Circular 26/2014/ttlt-Btc-Bct: Guidelines, Management, Use Of National Promotional Funds And Local Promotional Expenditure

Original Language Title: Thông tư liên tịch 26/2014/TTLT-BTC-BCT: Hướng dẫn trình tự lập, quản lý, sử dụng kinh phí khuyến công quốc gia và kinh phí khuyến công địa phương

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Number: 26 /2014/TTLT-BTC-BCT
Hanoi, February 18, 2014


Bad. Oh. Self-management, management, use. Recommended funding Fair

q Come on And the horror. I'm Local and local.


Base of Protocol 60 /2003/ND-CP June 6, 2003 the Government regulates the details and direction. There. n i State Budget Act ()

Base of Decree Stain. 45/20 1 2/ND-CP May 21, 2012 Government of the button What? n works;

Base of Protocol 215 /2013/ND-CP December 23, 2013 by Ch I'm Functional, mission, rule. Yes. And the structure socket function of the Ministry of Finance;

Base of Protocol 95 /2012/NĐ-CP 12th Ah! 11 of 2012 of Ch I'm Functional, mission, rule. Okay. Limit and structure socket function of the Ministry of Commerce;

Minister of Finance, Department of Exchequer in Bad Department of Commerce. Oh. Self-management, management, use. Recommended funding Q. Come on And the horror. I'm It ' s like the following:

What? 1. The scope of the All right -

This information guides the self-established, management, use of the national promotion funding and local promotion funding by regulation at the UN Digital Protocol. 45 /2012/NĐ-CP June 21, 2012 of the Government of the Recommendation.

What? 2. Subject applies

1. Organization, investing directly in investment, industrial production-industrial subs in the district, town, town, township and wards of type 2 city, type 3, the wards of type 1 city are transformed from the commune less than 05 years; including: Business. Small and medium, cooperative, cooperative, business-founded and operating under the laws of law (later collectively known as rural industrial facilities).

2. Industrial manufacturing facilities apply cleaner manufacturing.

3. Organization, domestic and foreign individuals participate in management work, implementing promotional services.

What? 3. The funding source guarantees public promotion

1. The Central Budget guarantees the funding for national promotion activities provided by the Ministry of Commerce, the organization implemented.

2. The local budget guarantees the funding for local promotion activities provided by the Provincial People's Committee (Province, Central City), the District People's Committee, the governing body, the organization.

3. In addition to the above funding sources, the Ministry of Commerce, the Provincial People ' s Committee, the district level, the township level is responsible for mobiling other legal resources, the cage of projects of the National Goals Programme and the Economic Development Programs-Business. Another society to perform a good goal of the promotion.

What? 4. Principles of Use of Recommended Expense

1. The national incentive budget guarantees the expense of the promotion activities undertaken by the Ministry of Commerce and the organization for activities, production products that have nationwide or regional significance, in line with the strategy, public development planning, and the economy. Regional, sector and territory.

The local promotion funding guarantee costs for the promotion activities undertaken by the People ' s Commission of Management and Organization for Operations, the meaningful production product in the province in accordance with the strategy, the planning of industrial development-and the economy. You're a professional, industrial

2. The project, the task of encouraging execution by the method of selecting or bidding under the provisions of the Ministry of Commerce (for the national promotion fee), the People's Committee (for the local promotion budget).

What? 5. d The cancer is active.

1. vocational training, short-term vocational training, conforming theory with the need for the needs of industrial facilities to create jobs and raise skilled workers.

2. Detail support for consulting, training, training, workshops, forums; attractions, surveys of domestic experience learning, overseas to enhance enterprise management capacity and capacity to apply cleaner manufacturing in industrial production; support costs, and support for the development of the company. deseriation of enterprise; the support of the establishment of rural industrial manufacturing; the support of market expansion, export of rural industrial products.

3. Chi supports engineering demonstration models; technology transfer and advanced machine applications, technical science advances into industrial production-industrial subs; building models of cleaner manufacturing applications.

4. The organization selects its rural industrial product to be typical; the organization of the fair, rural industrial exhibition, handicrave crafts; the support of rural industrial facilities participating in the fair, exhibition; construction support, registration, registration, and more. brand; the genus supports galleries to introduce product promotion (at the Centre for Region Promotion, Provincial and Rural Industrial facilities) and other commercial promotion activities.

