The Decision 323/qd-Ttg Of: Approves The National Action Program On Tourism In The Period 2013-2020

Original Language Title: Quyết định 321/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt Chương trình hành động quốc gia về du lịch giai đoạn 2013-2020

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Number: 321/QD-TTg
Nationwide, February 18, 2013


Approval of the National Action Program on tourism in the period 2013-2020



Government Law Base December 25, 2001;

The Travel Law Base June 14, 2005;

Decision base 2473/QĐ-TTg on 30 December 2011 by the Prime Minister approvam the Strategic Development Strategy of Vietnam to 2020, vision by 2030;

At the suggestion of Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism,


What? 1. Approve the National Action Program on Tourism (Programs) in the 2013-2020 period with the following mainly following:

1. Goal of the Program

a) Common Goal

-A target implementation of the Vietnam Travel Development Strategy to 2020, oriented to 2030. Striving to 2020 the basic tourism development has become a major, professional, professional, and highly synchrony, technological-based engineering system that is relatively synchrony, modern; high-quality travel products, diverse, branded, have cultural identity. ethnically, compete with countries in the region and the world;

-Building a travel product system based on resource-driven advantages in an investment focus to raise the quality of service, the dominant value of the tourism resources of the regions, ensuring the principle of sustainable tourism development. Developing highly competitive tourism products, in line with the target market of Vietnam tourism, the market focus has the ability to pay high, long-lived stay;

-Construction of national tourism brand, regional travel product brand, brand tourism brand brand travel to local, business, and tourism brand positioning Vietnam in and out of the country aiming to enhance its competitive edge capacity. Vietnam ' s tourism in the region and around the world, raising the efficiency of tourism mining, which contributes positively to the socio-economic development of the country;

-Enhancing tourism management capacity through strengthening the organization of the state management apparatus; strengthening institutional, policy, interdisciplinary coordination facilitemus for development tourism; advanced efficiency, state management efficiency and quality of cadres. state management of tourism from the Central to the Local.

b) Specific goals

-Contributing to the amount of customer and gross income from tourists who have proposed in the Tourism Development Strategy to 2020, the vision to 2030: By 2015 attracted 7-7.5 million international visitors, serving 36-37 million domestic passengers in the world. The total revenue from tourists totaled $10-11 billion; by 2020 attracted 10-10.5 million international visitors, serving 47-48 million domestic passengers, total revenues from $18-19 billion;

-By 2015 construction and management transfer, mining of about 20 typical, specific, high-quality tourism products for the local. By 2020, construction and transfer of management, about 50 of the world's most specialized, high-quality tourism products. On average each year builds at least 5-6 typical tourist products in line with each market/key market group of Vietnam tourism and 3-4 high quality tourism products for the domestic tourist market. In it, the priority of developing island tourism products, cultural tourism, community tourism, ecological tourism ... in the direction of sustainable development, particularly interested in tourism development in the minority, ethnic minority;

-By 2015, construction and operation are at least five travel quality management programs such as quality of travel services quality management; management of the quality of travel travel services; managing quality of service in the areas, tourist attractions; quality management and tourism management. the amount of passenger transport services; managing other tourism services quality;

-By 2015 advanced the quality of travel products for 30% of the tourism products of the regions, tourist attractions across the country; by 2020 upgrading to about 70% of the tourism products of the regions, tourist attractions across the country;

-Support is 30% of the total international travel business in the exploitation, development of tourism products through the form of enterprise groups and the construction of the construction of a product type; the link to the exploitation of a single market. The focal point of tourism in Vietnam or the same implementation of a travel stimulus program on a combined basis with airlines, service supply facilities, shopping malls ...;

-By 2020, which supports 100% of the national tourist area, national tourist attractions, tourist attractions, the development of a program to enhance the quality of tourism environment (natural environment and humus) contribute to the quality of tourism services;

-By 2015 construction of 3-4 regional travel brands and holding brand development activities; by 2020 branding and implementing brand development activities for all 7 tourism regions of Vietnam;

-By 2020, support of the construction of 30 brands for typical tourist type attached to local, business;

-By 2015, 90 percent of the state management team on tourism in the Central Central was fostering knowledge of tourism management business, updating new knowledge, foreign languages, information in line with the work requirement; 50% of the work cadres at the fields related to the business. travel like customs, security, border ... fostering, updated information, cultural behavior in the tourism sector; by 2020, 100% of the cadre team that carry out state management work on local tourism is fostering knowledge and tourism. calendar.

