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The Decree 63/2012/nd-Cp: Functions, Tasks, Powers And Organizational Structure Of The Ministry Of Health

Original Language Title: Nghị định 63/2012/NĐ-CP: Quy định chức năng, nhiệm vụ, quyền hạn và cơ cấu tổ chức của Bộ Y tế

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Numbers: 63 /2012/NĐ-CP
Hanoi, August 31, 2012


Q function of functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the organization B There. Y Yes.


The Law base. Nest Ch. I'm The government is on December 25. What? m 2001;

Base of Decree Stain. 36 /2012/NĐ-CP April 18, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry, the peer-to-peer body;

At the request of the Minister of Health. ()

Main Ph. Incubation, mission, power, and structure. socket function of the Ministry of Health Oh,

What? 1 . Location and function

The Ministry of Health is the Government ' s agency, which performs the state management function on health, including areas: Medical prevailation; examination, healing, rehabilitation; medical examiner, forensic medicine, mental health; health care; health care; health care. Here. reproduction; medical equipment; pharmacy; cosmetics; food safety; health insurance; population-plan h Fuck. family; state management of public services in the area of the Ministry of State management of the Ministry.

What? 2. Mission and jurisdiction

The Ministry of Health performs tasks, the prescribed powers at the Digital Protocol. 36 /2012/NĐ-CP April 18, 2012 the Government provides for the function, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry, the peer and the duties, the following specific powers:

1. The Government project the law, draft resolution of the National Assembly, the ordinance project, draft resolution of the Brew y 's Standing Committee, the draft resolution, the government' s decree on the program, k. What? The Ministry 's annual law building has been approved and projects, the project under the government' s division, the Prime Minister; strategy, planning, k, and other projects. What? Long-term development planning, five years, years and projects, national important work on the industry, the area of the Ministry of State management.

2. The Prime Minister is to draft decisions, instructions, and other texts about the industry, the area of the state's state management scope or by the division.

3. The executive, the decision, the directive, and other texts on state management of the industry, the area of the Ministry of State management.

4. The direction, guide, organization performs legislation, strategy, planning, planning, national target programs, projects, national critical works after being approved; information, propaganda, disseminism, legal education, and more. the law and the law enforcement of the laws of the Department of State.

5. In medical backup:

a) Construction, authorship issued by jurisdiction or authorship issued by copyright v. What? n the statute of law, specialized regulations, standards, national technical regulation of areas: Monitoring, Prevention, Infectious Disease, HIV/AIDS, non-communicable disease, occupational diseases, injury accidents; border health testing; sanitation and hygiene. Environmental health, health hygiene, school health hygiene; sanitation and water quality hygiene; community nutrition; household nutrients and chemicals, insecticidal preparations, bacteriology, and medical use;

b) Enacted, modified, added to the category of infectious diseases belonging to groups, the name of the infectious disease required to use vaccines, medical students and organizations to carry out vaccine vaccinology and medical students for mandatory subjects according to the law. the law;

c) Presiding. p with ministries, the related industry enlisting the long-term treatment of the benefit of sickness and occupational diseases enjoyed occupational diseases in Vietnam;

d) The infectious disease monitoring organization, the non-communicable disease, the cause of unknown causes, the early detection of infectious diseases and the organization to implement the translation, the publication of the operation by law; presided over, in coordination with relevant agencies. provide accurate and timely information on infectious diseases;

The authorities have the authority to decide or decide on an organizational authority to take special measures to prevent, prevent disease; test, monitor, support units, localities in organizing the implementation of room, anti-service measures. illness;

e) The organization deployed to carry out border health tests at the khs gates. Move. u; information, timely reporting of disease. Okay. n infection is particularly dangerous Okay. On th What? the world Okay. the owner of the room, Stain. -

g) Directing, the appraisal of the appraisal report assessment of health impact on building investment projects. - Industrial, urban areas, urban areas, medical clinics, infectious diseases, infectious diseases. ()

h) Directed, the organizational guide performs the initial health care activities for the people in the community;

i) The organization, the granting of the granting, suspended, revoked the certification of medical facilities eligible for the use of vaccines and medical students, the certificate to receive the standard of biological safety for the laboratories according to the jurisdiction;

l) Level, suspension, recovery certificate of registration, appraisal of the expertise of the registration of chemical advertising, insect eradication, destruction of the area. Move. n used in the field of household and household health according to the rule of law;

l ) Directing, guiding, testing, overseeing the implementation of specialized regulations, national technical regulations on the field of prevarable health in the country;

) Directed, naughty. Oh. Conducting and examining, monitoring, evaluating the implementation of prevention, anti-HIV/AIDS activities within the country.

