Circular 22/2012/ttlt-Bldtbxh-Btnmt: Guidelines On The Management And Protection Of The Environment In The Health Care Facility, Foster Labour Sector Objects-Invalids And Social

Original Language Title: Thông tư liên tịch 22/2012/TTLT-BLĐTBXH-BTNMT: Hướng dẫn về quản lý và bảo vệ môi trường trong các cơ sở chăm sóc, nuôi dưỡng đối tượng thuộc ngành Lao động - Thương binh và Xã hội

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Number: 22 /2012/TTLT-BLTBXH-BTNMT
Hanoi, September 5, 2012


Oh. lift up management and protection of the environment in care facilities, foster care and care.

Subject to industry. L Move- I You and me X Oh,


Base. Rule. B Bitch. o ' 29 st of the environment Ah! 11 in 2005 ()

Base of Decree Stain. 80 /2006/N Fuck! -CP August 9, 2006 c brew a brew details of the details Oh. Direction. There. n Oh. One. What? of the Code of Protection. cell School and Protocol 21 /2008/NĐ-CP 28th Ah! 02 in 2008 c Oh! Yes. brew About Yeah. a change , b. socket One the number of things Number Protocol 8 0/200 6 /N Fuck! -CP on 9. Ah! 8 in 2006 c brew a Government on the regulation of detail and direction of implementation of a s Stain. Yes. U of Law B Bitch. To protect me cell The school.

- What? n Come on Number Protocol 1 86 /2007/NĐ-CP 25th Ah! 12 in 2007 c brew a Ch I'm The government rules the function, the task, the powers and the structure. socket function of the Ministry of Labor-Letters Please. Soldiers and X Oh, -

Root Come on Decrees Stain. 25 /2008/NĐ-CP March 04, 2008 brew a Ch I'm Ph. brew function of functions, tasks , q. Y. Okay. Limit and muscle All A socket function of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment socket i b socket sung at the Digital Protocol 1 9/2 01 0/ND-CP May 05 Ah! 3 in 2010 and Decree Stain. 89/20 10 /ND-CP on 16th Ah! 8 in 2010;

Root Come on Decrees Stain. 29/2 011 /NĐ-CP April 18, 20 11 of Ch I'm I don't know what to do. Ah! Do not Yeah. Strategy, strategy. Ah! Environmental impact, commitment What? t b Bitch. o to the environment;

Base Decision Stain. 58 /2008/QE- TT Day 29 Month The Prime Minister ' s 4 in 2008 on h I have We have a budget target from the state budget. What? Go. Okay. , corrects pollution and reduce competition Okay. Environmental degradation for a single Stain. Fuck. Stain. It ' s a part of the v. Oh. Rules What? t Fuck. Number 38/201 1 /Q Fuck! -TTg July 05, 201 1 of Th brew Chua I'm Ph. brew It's about fixing. socket i, b socket Some of them. U of the Decision Stain. 58 /2008/QĐ-TTg 29th Ah! 4 years 2008 c brew a brew private Oh. The Government.

Repository in Ministry TB dynamic-Trade and Social Affairs; Minister of Natural Resources and Environment issued the Joint Chiefs of Communication guidelines on qu Bitch. n s and protect the environment in the facilities What? Squirrel, squirrel. Stain. I ' m a member of the Labor Department. Uh ... Soldiers and soldiers,

What? 1. The adjustment range

This Federation is advised. There. n qu content Bitch. n and environmental protection in relation to the birth, classification, collection, transportation of the environment. Okay. n, save, x Yeah. I mean, cancel medical waste, solid waste, living waste water and industrial, ki ... Okay. Control of dust, emissions and noise, vibration, light, and environmental landscape. school (consisting of: green trees, internal roads, corridors) in and the surrounding area of care facilities, livestock farming. Subject to Labor and Social and Social Affairs.

What? 2. Subject applies

Federation Information Oh. Medical d Fall. g for the muscles in Care. Oh, raised d Yeah. Labor-based social subjects- Love. Soldiers and societies. in ), including:

a) Pathology-Labor Center Fuck. X Oh, -

b) The management center behind the drug addict. Deal. , muscle. in Voluntary rehab was established by Decree Number. 147 /2003/NĐ-CP 02/12/2003 The Government rules the conditions, procedures of licensing and management of the operation of the basics. in Drug addict. Deal. Willingly;

c) The centers provide social work services;

d) Social protection facilities;

House of society;

e) Heavy Trade Nursing Center;

g) Centre for care People. Boob Yeah.

