Circular 11/2012/tt-Bxd: Guide To Setting Up And Managing The Maintenance Costs Of Construction Works

Original Language Title: Thông tư 11/2012/TT-BXD: Hướng dẫn lập và quản lý chi phí bảo trì công trình xây dựng

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Number: 11 /2012/TT-BXD
Hanoi, December 25, 2012


Direction and management of the cost of maintenance of construction work


Base of Protocol 17 /2008/NĐ-CP 04/02/2008 of the Government stipulated the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Construction;

Base of Protocol 114 /2010/NĐ-CP December 6, 2010 of the Government on the maintenance of construction work;

At the suggestion of the Chief of the Construction Economy and the Institute of Economic Development,

The Minister for Construction of the Guidance Advisory Board and management of the cost of maintenance of the construction work, as follows:

Chapter I


What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

This information instructs the establishment and management of maintenance costs for construction work, the construction category category at the requirements of the maintenance process; applicable to organizations, individuals who are involved in management, exploitation and use of construction work (owner) of the maintenance process. owned or legally authorized by the government of Vietnam.

What? 2. Cost content in the implementation of the work maintenance

The content of expense items associated with the implementation of the construction maintenance work includes:

1. Cost, appraisal or appraisal of the process maintenance process;

2. The cost of planning maintenance of the work (including the cost of planning and the appraisal or appraisal of the work maintenance costs);

3. Cost of regular, recurring, and breakthrough work checks;

4. Cost of work observations on the work required to be observed;

5. Public maintenance costs;

6. Cost of the quality of the work quality when needed;

7. Cost of periodic and groundbreaking work;

8. The cost of setting up and managing the work maintenance profile.

In particular the cost of observing, the quality of the work quality, depending on the maintenance requirements of the type of construction work may include one or both of the above content in the cost maintenance cost of construction by regulation at Article 26 Digital Protocol. 114 /2010/NĐ-CP June 6, 2010 of the Government (later abbreviated as the Digital Protocol) 114 /2010/NĐ-CP).

What? 3. Principles of determining the cost maintenance costs

1. The process maintenance cost defined by the guide at this Smart is the cost level required to complete some or all of the work content of the construction process maintenance process, in accordance with the methods, enough of the expenses spent on the site. charge by regulation and in accordance with the scale, the design requirements of the work, process maintenance process and other conditions are relevant.

2. Based on the properties, characteristics, time of job implementation of the process maintenance process to determine the workload content as the basis for determining costs in accordance with Article 4 of this Information.

3. When determining the cost of the maintenance work of paragraph 4, paragraph 6, paragraph 7 Article 2 of this Information can refer to, the use of the format, the construction price has been published.

The case needs to build the rating, the construction order for the additional new work or the use of modal adjustments, the construction price of the work that has been published for the appropriate nature, characteristics, conditions, enforcement measures, and technical requirements. Whether the maintenance work is above, the owner or the owner is legally authorized to build or adjust to make the basis of the cost.

The application, standard operation, construction and construction unit is announced or modified, new construction follows the principles of construction and management of the construction and construction price of the existing building.

Chapter II


What? 4. Methods of determining the cost of maintenance work

1. The method of determining by accounting by volume and order.

On the basis of the volume of work done under the maintenance plan and the corresponding price for each job content to create a cost-to-work problem: the construction of the work; repair of periodic work and breakthroughs; the quality of the work quality.

2. Method by definition The ratio of the percent.

This method is applied to determine the costs for the work: l Planning for the maintenance of construction; regular, periodic, and groundbreaking work checks; maintenance of the work; scheduling and management of the work maintenance profile (collectively known as the cost of maintenance of the work).

What? 5. Define the cost in the work maintenance execution

1. The set of charges, the appraisal or the process of the process maintenance process maintenance.

The cost of the maintenance process maintenance process is defined in the cost of engineering design (for the required 3-step design process) or the cost of the design drawing design (for the required two-step and one-step design requirements).

The cost of the appraisal or appraisal process maintenance process is defined in the cost of the appraisal or the work design appraisal.

The work case is in use but there is no process maintenance procedure as specified at Article 15 Decree. 114 /2010/NĐ-CP then the cost and the appraisal costs or maintenance of the maintenance process are determined in accordance with the Ministry of Construction's guidelines for the cost of the investment advisory cost.

2. Public maintenance costs (including the cost of planning maintenance of the work, regular work checks, periodic, breakaway, cost-of-cost, and process maintenance management).

