519/qd-Bvhttdl Decision: Enact The Action Program Of The Ministry Of Culture, Sports And Tourism Implementing Resolution No. 19/nq-Cp On 07 January 2013 By The Government On These Solutions In The C. ..

Original Language Title: Quyết định 518/QĐ-BVHTTDL: Ban hành Chương trình hành động của Bộ Văn hóa, Thể thao và Du lịch thực hiện Nghị quyết số 01/Nq-Cp ngày 07 tháng 01 năm 2013 của Chính phủ về những giải pháp chủ yếu c...

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Number: 518 /QĐ-BVHTTDL
Nationwide, January 31, 2013


The Executive Program of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism implemented Resolution No. 01 /NQ-CP.

January 07, 2013 of the Government on the solutions primarily directed the executive.

Economic development plan. - society and the state budget bill in 2013



Base of Protocol 185 /2007/ND-CP December 25, 2007 of the Government rules the functions, duties, powers, and structures. organization of the Culture , Sports and Tourism;

Parliamentary Base No. 01 /NQ-CP on 7 January 2013 the Government of the Solutions Primarily directed the Executive Act. Plan Social-economic and economic development in 2013;

On the recommendation of the Chief. Plan Finance,


What? 1. The Executive Committee of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism carried out Resolution No. 01 /NQ-CP on 7 January 2013 the Government of the Government of the solutions primarily directed the implementation of the Economic and Social Development Plan. The state budget was in 2013.

What? 2. This decision comes into effect since the date of the issue.

What? 3. Chief of the Bureau, the Head of the Directorate, Directorate of the Village of Vietnam, the Bureau, the Bureau and the Head of the Department of the Ministry, the Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Central City of China are responsible for the execution of the decision. Hey.



Your Majesty.


Of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism made Resolution No. 01/Nq-Cp on 7 January 2013.

of the Government on the solutions that are primarily directed to execute the development plan.

Social-economic and economic development in 2013.
(Issued by Decision Stain. 518 /QĐ-BVHTTDL March 3 1 January 2013 by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism l -


Implementing the implementation of Resolution 01 /NQ-CP on 7 January 2013 the Government on the Solutions Primarily directed the implementation of the Economic Economic Development Plan and the 2013 State Budget Accounting, Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. schedule to enact the Action Program of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to direct and run cultural, family, sports, and travel activities in 2013 on the basis of the general direction of the entire industry "Innovation Management Tightening Discipline," increase in effect, cultural, sports and tourism and family efficiency, and the legal base for the entire field of striving The majority of the industry objectives, and the 2013 mandate of the entire industry have proposed to make the completed premise of implementing the Best 04 Strategy of the 2011-2020 period; the five hinges that implement the 2011-based socio-economic development plan. -2015 and the 11th National Party Congress Resolution, which is the middle year of the first implementation of the 10-year-2020 socio-economic development strategy, should be all striving together with the country performing the general goal of the socio-economic development plan. 2013 was adopted by the National Assembly as: " Increased macroeconomic stability; lower inflation, higher growth than in 2012. Thrustled the three strategic breakthroughs associated with the restructuring of the economy, converting the growth model. To ensure social security and social welfare. Improving the effectiveness of foreign affairs and international integration. Strengthen the defense, security and security of political-social stability. Create a more solid foundation for the next years.

In order to implement the results of the objectives, the target and the task were proposed in 2013. The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism required unit chiefs, local, businesses and individuals to focus on directing, operating, organizing and implementing the blueprint for implementing the following primary solutions:


1. Focus on directing, operating and completing a work plan with breakthrough missions has been approved by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism at Decision No. 5078 /QĐ-BHTTHTDL on 27 December 2012.

2. Deploy the Central Security Resolution 4, key XI on some pressing issues on the current Party building attached to the implementation of Directive 1973/CT-TTg on 7 November 2011 of the Prime Minister continues to push for learning, following the example of the example. director of Ho Chi Minh, creates a shift in the service attitude of the civil service team and increased discipline, administrative discipline, advanced efficiency, efficiency of the state apparatus; performing well on the job of inspection of the service to ensure discipline, law enforcement and law. It ' s about improving the work ethic; the improvement of the regime, the recruiting method, the official to step up the quality of the public and the staff. The office Increased distribution with authority, responsibility for each level; responsibility for inspection, inspection, execution. Increased efficiency, the effectiveness of the state management of each organ, the unit, in which the authority is limited, the responsibility of the head of the agency, the unit.

3. Implemices Directive 30/CT-TTg on 26 November 2012 by the Prime Minister on the strengthening of savings practices, anti-waste practices; Directive No. 14 /CT-BVHTTDL on 9 January 2013 by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Employment. increase in savings practices, anti-waste in the use of state budgets at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Accordingly, radical savings, especially the expenses: purchase of public vehicles; organize festivals, conferences, seminars, summup, signage, initiation ceremonies, title-making ...; cost of electricity, water, telephone, stationing and other expenses; minimum restrictions. The majority of the students attending, surveyed, consulted abroad from the state budget and the work required to be granted authority over approval, had to be built in the Day Work Programme from the beginning of the year.

