Resolution 22-Nq/tw: Of International Integration

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 22-NQ/TW: Về hội nhập quốc tế

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Resolution on international integration _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I-SITUATION of the party's ninth Congress had advocated "active international economic integration"; on 27-11-2001, key IX Politburo has issued resolution No. 07-NQ/TW "On international economic integration". Tenth Party Congress affirmed advocated "active and positive international economic integration, while expanding international cooperation in other fields"; on 05-02-2007, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the X key has issued resolution No. 08-NQ/TW "On some major policies and guidelines to fast-growing economies and sustainable when Vietnam is a member of the World Trade Organization".
1-the implementation of the above undertakings of the party has achieved many accomplishments, contributions to the cause of social-economic development, increase national synergy, hold independent, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the country, maintain political security and order , social security; improve people's lives, strengthen the confidence of the people on innovation; empowering of Vietnam on the international arena. In it, our country is: prominent established diplomatic relations with most countries, there are trade-economic relations with more than 160 countries and territories, 70, is a member of most international and regional organizations are important to the position and the role increasingly being asserted. Our country's relations with the countries of the world have increasingly gone into depth; cooperation on political, defense, security, social, cultural and other fields are expanded.
Institutions of the market economy of the Socialist orientation and system of law is increasingly being perfected; and national competitiveness of enterprises to be lifted; expand the market, drawing large amounts of investment capital, knowledge, technology and resources to other important, positive contributions to the growth and the process of economic restructuring.
There was strong innovation thinking about construction and defence in the context of globalization and international integration. The capacity of the staff from the central to local is raised a step; the Organization, the State management bodies of international integration and other diplomatic activities are of interest to consolidate. A team of entrepreneurs of our country has grown.
2-next to results achieved, international economic integration and expanding foreign relations also revealed some limitations, weaknesses are as follows: the party's undertakings not yet holds and make full, slow normative and institutional culture. The ministries, institutions and individuals not yet acutely aware and have not actively take advantage of the opportunity; at the same time, yet clearly challenges to proactively respond; not yet aware of the negative impact from the outside to take the limited measures effectively.
International economic integration is not yet mounted tight against the requirement to improve the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of economic growth, requires consolidation of defence, political and security order, social security, preserving and promoting the cultural identity of peoples. The activities of international economic integration and to expand the relations in various fields have not yet been deployed, rhythm in an overall strategy. The steering mechanism, administration, coordination and monitoring of the process of integration from the central to the local, between departments also many inadequacies. The quality of human resources and infrastructure are slowly improving. Staff capacity, public servants, entrepreneurs do not meet the requirements of integration.
International cooperation on defense and security is not yet fully developed, yet closely associated with international economic integration; cooperation on culture, society and some other sectors have not yet deepened.
Together with the negative impact from the financial crisis and global economic downturn, the limitations, weak on this has led to some bad consequences both in terms of economy, society and the environment.
3-next time, peace, cooperation and development continues to be the major trend, but religious conflicts, ethnic, territorial and resource disputes, riots, terrorism complications. Globalization continue to develop further in all fields; the world economy is still more daunting, challenge. The level varies between the countries on a rise. The multilateral mechanism of international organizations, whose role is increasingly important in all aspects of human life. The Asia-Pacific development, is becoming the center of development of the world. The Association of Southeast Asian (ASEAN) toward forming the community, continued to hold a central role in the majority of the mechanism of cooperation in the region, at the same time, the increasing elevation in the strategies of the great powers.
Our country has become a country with an average income levels and are standing before many new challenges and opportunities. The important task of leading our country today is to successfully implement the country's development goals, quickly raise the general power of countries, at the same time to meet the new requirements on the protection of independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, maintain political security , order, social security.
Platform construction of the country in the interim up socialism (complement and grow in 2011) was determined: "the consistent implementation of the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and development; multilateral relations, diversity, active and positive international integration; empowering the country; for the benefit of countries, peoples, because a Socialist Vietnam water wealth ".
The situation and the new tasks of the whole Party, the whole army demands and the whole people determined to implement this important advocates aim to promote the strength of the nation, its maximum power of time to serve the construction industry and protect the fatherland of Socialist Vietnam.
