Deciding 1238/qd-Bnn-Tcln: Approval Of The Project "the Project Of Developing Ecological Tourism In Tam Dao National Park"

Original Language Title: Quyết định 1238/QĐ-BNN-TCLN: Phê duyệt đề án “Đề án phát triển du lịch sinh thái vườn quốc gia Tam Đảo”

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Number: 1238 /QE-BNN-TCLN
Nationwide, June 4, 2014


Review of the Project "Ecological Tourism Development Project"




Base of Protocol 199 /2013/NĐ-CP November 26, 2013 of the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;

Base of Protocol 117 /2010/NĐ-CP December 24, 2010 of the Government on the organization and management of the common forest system;

Base of Protocol 92 /2007/NĐ-CP 01/6/2007 of the Government rules certain Articles of Tourism Law and Digital Protocol. 180 /2013/NĐ-CP 14 November 2013 by the Government on the amendment, adding some of the provisions of the Digital Protocol 92 /2007/NĐ-CP;

The Digital Base. 78 /2011/TT-BNPTNT November 11, 2011 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development regulates the implementation of Protocol 117 /NĐ-CP on 24 December 2010 of the Government;

Base Decision Base 104 /2007/QĐ-BNN December 27, 2007, of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development enacted the management of ecological tourism activities in national parks, nature conservation areas;

Decision base 1520 /QE-BNN-TCLN on 08/7/2011 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on the ratification of the sustainable conservation and sustainable development planning of the Sanya Islands 2010-2020;

Review of the Forest Directorate ' s proposal at the Digital Paper: 613/TTr-TCLN-BTTN on 26 April 2014 on applying for approval of the Project "Ecological Tourism Development-Tam National Park",


What? 1. Approval of the "Ecological Tourism Development-Tam National Park" includes the following basic content:

1. The title name: "Ecological tourism development-Tam National Park"

2. Target

-Preservation of the forest ecosystem is associated with the exploitation of the natural ecological environment of the forest in a reasonable way to business eco-tourism and environmental education in the Tam Islands National Park.

-Once a complete step in the engineering infrastructure system; the establishment of tourist routes, making attractive destinations as the basis for the Tam Tam National Park is one of the national and international standards of national parks.

-Through ecological tourism, education for people in the sense of environmental protection; implementing policy sharing benefits for indigenous people, tied to eco-tourism development; job creation, business transformation for the people of the middle class. through the ecological tourism development project on the site. Improving the efficiency of management, conservation and sustainable development of natural resources, contributes to the economic development of the local economy.

-To generate a sustainable, self-armed, sustainable source of management, protect the forest from the source from the rental of the forest environment to use for the development of ecological tourism.

3. Content

a) Management, forest area protection

-Identify the boundary, area area for the local forest environment rental and on the map.

-Build a database, update the forest resource information for every batch of state, build maps of the forest and the forest.

-Organization of the fire department, firefighting the forest under a 4-in-place approach; construction of the fire department, firefighting of the forest; perfusing the fire department, firefighting the forest fire to detect the fires of the forest, mobiling the fire force in time.

-The security guard, which regularly patrols, finds a pest in the forest; it stops in time for the actions of deforestation, livestock grazing, hunting for wildlife traps, and invasive wildlife, and guides to travel to the forest. of the National Park, the tourist resort.

b) The area used to develop ecological tourism

The area for the forest environment lease to 2020 is 1,703.90 ha, in which:

-Administrative Division-Service: 1,033.9 ha, of Districts: Lake Xiong-Valley Valley: 107.0 ha; Hebei Village Lake: 28.3 ha; District 15 -18: 100.6 ha; Creepy Foothills: 37.8 ha; West Zone: 300,1 ha; Pleasure Zone: 50 ha; Area 3 Island II: 300.5 ha. Other areas: 109.6 ha.

-Ecological Restoration: 670.0 ha, composed of: Bund (Taoqing): 100.0 ha; Yongning District: 100.0 ha; Long-Falls Area (Mingliang): 100.0 ha; Coastal Area Lhai (Central America): 100.0 ha; Black Rock Zone (Zhou Army): 100.0 ha; Coastal Area The Role Of Temple: 70 ha; The Shoulders Pond: 50 ha; The Fountain (La By): 50 ha.

-The maximum level of activity of eco-tourism activity is 20% of the total area employed by the common forest environment, which allows the use of 5% of the total area hired to make trails, foot stops, office building, working homes, infrastructure, and more. entertainment fun and recreation area, vacation travel ... The portion of the leased area must be specified on the map and to be clear out of the field through the signage system.

c) The ecological tourist routes combine forest protection patrols.

-Line 1: The National Park Office of the Sanya National Park-District of the Ecological Tourist Zone 15 to km 18-The town of Tam Island (Tam I)-Tam Island II (three peaks of the Three Islands);

-Line 2: The National Park Office Of The Three-year-old Valley.

