Circular 05/2012/tt-Bng: Guide The Implementation Of Decree No. 12/2012/nd-Cp On 1St March 2012 The Government Registered And Active Management Of The Ngo Organization Foreign Na. ..

Original Language Title: Thông tư 05/2012/TT-BNG: Hướng dẫn thi hành Nghị định số 12/2012/NĐ-CP ngày 01 tháng 3 năm 2012 của Chính phủ về đăng ký và quản lý hoạt động của các tổ chức phi chính phủ nước ngoài tại Việt Na...

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Number: 05 /2012/TT-BNG
Hanoi, November 12, 2012


Oh. It ' s a number-one decree. 1 2/2012/NĐ-CP 1 Ah! 3 years 2012 of the Government brew

about Fuck. Assigns and visual management t The movement of non-governmental organizations in the country. t South


Base. Law. socket Government on December 25, 2001;

Base. Number Protocol 15 /2008/NĐ-CP February 04, n What? m 2008 of Main the function of the function. , mission, authority and the muscle configuring socket function of the State Department;

Base. Number Protocol 12 /2012/NĐ-CP March 01, 2012 of Ch I'm The government. Fuck. Assigns and antennas Bitch. The activity of the t socket Foreign government in Vietnam. ()

Minister. B The Foreign Affairs Board. Oh. He was instructed to take the agenda. 1 2/2012/NĐ-CP 1 Ah! 3 years 2012 of the Government brew about Fuck. Assigns and visual management t The movement of non-governmental organizations in the country. t Male (later called t are the following decree:

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range and the Heartburn Applicable (regulation at Article 1 of the Decree):

1. The decree applies to ministries, industry, UBND of t ... All right The city's central city, the city's chief executive officer. brew foreign countries, Vietnam ' s partner agencies, and other countries. hive Non-government, t. socket Non-profit, social funds, private foundations, or forms of t ... socket social, other non-profit, established under foreign law, c ... Boob painter t Support for development, humanitarian aid, not for profit or other purposes in Vietnam.

2. Yes. - does not apply to individuals with charitable activity, employees and workers. Fuck. In Vietnam.

What? 2. General Regulation What? Sign Fuck. With you. organization Ph. i Yes. Foreign brew in Vietnam (regulation from Article 5 to Article 15 c brew a Shit. ):

1 . Base. Ph Ah! Command K The Agreement and the Agreement Yes. National t Sb a n on 20 April 2007 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, before c ... Deployment activities in Vietnam, people Fuck. Foreign non-governmental organizations need to sign the "Framework Agreement". Oh. i the muscle -Yeah. socket function Boob I Move. The right to Vietnam (as Vietnamese authorities are redefined by Article 1 of the Ordinal Order), in the Fuck. This is the responsibility, the responsibility, the operational commitment, the humanitarian, the prophecy. Okay. n of t socket function Fuck. It's in Vietnam. In case of t socket Foreign government is not available. the muscle Look. Fuck. The South Vietnamese sign " Frame Agreement " Then. the muscle Look. Normal of Brew The medicine will be the sign. " Frame agreement " and must take What? book by text Bitch. n brew a State Department before signing.

2. Complete and file What? the valid signature to the Permanent Agency of Brew y b We're safe. socket Chief pilot. brew Foreign: Okay. conduct procedures such as regulation t Six to 14th of the Decree.

3. Foreign Affairs Department Oh, level, extension, amendment, b socket sung, revoking Paper g sign on the basis of opinion Move. A plan of committee members. Non-governmental organizations Veto Foreign: All right Permission Oh. n declare activities after c All p Gi All Don't What? Sign, tr. Yeah. The rules of Article 1, Article 8 of this information. I socket The foreign government is in operation. Oh. i have not registered, the Permanent Agency or the relevant authorities have jurisdiction. Okay. A socket function Boob Stop working. Fuck. Fifteen days. Okay. What? brew registered and when the new registration is issued.

4. Departments, Industry, Local and Partnership t Male not to deploy activities h Work with t socket Non-government of the state. Oh. i when t socket Not yet. Boob Paper. What? Signed by regulations, except for the specified cases in Clause 1, Fuck! 8 of the Information Oh. y.

