Resolution 15-Nq/tw: The Fifth Conference Of The Central Committee Of The Xi Course Some Issue About Social Policy The Period 2012-2020

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 15-NQ/TW: Hội nghị lần thứ năm Ban chấp hành Trung ương khóa XI một số vấn đề về chính sách xã hội giai đoạn 2012 – 2020

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RESOLUTION of the Fifth Conference of the Central Committee of the XI course some issue about social policy the period 2012-2020 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a. SITUATION and CAUSES 1. For years, the party and the State, we are always interested in building and organizing the implementation of the social policy, considering it as a target, just as the impetus to sustainable development, socio-political stability, expressing the nature of the regime. The legal system and the development of the social sector is increasingly being complemented and perfection. An increasingly policy beneficiary of expansion, the support level was raised. Investment resources to develop the field of larger society, are strengthening the investment from the State budget and other social resources. The social sector achieve many important achievements, notably poverty reduction, job creation, incentives people, education and training, health, help people who have particularly difficult circumstances, Family Affairs and gender equality. The material and spiritual life of the people, the poor, ethnic minorities are improved, contributing to strengthen the confidence of the people and the social-political stability. Our country is recognized by the United Nations as one of the countries leading in the implementation of some of the Millennium goals.
However, the social sector is still more limited, some weak stretches, slowly be overcome. Job creation and poverty reduction is not yet sustainable, the ratio of poor access, poor households remains high. The level of incentives people have the remain low. The quality of education and training do not meet the requirements of development; universal education results in many mountainous districts, the ethnic minorities still low; the quality of the work protection, health do not meet the requirements of the people, especially for the poor, remote areas, ethnic minority areas; the ratio of child malnutrition remains high and decrease slowly; hygiene, food safety has not been strictly controlled. The ratio of participants social insurance, health insurance is still low. The life of a people, the poor, ethnic minorities remain very difficult, yet ensures a minimum level of basic social services, especially for housing and use clean water. The difference in indicators of social security between mountainous, ethnic minority regions with the average of the country also grew.
2. The limitations, weaknesses outlined above is because our country is still poor, the aftermath of the war left a very heavily, disasters occur frequently, causing major damage. Governance many inadequacies, overlap. Social policy also slows innovation in comparison with economic policy. Also lack of effective solutions to bridge the gap of living standards and social welfare between regions. The Organization of policy, not law, low efficiency; the coordination between the ministries, local not yet closely. Inspection, checking in many places have not been respected. Resources to implement social policies also limited, mainly based on the State budget; yet encouragement, attracted the participation of society and encourage self-policy beneficiaries rise.
From these results, limitations in the construction and implementation of social policies for the last time, draws some lessons learned: first, social policy has a particularly important role, is the goal, the motivation to develop fast and sustainable in all stages of development. Social policy must be placed with the economic policy and implementation in sync with economic development, consistent with the level of development and the ability of resources in each period.
The two are, social policy should be implemented, have the focus, key; implementation of priority policies for the people; guaranteed minimum living standards and supports people who have difficult circumstances.
Thirdly, strengthening the leadership of the party, promoting the strength of both the political system and fine traditions, stems, solidarity of our nation. The dominant role of the State in the construction and implementation of social policies, and to mobilize the participation of the whole society; promote international cooperation.
The four are, build strategies, development of consistent, specific action programs, feasibility and implementation, at the same time make good propaganda, create high consensus in society.
B. SOCIAL POLICY ORIENTATION PERIOD of 2012-2020 social policies for the 2012-2020 period should soon be organized and implemented through thematic resolutions, the resolution of socio-economic development and the annual national target programmes according to the true spirit of resolution of the Congress of the party POKER Strategy, social-economic development for 2011-2020.
Particularly for people policy and social security policies follow the views, goals, tasks and solutions are the following: i. the OPINION 1. Constantly improving, improving material and spiritual life of the people and ensure social security is often important, task of the party, the State's political system, and society as a whole.
2. preferential policies for the industry and social security must be consistent with the level of socio-economic development and the ability to mobilize, balance of resources of the country in each period; priority to people who have particularly difficult circumstances, the poor and ethnic minorities.
3. social security systems are diverse, comprehensive, has the computer shared between the State, society and the people, between the groups in a generation and between generations; ensure sustainable, fair.
4. the State ensures preferential policy people and the leading role in the implementation of social security policies; promote socialization, encourage organizations, enterprises and the people involved. At the same time facilitating the people to enhance wellbeing self-assurance.
5. enhancing international cooperation for additional resources, experience in the construction and implementation of social security policies.