4. Continue deployment, chief, test for serious implementation, effectiveness of Government Prime Minister Directive: No. 1792/CT-TTg on 15 October 2011 on increased investment management from state budget capital and Government bond capital; number 27/CT-TTg on October 15, 2011. October 10, 2012, on the basis of the solution, it was primarily the basis of basic building debt in local areas. Increased inspection, inspection, oversight of buildings, investment projects using state budget capital and originating from state budgets, the right to the right purpose, efficiency, savings practices, and the right compliance and compliance of law. The priority of central budget capital is to focus on investing in projects of national strategic significance and economic zones, slow recovery of capital, non-profit or non-profit. Strictly handling cases of law violations in management, use of capital investment from the state budget and originating from the state budget.

5. Coordinated closely with the relevant units of the principle of building principles and regulatory allocation processes for scientific, technological and environmental activities that have the authority to approve; coordination coordination, testing of the use of scientific, technological and technological funding, and more. The Ministry's environment aims to ensure effective use of the state budget for science, technology and the environment.

6. Good implementation of the solutions that promote socialization in the investment sector, mobilizing the capital of economic components to the addition of construction capital, which has the right measure of promoting the mobilization of resources outside the state of investment infrastructure projects, and the economy. The industry is in order to facilitate international tourist attraction and remittances. Promoting the implementation of Resolution 40 /NQ-CP on 9 August 2012 by the Government and Decision No. 3832 /QĐ-BVHTTDL on 8 October 2012 by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism enacted the Action Programme implementation of the Resolution. 40 /NQ-CP on 9 August 2012 of the Government of the Proposal for "Innovation of the Operational Mechanism of Public Career Units, Promoting Socialization Of Some Kind Of Public Service".

7. Make Decision No. 5139 /QĐ-BVHTTDL on December 28, 2012 of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Board of the National Council for the Statistics Of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Accordingly, continue to strengthen, enhance the quality of statistical work, analysis and forecast of domestic and international situation of the industry.

8. implementation implementation of Directive No. 32/CT-TTg on December 7, 2012 by the Prime Minister on the elimination of barriers and finishing mechanisms, policies to improve investment efficiency.

9. Continue to sweep, complete the Sector Development Planning, the field in the direction of enhancing the quality, efficiency and links between the types of Planning; enhance inspection, monitoring of compliance of the Planning in Units, Local, especially the combination of the ... synchrony between Region Planning and Industry Planning, sector. In time to propose a competent authority to handle the existing ones in the management and implementation of the Planning. Continuing research, innovation processes and planning methods are consistent with reality.

10. Promots the share of state enterprises under the approved scheme; implementing a state-funded recession has invested in the non-major business sector, state capital degeneration in state equity firms do not need to be dominated. Industry-based business restructuring, non-discriminated field, management agency.


1. On Culture

1.1. Promote the implementation of the Law and Amendment Law, supplement several Articles of Cultural Heritage Law; Law and Amendment Law, addition to a number of Articles of Cinema Law; Laws and Texts under Other Law; Cultural Development Strategy to 2020; Directive 1971/CT-TTg October 27, 2010 by the Prime Minister for the strengthening of the industrialisation of the industrialised period, modernized.

1.2. The Director of the Planning, Project, and Planning for implementing the 23-NQ/TW Resolution on 16 June 2008 of the Politburo on the "Continue to build and develop art literature in the new era". Focus on building life, lifestyle and healthy cultural environment. Building and upgrading the system of sports culture and cultural life systems; building families, villages, maps, communes, cultural offices. Strengthening the strict management of the festival by law aimed at the development of traditional cultural values, the implementation of civilisation at festivals.

1.3. In collaboration with the deployed units of the construction and the board of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it specifies the extent of the provisions of the National Goals Programme on the Culture of 2012-2015. Implementing the implementation of the National Target Programme on Culture with the objectives, the project was approved by the Prime Minister.

1.4. There is a policy of attracting all social resources involved in cultural activities and creative creation to provide, dissemination, and create a wide variety of products, works, and cultural works to enhance the cultural enjoyment of the people. Promote socialization of cultural activities. Evaluation and withdrawal of public facilities providing cultural services shifted to service by the public service mechanism.

1.5. Completing the construction and presentation of the Prime Minister by the Government of the Government to approve Strategy and Planning, the focus is the Prime Minister approved Strategy and the Vietnam Film Development Plan to 2020, vision by 2030. in the Third Quarter of 2013.

1.6. Continue to implement the Cultural Diploma Strategy until 2020. Increased Vietnamese work abroad, perfated the policies of the country, mobiling the country toward the country and contributing to the construction and protection of the country. The complete construction of several Vietnamese Cultural Centre overseas to enhance the cultural life of the Chinese people and promote the image of Vietnam to the development of tourism.

1.7. It is well prepared for the 15-year presidential resolution of the Central Resolution V, which locks VIII on the building and development of the culture of Vietnam advanced to the national identity.

