Resolution 32-Nq/tw: About Continuing To Innovate, Improve The Quality Of The Training, The Fostering Of Political Argument For Leading Cadres, Management

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 32-NQ/TW: Về tiếp tục đổi mới, nâng cao chất lượng công tác đào tạo, bồi dưỡng lý luận chính trị cho cán bộ lãnh đạo, quản lý

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Number: 32-NQ/TW
Nationwide, May 26, 2014


In terms of continuing innovation, raising the quality of training, fostering political reasoning for leadership cadres, management and management.



1- After nearly 15 years of implementation of Regulation 54-QĐ/TW, the 12-5-1999 issue of the Politburo on Political Reasoning Learning Regime in the Party, Training Work, political reasoning fostering some important results, contributing to Party building, political system, and more. They ' re going to be socioeconomic and social development. The system ' s system of political reasoning training is consolidated, developed; the number of cadres trained in political reasoning increased rapidly; content, program steps innovation; the faculty team increased both in terms of quantity and quality; material conditions, the engineering of the company. Training facilities improved.

Having the above result is due to the concerns, the care of the Party, the State; the spirit of responsibility, the devotion of the faculty team, the management staff in the training base system, fostering political reasoning; political stability and the achievements of the party. economic growth-the society of the country.

2- Besides the results achieved, the training, political reassertion, and a limited number of limitations. The expansion of the training scale, the fostering has not yet been associated with the increased quality. Content, training programs, slow fostering innovation, additions, updates, and iteration, have not met the requirement to enhance practical, political, ethical, leadership, leadership, and management. The method of teaching, slow learning is innovated, is heavy in knowledge, and has not yet developed an active, creative, academic. Lack of communication between the academic level, the training system that led to the cadres must learn several times a number of topics, learning the part. Training management is in poor hands, especially the self-governing management of the cadre. The quality of the faculty, the management staff, is limited. Physical conditions-engineering in many of the training facilities that are lacking.

3- The limitations, the weak said, are due to the following primary causes:

Some committees, authorities, agencies, and units were not properly aware of the training, political reassertion. Many cadres, the party considered the goal of training, fostering political reasoning was to have degrees, certificates at the standard of title; tended to go to school in office, resulting in an imbalance between the system and the concentration.

The mechanism system, the policy is not yet reasonable, to be accurate; regulation of the standard of political reasoning for cadres and on the devolve of training, fostering by the object, the standard of the title.

Faculty members, training management staff, are limited to professional qualifications, careers, practical experience experience; a lack of role models have influenced quality, training, and political reasoning.



1- Training, fostering political reasoning for leadership, management is the key task of the party. Every cadre of leadership, management has to permeate Ho Chi Minh's idea of lifelong learning, learning to be paired with practice, reasoning attached to practice, learning to train moral qualities, revolutionary people.

2- The Center for Spiritual Innovation is the 8th Central Resolution XI in terms of fundamental innovation, comprehensive education and training; ensuring the system and communication between grades, qualifications and between training methods, in line with the standard of cadres to be established. continue to innovate, elevate the quality of training, fostering political reasoning.

3- Innovation, improving the quality of the training, fostering political reasoning must always stick to the objective, request, task of the task force and to be closely tied to the stitches in the cadet work.


Creating a strong shift in quality, efficiency of training, fostering political reasoning, contributing to the leadership of the leadership cadres, management of the ranks of sufficient political, ethical and capacity quality, effective working styles that meet the requirements of the public. of the building career and the protection of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

III-Mission, solution

1-To strengthen the leadership of the Party, the state ' s governance of training, fostering political reassertion.

-The deepest and specific, objective, task, mission, innovation-in-law, fostering political reasoning, creating unity in the political system and the system of training facilities.

-Continue to meet the mindset, raise the awareness of the committee, the authorities and cadres, the party on the goal, the requirements and the importance of training, fostering political reasoning in the era of industrialization, modernisation and integration. International.

-Committees, party organizations, must regularly direct training, fostering political reasoning, and work on building staff planning, fostering political reasoning for the cadres under the title of each stage. Choose, take the cadres to train the right objects, the real, the rampant, the costly, the wasted.