2. Subject, scope and time implementation of the Program

a) Object

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is the presiding body that deplos the activities of the Programme on the basis of coordination with ministries, related industries, and local organizations implementing interdisciplinary activities that facilitate development tourism.

b) Range

The program was implemented on a nationwide scale, based on the Vietnam Travel Development and Development Plan for Vietnam.

c) Time

The duration of the Programme from 2013 to 2020. 2015 implementation of the Program. 2020 implementation of the Program.

3. Program activities

a) Support for tourism product development

-The target market study of Vietnamese tourism aims to build suitable travel products.

+ Research, the investigative organization, collects information on the domestic tourist market that serves the construction of tourism products that meet the needs of domestic travel needs, increase domestic tourism consumption, towards cultural tourism products and tourism products. Biochemistry, vacation, weekend rest, shopping ...;

+ Research, the organization of the investigation, collects international guest market information aimed at building tourism products in accordance with the tastes of the key markets of Vietnam tourism that has been identified in the Vietnam Travel Development Strategy to the year of the year. 2020, vision by 2030;

-Support for the construction of the target market for tourism in Vietnam on the basis of a strong extraction of tourism resources, mining characteristics of the seven tourism regions of Vietnam;

+ Implemonation of a field assessment of tourist areas, tourist attractions that propose recognition at the national level, local level serving management work and orientation of the construction of tourism products.

+ Research, which organizes survey programs, seminars, takes professional opinions to choose to build typical tourist products, with high quality under the theme of the National Tourism Year in order to create an emphasis on attracting visitors and ensuring the investment of construction. The product of tourism has the focus, the focus, the efficiency of resource extraction. Work on the construction of tourism products with the sale of travel products by the traveller companies. Transfer the extraction model, manage and control the local quality. In it, the priority develops the following travel products:

Vietnamese tourist products have many advantages such as island tourism, cultural tourism, econoeconomic tourism ...; and so on.

. Professional tourism products serve five national tourist years; tourism products exploit transportation advantages such as sea travel, air, rail, road, river roads; some additional additional tourist products such as MICE tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, and more. Culinary calendar, golf travel, health care travel ...;

. The powerful mining products on the basis of regional links, intercountry travel products ...

-Advanced travel service quality

+ Advanced the quality of service through some activities.

In support of the development of the tourism resource rationing, development of a number of districts, national tourist attractions in the direction of sustainable development.

. Building and operate the services quality management programs applicable in the area of hospitality, restaurants, travel, instruction, tourist transport and other travel services ...;

. Guide, check, monitor the localities in the construction of the tourist toilet system to prepare guests in the areas, tourist attractions;

+ Enhancing the quality of the tourism environment (natural and social)

In collaboration with the ministries, the industry ' s deployment of media programs, education raises awareness of tourism, the protection of tourism resources, raising the consciousness of the entire population of cultural, civilised, tourism and cultural behavior;

. Building and implement interdisciplinary coordination plans, raising the role of the local role in coordinating security of sanitation, security, safety for tourists in the areas, tourist attractions; Building coordination mechanisms, sharing the responsibility of the responsibility of the local community. the local community, the business in the protection of resources and the environment in the regions, national tourist attractions;

Building, implementing the "Guardians-Civilis-Calendar" action plan in the activities of tourism in the localities;

+ Support to enhance the quality of tourism workforce

In coordination with ministries, disciplines, training facilities specialized in tourism, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism across the country to accelerate construction progress, adopting the standard of tourism skills according to international standards; standardization scheme, the completion of the program. The travel training framework, the tourism industry framing program. Guidance, which oversees the implementation of the implementation of the travel skills skills, the Framework Program has been approved;

. periodically holding a number of tourist training programs, information updates programs, supplemation of knowledge to the working team in the tourism industry, especially on the team's team of professionals. advocated, the policy of the Party and the State for tourism activities aimed at enhancing the quality of travel guide services;

. Organization of several training programs, fostering organizational skills, mining, catering to tourists for tourism business, the local community in mining of tourism products in the orientation of sustainable development;

Periodically, the institution of professional competitions, professionals in the tourism sector, focuses on the occupations of the hospitality business, restaurants, the traveller, the travel guide ... to enhance the tourism business, to encourage development of the tourism workforce.

