Circular 24/2012/ttlt-Bldtbxh-Btc-Bnv: Regulations On The Establishment, Organization, Functioning And Policy Regime For Voluntary Social Work Team In The Communes, Wards, Town

Original Language Title: Thông tư liên tịch 24/2012/TTLT-BLĐTBXH-BNV-BTC: Quy định về thành lập, giải thể, tổ chức hoạt động và chế độ chính sách đối với Đội công tác xã hội tình nguyện tại xã, phường, thị trấn

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Number: 24 /2012/TTLT-BLTBXH-BNV-BTC
Hanoi, October 22, 2012


Q Define the establishment, the dissolution, the socket function and policy mode

For Fuck! Volunteer social work at x. Oh, , ward, town.


- What? Let's go. 186. /2007/NĐ-CP December 25 What? m 2007 c brew a Government that regulates functions, tasks, rules Okay. Limit and muscle All A socket function brew a Ministry of Labor-Trade i And Society.

Base of Protocol 61 /2012/NĐ-CP 10th Ah! 8 in 2012 of the Politics of the Government brew Qu y Position n What? ng, mission, rule. Okay. Restrict and c Uh ... c All A socket function of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

Base of Protocol 1 18 /2008/NĐ-CP 27th Ah! - 11 in 2008 by the Government to rule out functions, duties, regulations Okay. Limit and structure socket function of the Ministry of Finance;

Root Come on Decrees Stain. 6 1 /20. 11 /ND-CP. y July 26, 2011 of Ch I'm I don't know. socket i, the addition of some of the terms of the Protocol 1 35 /2004/ND-CP Ivory. y 10 June 2004 of Ch I'm Ph. brew regulation of v Okay. Ch. What? The measure applies. Fuck. Love the treatment facility, t. socket The operation of the treatment facility in France. l the process Why? v i The administrative and the business. What? the application of the Stain. i with the juvenile, who voluntarily entered the facility for medical treatment. ()

Repository in Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs, Department of State in Interior Ministry, Repository in The Ministry of Finance issued a regulatory system of regulation of the establishment, dissolution, t ... socket function and policy mode on the ... Fuck! Volunteer social work at x. Oh, , ward, town. Oh,

Section 1


What? 1. The adjustment range

This joint venture provides the establishment, dissolution, t ... socket function and mode, policy towards the X Team of Work Oh, Volunteers. t township, ward, town (later called t) It's It's a volunteer team.

What? 2. Explain Yeah. semantics

In this Federal Information, some of the following words are understood as follows:

1. Team t What? A prayer is a blessing. socket Voluntary, anti-social, anti-social workers at x. Oh, , ward, town, founded, t socket function and operating under the regulation at this Federal Information and the legal process documents in the United States. Oh. It's different.

2. Members of the Volunteer Team are residents who reside in Of course c worked on the commune, ward, and town. All Volunteer for the defense, the anti-social crime.

What? 3. Subject applies

1. Volunteer team, member of the Volunteer Team.

2. I socket function, individual Boob related to the establishment, organization, operation of the Volunteer Team.

What? 4. Standard for Foolish Team Member y Yes.

1 From enough 18 (eighteen) years of age, health assurance, c. Boob Fuck. brew The power of civil conduct by the rule of law. There is a residency at township, ward, town from 06 (b) Ah! u) months or more or are working in the agencies, the organization is based on the township-level site where the Volunteer Team operates (not including civil service).

2. Volunteer to join the Volunteer Team.

What? 5. The operating budget of the Volunteer and Regime Team, Policy Oh. Volunteer Team member.

1. The funding ensures the operation of the Volunteer Team and the implementation of the regime, policy towards the member of the Volunteer Team is b Stain. position in regular-expense accounting brew a local budget by the devolve of the State Budget Law and the execs of the execs.

2. Funding, mobiles. brew a socket function, individuals and other sources according to the laws of law.

Section 2


What? 6. Authority to form, dissolution of the Volunteer Team

Chairman. Brew The county, township, town, provincial city (later called the District People's Committee) decided to form, dissolved the Volunteer Team.

What? 7. The procedure to form the Volunteer Team

1. Based on the situation, the practice requirements of the defense, anti-social distress at township, ward, town, the X People ' s Committee. Oh, , ward, town (later called t) It's As the Committee of the People's Committee, it is recommended to form a voluntary group of volunteers under Article 3 of Article 3 directly or through the post office of the Chamber of Labour-Trade and Social Affairs.

2. In the 10 (ten) days l Since the day of reception, the Chamber of Labor. Fuck. -Trade and Social. t Ch file brew The People's Committee. All p rules What? Set up a volunteer team. The case is not established, the Chamber of Labor-Trade and Society must c Boob Text stating the reason to send Ch brew of Proxy The people. All p.