5. Consultancy: Investment projects, marketing; manufacturing management-finance-accounting; corporate establishment; joint ventures; links in business manufacturing; model design, packaging packaging; technology applications-new devices; guide, support, support, and support. institutions, individuals who access investment preferable policies, land policy, technology science policy, financial policy-credit policy and other preferable policies of the State.

6. The construction of television programs, broadcasting; publishing of news, publications; data building, electronic information pages; leaflets, folding sheets, and other forms of public information on commercial development.

7. The joint venture support, economic cooperation, development of industrial clusters and the relocation of the basis of environmental pollutants:

a) Chi supports industrial facilities establishing associations, professions; the assistance of building industrial enterprise clusters;

b) Details support for detailed planning; investment support building infrastructure construction; conference organizations, seminars and forums to attract investment development investment;

c) In support of consulting, equity interest rates for rural industrial facilities polluts the relocation of the environment into areas, industrial clusters;

d) Support for environmental pollution processing systems in industrial clusters, rural industrial facilities.

8. International cooperation on recommendation:

a) The construction of programs, projects, international cooperation projects for cleaner activities and cleaner manufacturing;

b) The genus in exchange, learning of the experience of public promotion, encourages industrial development, industrial cluster management, cleaner manufacturing with organizations, foreign individuals as defined by Vietnamese law through conferences, seminars, and forums. men;

c) The increased capacity, the qualifications for the cadres as a promotion to international cooperation programs and programs, project learning projects outside the country.

9. The increased management capacity of management and organization performs the recommended activity:

a) The construction of the program, documentation and organization of training, professional fostering, and business for the staff as a promotion;

b) The organization of the survey, learning experience in the country; dedicated workshop genus, summup review conference on the operation of promotion; construction, maintenance, and dissemation of databases and electronic information pages of promotion, cleaner manufacturing;

c) The upgrade of facilities, means of work for Region and Provincial Incentives Centers; the labor cost to the collaborator to maintain the recommended community network;

d) The construction of each of the annual promotions and promotional plans;

) Examined, supervised, instruct the implementation of programs, projects, and public promotion of national public promotion activities.

10. Other expenses serve the recommended operation (if any).

What? 6. M Come on c

Organizations, individuals who use the national promotion and local promotion funding for the promotion activities must be done in accordance with the degree, the current financial spending regime issued by the state agency has the authority to enact. This information instructs a number of the following genera:

1. General level for promotional activities

a) The compilation of the program; the curriculum, the training documentation of the promotion and introduction, technical guidance, disseminant knowledge, enhanced capacity applying clean production by Digital Information 123 /2009/TT-BTC June 17, 2009, of the Ministry of Finance, which regulates the genus, the cost of building the framework program and the editing of the program, the curriculum for the courses of the University, the College, the Professional Centre;

b) The organization of vocational training, the practice applied by Digital Information 112 /2010/TTLT-BTC-BLTBXH July 30, 2010 of the United States Finance Ministry-Ministry of Trade and Social Labour guidelines for management and use of the funding implementation of the Project "Training Training for Rural Labour to 2020" issued by Decision No. 1956/QĐ-TTg on November 27, 2009 by Prime Minister -Digital. 128 /2012/TTLT-BTC-BLTBXH 09/09/2012 of the joint Finance-Ministry of Social Labour amended, complements some of the provisions of the Digital Information 112 /2010/TTLT-BTC-BLTBXH (including the aid of money, travel money during apprentien to students is a skilled craftsman and an advanced professional engineer to become a vocational teacher);

c) The conference organization, workshop, training and forum applied in accordance with the Digital Information. 97 /2010/TT-BTC June 6, 2010, of the Ministry of Finance to rule out a public charge, the regime organizes conferences on state agencies and public career units;

d) The organization of the study of experience learning, surveys, exhibition fairs, seminars and forums abroad apply in accordance with the Digital Information Information. 102 /2012/TT-BTC June 21, 2012 of the Ministry of Finance to rule out a public charge for cadres, state civil service for short-term work abroad due to the state budget guaranteing funding;