What? 3. Request for qu y Technology and technology.

1. For the base when x Yes. New or new extend

a) Construction, layout b. Yes. The infrastructure infrastructure does not cause the effects. - -What? in - t Yeah, yeah, yeah. All Waste to other areas. Collection System Planning g Om Oh. Deal. l The waste follows the laws of environmental protection;

b) Building waste disposal systems Fair place is consistent with the size of the facility;

c) Selection of suitable waste processing technology, quality assurance Bitch. i after processing standards, the national technical regulation of the environment.

2. For abs in It ' s working to pollate the environment.

Construction of the upgrade, processing, recovery of contaminated waste, b ... Bitch. o ensuring the environment ' s environment in ; using the ph technology Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Environmental and environmental regulation, environmental engineering standards.

What? 4. Set up, appraisal and approve the environmental impact assessment report; register, confirm the commitment to protect the environment; execute the test, confirm the implementation of the contents in the report.

1. The facility when planning a new or upgraded construction investment project, repairs must be flat. Come on into the content, the scale of the project to establish an environmental impact assessment or validation registration. Oh. n the commitment to protect the environment in accordance with the laws of environmental protection.

2. Setting, th Move. Define and approve the environmental impact assessment report; - sign, confirm b Bitch. n commit b Bitch. To protect me cell i school; perform, ki Okay. Investigate, confirm the implementation of the content in the environmental impact assessment report must follow the regulation of the law v. Okay. Protect the environment.

What? 5. Q Agent waste It's n, waste. Medical

1. Collection, storage, transport. Okay. n, processing solid waste done by regulation c brew It's a law of solid waste management and hazardous waste.

2. Collection, pp. Hold. , transportation, processing of medical waste carried out in accordance with the law of medical waste management.

What? 6. Water Management

1. The facility has a collection of methods, processed sewage treatment before x. Bitch. Your lips school It ' s standard-standard sewage.

2. System Why? The wastewater guarantees the following requirements:

a) Using a technology process that fits the female type. Oh. Waste disposal;

b) Enough capacity to handle the entire amount of water discharged from the facility, which has timely treatment when the device meets the incident;

c) The wastewater outlet into the exhaust system has to be in a favorable position for ki Okay. Check, monitor, and follow protocol. Okay. I mean, sewage.

3. The sewage sludge from the wastewater treatment system is managed according to quality management regulation. Bitch. A snake.

What? 7. Management and ki Okay. Control dust, emissions, noise, vibration, light.

Body in is responsible for control, dust processing, emissions, noise, vibration, and light to protect. Bitch. m reaching standards, environmental technical standards. Construction or machine construction, equipment using fuel, materials that have dust emissions, toxic emissions must have a cloud-covered device. It's n, or have a toxic exhaust filter or use of other measures b. Bitch. o ' s standard, environmental technical standards.

What? 8. Managing and controlling mold, internal roads, green trees, corridors and environmental landscapes. school

Responsible basis:

1 -Ki. Okay. Control, mold processing, internal roads, green trees, onions. l And c. Bitch. The environment, the scale, the nature, the characteristics. Okay. m activity c brew A facility.

2. It is equipped with the protection of labor for the workers involved in the facility.

What? 9. Guan view, statistics, data storage, environmental information.

1. Body in c Boob Responsibility for implementing environmental status and environmental impacts due to activity. Move. of the facility. The implementation of the environmental survey by regulation at the report Ah! Environmental impact price, b Bitch. Sanitation. Okay. the environmental protection or following the following regulation:

a) Okay. Oh! Twice a year, the facility in coordination with the test authorities, identifies the following: Environment element ()

b) Monitoring the number, volume, status, acting of solid waste sources, sewage, gas and gas. Bitch. i of the facility;

c) World Quality Action Prediction Bitch. i, emissions before and after processing according to the environmental monitoring program stated in the environmental impact assessment or environmental impact assessment report.

2. The facilities responsible for statistical responsibility, storage of metrics to serve qu work. Bitch. n Why? the environment.

What? 10. The responsibility of the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Society

1. Owner What? -Yeah. p with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, the guide performs the content of this Information.

