Circular No. 47/2012/tt-Bgtvt: Regulations On Patrol, Check For Defending Infrastructure Road Traffic

Original Language Title: Thông tư 47/2012/TT-BGTVT: Quy định về tuần tra, kiểm tra bảo vệ kết cấu hạ tầng giao thông đường bộ

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Number: 47 /2012/TT-BGTVT
Hanoi, November 12, 2012


Q Check out the patrol, check out the infrastructure infrastructure.


Traffic Law Base. path 13 11 in 2008;

Base of Protocol 51 /2008/NĐ-CP April 22, 2008 of the Government rules the function, mandate, power, and structure of t ... socket function of the Ministry of Transport;

Base of Protocol 1 1/2010/NĐ-CP February 24, 2010 of the Government Regulation of Management and Protection of the Road Traffic Infrastructure;

Decision base 107 /2009/QE- I Tg 26th Ah! 8 the year 2009 Prime Minister Oh. Ch. I'm Government regulations, functions, powers, and opportunities. configuring General organizer Line The South Vietnamese.

At the suggestion of the case. chief Traffic and Tend Infrastructure socket Except for the in The General Staff of Vietnam.

Minister of Transportation Bitch. i issued a weekly protocol for the week Look. , ki. Okay. Check the security. End c All Let's go And Road traffic. Oh,

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

1. This is about patrolling, ki. Okay. Try to protect the infrastructure of road traffic. to The highway system is exploiting (except for highways).

2. Patrol, check. to The local road systems follow the rules of the system. Proxy The people of the provincial community.

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to the agency, the organization, the individual of the agency. Bitch. The road and road maintenance unit are related to patrol work, ki said. Okay. We're trying to protect the infrastructure infrastructure on the mining system.

What? 3. Explain words

In this Information, the words below are understood as follows:

1. Week is active week activity to a, ki Okay. Go. to a protection of the road traffic infrastructure of the Road maintenance unit and the individual of this unit when assigned to the task.

2. Road Control Week is active patrol operation, inspection protection of the road traffic infrastructure of the Road Management District, SIS. in Transport and individual personnel are assigned to the agency when assigned to the task.

3. Patrol staff is the employee assigned to patrol duty.

4. Week ki Okay. Meter. The officer was assigned to the road patrol.

5. Road maintenance unit T socket Maintenance of regular maintenance of road traffic.

Chapter II


What? 4. General Regulation

1. Road patrol:

a) The patrol staff is in charge of the Road maintenance unit;

b) Road patrol included: Trace on t socket Traffic accidents, traffic accidents, road construction status; timely detection of damage or acts of road destruction, encrooccupation, low-use behaviors. g The land of the road, road safety corridor; treatment or level report Boob I Move. Power to handle;

c) Mission Week Fuck. All the way in the year.

2. Road control week:

a) Week ki Okay. I'm in charge of duty on patrol duty. Okay. The road.

b) Road patrol duties include: Track, surveillance of ki Okay. Investigate the task of the mission of the patrol staff and of the unit b Bitch. o road maintenance; x Yeah. cause or coordinate the processing of road-road aggression, overcrowing, use to The land of the road, the corridors of the road,

c) Road patrol duty is performed at a minimum of 01 (one) time/01 (one) weeks.

3. For the Road Project implementing an investment in h What? BOT, BTO, PPP, project business organizes operating weekly operations in accordance with this Information; under the management of the Board and Road Administration Road in charge of the area.

4. The bridges, h ... And In particular, in addition to the prescribed implementation of this Privacy conducted by its own regulation of qu. Bitch. n the security, maintenance and exploitation of that building.

What? 5. Patrol, check the land range of the road

1. Patrol staff:

a) Detection of unusual status, incident of road work, other works affecting traffic safety and accidents, traffic jams (a photo of damage, accidents, and timely reporting);

b) For road work:

- Statistics, discern the number, location, detailed status of road work in the section assigned; control. to a frequently to detect damage, the breach of the work; report of the Road maintenance Unit and the Patrol to have the treatment;

- The case of minor damage, the handling of no supplies of equipment (piles of pepper, signs are shaken; the bolts are loose, slipping;) Ah! roll, tree pour The material fell on the ground. g Or the damage. Show Similarly, the patrol worker imples or requires regular maintenance workers.