II-objective, DIRECTION 1-international integration goals are to strengthen environmental peace, enlist the most favorable international conditions to develop fast and sustainable country, improve the people's lives; maintaining independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and firmly protected the fatherland Socialist Vietnam; promote Vietnam pictures, conservation and promotion of ethnic identity; strengthen the national synthesis, empowering the international reputation of the country; contributing to the cause of peace, national independence, democracy and social progress in the world.
2-direction active and positive international integration on the basis of upholding the foreign policy of independence and self-reliance for the benefit of countries, peoples, for peace, cooperation and development, an open foreign policy, multilateralism, diversification of international relations; holds and creative use of the lessons learned and solve major relationships are summarized in the platform; at the same time focus on a number of perspectives:-active and positive international integration is the big strategic orientation of the party in order to implement the task of building and defending the fatherland of Socialist Vietnam.
-Integration of the entire population and is of both political system under the leadership of the party and the administration of the State. All mechanisms, policies to promote initiative, positive and creative capabilities of all the institutions, individuals, the effective exploitation of the potential of the whole society, of the strata, including the Vietnam community are living and working abroad to build and defend your country.
-International integration on the basis of internal development; tight cohesion and promote the process of perfecting the legislation, improving the quality of human resources, modernization of infrastructures, improving synergy and national competitiveness; closely associated with strengthening the link between the level region, region, area in the country.
-Economic integration is the focus, integration in other sectors to facilitate economic integration and to contribute actively to the economic development, strengthen national defense, national security, preserving and promoting the cultural identity of peoples, promoting cultural, social development; in the field of integration must be done in a synchronous integration strategy with the roadmap, step in accordance with the actual conditions and the capacity of the country.
-International integration is the process of collaborative medium just fight; steadfast national benefit, ethnicity; proactively forecast, flexible handling of all situations, not to fall into caught; not participating in the forces, the Union of this party against the other party.
-Strictly in compliance with the international commitments that Vietnam join coupled with proactive, actively participate in building and take advantage of the efficiency of the rules of international law, and participate in the activities of the regional and international community; proactively propose initiatives, cooperation mechanisms on mutually beneficial principles; strengthen and enhance the role of the regional and international community, to contribute actively to the struggle for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress in the world.
III-PRINCIPAL ORIENTATION 1-disseminating in the whole party, the whole army and the whole people of the requirements of international integration, about the opportunities and challenges, in terms of direction, key tasks of international integration in each of the sectors, each sector, to unify the cognition and action, creating synergy in the process of international integration.
Build and deploy the overall strategy of international integration, ahead to 2020, focuses on the institutional innovation, human resource development, modernization of infrastructure, to meet the requirements of international integration.
Building and perfecting the legal documents, set the jurisdiction and capacity to direct, operating, inspection, monitoring and coordinating the activities of international integration. Clearly define the authority and responsibility of the departments from the central to local integration activities on the field; to promote and enhance the quality of the research work, forecasts.

2-About the international economic integration, continue to implement the resolution of the Central lock 4 X "On some major policies and guidelines to fast-growing economies and sustainable when Vietnam is a member of the World Trade Organization" in the new situation associated with the implementation of the tasks of social-economic development the new change task, especially the growth pattern and restructuring economy according to the resolution of the Congress of the party POKER.
Constantly improve environment to attract foreign investment, attracting investment to monitor the process of implementation, ensuring economic security, economic-social-environmental. Accelerating the process of restructuring the investment, encourage private investment activity and the public – private partnership activities. Enhance the effective use of investment capital; strict management of public debt, including foreign debt.
Effective implementation of international commitments that Vietnam signed an agreement. Build and deployment strategy, joining the free trade area with the trade-economic partnership is important in an overall plan with reasonable route, in line with the interests and capabilities of the country. Actively build and implement measures to protect the legitimate interests of the State enterprises and consumers in the country. Promote participation in the institutions of trade-finance-global and regional currencies, formulate and implement the strategy of integration in the financial sector-the currency matching requirements and the level of development of the country.