II. OVERALL GOAL to continue to improve the material and spiritual life for people, striving to ensure basic 2015 people have family living standards equal to or higher than the average standard of living of the local population. By 2020, basic social security guarantees the entire population, ensure the minimum level of income, education, health, housing, clean water and information, media, contributing incrementally raise the guaranteed income, life safety, equality and happiness of the people.
III. TASKS And SOLUTIONS 1. On the preferential policy people concentrate better implementation of the Ordinance on the incentive people to the revolution. To further improve the policy for people, attention to solve the outstanding cases. Raise the standard level of subsidies, preferential allowance who have the suit adjusted the minimum wage. To the end of 2013, the basic settlement assistance for housing for households who have housing difficulties are there preferential policy, consistent support for people and on development of production, employment, access to basic social services, especially health , education, training. Promote the restoration of the cemetery, the search and the episode remains the martyr, the operation gratitude. Have effective remedies in the process of implementing the policy people.
2. Regarding social security guarantees 2.1. About jobs, incomes and poverty continue to improve and implement policies to support the development of production, create employment, apprenticeship, sending laborers to work abroad, the first priority to the poor, the minorities in poor districts, communes and rural poverty, a particularly hard. The construction and development of Employment Law; Research urgently build jobs program. Striving to 2020, the overall unemployment rate below 3%; the urban unemployment rate below 4%.
Promote the implementation of the resolutions of the Government and the national target program on poverty reduction, which focuses on poverty reduction policies for poor districts, poor fellow is the priority of minorities in poor districts, town borders, safe districts, communes, communal villages particularly hard , the stricken coastal islands, narrow the disparity in the standard of living and social security than the average country. The revised study, additional policy support to poverty reduction approach household sustainability. Striving to 2020, the per-capita income of poor households increase over 3.5 times that in 2010, the ratio of poor households nationwide reduced 1.5-2% per year; the district has a high poverty rate, falling 4% per year according to the poverty each stage.
2.2. About the social insurance research, social insurance Law amendments in the direction of expanding the audience, social insurance. Improve policies, laws and mechanisms of Social Insurance Fund management to ensure the required balance and growth of Social Insurance Fund. Study of building policy encourages farmers, workers in the informal sector to join voluntary social insurance. Reviewing, supplementing the provisions force the employers to pay social insurance for workers under the provisions of the law. Striving to 2020 has about 50% of the labour force participation of social insurance; 35% of workforce participated in unemployment insurance.
2.3. On social assistance who have particularly difficult circumstances improve the effectiveness of the work of social assistance, continue to expand the beneficiaries with the appropriate support; gradually raising the level of social assistance often match the ability of State budget. Build minimum living standards in accordance with the socio-economic conditions make determining a social assistance entitlement. To further improve social assistance policy. Consolidate, upgrade the system basis of social protection, the development of models of care for person with special circumstances in the community, encouraging the participation of the private sector in implementing the model of care for the elderly, orphans, the disabled, for the model nursing home. Striving to 2020 of about 2.5 million people are entitled to regular social assistance, in which over 30% are elderly.

Support well done, secure the losses when people risk, disaster was timely support. Perfecting the mechanism, and policy implementation, improve the efficiency of activities help irregular; expanding the participation of community support.
2.4. Ensure minimum level of some basic social services to the people, especially the poor, who are disadvantaged and ethnic minorities a) guaranteed minimum education continued to implement the strategy, the program, the project on education. Expand and enhance the support mode, especially for youth, teens in poor households, ethnic minorities in poor districts, communes and villages particularly hard to ensure universal sustainable. Increase the number of students in the school boarding peoples, expand model schools stay; build and consolidate kindergartens in rural and industrial areas. Construction of the project of universal preschool for children under 5 years of age. Improve the quality of universal junior secondary, especially for poor households, children minorities and children in difficult circumstances. Striving to 2020 have 99% of children go to school right age in primary school, 95% in high school; 98% of people aged 15 and above literate; over 70% of workers through training.
b) ensure minimum health continue implementing strategies, programs, projects on health, especially the project of overcoming overload in the hospital. Improve health service to the people in the facility, the first priority of the poor districts, poor, remote areas, ethnic minority areas. Complete the assigned management of the units belonging to the local health industry. Improving the quality of the work of health for mothers and children. By 2020, over 90% of babies under age 1 are fully vaccinated; the rate of malnutrition in children under 5 years of age can weight 10%. Promote the implementation of the programme of the national tuberculosis prevention, down sharply the number of people suffering from TB and died of tuberculosis, striving to take Vietnam off the list of 20 countries with high TB incidence rate in the world.
