Directive 33-Ct/tw: About The Strengthening The Party's Leadership For The Declaration And Control Of Assets Declaration

Original Language Title: Chỉ thị 33-CT/TW: Về sự tăng cường lãnh đạo của Đảng đối với công việc kê khai và kiểm soát kê khai tài sản

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Number: 33-CT/TW
Nationwide, January 30, 2014


In terms of strengthening the leadership of the Party for the prescribation and control of the wealth of assets


Prescribation and control of asset prescribation are important solutions in defence work, anti-corruption. The party has been advocated and the state has institutialized into specific regulations for implementing implementation. But, in the past period, the prescribation of the property remains in the form; the publication of the manifest assets has not been taken seriously; agencies, organizations, units, individuals with unactive jurisdiction proceed to verify the assets of the cadres, The party, the public, the officer on the right of the manifest; the inspector, examining the implementation of the provision of the asset's prescribation.

In order to develop the positive effect of prescribation and control of the prescribation of property in defence, anti-corruption, the Politburo requires committees, party organizations perform well some of the following work:

1- Strengthen the leadership to unify the perceptions of cadres, party members, officials, officials and agencies, organizations, units, head of the agency, organization, unit on prescribation, control of prescribation of property by party regulation, State. Through it, develop self-confidence, honesty and the sense of responsibility of cadres, party members, civil officials, officials in the prescribation of property; leadership of the role, responsibility of the agency, the organization, the unit and the head in organizing the implementation of the regulations. of the Party, the State of the Manifest, which controls the prescribation of property. Identify the prescribation, control of the prescribation of assets as criteria for evaluation of cadres, party members, civil officials, officials; assessment of the degree of mission completion of the agency, organization, unit and head.

2- The leader, taking seriously the manifest and the public manifest of the property in accordance with the provisions of the law. Staff, party officials, officials, officials in the property of the property under the provisions of the law must manifest honesty, full, clear, on time. The public affairs organization publicly prescribes the property of the party's assets to be prescribated in the student's operating system. The organizing committee publicly prescribes the asset's assets in the commission of the commission. The form, at the time, the public scope of the account of the property of the cadres, the public, the other officer on the right, is required to follow the provisions of the law of the chamber, against corruption.

3- Close leadership of the inspection, verification of the property, according to the hierarchy of cadres, civil officials, officials in the following cases:

-There's a report on the person who's supposed to prescribe the property that's not honest with the manifest.

-It is necessary to obtain information for the election, appointment, dismissal or discipline to the person of the property to prescribe the property.

-It has been argued that the funding of the property is increased.

-At the request of the agency, the organization, the individual has jurisdiction.

4- Strengthen the leadership and conduct of the inspection, oversight, inspection of the Party and State regulations on prescribation, control of the prescribation of property. Strict handling of the agencies, organizations, units, slow individuals holding the manifest; not prescribable, unexplained manifest; no solutions are derived; do not organise the public manifold; neither actively verify nor do not. Well, then, you know, you can handle all these regulations, you know, check on the manifest, control the estate ...

5- The leadership continues to finer the provisions of the law of prescribation, control of the asset's prescribation; management of the property manifest; building the database of the person's assets, the authority; control of the income of the office, the authority ... The laws of transparency of wealth, income at the request of the United Nations Convention on anti-corruption, warrants compliance with the Vietnamese practice. The study applied the measures to assist in the control of the prescribation of property, limiting the spending of cash ...

6- The Central Committee of the Central Committee follows the implementation of this Directive, periodically reporting the Politburo, the Secretariat.

This directive is popular with party spending.



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