areas, who learned a priority) in collaboration with the Council of peoples of the Parliament, the Government's Committee on ethnic studies, summarized the implementation of current policies for teachers and learners in the minority to handle the real counter the proposed new policies,. Implement mechanisms to development policy, education in the mountainous and ethnic minority areas to enhance recreation, narrowed the gap between mountains, narrow, maintain security, the sovereignty, the political stability of border ethnic regions.
b) implemented the mechanism of scholarships, tuition, credit and expanding the training system for university students, students of ethnic minority people and in social policy; support of special education for disabled children, very few peoples, children affected by HIV and children wandering the streets; provided scholarships for students, students.
c) providing textbooks and school supplies for free or reduced priced to sell textbooks for students with particularly difficult circumstances, students in the higher regions, remote areas.
d) focus investment for the development of ethnic schools interns under the project of consolidating and developing ethnic school system boarding period 2011-2015, ethnic schools sell college preparatory school, the nation and the school Department; strong implementation training program for agricultural workers, rural; focuses on developing professional secondary schools in the local region mainly by difficult economic state budget resources to enhance the quality of teaching, create the human resources meet the requirements of industrialization, modernization of the land in the mountainous region of the nation.
DD) project implemented educational development for the peoples of very few period 2010-2015.
e) enhance the quality of teaching for ethnic students and Vietnamese ESL teaching in ethnic schools.
g) oversee, monitor the implementation of the internal policy, teachers in ethnic areas and student support policies. Strengthening teaching management personnel for the nation and teachers working in the minority.
10. promote socialization, social learning, building a) continue to promote implementation of socialized education, enhance the mobilization of resources development of education; implementing the solution socialization period 2012-2015 after the Prime Minister for approval.
b) building and the Prime Minister approved the project of building learning society the period 2012-2020, literacy project for the 2012-2020 period, the Prime Minister's directive on promoting construction of Sociology the period 2012-2020; the Conference of the 5 years of building learning society the period 2005-2010 and deploy new projects; the local Steering Committee formed to build learning society at all levels, uniform directing the deployment build learning society from central to the base.
c) in coordination with the ministries concerned to build mechanisms, policies, guidelines on the budget, finance for the construction of the learning society.

d) disseminating to all strata of the meaning, importance, a responsibility, obligation of lifelong learning, building a learning society. Steer the local build active model points of continuing education centre towards a Center made 3 mission: continuing education, career, vocational training; commune/ward/town has a Community Learning Center to combine the cultural House, the post office social culture. Perfecting the pattern of activity of Open University 2nd response to build learning society.
11. To expand and enhance the effectiveness of international cooperation on education a) effective use of the resources to deliver from the work of the international cooperation for the training and scientific research: enlist every source of aid through the program, collaborative projects with other countries, international organizations , NGO to strengthen investment for education (including medical school work). ODA priorities for the institution, the more difficult, the School/University, Institute of research and training. The priority targets for the School/University, research institutes and key training school in foreign countries according to the project of 911, VEF, training for trainers, colleges, universities. Expand the affiliate program.
Build and process the Prime Minister issued the project of integration of science and education; Project staff training abroad by the State budget (replace project 322); Improve the recruitment process students go to study abroad.
Construction of a number of universities and research centers to attract scientists to international and domestic scientific research and teaching.
b) strengthen exchange activities, active integration with the region and the world: strengthening cooperation in education, training and scientific research with the ASEAN, APEC member countries, the EU and other European countries, particularly with the United States, Canada, Japan , Australia, China, India. Maintain and develop the traditional cooperation with Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe countries, implementation of the activities of the Russian nation. Actively promote the program of cooperation with Laos, Cambodia in the management, training and scientific research under the agreement has been signed. Enhance the quality of student training Laos and Cambodia in Vietnam. Strengthening international cooperation in the field of quality control in education; Encourage the Organization of quality control for education and educational institutions in the country to join the Organization of quality control of education international and the Asia-Pacific region; Encourage educational establishments to register reviews, accreditation by the accreditation organization and international education in the Asia-Pacific. c) Organization of activities to exchange experiences and information with education associations and international areas to enhance the quality of training , innovation management, scientific research, proceed to deal with the degree equivalent to the countries in the region and the world. To 2015, will sign with 15 countries.
d) make good scholarship programs for foreign students; Regulations on receiving foreign expert on Vietnam taught research and send experts to Vietnam teaching, working abroad, training facilities support in implementing the exchange of lecturers to come to Vietnam to participate in teaching, research, contributing to the building of international education environment in Vietnam.
DD) enhance education specialist team to international duty. Build the policy mechanisms to enhance management of pupils Vietnam abroad and foreign students in Vietnam.
III. IMPLEMENTATION 1. Popular propaganda organization, implementing a) held holds the content of resolution No. 06/NQ-CP on 7/3/2012 of the Government's action program 2011-2016 term this action programme and to the units of the Ministry (in June 2012); educational institutions nationwide (at the General Conference in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school year mission, in August, 2012).
b) in collaboration with the Ministry of education and the Press time, the press agency celebrated the propaganda, showcase the industry's policy and guidelines on the means of mass communication.
c) The Department of education and training, universities, academies, universities, colleges, professional is responsible for research, holds the content of the resolution No. 30/NQ-CP and the program of action of the Ministry; construction of specific action programmes for the local unit.
2. The units of the Ministry of construction blueprint to implement the program and the Mission of the unit (Appendix) in each of the five match results of actual deployment, the conditions of the industries and countries to take on the annual work programme; during the annual report reviews submitted to the Office (at the latest on 30/11) to sum up, send the Ministry of planning and investment.
3. Expenditure made to deploy the content to the Mission of the program is estimated from the source: the State budget for education every year; the budget from national target programmes for education and training; the budget from the scheme, the relevant project and from the socialization of education.
4. In the process of implementation, additional deem it necessary, modify the specific content of this action programme, the heads of the units report to Minister to review the decision.
5. the Chief of the Department is responsible for the track, urging the implementation of program units, periodic reports and recommendations to the Minister on the measures necessary, ensuring the programs are implemented effectively and in sync.