The organization's got the guidance of the guide, the travel theory.

-Support for the distribution of tourist products and the deployment of tourist stimulus programs in order to attract tourists.

+ Support channel system distribution of Vietnam tourism products

. Building a joint project between national tourism agency, local, regional management units, routes, tourist attractions, businesses to the same promotion of tourist products in target-to-target markets;

The organization honors travelers sending visitors to Vietnam, international arrivals businesses to Vietnam according to target markets;

Support for the delivery of tourist products to the target market through the distribution system is in and out of the country.

+ Deployment of a number of Travel Stimulus Programs

. The organization, which launched several promotions, reduced service prices, the travel stimulus to local participation, services supply businesses in and outside the tourism industry aimed at increasing international tourist attraction to and encouraging visitors to travel to the United States. Domestic calendar into low-point seasons or tourist times is negatively impacted by objective conditions;

. Coordinated with the Ministry of Commerce implementing the commodity promotion of goods combined with periodic tourism in the year aiming to attract and increase the spending of tourists;

In collaboration with the ministries, industry, local research, the proposal for the Prime Minister to apply a number of special policies, specifically for tourists of some markets and market segments or teams that buy the package through the lead is a good one. It ' s Vietnam ' s international travel business.

b) Vietnam tourism brand

-Building a travel brand.

+ Construction of the Vietnam Travel brand recognition system

. Research on the construction of brand recognition system includes: National tourism brand, regional tourism brand, local, tourism product brand, tourism business brand;

-The organization of surveys, research, seminars are consulted by consultants, the traveller's businesses and the results of specific market research to build the Vietnamese tourism brand.

In research, building research, policy proposals, protection mechanisms, benefit sharing and tourism brand development after being recognized.

+ Construction and development of the national travel brand system

. Supporting the regions, localities, businesses to build and develop local tourism brands, the tourism brand of the business; and the tourism industry.

The Organization of Competitions Selects titles in the Tourism Industry to enhance the quality of the service, affirmated the Vietnamese tourism brand as: the organization of comments of typical entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, leading titles in the field of travel, hotels, shipping, resorts, tourist attractions, holiday stops, shopping malls serving tourists ...; organizations of gastronomy, competitions, competitions, and other competitions in the tourism industry.

-Location, Vietnamese travel brand.

+ Enhancing the quality of travel brand media

. Research, the application of information technology in the construction and promotion of Vietnamese tourism brand;

Building a data bank that serves Vietnam travel media;

Building a professional lease, event organization, professional advertising, and a number of activities promoting Vietnamese tourism in foreign countries.

+ Organization of programs, major travel events in the country to transmit Vietnamese tourism brand to Vietnam.

. PR of PR activities, Vietnamese travel brand media programs in the media, at tourist centers, in places of gathering many tourists such as airports, harbors, terminals, on highways, roads, roads, and other areas of the city. lead to the tourist areas ...;

Organization of online transactions, located on the mass media on the development of tourist brands;

In collaboration with programs, cultural events, and international travel events in Vietnam, Vietnam has a large scale to promote Vietnamese tourism brand, particularly the focus of brand media activities tied to the theme of the National Tourism Year. And,

+ Organization of media events, promoting the tourism brand that looks at the point to Vietnam abroad.

