Circular 30/2012/tt-Nhnn: Regulation On Currency Lodging Fees, Custody Of Valuable Papers In The State Bank Of Vietnam

Original Language Title: Thông tư 30/2012/TT-NHNN: Quy định về việc thu, nộp phí lưu ký giấy tờ có giá tại Ngân hàng Nhà nước Việt Nam

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Number: 30 /2012/TT-NHNN
Hanoi, November 7, 2012
The regulation of the collection, the filing fee of the valuable paper in the State Bank of Vietnam
Vietnam State Bank Law School No. 46 /2010/QH12 June 16, 2010;
The Code of Credit: 47 /2010/QH12 June 16, 2010;
Base of Protocol 96 /2008/NĐ-CP August 26, 2008 by the Government of the Government Regulation, the mandate, the powers and the organizational structure of the State Bank of Vietnam;
Base of Protocol 07 /2006/NĐ-CP October 10, 2006 of the Government of the State Bank of Vietnam;
On the recommendation of the Chief Financial Officer-Accounting;
The Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam issued a regulatory provision of the collection, filing fees for valuable documents at the State Bank of Vietnam, Vietnam.
Number one. Adjustment range
It provides for the degree of revenue, calculation, and collection, which charges the price of filing a price at the State Bank of Vietnam (later called the State Bank) in accordance with the provisions of the Bank of the State Bank.
Article 2. Subject applies
Credit organizations, foreign bank branches, other organizations whose papers are priced at the State Bank under the rule of law (the following is a member).
Third. The principle of the collection, the charge.
1. The storage member has the responsibility to transfer, charge the correct deadline. For a member of the depositor with a deposit account at the State Bank, the State Bank is automatically quoted as a deposit account of the deposing member's payment at the State Bank for toll.
2. The currency used to pay the payment of the paper deposit fee is the Vietnamese currency. For paper priced in foreign currency, the State Bank charged and charged on the value of the price of the paper priced at a rate of average on the bank of the bank of the State of the Bank announced at the date of the toll.
Article 4. Fees and levels
1. The price of deposit of documents priced at the sum of the value of the paper valued at the value of the stored member directly at the State Bank and Liu signed at the bank of the Open State Bank at the Vietnam Stock Exchange Centre (no. including the paper with the Bank of State Bank purchased and is owned by the State Bank.
2. The price of the license to file is $0.2/100,000 in the price of the price/month.
Article 5. Charge Method
1. The fee of the filing of the documents in the month of the filing member must submit:
In it:
-Month is rounded up 30 days (from the beginning of the month to the end of the month);
-L: The number of documents that the member of the record must submit in the month;
-is that the dates of the month have the papers to be signed;
-X. i : is the sum of the deposit values of the stored member charged at the time of the end of the last one day;
- is the sum of the deposit values that have the signature value of the member of the storage member of all dates of the month.
2. Based on the number of documents tracking the deposit prices of the members of the archives, the State Bank sets the Table of Procurement Fee of the Procurement Fee (appendix) to determine exactly the number of documents filed by the paper to be collected in the month.
Number 6. Toll Deadline
The fee for the deposit is calculated and collected in the month, before the 10th of the next month.
Article 7. Performance Performance
This message has the enforcement effect since January 1, 2013 and replaces the number decision. 58 /2006/QD-NHNN December 15, 2006, Governor of the Bank of the State of the State of the State issued a fee for the signing of the price of the deposit.
Article 8. Organization implemented
Chief of Office, Chief Financial Officer-Accounting, Director of the Exchange, Director of the Bureau of Information Technology, Chief of the relevant units of the State Bank, Director of the State Bank of the State Branch of the Province, the Central City of Central, Chairman The Board of Directors, Chairman of the Council of the Member and General Manager (Director) of credit organizations, foreign bank branches, other organizations that carry out valuable documents in the Bank of the State are responsible for this information.

Vice Governor.