Circular 56/2013/tt-Btnmt: Technical Rules For Measuring From The Sea By Ship

Original Language Title: Thông tư 56/2013/TT-BTNMT: Quy định kỹ thuật đo từ biển theo tàu

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Technical measure regulation CIRCULARS from the sea by ship _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the MINISTER of NATURAL RESOURCES and the ENVIRONMENT pursuant to Decree No. 25/2009/ND-CP on 06 March 2009 by the Government on the integrated management of resources and environment protection of the sea, Islands;
Pursuant to Decree No. 21/2013/ND-CP of March 2013 of government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of natural resources and the environment;
At the suggestion of the General Director of the Bureau of Sea and Islands Vietnam, Director of science and technology and Director of the legislation;
The Minister of natural resources and the environment issued the circular stipulated the technique of measuring from the sea by boat.
Chapter I GENERAL PROVISIONS article 1. Scope this circular regulates the content, process and technical requirements of measuring from the sea by boat to the mapping between T and ∆ magnetic anomaly map.
Article 2. The object that applies to this circular apply to state management agencies, organizations and individuals that are related to the work of the measurement from the sea by boat.
Article 3. Explanation of terms In this regulation, the terms below are interpreted as follows: 1. Measure from the sea by ship is a method of measuring the absolute value of T from field by measuring from the sea with the currency drag drop under the train.
2. Measure Deviaxia is the measured field values from at 1 point under the direction of different trains, in order to determine the effect the direction train runs to link measurements from field of study area.
3. Edit Deviaxia is the exclusion of the influence the effect direction train runs up the field values from the measured according to different directions in the research.
4. Variations from the location field is change from time to time, the variable type from variable include the century, variations on night and storm from.
5. Variations of the century is the change in the average value of the local schools from time to time.
6. Variations on the night is the change of location from school during a night on the Sun.
7. Storm from the sudden change of location from the school with a strong intensity in a short time due to the stream of charged particles ejected from the explosion on the Sun (the solar wind).
8. Adjust the variable from the exclusion of the time variations of the geomagnetic field measurement data.
9. Field from total or comprehensive school from (T) is the field from the measured at the point of observation include normal school from Earth at the time of observation and the from field triggers by the environment below and around the point of observation.
10. the normal school from Earth (To) is to the from field is regarded as the scene of a dipole with a pole from near the geographic North Pole and the other near the geographic South Pole. There is a shaft from the bipolar line connecting fantasy to form an angle of about 11.3° compared to the Earth's rotational axis. North magnetic pole is located at 70° North latitude, East longitude 96o; the South magnetic pole is located at Southern latitudes and 73o 156o.
11. Market anomalies from the school component was the ∆ from completely after minus the field from To.
12. Market anomalies from ∆ T is the rest of the field from the total after subtracting a value from field as part of the root but not the field from To.
13. Tesla (T) is the unit for measuring the intensity of the magnetic field in the international system of units (SI).
14. the IGRF is from simulations of the Earth's standard mathematical models.
15. internal links is to link measures from the survey of a region of a magnetic field.
16. the foreign link is the link to data measured from the top of the survey zone was measured in different periods on the same level the field at a time.
Article 4. General requirements in the measure from the sea by vessels 1. Asked about measuring online network a) measurement line network to match the rate map the from field should establish and structural geology of the study under two forms: grid square and rectangular grid is specified in annex No. 5 included herewith;
b) On the region to survey the full layout of the measure include common online, online, online title link and check;
c) Online measurement from the sea must be positioned guided by satellite positioning technology (GPS system or other systems), the deviation between the measured and the design online reality not too 2 mm scale map.
2. The deployment of online titles, links must meet the following requirements: a) Where layout Online link, online titles must have a field from the field gradient at least stabilization, transform;
b) the headrest must be arranged into polygon network to control the entire survey area. The number of online titles must be secured to the vertical cut through the area survey of this area measuring and every season at least must have a horizontal lines cutting through. The distance between the working title from 10-15 km, the case of the complex survey shall apply special title networks with smaller titles online distance 10 km;
c) links must be cut at right angles with the title. The case number is not enough to link the cut score is sure to use the commonly repeated measurements do online links;
d) the gap between the online link does not exceed 100 km; When measured from the high precision this distance must be less than 30 km;
DD) the length of each title online, online links when measuring from with high accuracy not exceeding 200 km, with measured from the average accuracy not exceeding 300.3. Asked about the equipment and means a) Must use the field meter from constant T, high precision (0, 1nT), not influenced by the direction of stable activity, measured in the range of working temperature from-45oC to 60oC, there is the possibility to connect a GPS synchronized, rendered digital data and data stored on the computer hard drive;
b) gauges from must be calibrated, tested, reviews the specifications of the machine before putting into use;
d) boat used in measuring from sea to structured, consistent power and payload, ensuring safety in the process of surveying and move on to the sea.