) Chi organizes the competitions, the advocacy of promotional activities, applies according to the Digital Information Information. 101 /2009/TT-BTC On May 20, 2009, the Ministry of Finance's Guide to Management, Use and Funding Guaranteed to implement the projects, the program under the Project "Vocational Youth Assistance and the creation of the 2008-2015 period";

e) The genus organizes training classes, professional professional fostering for faculty and promotion cadres; initiation training courses, corporate governance applicable to Private Information 139 /2010/TT-BTC September 21, 2010 of the Ministry of Finance rules the planning, management and use of funding from the State Budget for Training, Compensation, Public Affairs;

g) The application of information technology applies by Digital Information 19 /2012/TTLT-BTC-BKHT-BTTTT 15/02/2012 of the United Ministry of Finance-Ministry of Planning and Investment-Ministry of Information and Communications directed the management and use of the cost of the application of information technology in the operation of the state agency;

h) The cost of building pilot models of cleaner manufacturing application at the industrial production facilities is done according to the Digital Information Service. 221 /2012/TTLT-BTC-BCT December 24, 2012 of the United States Finance Ministry-the Ministry of Commerce guidelines management, using the state budget budget implementing a cleaner manufacturing strategy in the industry until 2020.

(When the regulation at the Quotation Parameters here is changed Yeah. You can use the new text.

2. Level of National Encouraging Activity

a) The genus supports the establishment of rural industrial production businesses in places with economic conditions-difficult societies and particularly difficult to follow the regulation of the law, including: Finalization of a viable business plan; the project to establish enterprise and its own business. costs associated with the registration of the enterprise. The support level is no more than 10 million co/business;

b) The support for the construction of the technical demonstration model to populate new technology, new product production, including costs: Build, purchase device machinery; complete documentation of technology processes, production processes, catering to technical demonstration. The maximum support level is 30% but not more than 500 million copper/model.

The level of support for rural industrial facilities is effectively in need of disseminable propaganda, replicated to other individual organizations learning; including expenses: Complete documentation of the process of technology; fining the production process, restoration of the product process, and more. It's for technical demonstration. The support level is not more than 100 million copper/model;

c) Chi supports device machinery, advanced technology transfer into industrial-industrial production. Maximum support levels of 50% of the cost but not more than 200 million copper/base;

d) Chi supports the rural industrial exhibition fair, crafts in the country, including: Supporting 100% of the cost of the lease of the pavilion, the propaganda details and the activities of the Expo Board Expo on a bidding or auction basis. The case is not eligible for a tender, according to the approved price.

The case of rural industrial facilities joined the fairs, other exhibitions in the country. The level of support for 80% of the sales price;

The organization, participating in the exhibition fair for rural industrial facilities abroad. Supports 100% of the expenses, including: Taxes, design, pavilion orchestras; joint decoration of the Vietnam area (including national pavilion if available); the cost of organizing the opening should be Vietnam ' s own exhibition fair (invitation, reception, etc.). Decoration, sound, light, propagation information); the cost of organising the workshop, the product presentation (rent, equipment, decoration, the details); the cost of the program to host the program. The expenses identified on a bidding or case price basis are not eligible for bidding, according to the approved price of the approved authority;

e) Chi supports 100% of the cost of plane ticket costs for rural industrial facilities to participate in the survey, study experience abroad. The number of people supported by the decision of the competent authority;

g) The organization of voting and issuing certificates of rural industrial production, country:

-Chi-Chi for the country's national market for national and regional standards. The level of support is not more than 100 million per time for the region level and 200 million homers/times for the national level.

-The prize for the typical rural industrial product is voted: The regional award is rewarded not more than 05 million copper/product; achieving a national award of no more than 10 million copper/product;

) Support for construction and registration of brands for rural industrial products. Maximum support level is 50% of the cost, but no more than 35 million copper/brand;

i) Support for private outsourcing, aid to rural industrial facilities in the fields: Investment projects; marketing; manufacturing management, finance, accounting, manpower; model design, packaging packaging; technology applications, new equipment. Maximum support level is 50% of the cost, but no more than 35 million copper/base;