- The case of major damage, repairs to supplies, equipment, must have a signaling measure for the traffic participants to know for prevention. to Also, at the same time, report the Road maintenance Unit, report the Patrol to have a timely handling solution. Yeah. i.

c) For traffic on the line:

- When the traffic jams, congestion or traffic accidents, the patrol staff must be available. Okay. collection g believe, the preliminary determination of the cause and the solution proposal p It's a trial, execution, or ph. Stain. In terms of the guidance of the forces of guidance, the transportation of the transport;

- Monitor the construction of the work on the mining road, reminding the house. And The exam ensures the safety of traffic; if you detect the behavior. All The safety of the traffic reports on the week of the inspection.

d) Management, land protection of the road:

Timely detection, the border confirms violation of the breach, report the Road maintenance Unit and the Priory. And n the audits for violation of the regulations stipulated at paragraph 1, 2, 3 Articles 8 and paragraph 2 Article 35 The Road Traffic Law.

2. Test week:

a) Check, monitor the task of duty of the patrol staff and of the Road maintenance unit.

b) Caught up in time of black, the potential point of traffic accidents and proposed treatment; gathering and planning tragedy. Okay. I've been monitoring all these incidents.

c) Ki Okay. Check the execs, detect and compile the violation, suspend the violation of the violation under the jurisdiction prescribed by the law; the acute report may be issued. Jurisdiction Okay.

d) Suspension. All right Violation of violation, copyright infringement. Move. The right to rule by law, ph. Stain. I ' m going to work with the authorities, the government. Okay. n local What? n ' s blocking, handling of the executed behaviors All M rules at paragraph 1, 2, 3 Articles 8 and paragraph 2 Article 35 The Road Traffic Law.

Participating in periodic examination, inspection of road construction breakthroughs; proposals for repairs to Road Management, Transport Department.

What? 6. Patrol, check the road safety corridor

1. Patrol staff:

a) Statistically, the beacon of the surface discharge, the boundary marker, the status of the safety corridor. path Part of the paragraph. What? n is delivered Bitch. n ' t.

b) Timely detection of regulatory violations of management, protection of road safety corridors; border and border security. Bitch. n confirm the violation, report of the Road maintenance Unit and the Patrol.

2. Week ki Okay. Foot:

a) Check out, oversee the task of carrying out the mission of the patrol staff and of the Road maintenance unit.

b) Behavioral suspension, copyright infringement under the jurisdiction regulated by law, report Road Management District, Department of Transportation v ... Oh. n load and ph Stain. In conjunction with the authorities, the local government handles violation of regulatory violations and protects the infrastructure of road traffic.

What? 7. The responsibility of the Border Patrol, the Patrol

1. Patrol staff:

a) The topic of reminder, explanation, instructs the criminal subjects to accept the rule of law in order to prevent immediate from the initial violation of the breach;

b) The report promptly violated the breach, the incident caused the loss of traffic safety and initial processing results for the Road maintenance unit and the National Security Patrol. Okay. There ' s a timely treatment;

c) All the weather events, the state of the bridge, the road, the road violation situation and the road safety corridor (including the borders). Bitch. n and the solution opinion) in the work shift is in detail. book A week's log on the form at Appendix I of this WIT. The end of the shift must report the results and the Japanese patrol for L Oh, The Road Maintenance Unit;

d) On a working day, each position on the line must be checked at least once; for such works as weak bridges, positions. to There is a risk of loss of traffic safety, positions that often occur in a state of violation of the regulation protection of road traffic infrastructure, which must examine at least 02 (two) times;

The week-time employee is responsible to the Road maintenance Unit Leader for the results of the mission to carry out the mission and bear the inspection, the monitoring of the Week ki Okay. Foot,

e) When carrying out the mission, the patrol staff must wear uniform and carry the page What? It's necessary. What? It's the rules. Okay. This 14 Okay. Signal on the side. to Your right pocket and your decision to deliver the task of the Road maintenance unit.