6. In terms of disease, healing and rehabilitation:

a) Building, enacted by jurisdiction or authorship to enact laws that violate law, professional regulations, standards, national technical standards, economic norms-engineering of the field of disease, healing, media safety. the blood, go Okay. Okay, baby. Oh. i function, clinical nutrition, plastic surgery, medical examiner, forensic examiner, psychiatric examiner;

b) Appraisal and allowing the facilities to examine the disease, healing the application of new techniques, the new method was first made in Vietnam by the rule of law;

c) Grant, grant, return certificate of occupational therapy, healing, and grant, reorder, regulate, and recovery of operational licenses for medical examination facilities, treatment of law enforcement;

d) Appraisal of the file's expertise What? Signs of medical treatment, medical treatment under the rule of law;

) Directing, guidance, inspection, monitoring of the implementation of law-rule texts, professional regulation, national technical regulation for medical examination facilities, healing, rehabilitation, and surgery, Move. America, medical examiner, forensic examiner, psychiatric examiner.

7. About the ancient medicine:

a) Building and granting authority to enact mechanisms, the policy of implementing the inheritance, conservation, development, modernization of the ancient medicine and the combination of ancient medicine with modern medicine;

b) Building, enacted or granted authorship to enact laws that violate the law, rules the cycle. y The discipline, the standard, the national technical standard of the field of ancient medicine;

c) Granted, reissued certificate of medical practice, healing of the medical degree of medicine; acute, reissued, corrects, recituation of the oral and oral medicine. y operation to the facilities of the disease, healing of ancient medicine according to the rule of law;

d) The specialized content appraisal of the registration record for advertising activities, treating the disease in ancient medicine according to the rule of law;

) Directing, guidance, inspection, monitoring of the implementation of mechanisms, policies, laws that violate law, professional regulation, qu technical regulation, etc. Stain. c ... Okay. y, pharmacy socket query Okay. n, k What? A medical fit. Drive with y d Modern.

8. About equipment and medical work:

a) Construction and authorship have the authority to publish national technical standards on the medical equipment site; enacted specialized regulations, national technical standards of medical equipment;

b) Enact the essential equipment page category for units, c Uh ... Medical department;

c) Granted, suspended, revoked the registration of registration of medical equipment manufactured in the country, the license to import medical equipment with a damaged image. in Online What? p. What? n health according to the Department of Health ' s portfolio; the professional content appraisal of the registered filing of medical equipment advertising under the rule of law. l -Yeah.

d) Directing, guiding, testing, monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the law on manufacturing, the business of medical equipment;

Master, coordination. p with the relevant agencies to build, enact technical standards and design standards-sample design of ccf. cell Medical .

9. About medicine and the U.S. ph Move. m:

a) Building, promulgation or authorship issued by the authority to enact laws of law, specialized regulations, national technical regulations on pharmacy, cosmetics; national standards of medicines; Vietnamese Pharmacoists and National Pharmacoists;

b) Granted, the recovery of the certificate of medicinal practice to the individual registered as an administrative capital has foreign investment; the certificate is eligible for drug business to drug production facilities, the basis for drug preservation, the ki service. Okay. Drug testing; medical license; license to export Move. u, importing drugs; license. What? Signs of drug activity in Vietnam of foreign enterprises supply drugs into Vietnam; certificates of good practice of drug production (GMP), good practice of drug testing (GLP), good practice of drug prescriptions (GSP), food and drug practice. It ' s a clinical trial in clinical trials. Please. the drug business under the rule of law; granted, cancelate the filing of a filing of a business organization that organizes the GPP drug chain;

c) Grant, recovery of certificates of good practice of fine cosmetic production (CGMP); the number of reception to the publication of the cosmetic product; the vote receives a good practice of cultivation and collection of medicinal plants and certificates of product freedom for products. The drug business unit, the law, by law;

d) Quality and cosmetic quality management; decision of the suspension of circulation, drug recovery, cosmetics by law; in coordination with relevant agencies, anti-production, drug circulation, U.S. ph, and more. Move. Fake, poor quality and room, anti-drug, cosmetics,