) Built up television programs, broadcasting; publishing publications; leaflets, folding sheets, and other forms of mass information. The degree of implementation in the form of contract with the propaganda authority and the agency information agency according to the bidding method, the case of ordering the task of carrying the execution by the authority approved by the authority;

l) Chi support for the establishment of the association, regional and national level industry association. The maximum support level is 30% of the cost of the establishment, but no more than 70 million shares/assemblies, regional association, 100 million copper/assembly, national association association;

m) Support for the formation of industrial enterprise bonds. A maximum support level of 50% costs but no more than 150 million copper/cluster;

n) Cost of loan interest for rural industrial facilities polluts the relocation of the area, industrial cluster (support after the rural industrial facility has completed the investment): A maximum support level of 50% interest rates for loans to head-to-head. Home, workshop, machinery for the first 2 years, but no more than 500 million copper/facility. The interest in the interest of interest applies to medium-term and long-term loans by the Vietnamese currency before or in the term, which does not apply to loans that have been too long to repay the debt under the credit contract. With the lowest loan interest rate in the interest bracket applied to capital investments that cater to the business production operation of the same period and the same period of the Vietnam Investment Bank;

o) Chi supports repair, upgrade of environmental pollution treatment systems at rural industrial facilities. Maximum support is 30% of the cost, but no more than 300 million copper/base;

p) Support for repair, upgrade of environmental pollution treatment systems at industrial clusters. Maximum support is 30% of the cost, but not more than 1,500 million copper/cluster of industry;

q) Support for industrial cluster details planning. Maximum support is 50% of the cost, but not more than 500 million copper/cluster of industry;

r) The investment supports the construction of industrial cluster infrastructure; including: San filling, internal traffic, water-level systems, drainage in industrial clusters. The support level is not more than 3,000 million copper/industrial clusters;

) The project manager program is recommended

-The recommended expense management agency is used up to a maximum of 1.5% of the recommended incentive budget annually to support the construction of programs, projects, tests, supervision, recoverers: Hire professionals, labor (if available); the overtime of overtime. Regulatory regime; stationing, telephone, postal, water; cost-to-charge, gasoline, rent-to-check (if any); choice judges, program capture, recommended recommendations; others (if available). Content and funding approved by the authority.

-For the organization implementing the recommended service operation: The deployment unit performs the recommended promotion project of a maximum of 2.5% of the recommended project project to spend management, direction, inspection, supervision, other genus (if available);

t) The cost of prioritises support for programs, projects, regulatory tasks at Clause 1 and paragraph 2 Article 6 of the Digital Protocol. 45 /2012/NĐ-CP By the Ministry of Commerce, it is guaranteed to attract organizations, individuals to invest in industrial development-the industrial battalion, the application of cleaner manufacturing into the landline and the profession needs priority but not more than 1.5 times the level of regulatory support.

3. Local promotion expenses

a) A specified base at the Digital Decree 45 /2012/NĐ-CP and the guidance support level at Article 6 of this Information, the Provincial People 's Department of the Provincial People' s Provincial Committee to build the Local Incentive Funding management Regulation and stipulate the level of support for local promotion activities accordingly;

b) Depending on the possibility of a local budget, the People's Provincial Committee of the Council of the People's Council on the same level rules the content, the form of support other than the specified content at Article 6 of this is in accordance with the actual conditions of the locality.

What? 7. Okay. Supported Recommended funding

The conditions for organizations, individuals are to be supported by the national public promotion due to the Ministry of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce, the funding of local recommendations provided by the Provincial People's Committee, but must ensure the following principles:

1. Content in accordance with the specified content at Article 4 and the profession in accordance with the category of occupations specified at Article 5 of the Digital Protocol 45 /2012/NĐ-CP.

2. The task, the project is approved by the authority of the authority (the Ministry of Commerce for National Recommendation; The Provincial Committee of the Provincial People, the district level, the township level for local promotion).

3. Organization, individuals who have invested capital or committed to investing sufficient funds to implement the project have been granted jurisdiction approval (after the amount of funding supported by the state budget).

4. The organization ' s commitment, the individual who performs the recommended promotion project from any state funding to the same content costs the funding for support.

