The Decree 05/2013/nd-Cp: Modifying, Supplementing A Number Of Articles And Regulations On Administrative Procedures Of Decree No. 43/2010/nd-Cp Dated 15 April 2010 The Government Business Registration

Original Language Title: Nghị định 05/2013/NĐ-CP: Sửa đổi, bổ sung một số điều quy định về thủ tục hành chính của Nghị định số 43/2010/NĐ-CP ngày 15 tháng 4 năm 2010 của Chính phủ về đăng ký doanh nghiệp

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Numbers: 05 /2013/NĐ-CP
Hanoi, January 9, 2013


Amendment, addition of some provisions of the administrative procedure of the Digital Protocol. 43 /2010/NĐ-CP

April 15, 2010 by the Government on Corporate Registration


The Law base. I 25 th Government. Ah! 12 in 2001;

The Law base. D It's 29 days. Ah! 11 in 2005;

The base of the resolution. Stain. 25 /NQ-CP on 2 June 2010 of Ch I'm The government is about to simplify 258 administrative procedures. l the ministry, the industry;

The base of the resolution. Stain. 70 /NQ-CP on 27th Ah! 12 years 20 1 Ch I'm This is about simplification of the procedure. I'm Under the management function. Why? of Department of Planning and Investment ()

At the suggestion of Minister K What? That's the plan. ()

The government issued a revised decree. socket i, b socket Add a Stain. The rules of the procedure. I'm Of the Decree. Stain. 43/20 1 0/ND-CP April 15, 2010 of Ch I'm Let's go. What? - sign enterprise Oh,

What? 1. Modified, add some of the provisions of the Digital Protocol 43 /2010/NĐ-CP April 15, 2010 in Business Registry

1. Edit paragraph 4 Article 7 as follows:

" 4. Opponent Oh. Industries, business. cell Yes. to The Vietnam Economic Industry System and has not been regulated in legal, regulatory and legal texts. l In other words, business regioners consider logging, this business into the Business Registration Certificate if not in the industry, a business prohibition, and a notice for the Department of Planning and Investment (Statistics General) to b. socket New code. "

2. Add to Articles 8a, 8b, 8c after Article 8 as follows:

" 8a. Business registration record number, business passport

1. The business filed for 1 set of records in the Provincial Business Registry when performing a business registration, registration of branch operations, representative office, business location notification or registration of enterprise registration content.

2. A business passport is filed in a district-level business registry when registering to form a business or registering a registered content change.

Article 8b. A valid copy of the papers in the business register profile

1. Copy. The number of papers in the business registration filing is that the papers have been corroborated or were certified by the agency, t. socket Competent authorities.

2. For the registration records that must have a transfer contract, the paperwork confirms the donation to the portion of the donation, the business may send the original or the valid copy.

Article 8c. Publish Content What? business A

1. In the 30-day period, since the date of the establishment or registration of a change in business registration content, the business must post the business registration content on the National Enterprise Registration Information portal under regulation at Article 28 Enterprise Law and Pay. Business registration content.

Minister of Finance, in collaboration with the K What? Planning and Investment Planning on the Cost of Business Registration Content.

2. The company released a more common share of the shares, and saled that number of shares to all shareholders according to their existing share rate at the company that had to send text announcing the release of more common shares. What? Permanent address of the c socket It ' s in the form of a secure form.

This message must be posted on the National Enterprise Registration Information gate or register for three consecutive numbers in the 10-day deadline. l I mean, the day of the announcement.

3. During the 07 day period of work since the day through the decision of the tournament Okay. business by regulation at Clause 1 Article 158 Business Law, Business: why send a dissolution decision to the business registry, all of the business? c You owe it, you have rights, obligations and benefits. i Look, the worker, the worker in the business.

The business must publicly determine the business dissolution at the headquarters and branch of the business and post this decision on the National Enterprise Registration Portal. "

3. Modify, add Article 57 as follows:

" Article 57. Business Pause

Business, the business of suspended business must inform the business registry office where d ... o You are a professional, a registered businessman, and a tax agency for at least 15 days before the business is suspended. Content Information o include:

1. The name, headquarters address, business number and date of the issue of the Business Registration Certificate or Other equivalent paper for the business; Certificate of Business Registration for Business.

2. Business, business.

3. Business pause, start date and date end of the pause deadline. The period of business pause in the notice was not over a year. After the expiration of the business. Oh, announced, if businesses, business households continue to suspend business, then have to notify business regioners. Total Business Temper Time l It wasn't for two years.

4. Business paused.

5. They, the name, the signature of the representative according to the law of the business or of the business representative.

It is accompanied by a decision to have a decision and a member of the Board's meeting on the LLC's two-member LLC, whose company owns the company's LLC, a member of the shareholders ' company. shares, of the most prestigious members Stain. i with company company.

The Business Registry awarded the Certificate of the Profile to the applicant after receiving the business ' s temporary notification of business, for business.

During the 5-day period of work, since the date of receiving a valid profile, the business registration agency issued a confirmation of the business, the business passport registered to suspend the activity under the sample provided by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. "

What? 2. Effect of execution

This decree has been in effect since 25 February 2013.

What? 3. Organization to execute

1. The Minister of Planning and Investment is responsible for implementing and implementing the implementation of this decree.

2. Ministers, Prime Minister. Uh ... Across the Ministry, the Prime Minister of Government, Chairman of the Government, Brew The people of the province, the central city of the Central and the institutions, the individuals are involved. Shit. This is the responsibility of this decree. /.


Prime Minister


Dao Dung