2. Presiding. p with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment Okay. Surveys, surveys, statistics, analysis and categories of environmental pollutants, facility Severe environmental pollution. What? Yes, sir. Move. The right to approve the rules of law.

3. Training, advanced training exercise l Let's go. Yeah. Staff, staff, staff.

4. N g Patio Help. The pilot and the width of the B model. Bitch. Protect and dispose of environmental pollution at the muscles in .

5. Information, media coverage of environmental protection in the basics. in .

What? 11. The responsibility of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

1. Ch brew stall, in coordination with the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Communes Construction site. What? Yes, sir. Move. The right to enact mechanisms, policies, laws of management and environmental protection against the facility.

2. Check out operations Bitch. n s and protect your lips school in the premises.

3. Plan v. Oh. B socket the environmental career budget for the facility Qu Bitch. n ... Oh. raising subjects in the Labour-Trade and Social Industry on offer c ... brew a Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs.

What? 12. Brew By the people of the provinces, the city of Central City.

Brew The people of the people. Only. Well, the Central City of Central City is responsible for directing:

1 -S- in Labor-Trade v. Oh. Society. brew It ' s working with the S. in Resources and the Environment for Staff Proxy The people of the province, the city of Trun. g I'm sorry. All right Manual, manual. Bitch. n s and protect the environment in facilities; total h p the cost of management and environmental protection in the facilities; check out the activities. g management and environmental protection in the facilities; training, training capacity enhenhability for team staff, staff in the facilities; model construction; environmental protection propagation of environmental protection in the facilities. in .

2. The Department of Natural Resources Oh. Host Environment What? , in collaboration with the Department of Labor-Trade and Social Guide to Environmental Protection at the World ' s facilities. in : training, career guidance; t socket Business plan. Oh. The year from the environmental industry ' s environmental career funding has the authority to criticize. Don't t according to the rule of law; inspector, check, gi Ah! Go, go, go! Hey. , evaluating annual periodic measures to take a timely measure of environmental pollution at the facility.

3. Treasury's balance of budget, layout. I'm from the state budget to the the muscle Department. Hey. n muscle Department. proposed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs.

Go. Okay. 13. Responsibility for c Uh ... Department.

1. Compliance with the laws of the b Bitch. Sanitation.

2. Build an engagement, register b Bitch. o environmental protection and the task of protecting your lips g in the facility.

3. Prevention, restrictions and remes t It ' s bad for the environment from the activities of the facility.

4. Propaganda, education, raising consciousness b ... Bitch. o sanitation for cadres, microstudents Hey. n in the muscle Yeah.

5. Implementing environmental reporting by law on environmental protection.

6. Under the examination, the inspector of the state agencies has th ... Move. Power, approval. Okay. Look, Detective, the environment security inspector.

7. Pay the protection fee cell the school and the implementation of environmental financial obligations.

8. Registration of hazardous waste management by regulation.

9. Training at least one (01) worker with knowledge c Uh ... It ' s about the environment to help lead the facility in environmental protection.

10. The organization performs projects on waste disposal and environmental protection in the facility.

What? 14. Oh. It works. b Bitch. o the environment

Management of the management and environmental protection; equipment investment funding, waste disposal system and v ... Oh. n onions mobilized from the following sources:

1. State Budget (Capital Oil Capital) Okay. n; environmental career funding).

2. Support brew a group of organizations, individuals in the country v Oh. International.

3. Revenue from manufacturing, business, service.

4. From other sources according to the rule of law.

What? 15 . Performance Performance

1. This joint venture takes effect on k. Okay. from date 20 Month 10 2012.

2. Private l Number one. 35 /2010/TTLT-BLTBXH-BTNMT November 18, 2010 l The Ministry of Labor. Please. Soldiers and Society and the Ministry of Natural Resources and M I'm talking about the manual. Bitch. n li and b Bitch. o v Don't environment in qu facilities Bitch. A ghost addict. Deal. The prostitute. Oh. He's a drug addict. The whole performance l Take action k Okay. from the date of the li Hey. This is it. Boob It worked.

3. In the course of execution, if there is a problem Okay. Born or troubled, got stuck. Oh, offers the agencies, t socket function, c Ah! It reflects v. Okay. Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs and Ministry of Natural Resources Oh. Desktop Yeah. Fuck. Okay. consider Oh, solved ./.

KT. Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

KT. MINISTER OF LABOR-Trade and Social Affairs



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Thank you.