What? 3. Regulation and Level Oh. -Paper. What? sign v Oh. extend, b socket sung Yeah. A change of registration types:

a) Within 35 days of work since the date of receiving valid records, the Permanent Authority c ... brew a Brew Ask for the opinion of the relevant agencies and the province of UBND where the foreign NGO is scheduled to be registered. The agencies are consulted. Bitch. Twenty-five working days.

b) When Oh. n Fuck. You What? Related, C Uh ... My usual. Brew Medical transfer of t socket Foreign government and opinion. appraisal Of the relevant agencies, the idea. What? n of UBND t All right Where it was planned. socket Phi I'm Foreign government. What? Sign of action for the State Department for review.

c) In 10 days of work. Okay. from the date of the brew file as stated in Save b, Warehouse Bitch. n 1, Fuck! Three. in Above, State Department views x Okay. t, the competent authority (s). All The subject of the Foreign Office will be appellated. What? Capital. Oh. Yes. brew x e Judgment, judgment, judgment.

d) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oh, Chuy Okay. n results for the Permanent Agency of Brew The medical word is to inform you. What? B-p. Bitch. n socket Foreign government. - -Yeah.

Chapter II


What? 4. Body issue of registration and registration. the muscle the next view Oh. Pay the results. the profile registration (t specified) Yeah. 5 to Article 15 and Section 3 of Article 24 of the Decree):

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a grade agency. Oh. i, extension, amendment, plugin and recall the registration types of the t socket Foreign government in Vietnam (M) There. Subscriptions prescribed in Appendix 1, 2 and 3).

2. Normal Agency t - brew a Proxy work on non-political organizations Okay. foreign (Union of t) socket Vietnam ' s friendship is the subject of a proposed record, extension, b. socket sung, correct socket i, end of operation and presiding, in coordination with our member agencies. Brew The medical records, the records, and the tests, the records of the files. t No, no, no. brew It ' s foreign in Vietnam.

What? 5. The authority to sign a new level, extension, supplement, amendment of the Registration Paper of foreign non-governmental organizations (regulation from Article 5 to E) 15 of the Decree:

1. Single Okay. the new level or upgrade of the subscription must be provided by the head c brew a foreign non-governmental organization.

2. Please. Fuck. Extension, b socket sung, correct socket -Paper. What? A sign by the representative of the organization. Hey. n on the registration paper or the head of the foreign non-governmental organization is authorized to sign.

What? 6. Oh. S Uh ... about people representative of t socket Non-government. the water In Vietnam, i suggestion c All p Oh. i, edit, supplement the types of registration (regulations from) Fuck! Fifth to Article 15 of the Decree.

1. In addition to documents that need to submit by Decree, all documents recommend b socket The new agent of t socket The foreign government in Vietnam. Go. You need a grave. t Decision b socket assignment with Gi All Introduction by the head of the head organization Fuck. Boob Sign, a map. Okay. The user's history was appointed representative of the organization in Vietnam and a copy of the main information page in the passport's validity. Bitch. n b Yes. Foreign languages must be accompanied by b Bitch. n Vietnamese translation Got it I don't know. Don't ) .

2. The files need to be Come on The valid implementation is: Fuck! All right l That's right. socket function, the Judicial Reason of the expected T-T Oh. in representatives of the Office of the Project and the Office of the Representative or the person i Okay. socket Chief pilot. brew The Foreign Minister of Vietnam is represented by the United States. Oh. method of regulation by regulation at the Digital Decree 111 /2011/NĐ-CP c brew a Government and a Digital News 01 /2012/TT-BNG of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Guide Protocol 111/201 1 /N Fuck! -CP. In the case of a substitute. What? n as Head of the Project Office and Office Fuck! The name or the Fuck. A foreign NGO that commissioned Vietnam to live and work for a long time. d No, no, no. Bitch. I'm the country with the nationality. t It's legal. Boob a consul in the country Boob Fuck. Oh, living and do In the sixth round. t Legs. And n All t. Oh. S Uh ... following the request of the decree when c Boob The translation of the Vietnamese language needs c cell proof of translation at the Chamber of Public Works Come on Export water. the land or Vietnam a m. (List of water and paper types) t Yeah. Okay. free of consulalization in Vietnam regulation at Annex l "4".

3. People. Fuck. All right. socket In Vietnam. Go. It's only working. Brew He ' s working on the work. organization Foreign governments approved in writing.

