Decree 83/2012/nd-Cp: Functions, Tasks, Powers And Organizational Structure Of The Government Inspector

Original Language Title: Nghị định 83/2012/NĐ-CP: Quy định chức năng, nhiệm vụ, quyền hạn và cơ cấu tổ chức của Thanh tra Chính phủ

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Numbers: 83 /2012/NĐ-CP
Hanoi, October 9, 2012


Q function of functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the organization I You're up - The government.


The Law base. I Government office on December 25, 200. 1 ()

The Law base. I You're on November 15, 20. 1 0;

Base of Protocol 36 /2012/NĐ-CP the date 1 Eight Ah! 4 in 2012 of Government Functional Regulation, Mission, q U The order and the organizational structure of the ministry, the peer-to-peer basis;

At the suggestion of Inspector Ch I'm The government ()

Ch I'm The government enacted the planning of planning, mandate, authority, and structure. socket Inspector Ch. I'm Ph. Oh,

What? 1. Location and function

The Inspector of Government is the government ' s peer-to-peer agency, which performs state management functions on inspectors work, citizen reception, resolution of complaint, denouncing and prevention, against corruption within the country; implementing the inspection operation, addressing the government. complaint, denounce, and chamber, against corruption by law.

What? 2. Mission and jurisdiction

The Government inspector performs the duties, the prescribed powers at the Digital Protocol. 36 /2012/NĐ-CP April 18, 2012 the Government provides for the function, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry, the peer and the duties, the following specific powers:

1. The Government project the law, draft resolution of the National Assembly, the ordinance project, draft resolution of the Brew The Standing Committee of the National Assembly; the draft resolution, the Government ' s decree on inspectors, public reception, complaint resolution, denounce and chamber, ch. Stain. Corruption under the program, k. What? The Government of the Government's annual legislation has been approved and the projects, draft laws that violate other laws in accordance with the government's division, the Prime Minister.

2. The Prime Minister approves the annual inspection program, decision-making, directive, and other text under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister and the implementation of the implementation.

3. The board of information, decision, directive and other texts on inspectors, ti ... What? Citizens, decor. What? t when What? Complain, t Stain. And in case, against corruption.

4. Lead, guide, check and organize law enforcement texts, details and details of the law. What? n plan, program orientation has been approved for inspectors, solutions y complaint, denounce, and corruption g , anti-corruption; information, statement U y Okay. n, ph. socket Tragic. What? n, law education v Okay. Inspector, citizen reception, complaint of complaint, denounce and defense, anti-corruption.

5. About the detective:

a) Inspection of the Inspector of Government inspection; instruct Inspector of the Department, peer-to-peer agency (later known as Inspector of the Department), Provincial Inspector, Central City of Central (later called the Provincial Inspector) construction and organization implementation of the bar plan. Look.

b) Bar to a matter of policy, law and duties, the powers of the ministry, peer agency, government agency, and the government. Brew The people of the province, the central city of the Central Committee (after this, call it off) Brew health of the provincial population); inspectors on state enterprise led by the Prime Minister decided to establish; the inspection of the complex incident, concerning the responsibility of the state management of many ministries, peer-to-peer agency, Brew The people of the department of the province;

c) The other job was given by the Prime Minister.

d) Examination of the accuracy, legal of the inspection conclusions and the decision to process after the Minister ' s inspector, the head of the peer-to-peer agency, Chairman Brew The people of the provincial population and of the Chief Inspector of the Department, the peer-to-peer agency, the Chief Inspector of the Department when necessary;

) The decision to rebar the incident was concluded by the minister but found to have a sign of violation of the law upon being handed over by the Prime Minister; the decision to rebar the incident was taken by President. Brew The Department of State, the Chief Inspector of the Department, Chief Inspector of the Department, but there are signs of violation of the law.

e) Fuck! Okay. Minister, request the Chairman. Brew The people of the provincial population conduct inspection within the Department of Management, of course. Brew When you find out there are signs of signs, i The law; the case of the minister, the president. Brew The People's Health. c The province does not agree with the decision to make the decision, report, and be held accountable to the Prime Minister for his decision.

g) Presiding over the overlap of the scope, subject, content, inspection period between the Inspector of the Department; between the Inspector of the Department with the Provincial Inspector;

h) Track, check, the foreman implementation of the conclusions, petitions, decision-making decisions. to a of the Inspector of Government and Prime Minister;

i) Considering the handling of the problem that Chief Inspector is not unanimous to the Minister, Chief Inspector of the Province is not unanimous with Chairman Brew All right, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. School. The Secretary of State does not agree with the results of the Inspector General's handling. socket The Government Inspects are reporting by the Prime Minister.