. Coordinating with Vietnam ' s representative agencies in the country hosting campaign promotion campaigns to Vietnam tourism; programs, refereing events, brand promotion, Vietnamese travel products or Vietnam Week-based combination, Vietnam Day, Festival of Cultural Tourism in the markets to the target; the Program meets the Vietnamese People's Assembly abroad for encouraging, attracting people about Vietnamese tourism, participating in the introduction of Vietnam and campaigning in Vietnam. Foreign friends travel to Vietnam; the campaign to promote Vietnam tourism trade through the Vietnamese restaurant system in the country. Out;

. Manufacturing of publications and typical items to transmit Vietnamese tourism brand in the key tourist markets;

The organization invited a number of foreign films to make films about Vietnamese tourism and broadcast in some of Vietnam ' s key tourist markets;

The organization invited travelers to large visitors, the news agency to Vietnam to visit the survey and the Vietnamese travel brand.

The organization invites some of the world's most popular characters in the fields of economics, politics, music, entertainment, sports, cinema ... to Vietnam to participate in a media holiday to the Vietnamese tourism brand.

c) Complete the legal system, policy-related policy, etc.

-Sweep, modify, add, complete and dissemate the regulatory content of Tourism Law, guide texts, and travel-related texts to serve tourism management;

-Constructing a legal basis, the dictatorship of the units, the owner of the district, the tourist point in violation of the protection of the security environment, security, security, security, safety, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security, security,

-Research, construction, mechanism proposal, development policy of development: policy that attracts investment in tourist attractions, investing in developing new types of tourism services; investment upgrading facilities that provide travel services; encouraging the development of tourism and tourism. New technology investment in the fields of travel management, shipping, hospitality, tourism promotion ...; additional research and the proposal of special mechanisms for the regions, domains and cities to create resources and perform favorable planning operations, which is effective at the end of the year. Yeah.

-Deploy other activities aimed at enhancing the capacity of Tourism Industry

+ Building and effectively use the Tourism industry database system of management services;

+ Construction and implementation of the standard system application, specialized scale management of the quality of tourism services according to international standards;

+ System construction, process operations, inspection mechanisms, monitoring and quality of travel services through the standard system of standards, specialized regulations that have been recognized;

+ Reinforces the travel statistics system and the implementation of the application of the Satellite Account system by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in tourism statistics aimed at serving management and policy planning;

+ Research new technology application in management and tourism development. Construction, which upgrades some of the state management agency ' s software on tourism.

-Scanning, implementing interdisciplinary, interregional coordination, facilitation facilitation of tourism development.

d) Csupport the organizational system, enhancing the capacity of the travel management staff.

-Reinforce the organizational system of travel management

+ Completed the organization of the apparatus, raising the capacity of the state governing body on tourism in the Central. Reinforcing the apparatus for the inspection, inspection, monitoring of the quality of tourism activities, forming monitoring institutions, which controls the quality of tourism services;

+ Enhancing the capacity of research agencies, press agencies, information, tourism in the Central Committee;

+ Support to enhance tourism management capacity for the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Finishing Agency, the Ministry of Machine serving resource management, tourism destination management, tourism promotion at the local areas;

+ Consoling Organizational consolidation, coordination mechanisms between ministries, sectors, and localities in unconditional detentable events for development tourism.

-Organization of activities that raise capacity for the staff of tourism management in the Central and Local through the organization of knowledge fostering programs, management of management, skills, foreign languages ...; Organisation for the management of knowledge of tourism management, promote tourism, culture of conduct, update of new knowledge cadres of local government levels (district level, township level, township level); cadres that carry out travel related tasks in industries such as Public Security; Customs; Border Protection; Board of Culture, Historical, and Cultural Heritage. Travel management, tourist attractions ...

4. The solutions that implement the Program

-Strengthening the leadership, the direction of the party committees, the authorities, the state governing body for tourism to tourism development activities.

-Strengthening propaganda, raising awareness of tourism, mobiles participation by people, local communities and social organizations in tourism development.

-Setting up the monitoring of tourism resource extraction activities, ensuring sustainable tourism development. Scanning, implementing resource planning, travel planning.

-Building a training plan, enhancing state management capacity on tourism for travel management cadres from central to local, state cadres some of the other sectors associated with tourism such as customs, security, tax ... and travel management officers in the region. Deep down, the remote area has a development tourism resource.