Enhance the effective use of medical insurance for ethnic minorities, the poor, mountainous region. Amendments and supplements to the law on medical insurance, renewal of the management of the State for health insurance policies, encourage people, especially people who have an income below the average medical insurance participants. By 2020 over 80% of the population participate in health insurance.
c) guaranteed minimum housing conditions improved housing for the poor, low-income people in the municipality, step by step solve housing needs for workers in industrial parks and the student, the student.
Promote the implementation of the development strategy of the National House in 2020 and the vision to 2030. Continue to implement the program deletes temporary home stage the 2013-2020. The renovation of housing assistance for low income people in the municipality to have a reasonable purchase price, rental with objects. Focus to overcome the difficulties of planning, land, capital, procedures, facilitating business organizations participated in the development of social housing policies, incentives for business investment in home building in the industrial zone.
d) insure clean water continue to implement national target programs of clean water and sanitation of rural environment the period 2012-2015 and the next year, the priority for fellow minorities, inhabitants of mountains, Islands, the flooding, the salty. Improve basic domestic water usage situation of the population, especially the rural population, ethnic minority areas, the high mountains of water shortages. By 2020, 100% of the rural population using running water hygiene, in which 70% used clean water reached national standards.
DD) ensure enhanced information media information to the poor people, the poor, the region difficult. Promote the implementation of national target programs to put information about the facility, mountainous, remote areas, border and island the period 2012-2015 and subsequent years. Consolidate and develop the network of basic information, especially in the mountainous, remote areas, stricken coastal areas and Islands. To 2015, ensuring 100% of mountainous areas, remote areas, border and island was broadcast, tv land and 100% of the town especially hard, the borders and the safe zone Township, poverty-stricken coastal Township and island have radio.
3.3.1 implementation solutions. Strengthen the leadership, direction and management of the Grants Committee of the party, Government, and promote the strength of the political system, creating the consensus of the whole society in the implementation of programs and policies for people and ensure social security. The awareness and responsibility of officials and party members in directing and performing. Report the results of the work of the Committee and the annual level in local Government must have content about the policy people and social security.
3.2. Promoting advocacy work, the common law, to raise awareness of the levels, departments, unions and citizens, building an electronic database on the preferential policy people and social security policy in each locality to people can easily access. Continue to promote traditional drink to remember the source, push the gratitude movement, solidarity, care, help, people, poor people.
3.3. Innovation governance for the field of incentives people and social security. Reviewing, improving the legal system, mechanisms, policies, and systems ensuring synchronization, simple and effective; just support, has encouraged the efforts of the beneficiaries, to fix the series back into the State.
Unification of managerial programs, policy towards Governments and central ministries to only target management, support resources, implementation guides, organize the inspection, testing, monitoring the implementation of, the city of typical variables; responsible management of local resources, the Organization made. The capacity of policy enforcement level.
Rationalization, modernization of the management, the method of payment; build a database of households, personal code and the social security numbers to manage, monitor, reviews the implementation of social security policies in each period. The annual national report on social security, which clarifies the results of social policies in poor districts, the mountains and the ethnic minorities.
3.4. Promoting international cooperation, its resources, its experience in the construction and implementation of social security policies.
3.5. State ensure sufficient resources to implement the policy, people interested in the layout of the budget and promote socialization mobilize resources for the implementation of social security policies.
Renewal of the allocation of resources to meet the requirements for implementation of the objective of the social security policy. Strong divisions for local and local accountability highly topical in the management, use, integrating the resources to perform. Perfecting the regulations on the management and use of the voluntary contributions of individuals, organizations and ensure transparency, efficiency.
IV. IMPLEMENTATION 1. Organizations implement resolutions on a number of issues of social policy, the period of 2012-2020 is a mission at the heart of the whole party, the whole army, the entire population of the departments from the central to the base.
The Grants Committee, directing the party organization holds and strengthen leadership, created the unity of awareness and action in the implementation of the resolution.
2. Union Party Congress directs the amendments, supplements improve the Act, creating the legal basis for the implementation of the resolution and to monitor the implementation of nationwide.
3. the Board, rolling the Government directing the party to modify, complement the text under the law; led the local industry, construction, and implementation of the program, specific action plan to implement the resolution. Regularly monitored, checked, reviews the implementation and timely adjustment of programs, plans, solutions specifically tailored to actual requirements, ensuring the effective implementation of the resolution.
4. the Vietnam Fatherland Front and the Member organizations participated and motivate people to actively implement this resolution.
5. The Party Central Office, in coordination with the Board of the party, the Union Labor Party, party officials Board, Party Committee often centrally track, test, urge, summary, summary annual reports and periodic political Bureau, the Secretariat implemented the resolution.