3. The work measured from sea only made in wind conditions under level 5 (five).
4. Technical staff measure from the sea must have appropriate expertise and training on occupational safety.
Chapter II CONSTRUCTION ALSO ADDRESS article 5. The work of the Office before the fieldwork and preparation of construction beyond the field 1. The work of the Office before the fieldwork including: a) to collect information about geology, and Geophysics have been made related to the measuring area from; location of moored ship, the location variable from stations and local office placement;
b) on the basis of requirements measured from the sea has been approved and the information collected was defined in art. 1 of this article, the unit of measure from the implementation must build construction outline with the content is mainly prescribed in annex 1 attached herewith;
c) outline of the test measure from the sea must be the unit heads chaired the project through.
2. Preparation of construction field include: a) check, maintenance, equipment;
b) calibrated meter from the sea and variable gauge from the auditing rooms at speciality. From the meter case is damaged while under construction, then after the repair must be calibrated before further use.
With regard to the indicators from which the specialized accreditation in the country are not eligible, the construction unit testing must be conducted to track and check the specifications to ensure the request according to the manufacturer's history;
c) preparing the materials, specialized components.
Article 6. Installation of machines, equipment on the ship from the sea measuring 1. Installation of the machine, equipment on board a) installation Room air, the device must be equipped with air conditioning, an area of fit guarantee enough space to install the device and work for the technicians operate the machines. Location of the room installed in the machine, the device must be positioned away from the machine and placed in the Chamber where less influenced shake when there's waves;
b power cable with cable winches, currency) signal and receiver are arranged in the floor behind the ship on the secured area to operate smoothly, safely;
c) the machines, the equipment prescribed in points a and b of this Clause must be mounted on pedestals and are reinforced to resist a shift in the course or stop moving ships at sea; power supply cable, the cable receiver should be arranged in a private road; the generator must be set to a cool place and facilitate regular monitoring during the operation;
d) measuring from must be connected to a GPS device.
2. check the stability of the machine, the device after installing a) test run in generator mode does not load and download;
b) Measuring devices guidance positioning test GPS connection with air from the static mode in your vessel operating conditions;
c) Measured from the meter test in static mode in terms of air vessel operating by bringing the top currency away from the ship on the 100 m, the measuring range selection, proper measuring cycle; conducted trials measuring the minimum time of 30 minutes. Test measures is a form of the original document.
Article 7. Move the ship to the region of measurement from the Sea 1. Measured from the ship was allowed to move to the region of measurement after the measurement, from were installed, tested according to the provisions of article 6 of this circular.
2. Before measuring the ship from moving, must check the disassembly of the cords from the survey equipment with the power on the Bank; safety of the winch cable, drag and drop the top, power supply cable for the device and the measuring system from.
3. measuring was conducted Only when checked, ensure the machines, measuring equipment on board and the variable measuring stations from, the GPS stations operated normally.
Article 8. Measure the length of the drop cable select receiver 1. The measure select cable length to drop from first to perform on the anomalies from school or from little change.
2. Proceed to the measurement selected ascending by cable length cable length drop head comes when the measured data does not change, measured in the direction of 0o and 180o each drop cable length.
3. On the basis of measurement results according to the provisions in paragraph 2 of this article, the choice of cable length sufficient to ensure the influence of the ship up measures less than 1/3 the error allows mapping from field.
Article 9. The Measurement Of Dviaxia 1. To measure the Deviaxia before measuring on online survey in every season. The case is measured which must replace or repair from meter gauge to measure progress from Deviaxia.
2. Deviaxia measuring time is short for and made at the time variable from smallest to have during the day.

3. Deviaxia measuring positions must be arranged in the survey, where sea floor topography is relatively flat and small magnetic field gradient.
