Decision 1434/qd-Bkhcn: Enact The Action Program Of The Ministry Of Science And Technology In The Implementation Of Resolution No. 06/nq-Cp On 7/3/2012 Of The Government Issued The Program Of Action Of The Government ...

Original Language Title: Quyết định 1415/QĐ-BKHCN: Ban hành chương trình hành động của Bộ Khoa học và công nghệ thực hiện Nghị quyết số 06/NQ-CP ngày 07/3/2012 của Chính phủ ban hành chương trình hành động của Chính phủ nh...

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Number: 1415 /QĐ-BKHCN
Nationwide, June 22, 2012


The Board of Action Programme of the Ministry of Science and Technology implementation of Resolution 06 /NQ-CP on 7 March 2012 by the Government enacted the Action Programme of Government Action 2011-2016.



Base of Protocol 28 /2008/NĐ-CP March 14, 2008 of the Government rules the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Science and Technology;

Parliamentary Base 06 /NQ-CP on 7 March 2012 by the Government enacted the Action Programme of the Government of the 2011-2016;

At the request of the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Law,


What? 1. It was accompanied by this Decision Programme of the Ministry of Science and Technology implementation of Resolution 06 /NQ-CP on 7 March 2012 by the Government of the Government Action Programme of 2011-2016.

What? 2. The decision comes into effect since the date of the signing.

What? 3. The Head of the Agency, the unit of the Ministry of Science and Technology, is responsible for the decision.


Nguyen Quan



Implementation of Resolution 06 /NQ-CP on 7 March 2012 by the Government enacted the Action Programme of the Government of the 2011-2016 term
(Board with Decision 1415 /QĐ-BKHCN on 22 June 2012 by the Minister of Science and Technology)


The Action Programme of the Ministry of Science and Technology implementation of Resolution 06 /NQ-CP on 7 March 2012 of the Government was built on the basis of explicit identification of tasks and solutions primarily to focus the deployment directed to implement the direction of the War. Economic-economic development-the 10-year-2020 society, the 2011-2016 Government Action Programme as well as the content that has proposed in the Equation, scientific and technological mission objectives (KH&CN) primarily between 2011-2015 and the Development Strategy. KH&CN from 2011-2020. The action program of the Ministry of Science and Technology focuses on the following key content:


1. Complete the legal lobby and policy on KH&CN to innovate basic, comprehensive, and synchrony organization, management mechanisms, KH&CN operations mechanisms.

a) Complete, browser and organization implementing the basic, comprehensive, and synchrony Innovation Project, the management mechanism, the KH&CN operating mechanism that generates a fundamental transformation of the quality, the KH&CN operating efficiency, which contributes to the rapid thrust of the background restructuring process. economics, innovation model growth, enhanced competiability of products and of the economy, meet the requirements of industrialization, modernization, and international integration.

b) Complete the legal corridor of KH&CN forms synchrony, united between the specialized legal system with other relevant areas, ensuring the implementation of the KH&CN activities of the Party, the Government in the period to 2015.

Construction of the 6th Conference of the Central Committee (Key XI) on KH&CN development in the period of industrialization, modernization and international integration.

Building the Government, the National Assembly through the amended KH&CN Law, the Amendment Act, the addition of some of the provisions of the Atomic Energy Law and Amendment Law, which adds some of the provisions of the Law Transfer Act, the Law of Use of Space Space.

Participation in the study, which contributed opinions during the revision of State Budget Laws, Corporate Income Tax Law, Land Law, Trade Law, etc.

Building plans for the annual KH&CN legislation, which, in it, focuses on completing the documents concerning the planning and management of national programs and the state-level KH&CN mission; the financial mechanism for the operation of the country. KH &CN; mechanism, policy for KH&CN cadres, KH&CN organization when performing conversion to the mechanism of autonomy, self-responsibility (processing of assets; valuation of intellectual property; capital contributions by intellectual property; ...); policy of importing technology; development of institutions KH&CN services and nuclear power development issues in Vietnam.

d) Common, radical, implementation and evaluation of the results of implementation of the 2011-2020 KH&CN development strategy and the direction, objectives, KH&CN mission mostly from 2011-2015.

2. Increase national KH&CN potential

a) Use the effective source effect of 2% of the total annual state budget for KH&CN. Each new step of investment and financial mechanisms for the KH&CN operation. United with the Ministry, industry, local mechanism coordination for investment with focus, focus for KH &CN; research implementation research into the final product; research ordering mechanisms and mechanisms of purchasing KH &CN; study proposal methods, and research. The state budget moderation for KH&CN annually.

Diversification of capital investment from society to KH&CN. Construction of the mechanism, the policy of encouraging investment business for scientific research, innovation and technological development. The competition for funding sources, ODA, FDI and other sources of capital; furs international cooperation on KH&CN by Protocol to increase foreign support funding for KH&CN operations.

Promote the operational efficiency of the National KH&CN Development Fund. Founded and launched the National Innovation Foundation. Promotion of the High-tech Venture Fund. There is a mechanism of mobiling investment sources from the society for KH &CN; the research mechanism to extract the KH&CN Development Fund of the local business or the local KH&CN Development Fund.

b) Restructuring the public KH&CN organization system. Construction of the Project on the formation of several basic research units in universities; the project development of the strong KH&CN organization system, the excellence center with facilities, modern equipment, and high-level research capacity.