What? 7 . Fuck! Fuck. Fuck. It's the Office of the Project, the Office. Fuck! Foreign NGO's representative:

1. V. What? n the Project Room of the ites socket Phi I'm Ph. brew Oh, Oh. In addition, T I'm sorry No or a badge Don't The capitals of the local cities are eligible for their advantage. Okay. Surveillance, h ... I have All programs, d The project and must be linked to the central city/provinces of the central city. All Text-to-text.

2. Project Office of the ites socket The foreign government is not based at the headquarters. in The authorities of the local government. Uh ... Yeah.

3. Let's go Okay. Set V What? n the Representative Room of the hive Foreign government, right? Okay. The city of Hanoi, Da Nha assigned And Ho Chi Minh approved by writing. Bitch. n and no Fuck. A Fuck. It ' s in the in The authorities of the local government. Uh ... ng (regulations) Point d -Yeah. Twelve. brew "A decree").

4. When c It's called Oh, organization The foreign government has a license. What? active service Okay. Make it Okay. I mean, there's a working place.

What? 8. Paper Level condition What? Signed up, the Office for the Office of the Project Office and the Office for the Office of the Representative Office:

1. In schools. p Fuck. Well, it's like taking part. Okay. Emergency assistance. Genius. the ear, the plague, the details. What? n tran Oh. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. What? n approval for the t socket Foreign government officials are conducted some activities. Fuck. Charitable, humane, before being granted. I Sign.

2. V The Office of the Office for the Office of Representative Office, paragraph c, section 1 Article 12 Decree No. 12 /2012/ND-C P is more specifically directed as follows: T socket Chief pilot. brew Foreign service has been active. Bitch. In Vai t Male in less time All Two years in a row before time. Okay. File a request for the Office of Representative Office registration.

What? 9. Yeah. A limit to the types of Paper Fuck. Assigns ( regulation Six, seven, nine, one. 0 , 12, 13 of Decree.

Time for Paper Type have Sign Fuck. New, extension, b socket sung, correct socket i Fuck. Manual Guide t Mnh. Yeah. After:

1. Th Yeah. Limit Fuck. With a maximum operating certificate of 3 years; the deadline for the Paper. Fuck. l Oh. p Office of Project and Registration Paper V What? The maximum representation room is 5 n. What? m. Hey. n ' s Yes. Okay. Hi. In Paper. What? There's a sign. Okay. shorter than I The limit on the above. p with the duration of the programs, the project Fuck. Oh, Fuck. C. All p. Move. Vietnam ' s rights to Vietnam Bitch. What? n Genius. Oh. of t socket And the deadline. register active Fuck. T socket Phi I'm Ph. brew foreign countries in the establishment or setting of s in It ' s in the legal case. Boob the deadline specified What? The operation of the t socket Non-governmental.

2. Paper deadline register Be nice. Okay. n change from the license t Oh. And here ' s the deadline for the license to be granted. before Here, except for the case. socket Foreign government. Fuck. Move! Fuck. I love you. And Others fit. Oh. Ability t Yes, and the chapters. What? , the project has been granted. Move. Scale Okay. n brew a Vietnamese approx.

3. The registration deadline will be required by the non-governmental organization of foreign governments and B Foreign Affairs view x Make decisions. .

What? 10. temporary validation paper:

In some cases, p special (Example: When the procedure procedure cannot be completed due to h Oh. Not yet Fuck. That's enough. Don't for the impossible reason) when the Registration c Oh! the t socket The foreign government is not yet. Okay. the extension, the plugin, the edit socket In time. Proxy work on the t socket Foreign government officials will grant the NGO foreign government to confirm a term of paper status. register of t socket The office is being considered to facilitate the conditions. t Active duty. Fuck. b What? Normal t Waiting For Gi All Don't What? Signed, supplemated, and modified. socket i. (according to the specified graph at Appendix 3.1)

What? 11. According to Article 15 of the Decree, the conditions Suspended. Only part, suspension. All right All right. All End of t activity socket The foreign government is headed to the end. There. n:

1. Suspended. All right a part when not making the right commitment, not brew Financial powers, children. Okay. Project tumor. have Cam What? t, approved without implementation.

2. Suspended all activities without performing the right field, venue, or non-voter. Okay. n active in the long term (1 year).