4. Deviaxia measurements must be conducted 2 times (leg and leg) at a location has coordinates determined by the direction 0o, 45o, 90o, 180o, 135o, 225o, 270o, 315o.
5. Deviaxia measures must be variable from calibration, set the Deviaxia curve to determine the calibration value according to a unified direction when creating a map from field.
Article 10. Measured variable from 1. The measured variable from must be conducted simultaneously with the process of measuring from sea.
2. variable measuring Stations from having to be deployed in areas where there are no anomalies and meet the following requirements: a) the distance between the stations measured variable from must be less than 100 km according to the Meridian;
b) the distance from the station to the region from the variation measured from less than 200 km according to latitude;
c) Is away from roads, power lines, causing power oscillator sources from a distance so as not to affect the measuring result;
d) within a radius of 2, 5 m from field no difference too 5nT.
3. in each survey must have a minimum of 3 days of continuous variable tracking 24/24 hours to determine the rule variable of the area.
4. for variable gauges from auto numbering, the measurement cycle is 1-2 minutes. For the variations from no automatic record mode, the measurement cycle is 5 minutes, each must measure two metrics and record the value of the from field and the measurement time on Windows.
Article 11. Measure from the top of the line is usually 1. Measure from the top of the line usually is conducted by the method of continuous measurement, the measuring cycle depends on the type of machine from use in the survey. Do not proceed with the measurement from the sea during the storm.
2. The measuring line stretching from is made in the following cases: a) When found to have anomalies must measure track anomalies out remainder of the anomalies;
b) When there are favorable conditions for permission to survey ships entered near the shore than planned design.
3. When to use from 2 meters from above to measure the magnetic field in the same season survey in the same area, to conduct reviews of the synchronization of the air in one of two ways: a) Measured at the same time the air on a stretch of the line;
b) a repeat Measurement line has been measured by other machines.
4. Technicians operate the machines from logging to measure according to the form prescribed in annex 6 attached to this circular.
5. in the measurement process, to organize regular monitoring, realm of the level of safety of equipment is dragging behind. When incidents happen to promptly notify the person in charge know to handle.
6. measurement data from the sea must be burned to a CD or external hard drive to transfer to the local Office of the Division handling of each measure.
Article 12. Measure from the top online titles, links and online check 1. Measure from on the title and link a) rides from on online titles and links must be conducted in the shortest time with variations from small most of the day;
b) the titles must be measured by the same type, the same conditions as measured on the measuring uncertainty, often on online titles must be less than the error of the map from field need established;
c) Measured from on the title and the link must be made 2 times repeatedly turns off and turns on, the value of the from field is taken as the average value of 2 times the measurement;
d) to measure from top online network titled can proceed before or after the measurement most often online.
2. The measure from the test was only done after the completion of the measurement from the whole of the following network design. Online test must be arranged to cut through all the regular routes. The number of online check is determined on the basis of area, shape the measure from and ensure each line usually has at least 1 point of intersection with the check.
3. measuring accuracy from is determined by the average squared deviation of m1 field values from measured at the point of intersection between the conventional and online check.

4. measuring accuracy from are classified as follows: a) low precision when m1 > 15nT;
b) average accuracy when m1 = 5 ÷ 15nT;
c) accuracy when m1 < 5nT.
Article 13. The content address Office work 1. Measuring data reception from the sea, the measured variable data from.
2. check every document quality measure includes the synchronization between the measured data from field and GPS data, the accuracy of the location of the actual measurement in comparison with design, quality of the material collected from the field. The case of the quality documents that do not meet the requirements, they must request the measure again.
3. Construction of the curve varies from.
4. edit the deviaxia and variations from day and night.
5. Establishment of schools scheme from T with the preliminary calibration results.
6. preliminary analysis in order to determine the magnetic anomaly, zoned the area or change online segments about the University from potentially related geological subjects to provide timely for construction parts and other topics in the same project to coordinate the research.
Article 14. Dismantling the equipment 1. End of season survey, the entire device must be scrapped soon after the ship docked and moored at the dock.
2. Inventory, hygiene, packing, unloading the equipment ashore and transported to the headquarters unit.
Chapter III section 1 REPORTING OFFICE OFFICE ADDRESS AFTER the article 15. The task of the Office after local 1. Complete, original documents statistics collected include data measured from the sea, the variable measuring data from the measurement log, from, check and complete the synchronization between data and GPS data from field measurements.