-Enhancing the efficiency, the efficiency of state management and accountability of the staff of the staff, helps the level of authority to be competent on the basis of political reasoning training, especially in the renewal of organization and operation, enhancing the internal governance capacity of the country. Training facility.

-Identify the responsibilities of the local, agency, unit in training, political reassertion. Seriously implementing the training object, attached to the standard appraisal of training, fostering. The systematic communication of the party schools does the degree, confirming political reasoning.

-Diversifying forms, training methods on the basis of increased training, each step down training, ensuring the scale and quality of training. Perform the correct political reasoning moves on the subject and in accordance with the scale of training; the youngest cadet is required through concentrated training.

2-Innovation content, program, training method, fostering in line with each category of cadres.

-Building content, programs, methods, training times, selectively, practical, consistent with each category of cadres. Improving the quality, shoring the right training time, ensuring inheritance, unity; the higher the training order, the more in-depth content, the avoidance of content iteration in the systems, the bottom steps. More emphasis on methodology, orientation, practical experience experience, work skills and leadership style, management.

-Innovation for teaching and learning in the direction of positive, active, creative, creative learnship, taking learnmen as a center, learnets actively participate in training; helping students to continue to educate themselves, supplement, expand, and enhance. Knowledge, the training of the method of thinking, the ability to handle practical situations.

-Change the form and method of exam, test and evaluate the results of the real assurance training. The system forms the quality evaluation system of training facilities, training programs, processes, and the post-training assessment criteria.

3-Continue to sweep, supplement the mechanism, policy on training, fostering political reasoning.

-Scanning, the addition of rules, regulations on training, political reasoning, coordination between agencies, units, localities, training facilities in research, staff, guidance, inspection, management, and training.

-Unity rules for the standard of political leadership by the standards of leadership, management. The head of the senior leadership level and the equivalent must graduate from the political logic center. The chief executive officer of the district and the equivalent of becoming a graduate of political logic.

-Additional mechanism, training finance policy, political reasoning fostering the effective use of state budgets. I ' ve now been able to modernizing the physical facility-the engineering that serves the training, the fostering.

-Adjustment, regime supplement, treatment policy for teaching and learnmen, preferable to female cadres, minority ethnic cadres, industrial cadres in deep, remote areas, particularly difficult zones, borders, and islands.

4-The entire training facility system, faculty team and research staff, staff on training, fostering political reasoning, and more.

-Building function, mission, machine organization of the training facility in accordance with the new situation, in the direction of improving the quality of operations, the lean apparatus, the clear, unoverlapping task.

-Constructing faculty with quality, intensive knowledge and practical experience, has a right teaching method and a profession. Increased leadership of the faculty, the faculty of the leadership, and the management of the ranks of the duties as a lecturer and a mission, and the teaching of political reasoning training facilities.

-The entire organization of the staff of the organizing committee. Raising the quality of the staff as a staff researcher, managing training. The layout of the staff is specialized in the training of the training, the accretion of the staff (not increasing the payroll).


1- The Central Organization of the Central Organization guidelines implementing this resolution; presiding, in coordination with the relevant agencies to review the functions of functions, tasks, organization of the apparatus of the party school system; specific guidelines on standards, objects and grants of training, and more. Political reasoning.

In proposing the recognition of the relatively high degree of political reasoning for the Army officer, the Public Security Council has been trained at the Political Academy (Department of Defense), the Political Public Security Academy (Ministry of Public Security).

Presiding, coordinating with relevant agencies, research, system system control, current policy, additional proposals, unsuitable changes.

2- The Central Proclamation of the Central Committee, in coordination with the relevant agencies that directed the search, orientation, appraisal of training programs, fostering political reasoning and examination of the implementation; directed the organization of the organization to raise the level of rationalization. I mean, the job, the job, the teaching method for the political theorist team.

3- Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy, in collaboration with the agencies involved directing training facilities, fostering new political logic, improving the quality of program content and teaching methods, studying political reasoning. Building a unified program, the time of political reasoning training is consistent with the system, training, and political reasoning.

4- The committees, party organizations, organize the organization and examine the implementation of the resolution under jurisdiction.

This resolution is widely available to the genus.

General Secretary


Thank you.