3. End of operation Fuck. You know, violating Article 4 of this decree after the Oh, A reminder of the children Okay. I And n.

What? 12. Labor license level:

1. By Regulation at Article 20 of the Decree, foreign employees work for t socket The foreign government has to go to the S in Labor. g , Trade and X. Oh, There ' s a local meeting place. in Please grant me permission to run by the current rules. brew a Vietnamese, except for foreigners who are the chief.

2. Licensing of the TB License Move. S Oh, apply to instructions guidelines at the following text: Bitch. n Legal after v Oh. according to the current law of law: i) the digital decree 34 /2008/NĐ-CP March 25, 2008. Okay. Use and manage foreigners working in Vietnam; ii) United States Digital Protocol 46 /2011/ND-CP June 17, 2011 socket i, b socket sung some of the N g Number of digits 34 /2008/NĐ-CP And iii) Digital News 31 /2011/TT-BL Fuck! TBXH on 3 November 2011 of the Ministry of Labor Fuck. There was a 34th and 6th Decree of Protocol No. 46.

What? 13. Import of goods (specified Oh. at Fuck! The 22 of the Decree:

Import of goods will apply in accordance with the 3/03/2007 Federal Information Guide I TLT- B CT-BTC- B N G. October 15, 2007 between the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the base by Decree No. 73 /CP on 30 July 1994 v Oh. according to the Bitch. Current law guidelines for import of import, import gun or buy you Yes. n tax In Vietnam. All t h Move. u, repennies All t, transfer, transfer, and destroy items that are required for work and activities. brew A great body. Don't Diplomacy, consulect and representative agencies socket International Fuck. It benefits the immunity in Vietnam.

What? 14. Oh. Enter c Ah! The opponent Oh. i Foreigners (reregulation) Fuck! 23. brew a decree):

Personal income tax Stain. i with foreigners applied in a direction It is n at the following legal texts and according to the documents She. Current law: i) Personal Income Tax Law; ii) Decree Stain. 100 /2008/NĐ-CP September 8, 2008 provides details on the Personal Income Tax Law; iii) t Yeah. Stain. 55 /2007/TT-BTC 29 May 2007 c brew a T Oh. It's the point. There. Personal income tax exemption Stain. i with the state specialist. Oh. i carry out the program, project vi Don't Foreign government support in Vietnam; iv) Stain. 12 /2011/TT-BTC January 26, 2011 t Number 84 /2008/TT- B TC on September 30, 2008 of the Ministry of Finance, guidelines for certain provisions of the Personal Income Tax Law and Change Digital 02 /2010/TT-BTC the date 1 1/01/2010 of the Ministry of Finance.

What? 15. sign And the accounts of NGOs. Foreign: (qu y in Article 21 of the Decree):

1. According to Article 21 of the Decree, organization Foreign governments have been granted registration licenses, registration and use of seals and markers. in accounts at the established banks and operate under the existing laws of Vietnam.

2. The registration of the seal is applied in accordance with the instructions on Wednesday ' s 07 /2010/TT-B - On 05/02/2010 of the Ministry of Public Affairs a n, Protocol 58 /2001/N Fuck! -CP on August 24, 2001. brew about qu Bitch. n reason and use of seals and Decree No. 3 1 /2009/NĐ-CP correction socket i, b socket Decree number 58.

Chapter III


What? 16. Operating Notice (regulation at Article 17 of the Decree):

Notification of operation of t socket Chief pilot. brew Go. Oh. i by text Fuck. Send Fuck. The head of state foreign relations management (S) in , Foreign Office or V What? UBND. t Well, the city, the city, is downtown. Yeah. It's the same thing. socket Chief pilot. brew foreign based or active, the program, project is expected to be more likely to be. Okay. Open up.

What? 17. The reporting responsibility of foreign non-governmental organizations (regulation at Article 18 of the Decree):

A six-month term and a year, the Chief of the Letters. There. - Fuck! In the case, the Head of the Office of the Project or the Organized. The foreign government authorized the representation of the t. socket The pilot. - Ph. brew foreign policy in Vietnam is responsible for coordinating with the Ministry of Finance, banking. Fuck. Ang in The account of the organization. Okay. Check it out. What? m, report b Yes. The document of activities and the situation to implement the program, the aid project, (according to Bi) Okay. A There. u prescribed by Annex 5 with translation t The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brew The medical board of foreign governmental organizations in addition to the UBND. All right , the central city of the central city at the active sites is identified in the Paper. What? The slog in the 15th. t Seven-yearly groin. Oh. o 15 1 Next year's report.