2. Calculate the calibration value Deviaxia, adjust the variable from day and night, sync correction (if any).
3. internal links in the survey area to calculate field values from the T and ∆ anomaly I respectively of the survey season timelines.
4. establish a map from T and ∆ Ta magnetic anomaly map of the survey season.
5. Reporting the results of execution.
Article 16. Calculate the calibration value variable, edit Deviaxia 1. The calibration value variations on night and is determined by the following formula: dTbt = Tđbt-Ttbn (III. 1) where: dTbt: variable calibration values date night;
Tđbt: the field value from the measured variable from the station at the same time measured from sea;
Ttbn: average value from field during the measurement time of the season in the station varies from.
2. where the measure from the seas, cannot measure the variations from the use of data to calibrate geomagnetic variations on the night. Variable adjustment of day and night is calculated on the basis of data from address according to the following formula: = local stations from Tbt dTbt-local radio station Ttbn from (III. 2) in which: the calibration value: dTbt variations to the rules on the from field at a time;
TBT radio: measured value from the address in the local radio station from the same time measured on the sea;
The local radio station Ttbn from: the average value of the local radio station taken from. When no local radio station's Ttbn value from to edit the allowed value Ttbn of years ago but must adjust the variable part of the century according to the measurement year.
3. deviaxia correction value is determined for each direction of measurement and measuring online retrieved by increment field values from in that direction on the curve Deviaxia.
Article 17. Define the field values from the T part 1. Field values from the full T is calculated by the formula: T = Tđo-dTđe-dTbt (III. 3) in which: T: field values from the T after the Edit variable day and night and Deviaxia;
Tđo: the value measured on the measuring fields;
dTbt: variable calibration values date night;
dTđe: Deviaxia correction value.
2. in case of repeated measurement results between the meter from the sea used to have difference too 1/3 number of allowed incorrect map fields from the need to establish the right of conducting synchronous correction machine. When that field values from the full T is calculated by the formula: T = Tđo-dTđe-dTđbm-dTbt (III. 4) of which: T: field values from the T variable correction after days and nights, Deviaxia and adjust the sync machine;
Tđo: the value measured on the measuring fields;
dTbt: variable calibration values date night;
dTđe: correction value Deviaxia;
dTđbm: sync correction value.
Article 18. Internal links and computer market full of measure T from 1. The internal link is conducted by using the title or the nets used a number of vertical and horizontal lines form the closed polygon network on measuring online network.
2. balancing methods of content network and computer field values from the T in full survey of the measure specified in annex 4 to this regulation attached.
Article 19. Calculate the anomalies from ΔTa 1. Abnormal values from I ∆ is calculated by the formula: T =-To ΔTa (III. 5) in which: T: the value of intensity field from all parts after the link;
To: field values from the corresponding IGRF normal cycle time.
2. where the measure from in greater proportion 1:50,000, the small measuring area and from field To within measuring areas little change, can choose a point value of T was edit and link in the Cabinet to do original and peculiar properties ∆ T = T-Tgốc or the computer Trend of school from 1 T then T = T-trendT ∆ properties.
Article 20. Reviews the error map from article 21. Mapping the from field of the measured 1. Map the from field of the measure included: a) map from T;
b) ∆ magnetic anomaly map.
2. Map the field from T and ∆ magnetic anomaly map must be founded on the sea floor terrain simplified or background map sea floor depth abridged, a VN-2000.
3. Map the field from T must be established in the form of a map class. The curves, solid black paint treatment on it stating the value of the from field of the curves. Equal cross-section values are retrieved by 2 to 3 times the error map needs.
4. magnetic anomaly map of the ∆ must be established in the form of a map color therapy class. Equal cross-section values are retrieved by 2 to 3 times the error map needs. Map color therapy class is represented by one of the following form: a) curves treat instant black strokes, pink or red background indicates the market anomalies from the ocean with density increases the intensity of the field; blue background denotes negative magnetic anomaly field, with increasing density as negative;

b) curves of instant change color definition treatment indicate the change from field. Select the color of isometric line principles of prescribed treatment to choose the background color in point a of this Paragraph.