) The ministerial petition suspensees the execution or the jar y remove the prescribed prescribed by the order of its left with the regulation of the upper state agency, of the General Inspector Government on vocal work. to a; the case of the Minister of Ministers, suspended or not rescinking it, the Prime Minister decides;

l ) Suspension of the execution and offer of Prime Minister of the government i remove the rules Brew Department of State Department, Chairman. Brew The human rights department is left with the rules of the government. Uh ... The senior state, of the General Qing. a The government is on the inspection.

m) The petition with the state authority has the authority to amend, replenish, promulgate regulations in accordance with management requirements; petitions of suspension or h ... commission remove the rule of law l I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

n) The Prime Minister 's Prime Minister considers the responsibility, handling the person of the Prime Minister' s management with a violation of the law discovered through the inspector or not making a conclusion, the x decision. Yeah. to the inspector; ask the head of the agency, the organization to review the responsibility, process the person of the agency ' s management, the organization that has a violation of the law discovered through the inspector or not performing k. What? Comment, rule. What? I'm going to take care of the detective.

6. On the citizens ' reception, the resolution of the complaint, denouncing:

a) The organization for the reception of citizens; reception, handling of the complaint, denouncing; addressing the complaint Oh, denouncing the rule of law l -Yeah.

b) The presiding officer, in collaboration with the agencies involved in the task of taking over citizens at the civic reception headquarters of the Central Party and State in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City;

c) Verification of whistled content, conclusion of the verification content, the petition for the resolution of the resolution to the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister's resolution upon being delivered;

d) Review, concluding the settlement of the report that the Minister, the chief of the body across the ministry, the government chief of government, Chairman Brew The people of the provincial population have resolved, but there is a sign of a violation of the law; the case concluded that the resolution was in breach of the law, and the Prime Minister's petition was reviewed.

Help Prime Minister Ch. I'm The surveillance, the inspection, the ministries, the peer agencies, the government agencies, Brew The people who were granted a civil service to the citizens, solve the complaint, enforce the decision to resolve the complaint with the effect of law.

7. Go to the room, fight corruption:

a) The organization, directed, instructs the work inspector to carry out the provisions of the law on the chamber, against corruption and room, against corruption in the inspection work;

b) Inspector general of law enforcement, anti-corruption at ministries, agencies. q Yuan, government agency, Brew The people of the provincial population are under the jurisdiction or directed by the Prime Minister; employer ph Stain. I ' m going to work with the agencies, and they ' re going to be able to do that i corruption; the inspector of the case with signs of corruption; the governor ' s handling of the corrupt behavior under the rule of law and on the hierarchy of party and government management;

c) Presiding, in coordination with state agencies with the authority to build joint data systems on the chamber, fight corruption;

d) Coordination v Oh. i Audit the State, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Defense, the Supreme People 's Audit Institute, the Supreme People' s Court and V What? n " The Central Committee of the Command of the Central Committee, the Anti-Corruption Commission, to Changing information, documentation, experience. Okay. Room job, ch. Stain. Corruption; t socket In fact, judging, forecasting corruption and policy recommendations, prevention, anti-corruption.

8. In the course of the execution of the inspection mission, the settlement of the complaint, denouncing and prevention, anti-corruption imposed on the powers of the Government Inspects under the rule of law; required agencies, prosecutors said. Please. The officer, the officer, the officer, the officer of the inspection team.

9. Ministry, peer agency, government agency, Brew The people of the provincial community report the situation, the results of the inspection, the settlement. What? Complain, t Stain. And in case, against corruption.