2. V. Family.

2.1. Continued implementation of the Law of Defense, anti-domestic violence; the Vietnam Family Development Strategy of 2011-2020 and the Great Provisions of this Strategy. Effective implementation of the National Strategy for Gender Equality by 2020; the National Programme on Gender Equality in 2011-2015. Implementing solutions that guarantee the equality of women in socio-economic and social activities. Increased media education, raising awareness, shifting the behavior of all people, especially the deep, far-away region, the less-people's population of gender equality, the laws of women's rights.

2.2. Fining the construction of the legal system of law and the implementation of the party's policy, the state law of the family and family business. The entire system organizes the staff as a family business. Raising the management capacity and professional expertise for the staff as a family business.

3. V Sports gymnast.

3.1. Continuing to implement the Good Law of Fitness, Sports in 2006; Strategy for Fitness Development, Vietnam Sports to 2020 was approved by the Prime Minister at Decision No. 2198/QĐ-TTg on December 3, 2010, and legal and legal texts. Another rule.

3.2. Promoting fitness, sports both in terms of scale and quality. Thriving sports, sports in schools and sports in the armed forces. Promote a highly successful sports professional. In the process of turning professional sports units, public sports to the application of financial autonomy, to self-control, self-responsibility. Increased calls for investment resources for sport to ensure the technical facilities system.

3.3. Play in the role, the function of the Vietnam Olympic Committee and the League, the Fitness Association, the sport in fitness development, sport for people and sports that are highly successful, professional sports.

3.4. Actively coordinating with relevant units during the construction process to report the Appropriation Department: The Amendment Law, which complements some of the Articles of Fitness Law, Sports in 2006; The 2019 ASIAD organization project in Vietnam and the Planning, policy of carrying the law. The most pressing feature of the field.

3.5. Preparing to take part in the competition to achieve high performance at SEA Games 27 (2013), the 2016 Olympic qualifiers ...; hosted and competed in international and international competitions, preparing to host the 7th National Games in South Africa. Set in 2014.

4. V Tourism.

4.1. Continued implementation of the Tourism Law of 2005; the Vietnam Tourism Development Strategy to 2020, the vision to 2030 was approved by the Prime Minister at Decision 2473/QD-TTg on 30 December 2011; the overall planning of the Vietnam War. As of 2020, the vision to 2030 was approved by the Prime Minister at Decision No. 201/QĐ-TTg on 22 January 2013 and other legislation. It was the director of the 2013 National Tourism Organization in the City of Hai Phong and the provinces, the city of the Red River Delta, with the theme of "The Red River Civilation".

4.2. Increase tourism infrastructure investment, build and upgrade facilities, build multi-level and prestigious attractions to attract more tourists. Focused on the development of maritime tourism, island and community tourism combined with the transformation of the profession and eradication of poverty.

4.3. Forms the inspection system, monitoring product quality and travel services, which contribute to ensuring and enhance the national tourism brand. Research organizations, building and deploying promotion programs, promoting tourism.

4.4. Mobiliation and effective use of resources and international support in tourism development, in which emphasis draws resources into research, the application of clean, eco-friendly technology sciences to develop sustainable tourism; research research, research, and research. Advanced science in tourism statistics; investment development is associated with preserving the cultural values of the nation, preserving the resources.

4.5. Increased organization of survey activities for the construction of regional and international tourism development programs. At the same time, expanding and improving the efficiency of intercultural activities, cultural cooperation in the country and abroad for the introduction of Vietnamese cultural values to the world.

4.6. Actively coordinating with relevant units in the process of construction to report the approved Department: The Amendment Law, which complements a number of Articles of Tourism Law in 2005; Travel Development Planning to 2020, the vision to 2030 of regions and other countries. The planning, the policy, is the most pressing policy of the field.




Based on this Action Program and the Ministry of the Ministry in 2013 of the Ministry, the Prime Ministers, the Directors of the Department of Culture, Sports and Provincial Tourism, the Central City of China

1. Focus on directing, decision-making, flexibility and effectiveness of the solutions that have been proposed; regularly checking, the progress monitoring and implementation of this Action Program and the 2013 Work Programme. In aggregation, assessment of the situation made to report the Minister at regular and groundbreaking sessions.

2. Research, assessment of the effects, effectiveness of mechanisms, policies prior to the granting of authority, pay attention to the ability and conditions of implementation, especially for troubled provinces, deep regions, remote regions.

3. The full, accurate, timely, timely information; at the time of the exchange, receiving feedback from the people, the business of the mechanisms, the policy, especially the mechanisms, the policy attached to the people and the functioning of the business. Increased coordination with mass media, focusing on the propaganda of propaganda information, creating the high consensus and the overall strength of the entire industry to perform the goals of goals, objectives, and tasks proposed in the UN Security Council. Resolution 01 /NQ-CP on 7 January 2013 by the Government, Work Programme in 2013, the Ministry's Development Plan and Action Programme of the Ministry.

4. During the organization and execution, if it is difficult, entanged, required to adjust, add the specific content of this Action Program, the agencies, the unit in time of the petition, report the Secretary to review, the ./.



Your Majesty.