5. where the measuring project from there are required to establish a magnetic anomaly graph ∆ is as follows: a) map graph ∆ anomalies we have to show the map of the online market in the correct location on the map. From Ocean represented by red, the school from the sound represented by blue;
b) horizontal rate of map graph ∆ anomalies We are retrieved by the ratio of map market from T and ∆ magnetic anomaly map;
c) the rate of the selected stars stand for 1 mm on a map with 2 ÷ 3 times the average squared error determining market anomalies from ∆. The case of the area the school has strong intensity magnetic anomaly is allowed to increase the rate of stand and are framed to mark this area.
Article 22. Reporting results of construction after the end of the season to set up survey results. The content of the exam results reports are specified in Appendix 2 attached to this regulation.
Section 2 OFFICE REPORT SUMMARIZING Article 23. The Mission of the Office established the annual report 1. Statistics, Systematics of raw materials made of the whole project.
2. edit the document link, measured from conducted following the season on time.
3. Establishment of a map from T and ∆ magnetic anomaly map for Department-wide measure of project.
4. Processing, analysis and interpretation of geological materials from the sea.
5. Written reports summarizing.
Article 24. Variable adjustment of the century 1. Variable adjustment of the century to move from the T and ∆ Ta anomalies in the survey attributed about five established map from field variable metric century, retrieved under the IGRF.
2. The school from T and ∆ anomaly I founded map is calculated according to the following formula: T (TLBĐ) = T (survey year)-dTtk (III. 7) (TLBĐ year) ∆ = ∆ T a (survey year)-dTtk (III. 8) in which: T (TLBĐ): field values from the T in the mapping;
∆ T a (in TLBĐ): anomalous field values ∆ I founded map;
T (in the survey): field values from the T in the survey;
∆ T a (in the survey): anomalous field values ∆ We survey year;
dTtk: variable quantity a century need edit field values from measured in the survey year was founded on a map.
Article 25. Link project-wide exception 1. The foreign exchange project-wide links are conducted only after they have conducted edit variable is defined in article 18 of this circular.
2. Case of measuring online link cutting through all the survey and the Department links located adjacent to allow use of 2 ÷ 3 online straight to the foreign affiliate.
3. The absence of the measure, the link must use the measurement of the chờm fragment or the title to the foreign affiliate.
Article 26. Established map 1. The content and methods of mapping the field from T and ∆ magnetic anomaly maps I made according to the provisions of article 21 of this circular.
2. The error map established by the formula (III. 6).
Article 27. Processing, analysis and interpretation of geological materials measuring from 1. Measure from the entire document must be processed, analyzed and geological essays aimed at: a) to clarify the characteristics of the from field and the magnetic anomaly;
b) determine the geological structure, the fault, magma, mineral-related.
2. The results of processing, document interpretation analysis measure from being expressed in the form of a map or diagram of the geological structure, according to the document from. A map or diagram of the geological structure, according to documents from the following principal contents: a) fault system and elements of the main fault lying (the depth development, direction, shift the direction);
b) structural units according the documents from:, blocks, block structure, the side enhanced nail drop zone;
c) magma formations.
Article 28. Annual report 1. The report summarizing the work measured from the sea include the presentation and the accompanying drawing. Annual report must reflect the full content was performed, the results achieved in accordance with Appendix 3 attached to this circular.
2. The report summarizes the work measured from must be digitized, subclass information, performances and management by GIS tools consistent with the system map of the project investigated the marine mineral resources base to which the work measured from sea is a set up.
Article 29. The original documents the work measured from the original document consists of measuring work from the Sea including: 1. The disc burn results from field measurements.
2. Single coordinates measured online.
3. measuring material variations from.
4. Map online measurement.
5. audit documents, check the air.
6. the actual document diagrams online.
7. measuring geophysical logs and the local organizers.
Article 30. Measurement products from the Sea 1. Annual report.
2. The original document.
Chapter IV article 31 ENFORCEMENT TERMS. Effective enforcement of this circular are effective since 1 March 2014 Article 32. Implementation 1. The General Department of Sea and Islands Vietnam is responsible for checking, the Minister reports annually on the implementation of this circular.
2. During the implementation of this circular, if arising difficulties and obstacles, the agencies, organizations, individuals reflect timely The resources and the environment to research, supplemented as appropriate./.