10. Aggregate, reporting results on inspection work, complaint resolution, personal charge. o And the room, against corruption. v i Stop. state of State Government; total experience of detective work, gi ... Bitch. i decided to complain, denounce and defend against corruption.

11. Do International work on the work of inspectors, resolution of complaints, denouncing and defense, against corruption.

12. Organization, the director of the program, the scientific research plan, the application of scientific progress, technology in the field of youth. to a, take on the citizens, resolve the complaint, denounce and defend, fight corruption.

13. The decision. Shit. And the organization performs the administrative reform plan of the Government Inspects under the program, plans to reform the government ' s state administrative reform and the direction of Thais. brew The General Government.

14. Presiding. p with the Home Office issued a fictional text Oh. Functions, duties, powers, factories, and the mechanisms of state inspection agencies.

15. The director of the work, guidance on the job of the inspector; fostering payment of the bar to a for the staff of staff, civil service as inspector; carrying out management, b ... socket conduct of the inspection civil service under the law of law; the level of the inspector-bar for civil service, the officer is appointed to the inspectors in all of the Ombuds; the board of standards, the work of the Chief Inspector, the Deputy Chief Minister. Inspector and Chief Inspector, Deputy Inspector of the Province.

United with the Minister, Th. mtr - the muscle By the Ministry, the Chairman, Brew The People ' s Department of Appointments, dismissal, and Chief Inspector General All Come on.

16. Management of the organization of machinery, payroll; cadres, civil officials, officials; implementation of the wage regime and the regimes, the enaberation policy, the reward, discipline to cadres, civil officials, officials within the management scope of the Qing. r a government under the rule of law.

17. Managing and directing operations Oh. i career organizations subordinated to c. c. brew A law.

18. Financial management, property assigned, and organizational implementation of the budget are allocated under the rule of law.

19. Implementing other duties, other powers issued by the Government, the Prime Minister, or by the provisions of the law.

What? 3. nest Structure Come on c

1. The Department of Business Economic Service (Case I).

2. The Department of Internal Affairs and General Economics (abbreviated as Case II).

3. The Office of the Office. Fuck. , society. I II).

4. Surveillance, appraisal and post-inspection.

5. The People's Service and the Protocol.

6. V I'm sorry.

7. The Organization of the Officer.

8. International Cooperation.

9. The Plan, Finance and General.

10. V. What? n room (with V What? The room is located in Ho Chi Minh City.

11. The Bureau of Complemation, denouncing and Inspector of Region 1 (called the Bureau I).

12. The Bureau of Complemation, denouncing and Inspector of Region 2 (abbreviated as Bureau II).

13. The Bureau of Complemation, denouncing and Inspector of Region 3 (known as Bureau III).

14. The Anti-Corruption Bureau (Bureau IV).

15. Department of Science.

16. Detective Officer.

17. Detective Inspector.

18. Detective magazine.

19. Information Center.

In this, the specified units from Clause 1 to Section 14 are units that help the Government Inspector General to perform state management functions; the specified units from Clause 15 to Section 19 are career units.

Case I, Case II, Case III, the Supervisor, appraisal and processing of the inspection, the Planning, Finance and General Affairs, the International Cooperation was held 3 subordinated rooms; the Public Service and Treatment. l The petition, the Organization of Staff, is held in 4 subordinated rooms; the French case is held in the 02 chamber.

The Public Service and Disposal Process has its own seal and has a permanent department to manage the Civil Administration Headquarters of the Central Party and State in Ho Chi Minh City.

Functions, duties, powers and organizational structures of the cases, the bureau, the unit appointed by the Inspector General of Government.

What? 4. Effect of execution

1. This decree has been in effect since 1 December 2012.

2. This decree replaces Protocol No. 65. / 2008 /ND-CP May 20 What? 2008-The government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Government Inspects.

What? 5. i Execs

Ministers, peer-to-peer agencies, Chief Minister of Ch ... I'm Government, Chairman. Brew The people of the province , er ... The Central Committee of the Central Committee is responsible for this decree.


Prime Minister


Dao Dung