2. Test week:

a) Check it out. Bitch. the mission of Staff Week and Road maintenance Unit;

b) In coordination with the Road maintenance unit, local government and the authorities in time for violations of the violations, the incident caused the loss of traffic safety; the case needed to report the Road Management District, the Transport Service Department.

c) Every week, the Patrol examined the contents of the week's diary and noted it, and signed it under the idea.

d) Week ki Okay. I'm responsible for the leader of the Quad. Bitch. n l the road, Department of Transportation on the results of the mission;

When carrying out the mission, requiring the Patrol to wear the uniform and carry the required equipment under regulation at Article 13 at this Smart; The Patrol must wear the ball. Okay. The sign above the right pocket and has a decision to deliver the mission of the Road Management District, S in Transportation.

What? 8. The mission of the Road maintenance Unit

1. The road maintenance unit laymen up enough of the number of prescribed weekly employees at this Smart, which has the decision to hand over the mission to the patrol staff.

2. Every day, the Road Protection Unit handles petitions and content in the Japanese monastic symbol. And n sugar.

3. Months of synthesis and reporting of road maintenance, road work conditions, land of roads, road safety corridors, and regulatory archives.

4. Road maintenance unit in coordination with Road Management District, Department of Transportation. cell Transport, local authorities take measures to stop these violations. What? n road traffic, violation of road safety corridors; human resources, motor vehicles serving local government organizations to conduct violations of the breach. A periodic examination or operation of a priest's operation. And n sugar.

5. Check on the field and the passport on the diagram, in coordination with the policy Okay. The local area manages and protects the face of the launch, the road marker. In the event of a loss of mold, we have to inform the local government and the Road Management District, the Transport Department. Okay. There's a trial, restoration.

What? 9. The mission of the Road Management District, Department of Transport

1. Inspection, director of the Patrol Officer and Road maintenance Unit perform well on road maintenance, traffic safety assurance, management work, and protection of road traffic infrastructure.

2. All right, all right. g The test week. Okay. implement the mandate by regulation at this Smart, which rules What? I intend to deliver the mission to Tu And n ki Okay. Yes, sir. Bitch. o costume, equipment working for Tu And n ki Okay. Let's go. Okay. This is 13.

3. Regularly track and process information provided by the Weekly Report. Periodic examination or operation breakthrough. And n ki Okay. Staff and Road maintenance unit.

4. In coordination with the local government, directed the Road Protection Unit has the measure of preventing the conduct of road traffic from road traffic, violating road safety corridors. A periodic examination or operation of the operation of the Road maintenance unit and Road Staff.

5. Monitoring, monitoring of construction work within the scope of the downstream protection. And Road traffic; the disposal of the contractor in violation of the jurisdiction.

What? 10. Work in collaboration with the authorities

When the incidents are detected, the violation of management regulations and b Bitch. The path of road traffic infrastructure:

1. The Week of Audits, Road Management, Department of Transport in coordination with Brew The civil society, the district level, and the functional organs of the world. Move. Power. Okay. There's an initial trial.

2. Road Management District, Department of Transport in coordination with Proxy The people of the district and the government. Okay. It's a violation of violation by law.

Chapter III


What? 11. Performance, capacity of the Border Patrol, Border Patrol

1. A week employee with a professional degree from a career-intensive or fifth-degree worker (year). in You know, the law, the power of propaganda, the ph. socket variable, guide, and interpretation of the law of road traffic.

2. The student week has a level of expertise from the college level.

What? 12. The organization operates weekly, weekly

1. The patrol worker in charge of a line or job What? - And u, the content fitting vault, the patrol duty; the specified route length is as follows:

a) Level I, II: from 20 to 25km/hu Yeah. i;

b) Level III: 25 to 30 km/s Yeah. i for the road through the municipality; from 30 to 35k Go. /The Stain. i with an urban street;

c) Level IV, V, VI: between 30 and 35km/hare for the mountain road; between 40 and 45km/hare for the plain, middle-du.