What? 18. The reporting responsibility of the Vietnamese authorities (regulation from Article 25 to Article 28 of the decree):

It's six months and every year, the ministries, the muscle The ministry, the government agency, the central body of the divisions. Okay. the t socket Central and UBND. All right Yes, it is. Stain. Online Yeah. Yes, the K What? -Yeah. And The judiciary is responsible for reporting activities and using the aid of the t. socket Chief pilot. brew Oh, Oh. c outside (in Schedule There. The tumor rules on Appendix 6), for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the slog on 20 July for the six-month report and the slog on 20 February. Please. after the report of the year or when Fuck. My request. Oh, Come on, report to the Prime Minister.

What? 19. The reporting responsibility of the Vietnam Partnership (qu) y In paragraph 3, Article 29 of the decree):

Six months and every year, Uh ... Vietnamese partners send reports b Yes. The text of the activities and the deployment situation. Uh ... the program, the project project. (in Bi) Okay. Prescribed lymphoma for the State Department. Fuck. Send Brew The people of the people. All right Yes, it is. Stain. Central to the active sites defined in the Gi ... All Eat. g Last sign on 15 July. Stain. i with reports 6 Ah! And slow down. All t in n g January 15, the next year. Stain. i with the paper Ah! o 5.

What? 20. Managing responsibility, inspection, oversight t of the muscle Vietnam. (regulation from Article 25 to Article 28 of the Decree):

1. work on non-governmental organizations outside c ... Oh. It's a responsibility for the Prime Minister Oh. The government is about c. cell Appraisal, inspection, monitoring and processing of cc violations brew a foreign NGO.

2. V Define an investment body. Bitch. The state of state in the region of general management of the ites. socket Chief pilot. brew foreign (paragraph 4, Fuck! 28 of the decree): The base follows Decision Number 67/201 1 /QD-TTg 12/12/20 1 1 of Th Breeking brew Administer the Rules of Management l What? Stain. Most of the activities. Stain. Your own. Tumor BND. All right The city's Central City and the Digital League. 02 /2009/TTLT-BONG-BNV on 27 May 2009 between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Foreign Operations Management in local and the v What? n fixes Fuck. B socket sung (if any), UBND All right Well, the city handed over a foreign governing body. And Termites (S) in , Foreign Office or V What? n ph There. UBND. All right ) led by a Deputy Chairman of the province of UBND in charge of charge Fuck. Public coordination. t General management between the departments, the departments, the local industry and the Oh. Minister of Foreign Affairs Bitch. n l The activity of the hive Chief pilot. brew It's all over the country.

3. Departments, departments, departments. Hey. n ' s subordinate to UBND provinces, the city is responsible for coordinating with the governing body. Fuck. Local (Department, Foreign Office or UBND Office) in management, ki Okay. Check, monitor and report the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Brew All right, let's talk about it. socket Foreign government.

4. Qu Bitch. n State Department for Foreign Affairs (Department, Foreign Office) Okay. or V What? UBND room in the provinces, thousands. Oh. It ' s the Central Committee that is responsible for the administration of the state of the non-political thing. brew overseas locally, in coordination with the Department, the Local Sector Board in the management of the operations of the Ts. socket function Oh. the foreign government, which is planning to give UBND the provinces, the city on public t The government of the United States. Oh. i and take responsibility before UBND. All right Well, t The city on the management of foreign non-governmental organizations.

Chapter IV


What? 21. Khen reward, processing violation (regulation at Article 31 of the Decree):

1 Non-governmental organizations. Fuck. Your complimers. in On the basis of the assessment and petition report of the sites method where t socket function There. active service or by Vietnamese partner agencies.

2. Besides regulations t Go 2, Article 3 1 c brew A decree, Brew All right, let's talk about it. socket Non-government. Foreign: will be Oh. The agency, the agency, the agency. i Yes. brew Go. Oh. If you do.

What? 22. Effect of execution:

1. This message is valid for 45 days from the date of the signing.

2. In the process. What? In fact, if there's a problem, suggestion reflection Okay. Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Study Come on U, guide. plugin In time. /.



The Scope.