The cost of maintenance work includes the cost of tracking, care, small damage repair (e.g., replacement of wind suction, chicken patchwork, replacement of a paved concrete, changing pipe valve, etc.), maintenance equipment (except for the central air conditioning system and the maintenance). The central gas system) installed into the building (e.g., replacing the bolt, replacing the replacement machine, maintenance of local air conditioning) was determined at a percentage (%) at the No. 1 Annex with this Smart compared to the cost of construction and cost. the work device (not including the technology device portion of the work) calculated the investment capital of the same level and the same type at the time. The plan for maintenance of the building.

For the maintenance costs of the technology of the technology (including the central air conditioning system and the central gas system), the supplier's maintenance process provides the technology equipment to determine the cost.

3. The cost of the work of the work on the building requires observational requirements.

Defined in accordance with the current guidelines of the Construction Department on the establishment and management of the cost of the construction survey.

4. Cost the quality of the work quality when needed.

This cost is defined by the current guidelines of the Ministry of Construction on the operational, regulatory, and certification activities that are eligible for the safety of the force, certification of the quality of construction work.

5. Cost of fixed and recurring work repairs.

The cost of fixing the periodic work (fixed and fixed repairs) is set to be calculated according to the mass and monefactor method. The method of accounting pursues to the Ministry of Construction's guidance and management of the cost of the construction of the building.

The repair case, periodically replacing the technology equipment of the building, is based on the repair requirements, replacing the maintenance provider's maintenance process to determine the cost.

The case of a groundbreaking work correction is done by regulation at the Digital Decree. 71 /2005/NĐ-CP June 6, 2005 The Government's Administration of Investment Management.

A compilation of the work maintenance costs as instructions on Annex 2 are accompanied by this Information.

Chapter III


What? 6. Manager the cost of maintenance of the use of the state budget capital

1. For work-fixing work, recurring equipment and a mutation that has a value of less than 500 million co-owners or authorized holders, the decision to cost the costs according to regulatory content at a point a, paragraph 4 Article 10 Decree. 114 /2010/NĐ-CP.

2. The case of construction repairs, periodic equipment, and mutations that are valued at up to 500 million or more or more or more have to establish an economic report-engineering or project-building investment project. The owner or the authorized person is responsible for organizing the organization, the appraisal and approval under the regulatory management regulations. Economic-reporting content, project-building investment project.

3 . The owner or trustee is responsible for organizing the organization, appraisal (if sufficient condition, capacity) or hiring organizations, personally qualified competenties, professional experience to establish, qualitative appraisors, additional building orders, or corrections. following the content in paragraph 3 Article 3 of this Notice or the auditor of the cost maintenance cost prior to c ... All right Yes, or the authorized one.

4. The owner or authorized owner is responsible for the management of maintenance of maintenance and payment, the maintenance of maintenance costs on the basis of a contract content that has united with the organization, the individual who performs public maintenance work. Yeah.

5. Recommend c y-owned or legally authorized to c ... You do not use a state budget source to maintain the work done in paragraph 1, paragraph 2, paragraph 3 This.

Chapter IV


What? 7. The organization performs

1. An investment organization that organizes the process maintenance process at the stage design stage, the organization or the appraisal as the basis for approval before the recording to put the work on the exploit used.

For the construction work of the projects that are implementing construction investments but have not yet implemented a process maintenance process, the owner of the investment must organize, appraise or investigate the maintenance process for the work. The cost of these jobs is included in the cost of consulting investment advice in the total investment of the project.

The case of construction work has put into exploitation, use but no construction process maintenance process. y-owned or authorized by the authorized person organization, appraisal and process approx, process maintenance costs.

2. After the construction work put into the exploitation, use is the owner or the authorized person. is responsible for the maintenance planning on the maintenance process maintenance process and the cost of maintenance of the annual work, including the cost of periodic repairs to the work to the maintenance plan.

3. The cost of maintenance of the work under regulation at Article 19 Decree 114 /2010/NĐ-CP.

4. The cost of the maintenance cost of the procedure implemented by regulation at Article 20 Decree 114 /2010/NĐ-CP.

What? 8. Effect of execution

This announcement came into effect on 1 February 2013.

In the course of execution, if there is an entangrium, suggest organizations, individuals send opinions on the Ministry of Construction to study the solution.



Chen Wenshan