Circular 14/2013/tt-Bvhttdl: Some Content Management Organizes Activities Sport

Original Language Title: Thông tư 14/2013/TT-BVHTTDL: Quy định một số nội dung quản lý tổ chức hoạt động thi đấu xe đạp thể thao

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The CIRCULAR stipulates some content management organization activities sport _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the base fitness, sports law, December 29, 2006;
Pursuant to Decree No. 112/2007/ND-CP dated 26 June 2007 from the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the law on physical education, sports;
Pursuant to Decree No. 76/2013/ND-CP on July 16, 2013 of government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism;
At the suggestion of the General Director of the Sports Department;
The Minister of culture, sports and tourism issued circulars stipulated some content management activities organized sport.
Article 1. Scope 1. This circular stipulates some content management activities organized sport.
2. Sport include: racing bicycles, bike, bike in the yard and basin slalom bike (BMX).
Article 2. The object that applies to this circular apply to organizations, individual activities organized sport in Vietnam.
Article 3. Engineering Guide 1. Individual organization hosts sport competitions to build the technical guide. Technical guide includes the following principal contents: a) the diagram attached to the cross-section of the race has highlighted the key points on the track;
b) detailed map of the area of origin, destination or region.
2. organizations and individuals hosted tournaments sport have a responsibility to send the technical guide for the institutions, individual participants, the award competition. Time to send the technical guide for at least 30 days before opening day.
Article 4. General conditions regarding the venue 1. There is street racing, to suit the nature and scale of the tournament according to the provisions in articles 5, 6, 7 and 8 of this circular.
2. competition venue must have boot sector, the area of hygiene, dressing, to the car.
3. Ensuring the security, order, environmental hygiene, fire prevention at the venue and the venue for the formal ceremony in accordance with the law.
Article 5. Road racing bicycles 1. Have the signs announcing the direction, location, distance, the distance to the important point: destination, point of awards along the way, the area, the top of the mountain, the road bad, narrow, densely populated area, the bridge.
2. Marking and signalling the obstacles on the track.
3. Have the fence protecting the area before and after 300 m 100 m target destination.
Article 6. Road racing bike 1. There are signs mark the track in accordance with the law of sport competition.
2. Marking and signalling the obstacles on the track.
3. put the soft material or buffers in the area that may be dangerous for athletes.
4. Have the grids or protective barrier in the danger zone: the steep areas.
5. secure areas separated between the audience with minimum 2 m wide road racing and must have protective barrier.
6. Have the fence protecting the area before intent 100 m and 50 m target later.
Article 7. Bicycle racing yard 1 basin. Home: racing in the stadium surface was made of wood, flat and smooth. The track has a minimum width is 5 m.
2. outdoor Racing Pitch: the pitch was made of wood or concrete, flat and smooth. The track has a minimum width is 5 m.
3. secure the corridor of the track has a minimum width is 2, 5 m for shorter length racing pitch 250m, a minimum of 4 m for the racing yard in length from 250m upwards.
4. the outer edge of the track has a safety fence. The height of the fence is minimal, 0 m without the bulge, colors and contrast than the colors of the track.
Article 8. The yard slalom cycling (BMX) 1. The length of the track from 300 m to 400 m (measured from the center of the track), the minimum width is 5 m including the ramp straight and bend sideways to form a race.
2. The area of origin is higher than the design of the track, there is minimum 10 m width and minimum height is 1.5 m. The ramp comes to have the lanes is derived.
3. The door comes with a height of 0, 5 m minimum with a slope not exceeding 90 degrees (90o). The door comes designed to can help be the wheel of athletes.
4. the outer edge of the track is painted white. Fencing of the track and the audience are placed a minimum of 2 m, made of plastic or material capable of absorbing the impact force from athletes and competition cars.
5. Have the following straight line segments to the athletes lose speed and stop the car.
Article 9. The condition of the equipment 1. There are communications equipment for the Organization and operation of the tournament.
2. Have the camcorder to record the process.
3. Have the means to move to the Member organizations, executives and teams in the competition process.
4. Have the equipment serves parts of arbitration awards and operating instructions include the racing group: flags, bells, whistles, alarm hour, round table, tape, tape, safety inspections, the size and weight of the vehicle.
Article 10. Health conditions 1. Athletes competed in the tournament must have a health certificate to the sports competition of the hospital from the provincial level under the provisions of the Charter.
2. Score the minimum emergency ambulance 01, 01 and 06 doctor nurse.
3. Have enough base and tools for initial first aid.
4. for the bike race, must arrange emergency points in dangerous areas on the track; ensure advantages for ambulances to move.
Article 11. Conditions of arbitration 1. Arbitration system in operating Sports Award honors national level must be Bicycle Federation-sportbike Vietnam recognition and summoned to do the task.
The number of motor-arbitration: minimum 1 referee/5 athletes but not less than 30 referees.
2. for local competitions, the industry organization: arbitration award executives must be Bicycle Federation-local sport Bike or the Department of culture, sports and tourism of the province, central cities and summons.
The number of arbitrators is the minimum motor 25 arbitration.
Article 12. The responsibility of the individual organizations 1. Individual organizations hosted tournaments sport have a responsibility to report or ask permission in writing awards organizations with state regulators on culture, sport and tourism under the provisions of the law.
2. The organizing committee responsible award: a) construction organization plan, program, schedule and course; ensure a safe and professional requirements;
b) in coordination with public safety agencies, transportation, medical, information and communications-related agencies to build and implement plans to ensure security, order, health, first aid, emergency during competitions, propaganda, advertising in accordance with the law.
3. for the tournament to be held in Vietnam but had the race route goes through many countries: a) Organization hosted tournaments sports bike race route passing through other countries are responsible for building the program, organization plan; the report and send the text please allow the Organization to award State Management Agency on culture, sports and tourism; the ministries concerned in accordance with the law;
b) representatives of organizations, individual State Agency on culture, sports and tourism to work directly with the authorized bodies of water you plan to organize coordination, ensure safe and professional requirements;
c) Organization, individual Awards host is responsible for coordinating with the exit and entry of the countries of the Union have to race, to go through to ensure the implementation of exit and entry for the people and the means of quick racing group, properly regulated procedures.
Article 13. Results reported organized competitions held, organized individual sports bike competition results reported organized competitions for the State administration of culture, sport and tourism under the rule of law after the end of the tournament.
Article 14. Implementation 1. The sports administration has the responsibility to guide and inspect the implementation of this circular.
2. Inspection of the culture, sports and Tourism conducts inspections, processed by the authority for the Organization, individuals when organized bicycle sports competition violates the provisions of this circular.
3. The Department of culture, sports and tourism of the province, central cities are responsible for implementation of this circular.
Article 15. Effect 1. This circular has effect from 1 March 2014.
2. In the process of implementation, if any obstacles, suggest the Agency organized, timely, personal reflections on the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism to research, timely resolve./.