Continued investment in construction of high-tech areas; focused on the development of the Research Zone-Deployment Of The High-tech Zone; construction and implementation of the special preferable mechanism applied in the Advanced Technology Zone. Forming the technology incubation centers, the KH&CN business incubation in universities, research institutes, high tech areas. Synchrony investments, which enhance the performance of the national focus laboratories.

The organization implemented the Investment Programme that increased the capacity of measurement, testing, application and transfer of technology in the locality. Construction of the Southern Regional Information Center (KH&CN). Ho Chi Minh) and the National Center for Science and Science Information (in Hanoi).

c) Training, fostering and development of KH&CN human resources. Building a policy of training, attraction, weight, treatment of KH&CN. The deployment of the training program is in the water and abroad. Standard construction and appointment of chief engineer and general manager, senior expert on the KH&CN functional system. The study proposed the form of honor worthy of the typical KH&CN house.

Build and deploy the Training Program, fostering the KH&CN management of the KH&CN management workforce at the levels; form the National Academy of KH&CN Management to train scientific management under international standards and in line with the management of KH&CN. practice in the country. Implementing the KH&CN cadre training plan in the directions, the KH&CN field priority.

The establishment and completion of the mechanism using the KH&CN Specialist Foundation is highly qualified to enhance the quality of research activity and to promote scientific assessment and technological evaluation, intellectual property valuation.

d) Push for development of the Vietnam KH&CN Information Network (VISION), expansion of Vietnam Research and Training Network (VinaREN) to 100% research institutes, focus laboratories, universities, major hospitals, information centers-research and research. The library of clues.

3. Enher the effective KH&CN activity efficiency; promote the application of results of scientific research, innovation and technology transfer.

a) Innovation of the method of construction, organization and management of KH&CN programs at the point of state level, as well as level and facility deployment research tasks; enhance the efficiency of research activities, increasing the rate of test production projects and mobiles. the potential of the business to commercialize research products, bringing the results of research into business production.

Reviewing the mission, the KH&CN project was approved by the Prime Minister with the arrangement, reorganizing the state-level KH&CN programs.

Innovate the KH&CN mission assessment method. Revising the regulations on assessing the results of the implementation of the KH&CN mission in the direction of objective assurance, transparency and access to international standards, tied to output results. Increased testing, supervising and supervising the implementation of programs, topics, the KH&CN project using state budget funds during the implementation and post-production process.

b) The resource performance effective implementation of the National Product Program, National technology Innovation Program, High-tech Development Country Program; Application Support Program and the transfer of scientific progress and technology to the development of development. The economy-rural and mountainous societies; striving to create national products, high-value high-tech products, Vietnamese brands, enough to compete in exports and import alternatives.

Build a national and industry map, field. Implementing an enhanced program of national technology. Support small businesses and innovate technology. Development support for technology importation, mining, search, consulting with the need for technological needs in the enterprise.

c) Building mechanisms and organizations seeking, supporting potential young research groups, strong research groups from universities, institutes to support technology generation, the KH&CN business incubation, commercialization and transfer results of research results. science and technology development.

d) Increase the KH&CN rapid application into the agricultural and agricultural sector; effectively implementing the KH&CN advance application program for rural-mountainous regions. The organization effectively performs the program in coordination with the local authorities.

e) Promote statistical work, information, propagation of KH&CN. The organization compiled the annual KH&CN chronology. The organization of the annual press award for KH&CN (starting in 2012).

4. Promote the implementation of the autonomy mechanism, self-responsibility; form the KH &CN; enterprise system; develop the technology market.

a) The organization implementing the KH&CN Enterprise Development Assistance Program and the public KH&CN organization implementing the self-responsibility mechanism. The study proposed the addition of preferable rules for the KH&CN organization in the Law of Land, Law of Management and the use of state assets to secure autonomy for organizations after the transformation of the operational model.

b) Promots the activity of innovation, the application of technology in the enterprise. Continue to support the investment business of technological innovation and the establishment of the KH&CN organization of the business. Encouraging the formation and development of scientific research institutions and technological development in the enterprise.

c) The organization implementing the technology market development program. Enhancing the capacity of KH&CN service organizations across the country, forming the system of service organizations on intellectual property, quality measurement standards, technology transfer, technology information (consulting, assessment, valuation, appraisal, evaluation, evaluation, evaluation, and evaluation). There ' s testing, testing, technology exchanges ...).

Forming technology trading centers in the major economic regions, the exchanges of real and virtual technology at the local level. Organization of the Technology and Equipment Market at various scales. Augmented technology connectivity.

5. Effective performance of the standard of quality measurement and intellectual property activity.

a) Development of the national standard system harmoning with international standards, regional standards. The completion of the National Technical Standards System for the groups of goods products is capable of losing safety, sanitation and environmental pollution. Increased standard adoption, national technical regulation; deployment of inspection activities, measurement testing, domestic goods and export exports, which contribute to the promotion of export, hyperactivity restrictions. It continues to invest the technical facilities for measuring, testing, and testing.

