Decisions 68/2013/qd-Ttg Dated: About Support Policies Aimed At Reducing Losses In Agriculture

Original Language Title: Quyết định 68/2013/QĐ-TTg: Về chính sách hỗ trợ nhằm giảm tổn thất trong nông nghiệp

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Numbers: 68 /2013/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, November 14, 2013


V. Support policy to reduce agricultural losses.


The Law base. Nest Government on December 25, 2001;

Resolution 48/NQ-CP on 23 May Ah! 9 in 2009 of Ch I'm In terms of mechanisms, the policy of reducing losses after harvest. Stain. i with agricultural products, fisheries;

At the suggestion of the Minister of Agriculture and Prophecy Okay. n rural ()

Prime Minister Ch I'm The government issued a decision on policy support to reduce it. socket In agriculture. .

What? 1. The state budget supports commercial equity interest on long-term, medium-term, short-term loans of Vietnam to buy machines, equipment to reduce losses in agriculture as follows:

1. The supporting object is businesses, coopercooperation, cooperative organizations, households, individuals.

2. The machine catalog group, the device:

a) The types of soil plants, levers of fields, cultivation, cultivation, care, rice harvesting, corn, coffee, tea, sugar mills; agricultural dryers, fisheries; machinery, production equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, and equipment.

b) Water-saving irrigation system in agricultural production;

c) Machine, equipment using seed production, farming, fisheries harvesting;

d) Machine types, fishing equipment, recording, fishing nets, communications, cellar (chamber) level east, barrel (vault) preservation of products that attach cold equipment, water production, water filtration as water for use on the fish ship, post-service logistics service ship, -

Machine, equipment processing equipment from scrap and agricultural products, fisheries;

e) The warehouse, the equipment used contained, the grain preservation, the family tissue corn;

g) tractor types, Diezen engines used in agriculture, mining for fisheries.

3. The condition is entitled to support:

a) The coopercoopery, cooperative, household, individual must be confirmed by the People's Committee as a direct subject of agricultural production, breeding, cultivation, fishing, agricultural processing, fisheries; agricultural infrastructure services;

b) Businesses are contracted to implement a production bond contract, consumption of agricultural products, mechanization services with a partnership, cooperative or farmers;

c) The machine types, regulatory equipment at paragraph 2 This must be machine, new equipment, standard appropriate quality published by law on the quality of the product, goods.

4. A loan, interest rate support, time of support:

a) The maximum loan to purchase the types of machines, the device specified in Clause 2 This is 100% worth of goods;

b) Support 100% of the equity interest in the first two years, 50% in the third year.

What? 2. The state budget supports the difference between the trade interest rate on long-term loans, the Vietnam-based extension and the state 's development credit rate of investment to implement machine-chain investment projects, the loss of losses in the country' s capital. Agriculture (including the workshop); machine fabrication projects, agricultural manufacturing equipment regulations as follows:

1. The supporting object is businesses, coopercooperation, cooperative organizations, households, individuals.

2. Category of investment projects including:

a) Warehouse stockpiles of rice, corn; agricultural drying systems; machine chains, milling equipment, polished, rice classification;

b) The greenhouse system, manufacturer of manufacturing; machine, maintenance equipment, vegetable processing, flowers, fruits; and more.

c) The machine chain, maintenance equipment, cattle slaughter, industrial poultry; fisheries processing (refrigeration equipment, winter level, recrowing; production of ice water, scaly rock; dryer equipment ...);

d) Factory lines, coffee processing equipment, tea, personnel, pepper;

The machine chain, the salt processing device;

e) Machine fabrication projects, agricultural manufacturing equipment.

3. The condition is entitled to support:

a) The organizations, the individual must have a licensed investment project approved;

b) Investment projects have not yet enjoyed support from other policies.

4. The maximum loan is equal to 70% of the value of the project.

5. The loan deadline is determined in accordance with the capital ' s ability to recall the project and the ability to repay the debt of the investment in line with the production characteristics, the business of the project but not more than 12 years.

What? 3. The principle determines the lending rate of loans of commercial banks and state budgets that support interest rates, which grant the interest rate difference as follows:

1. The commercial lending rate of banks to purchase types of machines, equipment is the lowest level of lending rates in the agricultural, rural sector of the same period and the same period of the bank performing the loan and is publicly announced.

2. The state budget only supports interest rates and grants interest arbitrate compensation to payout payers on the right. The loans that are being transferred to the overdue debt will not be entitled to support since the time of the bad debt.

3. The state budget only supports interest rates and grants interest arbitrates on loans that have contracted capital loans at commercial banks before December 31, 2020.

What? 4. Organization implemented

1. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible:

a) presided over, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Trade, manufacturing equipment, domestic manufacturing equipment, import of the machine category group, the device to be entitled to a policy of support for the provisions of Article 2 of this Decision;

b) The guidelines for the specification of the engineering of the types of machines, the equipment of the specified investment projects at paragraph 2 Article 2 This Decision;

c) Chair, in collaboration with the People's Committee of the Provinces, the Central City of Central, the ministries, the concerned sector, oversee the implementation of this Decision.

2. Ministry of Commerce in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development unify the machine, the device is entitled to the provision of support policies under the provisions of Clause 2 This Decision.

3. The State Bank of Vietnam instructs and checks the commercial banks that implement the prescribed loan at this Decision.

4. The Ministry of Finance chaired the manual implementation of the interest rate, which granted the interest arbiter to the loans under regulation at the decision.

5. People ' s Committee of the Provinces, the Central City of the Central Committee:

a) The direction of conducting programs, the project aims to reduce the losses in local agriculture; guidance, number monitoring, type of machine type, equipment supported in accordance with the actual requirements of each field, each of the sites to develop their effectiveness. Support policy.

b) The actual demand base for machine investment, loss of losses in agriculture and the ability of local budgets, provinces, cities to consider whether to provide additional support policies beyond regulatory policy at the decision;

c) Every year reports the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on the results of implementation of the policy on the site.

What? 5. Performance Performance

1. This decision has the enforcement effect since 1 January 2014 and replaces the No. 1 decision. 63 /2010/QĐ-TTg October 15, 2010 and Decision No. 65 /2011/QĐ-TTg The Prime Minister's December 2, 2011, December 2, 2011, the Government's Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government

2. The organizations, individuals are implementing the support policy under the Digital Decision. 63 /2010/QĐ-TTg October 15, 2010 and Decision No. 65 /2011/QĐ-TTg The Prime Minister's December 2, 2011, on the day of December 2, 2011, the decision to take effect was to continue to enjoy the policy.

What? 6. Ministers, peer-to-peer agencies, government ministers of the Government, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, the Central City of the Central Committee and the agencies, the relevant unit responsible for the decision.

Prime Minister


Dao Dung