2. Sub-weekly to The end of the line, according to the decision to deliver the duties of the Road Management District, the Transport Department.

What? 13. Costume, equipment service equipment

1. Test Week outfit:

a) The men's summer dress:

- Blue shirt. Okay. Short arm, c. socket b Here. They have a pair of chrysanthemums, and they have a plastic coat, a plastic jacket, and a coat of plastic. 1.3 ; two bags of flax were covered, and a bag of garments. socket There is a brace in the midst of it, and it shall be put into the garment; and there is a lot in the bag " Vietnam Road " And the letters " Road Control Week " ()

- The charcoal purple trousers, two-bag straits and a rear pocket, the clothing line.

b) Women's summer dress:

- The blue coat is short, neck, neck. A Shirt below), chrysanthemum Yes. Plastic with the color of the fabric, the diameter. 1.3 ; and the two bags of the garment were on the lower side of the garment, and the flap was a cross; and they didn't put the tie in their pants; and on the upper hand Boob Hello. " "Vietnam Road" and "Week of Control" Fuck. ";

- Charcoal purple trousers, two-pocket European pants, standing pants.

c) Men's winter clothes:

- The jacket is blue, the arms are lined in, the body. to I wish. Okay. Install the 2.2cm button and your jacket pocket. 1 , 8cm to install the jacket. to ), chrysanthemum with a gold alloy, A And the neck, and the neck of the robe, and the side of the garment, " "Vietnam Road". Hold. " Week ki Okay. "The Road";

- Qu And Double purple charcoal in two diagonal bags and a bag of ph It's Later, the plumbing.

d) Women's winter dress:

- The coat is blue, long-lined, two bags with a lid. What? In the bottom of the front, the waist-up, c. socket Break, you have a six-button shirt to install, button-shirt. Oh. It ' s the yellow alloy, the chrysanthemums (4 chrysanthemum 2.2cm) to install and 2 buttons 2.2cm to install the jacket underneath. " "Vietnam Road" and "Week of the Week" Okay. "The Road";

- The purple white pants are double-pocket, the pants of the pants.

Let's go There. Clothing and signage prescribed at Annex II issued by this message.

2. Level mode:

a) Summer clothing: 01 (one) in 2 (two) sets;

b) Frozen clothing: 01 (one) in 01 (one) set;

c) Shoes, rain clothing: 01 (one) in 01 (one)

d) Socks and gloves: 01 (one) year 02 (two) set;

) Helmet: 02 (two) in 01 (one) ministry;

e) 01 (a) blue shirt with a yellow line. Bitch. It ' s an optical fiber to wear while working at the scene;

g) 01 (a) digital camera.

What? 14. Costume, patrol duty equipment

1. When carrying out the task, the patrol staff must wear the costume and carry the following equipment:

a) Uniform clothing, grey-colored trousers, grey vests; above the top pocket. to There's a "Road maintenance unit" or company name and the "Highway Patrol".

b) 01 (a) blue shirt with a reflective gold line to wear when working in The scene;

c) Work instrument: A bag of class 01 (a) beak, 01 (a) tree spades, 01 (a) roll up 5m, 01 (a) flashlight, 01 (a) shovel-workers;

d ) 01 (a) Daily Book signs.

) 01 (a) helmet with a "Week" row.

e) 01 (a) digital camera.

2. Employee travel media path It's a motorcycle, a motorcycle.

Chapter IV


What? 15.

It has been in effect since 1 January 2013. Abolition of Decision No. 2044 /QĐ-GT on 05/09/2000 of the Vietnam Road Bureau on the issue of the Organization of the Organization and Operations of the Week.

What? 16. Action.

Chief V What? n Department Oh, Chief Inspector, Chairman Brew The people of the people. All right It's a city. Stain. Subordinated to the Middle g , T socket - c All right chief I socket Vietnam Road Bureau, Director of the Department of Transport Bitch. i and Th brew Captain. g the agencies, the relevant unit responsible for enforcement of the operation t Hey, hey.



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