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Decision 32/2013/qd-Ttg Dated: On A Number Of Mechanisms, Incentive Policies For The Area, The Province Of Ba Ria-Vung Tau

Original Language Title: Quyết định 32/2013/QĐ-TTg: Về một số cơ chế, chính sách ưu đãi đối với địa bàn Côn Đảo, tỉnh Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu

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Number: 32 /2013/QĐ-TTg


Hanoi, 22 May 2013


On some mechanisms, preferable policies.

For the city of Kuntao, the Queen Mother Province.


Government Law Base December 25, 2001;

The Investment Law Base November 29, 2005;

At the suggestion of the Minister of Planning and Investment and Chairman of the Committee of the People's Provincial Committee.

The Prime Minister issued a decision on some of the mechanisms, preferable policies towards the city of Kuntao, the province of Madame Rày-Vũi.

What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

This decision stipulated a number of mechanisms, preferable policies, encouraging organizations, individuals within and outside of investment and operations in Kuntao, the province of Rui-Vũi.

What? 2. Rights and obligations of the organization, personal investment, business in Kuntao

1. An investor who performs an investment activity, business in K Island has the right:

a) Self-government investment, business pursuits to investment law, except for the case of investment, business in the field of investment prohibition, banning business by law;

b) Appropriation and use of credit capital, land and resources sources according to the rule of law;

c) domestic labor employment, foreign labor as management work, technical labor and expert in the need for manufacturing, business under the rule of law and the international commitments that Vietnam is a participant; decision on wages and other matters of employment. the minimum wage of workers by the rule of labour law; the establishment of unions in the business by law;

d) Appropriate the land fund was approved by the authority to approve and publish the planning, mortgage the use of land and property attached to the land at the credit organization allowed to operate in Vietnam to borrow capital projects under the rule of law on the law. relevant land and law;

In accordance with the provisions of the provisions of this decision and the provisions of the relevant law;

e) Perform other rights in accordance with the rule of law.

2. An investor who performs an investment activity, business in K Island is obliged to:

a) Investment in production, business in K Island under the right of the approved planning and regulation of the law; the use of the right land, effective;

b) Blisters of land use, land rent, land refunds, factories, warehousing, service works and public utilities in Kuntao, fulfills other financial obligations under the rule of law;

c) Impleming the laws of accounting, audit, insurance, labor, customs, environmental protection and other obligations under the law.

What? 3. The method of mobiling capital to invest in Kuntao development

1. Every year, the basis of the laws of the state budget, the law on investment, the ability to balance the state budget, the investment projects that combine the technical infrastructure-the important society has been approved by the state authority and the state of the state. The implementation of the project, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and its agencies related to capital support from the source of support from the central budget source to the province of Grandmother-Vũi Vũi or through ministries, sector to deploy investment projects. It ' s important social infrastructure-social infrastructure in Kuntao. Priority of capital from the central budget source, including the source of formal development support (ODA), Government bonds, the South China Sea program, the incentive credit to invest important projects in the field of transportation infrastructure, Water release, electrical power, waste disposal.

2. Priority of the use of ODA capital and credit capital funds to invest in the construction of technical-social infrastructure structures, the necessary public utility service works of Kuntao and other technical assistance.

3. Draw investment capital in the form of BOT, BT, BTO, PPP and other forms according to the rule of law.

4. Used as a land development fund by law on land on the purpose of investing in the development of technical infrastructure-the social-serving society for Kuntao.

5. Direct capital mobiles of organizations, individuals in the country, previous capital of subjects with the need to use infrastructure, capital of enterprises that have the construction function and the technical infrastructure business infrastructure in the world.

6. Open the form of credit co-sponsors of credit organizations and mobilize all capital under other forms, according to the rule of law.

What? 4. Recommend and preferable investment

1. State investment incentives and incentives:

a) The organizations, domestic and foreign individuals are entitled to implement investment projects in Kunistao (excluding projects of the portfolio of prohibited investment by law on investment);

b) The investor has a foreign direct investment project and domestic investment projects in Kuntao are quickly resolved by state agencies to quickly address investment, business and support procedures in the process of operating a business-based business. in terms of investments, the legal and legal legislation involved;

c) Encouraging domestic and foreign investors to build infrastructure structures in Kuntao;

d) All investment projects into Kuntao enjoy applicable incentives to economic sites-society is particularly difficult under the rule of law;

Organization, individuals with investment financing from the source of official development assistance, operate foreign direct investment projects and domestic investment projects are considered rewarded under the law of reward competition law.

2. Business income tax income

The organization's projects, domestic and foreign individuals who invest in Kuntao are entitled to preferable corporate income tax on investment projects at the site of economic conditions-the society is particularly difficult under the provisions of the income tax legislation. Business.