) The specialized content appraisitalization of the application for the registration of the drug advertisement;

e) Implementing the state management of the price of medicines and the use of drug price normalization measures on the law by law;

g) Direction, guide, organization to implement and test, monitor the use of reasonable, safe, effective drug use;

h) Directing, organizing the organization to implement and test, monitor the implementation of the laws of law in the field of pharmacy, American ph. Move. m.

10. About food safety:

a) Presiding, construction, promulgation or authorship issued by the authority to enact written laws of food safety in the field of management of the ministry;

b) The presiding, construction, board of national technical planning or regulation of the quota and the level of safety for all food products; the board of national engineering standards for food additiation, processing support, tools, materials including materials, materials, and other products. package, which contains direct contact with food under the regulation of ph. Ah! The law.

c) Enact regulations on general conditions guarantee food safety on the basis of production, food business; enacted specific regulations on travel and management of the food industry. Okay. Food safety guarantees food safety, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, business facilities, and street food business;

d) Specify an h p in order for real products Move. And, um, real women. Move. m, ch. All Support What? variable, tooling, packaging materials, which contain direct contact with food that has a technical standard issued on the basis of consultation of ministries, industry when necessary;

Hosting the organization to perform the work. Hey. n transmission, disseminant knowledge, gi Ah! o food safety legislation; gi Ah! Prevention, prevention, investigation and coordination of food poisoning prevention and food safety incidents within the Department of Management;

e) Food safety management throughout the production, preparation, processing, maintenance, transport, export, import, business to food additiers, food processing support, food processing water, food, food, and food. a i, water. mineral Nature, functional food, food-enhancing foods, tools, packaging materials, contain direct contact with food under the rule of law;

g) Level, suspension, paper recovery reception of a contract publication, a paper that confirms the appropriate publication of food safety regulations for foods that have passed the packaging process prepared, food additiers, food processing support, tools, packaging materials, storage containers, and more. the food;

h) The paper level confirms food additive advertising, food processing support, tools, packaging materials, food storage, and other products, including food and other products. Move. m food within the Department of Management;

i) Level, paper recovery c interested in the basis of food safety conditions with facilities the coin All t, business c It's up Oh. humidity is within the Department of Management;

l) Level the certificate of free circulation, paper. Come on Receiving medical applications, certificates of origin, origin for food products belonging to the department's management range; food addiants; processing aids; tools, packaging materials, containing televieants. What? Online tip What? p With It's when t socket function, the individual has a request;

l ) Test base conditions, specify only Uh ... A participant in the food testing serving the state management of the Department of the Ministry; specify the unit to perform the arbitration test and the final conclusion. K There is a difference in the outcome. Ki the testing of food testing units in and outside the medical sector; level, suspension, registration of registration of quick-test, quick-test, and food safety indicators for food safety indicators;

m) specify the state inspection agency on imported food safety on products within the Department of Management range;

n) The direction of the organization, the direction of the organization, inspection, oversight of the implementation of the provisions of the law of food safety within the Department of State management of the Ministry;

o) General p, statistics, periodic reports, mutations in food safety management work on the basis of monitoring and aggregation of industry managers.