-Scanning, construction, implementing collaborative programs between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with ministries, other industry facilitalizing development tourism.

-Building a tightly connected mechanism of private sector and model-private cooperation; encouraging participation in the social, professional, non-governmental organizations and the residential community in tourism development.

-Building the mechanism, mobiles the participation of economic components in investment building tourism infrastructure, which contributes to the construction of the tourism and tourism products system, improving the quality of tourism services ...

-Enhancing scientific research activities that serve forecasting, planning, policy planning, and tourism development orientation.

-International co-operation for engineering, funding, experience in construction, development of programs, training events, professional knowledge fostering, professional skills, and tourism development.

5. Cost of execution

-The cost of implementing the Program is raised from the sources: the central budget, the local budget, the contribution of the business and other legal mobiles. In which the funding from the state budget is set up in the state budget bill of the ministries, the central authority and the local-state hierarchy are present;

-annually, at the same time construction of the state budget plan, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism set up funds to implement the Program to the Ministry of Finance to grant competent review of the decision under the provisions of the Budget Law;

-Delivery of the State Budget Office from 2013 under a budget bill that performs the Program of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

What? 2. Program implementing Program

1. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

-As the host of the HĐQG Program on Tourism Phase 2012-2020;

-Host, co-ordination of mechanism building, management policy, executive, program implementation of the Program, the Prime Minister of the Government issued or issued under jurisdiction;

-Coordinate with the Ministry of Finance to build the Management Regulation, use the funds for the implementation of the Program; build the financial mechanism mobiling resources outside the state budget to implement the content of the Program;

-On the basis of the program ' s content and existing regulations, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism directed the construction, approval under the jurisdiction of specific projects (including purpose, requirements, duties, resource needs, implementation progress, accountability, accountability, and accountability). function ...). Construction, approval and organization implementing the annual plan to deploy the Program;

-Every year, the budget bill makes Programs under the rules of the State Budget Act for the contents of the central budget warrants the Ministry of Finance to provide the authority to review the decision. Co-ordination with the Ministry of Finance expects the funding level to the duties provided by the local budget and the funding of offshore raising of the state budget;

-Organization for inspection, monitoring and periodic evaluation evaluation of the Program execution experience;

-In a yearly term, the Prime Minister reports the results of the program, to address the problems that arise beyond jurisdiction;

-The Fourth Quarter of 2015, the preliminary, assessment and report of the Prime Minister results in the implementation of the Program; the Fourth Quarter of 2020 the total implementation of the Program;

-Delivery of the Tourism Bureau is the presiding unit that performs the activities of the Program, actively coordinating with relevant units to deploy some activities aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the Program; the annual evacuation, which proposes appropriate measures. It's time to adjust the program to the target.

2. Ministry of Finance

-The progress base performs projects, aggregation, budget layout that performs the Program by the provisions of the State Budget Law.

-Managing the management process management, guiding the management and use of the funding implementation of the Program.

3. Ministry of Planning and Investment

In collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Studies, construction to enact financial mechanisms mobilizing resources outside the state budget performs the contents of the Program.

4. Other ministries, disciplines

Within the management scope for the assigned field of responsibility in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism deployed activities facilitalizing development tourism.

5. The Provincial People ' s Committee, Central City

-On the basis of the program, construction, planning, annual funding for deployment on the site.

-Building and implement the Action Plan on the Provincial Program; build and deploy the projects, projects to deploy the Local Program; scrutinate, regulate the planning, the relevant plan on the site.

-Directs for the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and departments, the relevant industry on the site of the construction of the Coordination Programs jointly with the state governing body of State for Tourism in the Central implementing the HĐQG Programme on Tourism.

-Propaganda, disseminacts of the activities of the Local Programme;

-Active mobiles add resources and cage with project activities involving tourism on the site to achieve the objectives of the Programme.

What? 3. This decision has been valid since the date of the board.

What? 4. The Ministers, the Prime Minister, the Head of Government of the Government, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, is responsible for the decision.


Deputy Prime Minister


Thank you.