Circular 28/2013/tt-Bca: Regulation On Checks Of Public Security Commands Things People

Original Language Title: Thông tư 28/2013/TT-BCA: Quy định về kiểm tra điều lệnh công an nhân dân

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The CIRCULAR stipulated fitness standards in the people's police force _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pursuant to the law of public security of the people in 2005;
Pursuant to Decree No. 77/2009/ND-CP dated 15/9/2009 of the Government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of public security;
Pursuant to decision No. 2201/QD-TTg dated 03/12/2010 of the Prime Minister approving the development strategy of Sports Fitness, Vietnam by 2020;
To enhance stamina for officers and soldiers to meet the requirements, the task of protecting national security, maintain social order and safety, the Minister of public safety, issued circulars stipulated fitness standards in the people's police force, chapter I GENERAL PROVISIONS article 1. Scope this circular defined fitness regime in the people's police force, including: audience fitness; fitness standards; organize training and fitness test; the facilities and funding to serve fitness test.
Article 2. The object that applies to this circular apply to units in the public security people; officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers serving there time limit; students, students of the Academy, the school; public safety employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as officers, soldiers of public security people) aged from 18 to 50 for men and 18 to 45 for ladies (by month of birth) has the right and obligation to perform fitness standard. Officials and soldiers in addition to the prescribed years of voluntary exercise to enhance health, not test specified in this circular.
Article 3. The case of exemption, deferred check 1. Long purely for the case: the wounded; Holiday notice waiting for retirement.
2. Free 1 year check for the following cases: a) the pregnant woman or child under eighteen months of age;
b) Are in the healing period are district-level, the hospital or the Hospital of the people's police, the people's army, the certificate is not healthy enough to join the sports activities;
c) Reached the medal in sports competitions due to the Ministry of public security or the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism organizations.
3. Deferred check against cases of sudden illness; business unit leaders, either for a holiday at the time check but must participate in the next test.
Article 4. Apply the test results into the emulation test results fitness is one of the standard criteria to the average review annual competition. The collective and individual not standard practice during the year will have to down a tier.
Chapter II PROVISIONS of the STANDARD FITNESS article 5. Division of gender and age group the objects specified in article 2 is divided into gender and age groups as follows: 1. For men include 6 age groups: 2. for male age group: 6-a) Group 1:18 to 27 years old;

a) Group 1:18 to 24 years old;

b) Group 2:28 to 34 years;

b) Group 2:25 to 30 years old;

c) Group 3:35 to 40 years old;

c) Group 3:31 to 35 years;

d) Group 4:41 to 45 years;

d) Group 4:36 to 40 years;

DD) Group 5:46 to 50 years;

DD) Group 5:41 to 45 age article 6. Content check fitness 1. For men: 100-meter Run; 1500 meter run; the spot turned away; prone against the push or co hand horizontal bar (one of the two selected content to check).
2. for women: 100-meter Run; run 800 meters; the spot turned away.
Article 7. Fitness standards 1. Standards for individual must test enough women, 4 3 subjects according to the provisions of article 6 and achieved the following results will be recognized fitness standards: a) for men by age Groups Run 100 m (seconds) to run the 1500 m (minutes, seconds) Turn away (yards) Against the push (times) Co. hand horizontal bar (times) 18-32 ≤ 16 " ,0

≤ 7’,30”

≥ 2,20 m

≥ 30

≥ 12


≤ 16”,5

≤ 8’,00”

≥ 2,15 m

≥ 25

≥ 10


≤ 17”,5

≤ 8’,30”

≥ 2,1 m

≥ 20

≥ 8


≤ 18”,5

≤ 9’,00”

≥ 2,0 m

≥ 15

≥ 5


≤ 19”,5

≤ 9’,30”

≥ 1,8 m

≥ 10

≥ 3

b) Đối với nữ

Nhóm tuổi

Chạy 100m

Chạy 800m
(phút , giây)

Bật xa


≤ 20”,0

≤ 5’,30”

≥ 1,50 m


≤ 20”,5

≤ 6’,10”

≥ 1,40 m


≤ 21”,5

≤ 6’,50”

≥ 1,30 m


≤ 22”,5

≤ 7,30”