11 In terms of population-family planning and reproductive health:

a) Construction of the authorship has the authority to enact policy on reproductive health and the population including: The population scale, the population structure. Stain. And All Number of people. Stain. ()

b) Building, enacted or authorizing authorship to enact laws that violate the law, national standards of population-family planning and reproductive health; construction, the board of the system, and the development of the law. All right Negative, just the report. Okay. population and reproductive health; specialized regulation, national technical regulation of reproductive health care, family planning; and health care, and health care.

c) The decision to allow for the implementation of consulting services to the basics in Job-planning service. chemo the family according to the rule of law;

d) The decision to allow medical facilities to perform a redefining of sex, carrying out childbirth according to the method of science under the rule of law;

Directing, instrucing, organizing and examining, overseeing the implementation of legal, national engineering, policy, program, population planning, family planning, and reproductive health care.

12. On health insurance:

a) Building, enacted or granted authoritship to enact laws that violate law, mechanisms, policies on health insurance;

b) The board of medical supplies, medical supplies, d The technical service item is subject to the extent of the health insurance participants and the technical expertise associated with the medical examination, medical insurance treatment;

c) Construction of the authorship has the authority to enact solutions to ensure the balance of the Health Insurance Fund;

d) Directed, instructs organizing, examining medical facilities, organizations, individuals in the implementation of the laws of health insurance.

13. In terms of environmental protection in medical activity:

a) Presiding, in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, Construction Building, the authorship of the authority to enact regulations, standards, national technical regulations for environmental protection in medical activity, environmental protection in burial activities, cremation, and burial. And All Scale. i Medical school;

b) The organization for the appraisal of the strategic environment assessment and reporting assessment of the environmental impact on jurisdiction projects decided to approve c. brew a Ministry of Health;

c) Directed, the organization guide works to observe the impacts on the environment from the functioning of the health industry; management and control of medical waste; remediation of the pollution and recovery of the health environment; collect, store, and provide information about the associated environment. interest in the areas of the Department of State management by the rule of law;

d) Directed, the organization guide performs health protection measures in front of the effects of climate change, environmental pollution, and adverse environmental factors;

The host, the organization guide to implement and test, monitor the implementation of law-rule texts, national technical standards for management and destruction of medical waste and environmental protection, and environmental protection. to It ' s a medical activity bee.

14. About the management of the department of medicine, medicine, population:

a) Build an organ that has the authority to grant the standard title of the profession of the department of medicine, the pharmaceutical, the population;

b) The guidance of the employment location, the number of people working and the body of the official by profession in the public health career units;

c) Host, coordination. Oh. The agency has a specific regulatory agency on criteria, conditions, events, forms, or promotion of a professional title of medicine, pharmacy, population; organization, and promotion to the rank of medical officer, And of the law of the law, the people according to the law;

d) Presiding, in coordination with the relevant agency for construction of the regime, the policy for the office of medicine, pharmacy, population;

) Detailed details of the content, program, form, time of nursing in the department of medicine, pharmacy, population according to the professional title of ivory. n Oh.

15. On medical workforce training:

a) The authorship has the authority to approve the planning, planning for the training of medical and mechanical industries, the policy of particular in the training of medical sector personnel;

b) The National Technical Standards Board on the condition of ensuring quality of medical training and guidance, organization to implement;

c) The Board of Specialized Competability Boards for the Industry and Training Sector in the field of health and guidance, organization;

d) Remix p with the Ministry of Education and Training of the State Administration for postgraduate training in medical specialty: Level 1, specialship in grade 2, physician boarding and training for continuous medical knowledge of cadres, medical officer;

Building and organizing the training plan, fostering expertise, a career in health care workers;

e) Manage employee training facilities l It's the law of law.

16. Science, technology:

a) Construction, the granting of the authority to enact laws that violate the law, policy, strategy, planning, planning and the national technical regulation of scientific research and development of technology in the medical sector, clinical trials and the ethics of research. Medical medicine in the field of medicine What? ()

b) Guidance, organizing and monitoring, evaluating the dissemation of the application of scientific research results, in exchange for research. i technology and implementation of new technology technology transfer in medical;

c) Standard management, national technical regulation in the medical field by law; guidelines, disseminalization of disseminalization, standard adoption, national technical regulation in the field of health;

d) The organization implemented the agreement on the trade of technical goods in commerce (TBT) in the medical field.