3. incentives for export taxes, import taxes

The organization's projects, domestic and foreign individuals who invest in Kuntao are entitled to preferable import duties imposed on the investment project at the site of economic conditions-the society is particularly difficult under the provisions of the export tax law, the import tax. -No.

4. Incentives for free, reduce land use, land rent

Investment projects in Kuntao are preferable for free, reducing land use, land rent, water rent at the applicable preferable level on the investment project into the market with economic conditions-the society is particularly difficult under the rule of law on the collection of use. Soil, land rent, water lease.

5. Incentives and policies that encourage other investment

a) Build, establish a duty-free shop in Kuntao to sell duty-free goods to tourists who are foreigners, Vietnamese who carry foreign passports each time to Kuntao with a value of no more than ¥ 500,000 per person/day.

The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce directed the People's Committee of the Provincial People's Provincial Committee, established and managed the tax-free store stipulated at this point.

b) The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in collaboration with the Provincial People ' s Provincial Committee and the relevant agencies proposed mechanisms, support policies, promotion of promotion, tourism promotion, high quality tourism training for Kuntao, report to the Prime Minister.

c) The Ministry of Commerce, the Vietnam Electric Corporation studied the method of supporting the investment of electricity, the management of the electrical system, ensuring the need for production, business and livelihood for Kuntao, reported the Prime Minister.

What? 5. Land Use, Construction Investment in Kuntao

1. Land, water area for the investment and development investment in Kuntao has been identified in the Joint Planning Building and Planning for Use of the Approved Jurisdiction, People's Committee of the Provincial People's Provincial People's Provincial People's Provincial People's Provincial Committee. The planning of using the land, the general planning of the construction of the Kuntao, was reviewed and the organization called for the planned investment.

2. domestic and foreign investors before investing, building architectural works, technical infrastructure structures and public services and public utilities under the investment project in Kuntao must have a case that is required to obtain a competent authority. the right to the rule of law on investment and construction.

3. The management of the construction of business production works, the infrastructure structures infrastructure, technical infrastructure structures and service works and public utilities in Kuntao are implemented by the rules of the Company. The law of building.

What? 6. Immigration, immigration, residence, labor, health care

1. Exposition, entry, residence, residence in Kuntao

a) Foreign persons, Vietnamese settlers residing abroad working, investing in investment, business, tourism in Kuntao and their family members are granted a visa, entry, and temporary residence, permanent residence in Kuntao under the rule of law. about the scene, entry and law of residence.

b) The British Provincial Committee of the Provincial People's Department of Transportation in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Transport, the Federal Prime Minister's related industry on the need for the upgrade of the Kuntao Airport to the International Airport of Kuntao; Port of Kuntao, which is the port of Kuni. The international seaport of Kuntao.

2. Discrimination against cadres, civil officials, officials and armed forces working in Kuntao:

a) The People's Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial People's Board of the People's Board of Construction, civil service, construction requirements, development requirements, and development of Kuntao.

b) An upgrade of the area depends on K Island to 0.7.

c) The Provincial People's Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial People's Department for the Study of Difficult Subsidies, the Province's Current Procurement Allowance; the expansion of the province's enlightened regimes for cadres, civil officials to the business in Kuntao, under the rule of law.

3. Medical Assistance Policy for Kuntao

The Ministry of Health prioritids to invest in the medical network of Kuntao, assigned to a Central Central Hospital that is responsible for the head of the Kuntao Hospital, supporting medical equipment, rotating candidates directly to the treatment and specialist support for the medical staff. In K Island.

What? 7. Financial Mode

1. Organization, the individual operating business in Kuntao performs financial regime according to the regulation of Vietnamese law.

2. The purchase, payment, transfer, and other trading relations between organizations, individuals operating business in Kuntao are made in Vietnam and the free foreign currency converts by the State Bank of Vietnam.

3. Credit organizations are established and operate under the provisions of the law on credit organization; foreign credit organizations are opened in branches, trading posts, trading rooms, savings funds, trading points, representative offices in Kuntao to provide services to the public. level of other business and banking services in Kuntao by law; banks and foreign financial firms are invested in banking, financial firms in Kuntao.

What? 8. The organization performs

The ministries, the relevant authorities, their duties and powers are responsible for the specific guidance and coordination with the Committee of the Provincial People's Provincial People's Provincial Committee on the mechanisms, the policy at the decision.

What? 9. Terms of execution

1. This decision has been in effect since 15 July 2013.

2. The ministers, the chief of staff across the Ministry, the Head of the Government of the Government, Chairman of the People's Committee of the Provincial People's Provincial Committee, are responsible for this decision.

Prime Minister


Dao Dung