The foundation of the organization network evaluated the right of technical regulation, which is suitable for national standards for the production of goods, capital goods. Building the organization network, the individual who works professionally in terms of productivity and quality. The organization operates propaganda, building movement and the direction of the business that raises productivity, quality.

Promoting the implementation of the rule of law in the field of quality measurement standards, the project implementing the implementation of the Technical Barrier Agreement in the 2011-2015 period trade, the National Programme promotes productivity, product quality, commodity goods and goods. Vietnam, China, 2020.

b) Focus on the exercise of intellectual property rights, exploitation and development of intellectual property. Implementing the solutions to improve the capacity, effectiveness of the protection system and enforcement of intellectual property rights across the country.

The implementation and implementation of the Programme for the Development of the Development Assistance Program to 2015, in particular the professional and legal support for the protection of the brand, guide the geography, export of the goods of businesses, localities.

Promote training, propaganda, support, counseling, guidance, construction, protection and development of intellectual property. Promoting the exploitation of intellectual property, especially the creation of manufacturing.

Maintaining and expanding bilateral and multilateral international cooperation, fulfills the international commitment to intellectual property. Active participation in international co-operation on intellectual property in the framework of the WTO.

6. International integration actively for KH&CN

a) Implementers the International integration scheme on KH&CN, enhancing cooperation with the developed countries of KH&CN, organizing joint research activities, training of scientific cadres and scientific management officers abroad, presiding over the organization of conferences, seminars and conferences. International scientific discussion in Vietnam.

b) Complete implementation of the KH&CN representative network abroad, search, receive advanced technology transfer, strategic research, foreign policy mechanisms for KH&CN; international financial resource mobiles for KH&CN operations through Protocol mail, mobiling Vietnamese scientists abroad, overseas organization KH&CN and foreigners participating in the KH&CN operation in Vietnam; introduction, promoting the technology needs of Vietnamese businesses abroad.

c) The effective implementation of the Innovation Innovation Partnership Project IPP Vietnam-Finland, Denmark, the World Bank. Management and effective use of Japanese ODA at the Tribal High-Technology Zone.

7. Actively preparing the technical infrastructure and manpower for nuclear power development; driving the management of atomic energy and radiation safety, nuclear power, and nuclear power.

a) Focus on implementing the overall planning implementation of the Atomic Energy Application Strategy for peaceful purposes by 2020. Focus on physical preparation-engineering; finalization of legal corridors; training team of technical staff and high-level management of nuclear power development; propagation, raising awareness of the community in safety, nuclear security.

b) Increased state management activities on safety, security, radiation control, and nuclear. The entire organization of the governing body for atomic energy, safety, nuclear radiation. Completing the negotiation procedure for signing and participating in international and multilateral international treaties is important in this field.

c) Enhability, push for research, radiation application; atomic energy in agricultural, industrial, medical, and economic development. Launch Project Building Center for KH&CN Nuclear Research Center.

8. Continue to implement administrative reforms; enhance capacity, state management efficiency; strengthen room work, anti-corruption, and more.

a) Continue to push on administrative reforms; implementing the implementation of the 2011-2020 administrative reform program, which focused on controlling, controlling, simplification of administrative procedures. Quality enhAdvanced, coordinated work efficiency of state administrative bodies of the Ministry of State and the Department of Science and Technology, specialized management cases of the ministries.

b) The entire organization, personnel of the units of the Ministry on the basis in accordance with the function, the mandate under the provisions of the Government's Protocol rules the functional structure, the powers mandate of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Continuing the construction of the staff, professional civil service; improving the quality, capacity of the civil service, especially the direct public team involved in construction, policy planning, leadership; construction of the public structure attached to the position of the company. do; it is a strong implementation of the employment of employment. Continuing innovation policy, mobiles, incentives, officials.

c) Implemenced and synaptic, anti-corruption, anti-corruption, prevention, prevention, and prevention of corruption. Enhancing the inspection, testing to detect, concussion, timely disposal of shortcomings, violations in state management activities and the adoption of policy, law by organizations, individuals; timely settlement, law enforcement of cases, and legal matters. complaint, denounce, and the insults of the people.


1. On the basis of the content, the task primarily in this Action Program, the functional base, the assignment has been assigned, the Chief of the Agency, the unit directly under the Ministry of Science and Technology to implement and specifically to the objectives, the mission. in the unit ' s annual work plan; the test organization, the foreman implementation of the implementation of the relevant content of the Action Program.

2. A six-month period and every year the organizational units evaluate the outcome of the Program, which specifies the results of the construction of the proposed (if any) and the Report preparation (along with the periodic report on the Executive Director of the order). A 6-month preliminary report, the annual sump report, sent the Office of the Ministry and the Legal Department before 30 May and 30/11 to sum up, the Prime Minister's report.

3. The presiding officer ' s office, in collaboration with the Prevention of Tractions, the foreman implementation of the Action Program. In the course of the organization's implementation, the initiative's report, petition to the Minister for the necessary measures to ensure that this Program of Action is effectively implemented, synchronated.