17. About information technology:

a) Building strategies, planning, application planning, development of information technology in the medical and organizational industries;

b) Build, enact technical standards of application, development of information technology in the field of health;

c) Construction, enacted and organizing the implementation of the regulations on health activity on the network environment;

d) Directed, instruct, organize the application of information technology in the health industry across the country.

18. Go, go! d They ' re organized and tested, and they ' re monitoring the execution. cell Media, health education.

19. State management of public services in the industry, the area of the Ministry of State management by the provisions of the law; the specific regulation of the classification of the unit of public health. p with the management requirements of the health industry.

20. Presiding. p with relevant agencies, prevention, emergency and treatment of victims in natural disasters, disasters.

21. Planning and organizing a national reserve of drugs, chemicals, medical equipment, prevention, disease, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster, disaster

22. State management of the association, non-governmental organization operates in the area of the Ministry of State management under the provisions of the law.

23. Construction and the direction of implementing the health industry's administrative reforms follow the objectives and contents of the Government's State Administrative Reform Programme.

24. Management of the organization of the machine, the editor () cadres, civil officials, officials, officials; and practices of pre-pay and regimes, policy of enlightenment, commendation, discipline to cadres, civil officials, officials of the Department of the Ministry's management, as prescribed by law.

25. Implementing international cooperation on areas of the micromanagement l the state of the Ministry by law.

26. Financial management, property assigned, and organizational implementation of the budget are allocated under the rule of law.

27. Bar Look, examination of the implementation of the provisions of the law and the settlement of the complaint, denouncing, petition l The Department of State Administration of the Ministry of State; in doing room, against corruption and handling. l The acts of violation of law in the areas of the state's state administration are regulated by law.

28. Build, enact statistics and statistical indicators of the health industry as prescribed by law; organization collection, aggregation, analysis, management, and information storage. Stain. Medical statistics What? ; building a medical database.

29. Implementing other duties, other powers by the Government, the Prime Minister, and the provisions of the law.

What? 3. Organization Structure

1. Media and Competition, commendation.

2. Child-Child Health.

3. The equipment and the medical work.

4. The Health Insurance.

5. The Plan. - Finance.

6. The Human Rights Watch.

7. International Cooperation.

8. The French case.

9. Department Office.

10. Inspector.

11. The Department of Health.

12. Department of Defense, HIV/AIDS.

13. Food Safety Bureau.

14. Medical Environment Management Bureau.

15. Department of Science cell Arts and Training.

16. Department of Management, cure.

17. The Bureau of Medicine, the Antiquities.

18. The Bureau of Pharmacology.

19. Information Technology Bureau.

20. Total Population Planning.

21. Institute of Strategic and Medical Policy.

22. Health and Life.

23. The Journal of Medicine.

24. Journal of Pharmacology.

The following organizations were created: The Plan-Tà. i (7 rooms), the Organisation of Public Affairs (3 rooms), the Health Insurance (3 rooms), the Department of Equipment and Medical Works (2 rooms).

The organizations stipulate from Clause 1 to Clause 20 This is the t socket function to help the minister perform state management functions, regulatory organizations from the 21-week clause. What? Paragraph 24. Okay. These are the things. Please. A career in the Ministry of Medicine What? .

Minister of Health. What? Government Prime Minister rules out functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the General Population-KJ. What? family planning; the list of other career units in the Ministry of Health.

What? 4. l Male execs

This decree has been in effect since 20 October 2012.

This decree replaces the digital decree. 188 /2007/NĐ-CP December 27, 2007 of the Government stipulated the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Health and the Digital Protocol. 22 /2010/NĐ-CP March 09, 2010 a pour i , the addition of Article 3 of the Digital Protocol 188 /2007/NĐ-CP December 27, 2007 of the Government rules the functions, duties, powers and the t-t. socket function of the Ministry of Medicine What? ; the abolition of previous regulations against this decree.

What? 5. function Execs

Ministers, peer-to-peer agencies, Head of Government Office, Chairman of the Government Brew The people of the province, thousands. Oh. The Central Committee of the Central Committee is responsible for this decree.


Prime Minister


Dao Dung