≥ 1,20 m


≤ 23”,5

≤ 8’,00”

≥ 1,10 m

2. Standards for standard unit unit fitness is the must have 100% of officers, soldiers in the planned age checks under Regulation (not counting the cases are exempting check) in which 80% of the standard.
Chapter III the ORGANISATION of the TRAINING and FITNESS TESTING article 8. Training institutions 1. Fitness standard is the right and responsibility of every officer and soldier of public security. The request every officer and soldier, self-awareness, himself trained sport, every day spent at least 30 minutes to workout and play at least one sport.
2. the unit leaders are responsible for the direction, create favorable conditions of time, about the facilities, yards to officers, soldiers join the sports training and fitness according to the standard.
3. The Academy, the school combines public security put fitness content standards into the curriculum of subjects physical education for pupils and students.
4. accommodation units focus combines fitness with standard training regularly to improve stamina, technique, tactics and will to fight for officials and soldiers in the unit.
Article 9. Periodically check the fitness test-standard fitness standard is held periodically each year, can be divided into installments to all officers and soldiers are taking the test. Time check by the heads of units defined.
Article 10. Test 1. The test ban is established in the following units: a) The subdivisions;
b) subdivisions Of the Department;
c) academia, the field of public security of the people;
d), the institution, the school brought;
DD) provincial police, city;
e) fire Police Department, the Fire Department, the city.
The garrison units across the country, such as the police, the police mobile command etc. can establish the audit inspection Committee for help.
2. check the Board composition: a) the leader of the unit specified in item 1 article 10: head of Department;
b) led function rooms: the Deputy head;
c) fitness and sports officials level on: Monitoring Committee;
d) the sports staff of the unit: Commissioner;
DD) agencies staff the local sport (if available): Commissioner.
The number of members of the Board examined by the unit heads decided.
3. Responsibilities and duties the Board examined: a) building plan; make a list of officers and soldiers in an inspection inform the unit of soldiers and officers knew before 3 month rehearsing and arranging proper testing time;
b) preparing media yards, serving tools, check;
c) inspect according to the approved plan;
d) gathers the results suggest the review unit heads, recognized standard of fitness for officers, soldiers.
Article 11. Reviews, recognized standard of fitness heads the unit specified in item 1 article 10 the base test results and the proposal of Chief test review decision recognized the fitness standards for officers, soldiers and other subdivisions. The report of the test results (through the Department of political affairs) to gather, to serve the average review annual competition.
Chapter IV the BASE MATERIAL, the EXPENSE of SERVING FITNESS TESTING article 12. The facilities serve check fitness facilities including road running, jumping, pits ... must ensure enough distance, size, specification. If the unit does not have qualified on the basis of the material, can lend, hire of fitness industry, sports or the authorities to inspect. The check must ensure safe and save.
Article 13. Staff medical check in process inspection organization must arrange adequate medical staff, vehicles, emergency medicine to timely handle injury, sudden illness can occur.
Article 14. Secured funding 1. The unit spent the funds serve fitness test standards include: a) remodelling yards, shopping tools, training and service of means test;
b) yard Rental inspection service;
c) fostering for the Committee members to check and medical officer applied paragraph 1 point b article 4 Circular No. 200/2011/TTLT-BTC-BVHTTDL 30/12/2010 of the Ministry of finance and the Ministry of culture, sports, tourism regulations of financial expenditure for the sports competitions costs, does not exceed: 60,000 VND/person/days during inspection missions. Time check (entitled fostering mode) by the unit heads decided.
2. The aforementioned expenditures spent from regular budget sources serve sports activities by the Ministry of Police Affairs for the public security units, local.
Chapter V IMPLEMENTATION article 15. Effective enforcement of this circular effect after 45 days from the date of signing. The previous provisions contrary to this circular are repealed.
Article 16. Responsible for enforcing

1. General Director, heads of subdivisions; Director of the public security Department, central cities; The Director of the Fire Department and Police Department fire is responsible for implementation of this circular.
2. General Directorate of construction of the people's police force is responsible for guiding, inspecting, London implementation of this circular ramps under the functions, duties and powers assigned to it.
3. in the implementation process if there are obstacles, public security units, local reports on The (through construction of people's public security forces) for instructions.