3. Lake Sister. (1 set) recommend Team t What? The following:

a) Tr What? The proposal to establish the volunteer team of the Chairman of the People's Committee. All p, the content highlights the need for the establishment of the Volunteer Team, the number and base. All A member of the Volunteer Team.

b) Volunteer Team Operations.

What? 8. Procedulation solved Degree i t What? I pray.

1. The volunteer team is dissolved in the following cases:

a) Follow Fuck. the chair of the Chairman of the Committee on the People's Committee;

b) There is serious legal violation in management, t ... socket function and activity of the i t What? I hope. There are two-thirds (thirds) Stain. I Oh. Vi Hey. n of Team T What? Let's breach the law. Yeah. Administrative breach, accessed. Okay. The task responsibility or operation of the team is not correct with the function, the task is specified at Article 10 of this Federated Notification.

2. T Duration 05 (year) Oh. Work, k. Okay. from the date of getting b Ah! o foxes have s Well, A member of the team's law. What? Let ' s say, Chief Labor and Social and Social Affairs are in charge. Okay. The solution. Okay. c brew The Chairman of the Committee of the Committee. Oh, Go, go, go. Okay. A sum of this, or ki Okay. Check, assess the level of violation by regulations. Okay. B, let me ask you a question. Bitch. n (01 sets) Chairman Brew The people of the people. All p.

3. In the time of the 05 (year) day of work, k Okay. from the date received c text brew A Chief of Labor. Fuck. -Trade and Social, Chairman. Brew The people issued a decision to dissolve the volunteer team.

What? 9. T socket His office Fuck. A volunteer.

1. Each commune, the town only founded 01 (a) Volunteer Team; the number of members tonight. Okay. The maximum is 05 (the year), the maximum is no more than 10 (ten).

2. Volunteer Team Structure: 01 (a) Squad in Ng, 01 (one) or 02 (two) The vice and the members.

What? 1 0. What? The mission of Team T What? Oh, U Yes.

1. Volunteers. I have The Social People's Committee on behalf of the People's Department of Social Affairs, Anti-Social Affairs on the Table; operates under the Rules of the Committee of the People's Committee.

2. Specific tasks of the i Volunteer:

a) I socket function of activities i n, propaganda, educational education, prevention of the matrix. A y, prostitution, reducing the infection and the harm of AIDS I DS, h I have The victim was bought in the community.

b) Engaging in management, counseling, education, empathy, advocacy, drug addiction to addiction to addiction; selling sex workers, trafficking in community;

c) The discovery of violations of the law on the chamber, against drug trafficking, prostitution, and prostitution. Oh, Oh. I V/AIDS, seller. Okay. report to the x function authorities Yeah. And there ' s a measure. What? n blocking violation;

d) Participate in the implementation of economic-social programs on Fuck. Table like x Boob Poverty alleviation, teaching. Okay. , job creation, normal. No! - g I mean, to reduce discrimination and discrimination. Stain. I'll do it. What? Access to medical services What? , society, helping drug addicts after rehab, the b ... Ah! A sex worker, a victim being bought into a stable life. Stain. In addition to community integration. Fuck. And

In doing so, he was involved in a civil defense, anti-social crisis with the movement of "The entire nation that unites cultural life in residential areas", building townships, neighborhoods, and business. All Healthy. Boob social and other movements around the world. Fuck. The table.

What? 11. Support Policy Oh. Members of the Volunteer Team.

1. Based on the situation and the conditions. Okay. of Fuck. All right, members of the Volunteer Team are damaged. in The following support policies:

a) Attending training courses, training for knowledge accretion, conferences, seminars, learning attractions, forum sharing experience on HIV/AIDS prevention, drug prevention, prostitution, anti-human trafficking prevention, and industry-related sectors. socket function;

b) Provide documents and information related to ph There. ng, against HI. V/AIDS, the prevention, anti-drug, prostitution, and anti-human trafficking;

c) Participating in the programs, the project performs on the relevant venue. Fuck. Mission.

2. Member of the Foolish Squad. y It ' s an accident that leads to health damage, and it ' s been supported by medical costs. What? For the rescue, the restoration. Oh. Health and function lost or decreased as follows:

a) Member case c brew a volunteer team accident. Boob Join b. Bitch. o hi Okay. Healthcare Fund said. Okay. Medical m-based payment. brew It's a law. Okay. Medical and guided texts;

b) The case of members of the Accident Volunteer Team does not participate in health insurance: the funding supports medical costs for c ... Come on Healing, rehabilitation. g Lost or reduced to an opponent Oh. The participants of the volunteer team were killed by the state budget. Bitch. I tell you in my usual problem. Hey. n ' s a social budget.

3. Members of the Volunteer Team if injured or sacrificed in one of the prescribed cases at the Ordinances at the Ordinances of the Recipient with the revolution are recognized as either a merchant or a martyr.