What? 8. Set up, approve and decide the budget budget n wish

The establishment, acceptance, and funding of the state budget budget for the operation of promotion implementation under the provisions of the State Budget Act, the guidelines for the implementation of the State Budget Act of the Ministry of Finance and regulations at this Smart. as follows:

1. Set and allocate the bill

a) To the expense of national promotion

-Every year, based on the number of checks on the state budget audit due to the Ministry of Finance of the Treasury; the recommended program base is granted the authority to approve and the degree of regulation in this privacy, the Ministry of Commerce sets the bill to promote the country. to sum up the Ministry of Commerce ' s state budget bill, send the Ministry of Finance to sum up the Government in accordance with the current regulation.

-Expected to be delivered, the Ministry of Industry for the purpose of implementing a detailed national recommendation on the unit and the provisions stipulated at Article 5 of this Smart sent the Ministry of Finance as a basis for the assignment of the operation to the units made.

The National Recommendation Budget is allocated to the Ministry of Commerce directly to the Ministry of Commerce on the basis of the recommended duty assignment basis;

b) For local promotion costs

-Every year, the number of checked-up checks has jurisdiction; the base on the recommended program is granted authority approval and the level of expenditures prescribed by the Provincial People's Committee, the Department of Trade in the Department of Trade, and the Department of Commerce for the Department of Commerce. to the Department of Commerce 's state budget bill, sending the Department of Finance to sum up on the local budget bill to the Provincial People' s Provincial Committee under the current regulation.

-The expected reserve base, the Department of Trade performs the allocation of funds implementing the detailed Local Recommendation Program in accordance with the unit and the regulation content at Article 5 of this Smart Assent Finance Department as the base delivery base for the units. Do it.

-For the establishment, allocation, delivery of the local promotion of capital to the district level, the provincial-level township level is provided by the Provincial People's Committee in accordance with local promotion organization.

2. Accept the expected

a) The base of the unit ' s state budget bill is granted a competent authority, the units that carry out the work withdrawal at the State Treasury in the transaction;

b) The state treasury performs control, payment for each mission, in the direction of management, level, payment of state budget expenditures through the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance; the current expenditure regime and the provisions of this Information. For example, the mission is recommended that no more than 70% of the total funding is recommended on the basis of the contract.

3. Accounting, accounting.

a) The direct units use the incentive budget, which is responsible for the accounting and funding of carrying out the recommended tasks into the category 070 102 "recommended activities", according to the respective chapter of the State Budget Table;

b) For the tasks recommended by the unit through the form of contracting with the presiding body, the certificate from the base of the bar, the decision is saved at the presiding body, including: The contract to execute the task with the cost of the expense details granted. has the authority to approve; the receipt of the document, which includes a mass capture of a unit of unit funding that has pledged to invest (if any); contract liquors; commission or coupons and other relevant documents as defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My Love. The evidence from the unit ' s spending directly performs the promotional mission filed in the unit;

c) Direct units using the incentive budget must decide the cost of the year used with the Ministry of Commerce (for the national promotion fee) with the Department of Commerce (for the provincial promotion fee). The Labor Department's five and the Department of Commerce sent the financial authorities to the appraisal. The application form, report pattern, time of filing and review of the decision report execution under the current regulation.

For the decision to decide the local promotion of the district level, the provincial township level is provided by the Provincial People's Committee to conform to the local promotion organization.

What? 9. Check, monitor, report information

1. Ministry of Commerce, Department of Commerce has a responsibility to coordinate with the financial institution on the same level of examination, break-in; oversight assessment of the mission execution, the objectives of the projects, ensuring the management, use of the right to the right purposes, Savings, efficiency.

2. The Ministry of Commerce has the responsibility to follow, evaluate the Prime Minister ' s reporting on the implementation of the duties, the promotion of the promotion in the nationwide scope.

3. The Provincial People ' s Committee is responsible for monitoring, evaluation, a three-month term of the Department of Commerce reports on local promotion activities.

What? 10. The organization performs

1. This information is valid for enforcement, from April 8, 2014 and replace the Digital Information Digital. 125 /2009/TTLT-BTC-BCT June 17, 2009 by the United States Finance Ministry-the Ministry of Commerce guidelines for the management and use of economic career funding for the Incentive Program.

2. In the course of execution, if there is an entangrium, offer the units to reflect on the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry to study the amendment to the appropriate ./.





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