3-promote and deepen the relationship with the partner, the partner of strategic importance for the development and security of the country; take the framework already established relations come in essence, create interlace mounted benefits between our country with partners.
Proactively and actively participate in the multilateral institutions, contribute to building political and economic order of fairness, democracy, preventing war, conflicts, consolidating peace, promoting mutually beneficial cooperation. In it, the special attention to the building of the ASEAN community, promote the role of Vietnam in ASEAN and the ASEAN Forum, the mechanism holding the central role, to strengthen solidarity, increased internal link blocks, reinforce cooperation with the parties of ASEAN dialogue, promote the peace trend cooperation and development in the region.
Exert the role in the organizations, forums, collaborative mechanisms with which our country is a member. Build and deploy the plan to join the Organization, other forums, to meet the requirements of the construction industry and protect the nation. Actively implementing the policy of putting people into Vietnam to work in international organizations, actively preparing human candidate in the leadership bodies of the international organizations.
Extending the party's foreign relations, and actively improve the effectiveness of participation in the Forum of political parties; actively participate in parliamentary cooperation mechanisms and related regional and international parliaments; expand the people's Affairs, enlist the sympathy and support of the people of the world for a career in building and defending the fatherland of Socialist Vietnam.
4-build and deploy strategic defense integration, security line with new thinking on defense, national security, efficient exploitation of external resources, the international position of the country in order to serve the target solid protection fatherland of Socialist Vietnam.
To promote the bilateral cooperation on defense and security with neighboring countries, ASEAN countries, big countries, traditional friends in the countries; each step taken in partnership goes into depth, efficiency. Proactively detect, fight do fail all the intrigue, the operations of the enemy forces taking advantage of international integration to violate our country's national security. Promote cooperation with security agencies, police, intelligence, first of all the neighboring countries, big countries; the initiative, actively participate in the cooperation mechanism against transnational crime and to deal with the challenges of food security, water security, energy security, network security, marine security and the non-traditional security challenges.
Proactively and actively participate in the multilateral mechanisms of Defense and security that our country is a member, first of the mechanisms within the framework of ASEAN and the ASEAN by the mainstream. Build and deploy the plan to join the multilateral mechanisms; in it, there is work involved activities a higher level of cooperation, such as the peacekeeping operations of the United Nations, to control the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the General rehearsal and other activities, to meet the requirements of the duty to defend the nation and contribute to putting relations with the partners to go into depth stability , sustainable.
5-about culture, society, educational-training, scientific-technological, health and other sectors, the need to integrate the activities of international integration in the process of building and implementing the development strategy for this sector.
Promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation on culture, society, science-technology, education-training, is the first community building ASEAN socio-culture, focus on human resource development, especially in high-quality human resources. Enlist the cooperation, international support, acquiring knowledge, especially knowledge of management and science and technology, absorb the essence of the culture of humanity. Promoting the image of the country and people of Vietnam with international friends.
Implementation of the commitments and contribute to modify, improve and build new standards, the initiative of the international organization to which our country is a member, first of all the organizations in the United Nations system. Actively participate in the institutions of environmental cooperation, contribute to the common effort of disaster prevention, coping with climate change, environmental protection, forest protection, source water, animals, plants in our country and the world.
Proactive, positive introduction, participate and improve quality, achievement in the arts, cultural activities, sports ... in the region and the world.
Strengthen and improve the effectiveness of the work of ideology, culture, information, propaganda; fight effectively in order to limit the negative impact on society, culture, ideology, morality, lifestyle.
IV-organization MADE 1-Ban the Government party officials directing the construction and implementation of the programme of action implementation of the resolution. Establishment of the National Steering Committee on international integration, headed by the Prime Minister to direct the activities of the international integration from the central to local (interdisciplinary steering mechanisms on international integration was amalgamated, merged into the Steering Committee); Annual periodic reports about the political organization of the implementation of this resolution.
2-Party Parliament group leader of process modification, addition or issued new laws serve the international integration process.
3-The Board of the party, the party officials, Party Committee, the provincial party Committee, the Standing Committee and the party centrally responsible for popular organizations, holds the resolution; construction and implementation of the action programme implementation.