4. Member of the Volunteer Team participating in the Team continuously from 03 (ba) n What? m in up, including at least 01 (one) year issued a commendation or a compliment of boards, industry, and unity. Okay. Or the government. What? is a priority in vocational education, manufacturing capital loans, business from programs, projects, vocational projects or a voter ' s development. Okay. n economics-society on the x-table Oh, .

What? 12. Cost of support for the operation of the Volunteer Team and the TB feud regime Oh. Volunteer Team member.

1. Volunteer team. I have It's a waste. Bitch. Protect your activities. Hey. n to spend on the information business, propaganda, consulting, consultation for the object, etc. What? n rooms, preliminary, t socket -What?

2. Members of the Volunteer Team are damaged. in The following modes:

a) It's a monthly benefit. The extent of the labor. Ah! Max. Fuck. With: Fuck. One. in It ' s 0.6. cell Move! y six) the minimum minimum wage c brew a State; the first team is 0.5 (non-comma) times; members of the volunteer team are 0.4 (noncomma) times. The specific level by the Provincial People's Assembly, the Central City of the Central City, is consistent with the ability to budget and the actual situation of each locality;

b) Supported 01 (one) l And The money was purchased at a maximum of 500,000 (five hundred thousand).

3. - What? Just go to the plan. Oh. Volunteer team ' s funding, the support mode for the Volunteer Team, member of the Volunteer Team for provisions at 1, paragraph 2. Okay. Okay. Brew The people of the people. All Let ' s establish a bill with a social budget bill. What? Go. Okay. p All p. Move. Scale Okay. n decision.

Section 3


What? 13. Proxy The people of the people.

1. The People's Committee. All right Base. Come on It's a real situation. What? In the country, it's decided to be a key. What? I'm sorry Oh. p volunteer team network on the ground.

2. Committee The people of the district. All right The Chamber of Commerce-Trade and Social Affairs of the district. Okay. Look, Fuck. light Ah! operation of the volunteer team network at the site b ; training, professional fostering to improve operational efficiency. There. in the Volunteer Team; periodically 06 (six) months, 01 (one) five c. Ah! o the Provincial People's Committee on the results of the results I'm Volunteer Team and Mutant Report when requested.

3. The people of the people.

a) Directing Team Operations Plan What? I pray.

b) Oh. I have The funding guarantees the regular operation of the Volunteer Team and the pay is done. What? degree to members of the Volunteer Team under the Regulation at Article 12 This joint venture;

c) Periodically 06 (six) months, 01 (one) Ah! o Commission of the People's Committee on k What? The operation of the volunteer team.

What? 14. The responsibility of the Department of Labour-Trade and Society

1. Ch brew to What? coordination with the Home Office, S in The financing of the planning of the network of volunteers - Oh. brew of Brew The people of the provincial government approve.

2. The presiding presided over the relevant departments, directed the Labour-Trade and Social Authority of the district. deployed activities: t socket Training, restitution for members of Team T What? I pray; I will take a test, and I will judge. o the dynamic of the Volunteer Team network, which proposes solutions to the whole socket In order to improve the performance of the volunteer team.

3. I socket Guidance, ki. Okay. Come on. Ah! The price of creation, the solution. Okay. , the organization operates and exercises the regime, policy towards the member of the Volunteer Team.

4. Periodically 06 (six) months, 01 (one) five reports Proxy The people granted it. All right The Ministry of Labor. g Soldiers and Society on the situation and operational results of the Volunteer Team and the report of the sudden when there was medical. Hey. The bridge.

What? 15. Terms of execution

1. This joint venture has been in effect since December 7, 2012.

2. This link is replaced by the Information 27 /2003/TTLT-BLTTBXH-BTC-UBTHTTQVN December 18, 2003 by the Ministry of Labor- Love. Soldiers and societies, the Ministry of Finance, Brew The Central Committee of the T socket Qu Stain. Vietnam Guide to the socket function and activities of the X Level Volunteer Social Operations Team Oh, .

3. The Board is accompanied by this of the following forms:

a) M There. Chairman of the Chair Brew The People ' s Health Board about the proposal to form the Company. t Volunteer Social (Appendix 1);

b) M There. Qu y The Chairman of the Chairman of the District Committee on the creation of the Volunteer Social Work Team (Annex 2);

c) M There. Decision by Chairman of the People's Committee. All p the district on the dissolution of the Volunteer Social Work Team (Appl l Okay. c 3);

d) M There. The Statute of the socket And the operation. g of Team Team g Volunteer society. All p x Oh, (Appendix 4);

Let's go There. A periodic report on the operational results of the volunteer Social Work Team c. All p x Oh, (Appendix 5).

In the course of execution if there is difficulty, entanging offers petition for the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Society for review. Oh, solved. /.


KT. Minister of Internal Affairs

KT. MINISTER OF LABOR-Trade and Social Affairs




Nguyen Thu Minh

Nguyen Duan

Thank you.