-Line 3: Bund II (three peaks of Tam Island)-Hell of Hell-Tam Town (Tam I);

-Line 4: The National Park Office of the Three Islands National Park (Temple of the Temple)-Tam II (three peaks of the Three Islands);

-Line 5: Small lines connecting the Tam Tam Golf Course-Hồ Chu-Hà Hà Village-Ha Village Valley, Long Island Falls, Long Falls, ... and other points in the Tam Islands National Park buffer zone;

-Line 6: Combined inside the Garden and the buffer zone is the Office of the Garden-Taiyuan (historical sites, ecological resorts)-Quang Quang (New Tràng, Shandong and ecological tourist attractions).

d) Planning the project to serve the project

-The office, the working house, the infrastructure, the entertainment, entertainment, and the rehabilitation service.

-Forest patrol, forest protection, forest fire fire combined with service lines from the town of Tam Island to econeconts, vacation tourism.

-The walking road system, the patrol road that protects the forest through special forest ecosystems, connects the natural landscape points, monuments, temples and characteristic forest ecosystems.

-The tank system's fire-fire-fire-fire department.

4. The Solution

a) On the management of protection, forest development, nature conservation, biodiversity.

-The organization carried out patrols, controls, radically blocking deforestation, mining, shipping, forestry trade and wildlife, increased fire control.

-Promote forest cultivation activities, rearing reforestation in accordance with ecological conditions; the stock of forest protection for households in the buffer zone. Recovery, development of the forest capital and not stopping the quality, the cover of the forest.

-Enhancing natural conservation capacity, building databases, programming programs, conservation of endemic animals, precious, rare.

-Enhancing scientific research, facilitation of international organizations implementing programs, conservation projects, community support in the region.

b) On environmental protection and development of ecological tourism

-Constructing routes, ecological tourist attractions to exploit the natural landscape in principle: do not alter the natural landscape, do not cause adverse effects on animal animal resources or degrade biodiversity and environmental pollutants. School. Ensure sustainable development for genetic and biodiversity conservation of the Tam Island National Park.

-Organization for educational propaganda, professional training exercise, raising awareness of environmental protection in the residential community, tourists, business-producing units on the venue; harmoning harmony between education, student commendation, doubles, and more. Prevention, timely prevention, and strict treatment of violations of the law, in order to effectively protect natural resources, cultural identity, ecological environment.

c) On the mechanism, policy

-The investment development investment priority includes high ground traffic infrastructure (suspension cables), roads and upgrading routes to the tourist attractions of the Tam Island National Park to facilitate the development of ecological tourism.

-Encouraging investment development of modern entertainment resorts; simplification of administrative procedures to attract investors engaged in ecological tourism activities in the form: equity contributions to state-owned enterprises, forming a new market, and more in the world. The tourism company is based on a mixture of domestic and private ownership.

-Encouraged to implement investment socialization; protection, respect for monuments, landscapes; conservation and restoration of festivals, cultural activities, and tourism activities.

d) In mitigation of environmental impact

-In accordance with the state's current regulation of environmental impact assessment; the layout of construction work ensures requirements for forest protection, environmental protection.

-There has to be a tight monitoring of existing forest protection and additional forest planting.

-Compliance with the fire department regulations.

-There are environmental impact mitigation measures when the Project operates.

e) On investment capital attraction

-Encouraging (in many forms) businesses have a tourism business function to invest in the development of ecological tourism.

-Increasing revenues from forest environmental leasing activities and clean development mechanisms to generate funding continues to invest in forest protection management and scientific research activities aimed at preserving and sustainable development of forest resources.

-The forest environment rental project must conform to the sustainable conservation and development planning of the 2010-2020 Trio-Island National Park at Decision 1520 /QE-BNN-TCLN on 08/7/2011 by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

-Establish the specific boundaries of forest habitat leasing, investment links, and land area construction and forestry structures according to common forest management.

-Effective evaluation of the Project for protection management and conservation management in areas expected to rent forest environment.

f) About the transport infrastructure

-Finishing the road system serving the patrol, forest protection combined with the road of service from the town of Tam I to the Three Islands II and ecological tourism areas in the Garden.

-Building a walking road system, cable systems, tunnels serving travel development: design and construction of road systems through characteristic ecosystems, connecting natural landscapes, monuments, temples.

5. Investment and equity computing

-The total investment is about 13,808 billion copper, of which phase 1 is about 2,736 billion dollars; stage 2 is about 11,072 billion copper.

-Source: Mobilization from the socialization source from businesses and revenues from the rental business of the forest environment for tourism services.

6. Investment and implementation plans

-The project is carried out in two stages, phase 1: 2014-2015; phase 2: 2016-2020.

-Phase 1 implementation: Appropriation of ecological tourism development project; conduct implementation of the content under the Approved Forest Environment Lease.

-Deploying priority projects: Senior tourist resorts-high school resort and recreation of the II-Wharf II-Bund; ecological and spiritual tourism area in the three Tam Islands; the cable system hangs from the Bund to Tam II.

-Investing in transportation infrastructure works, engineering services for ecological tourism.

-Phase 2 implementation: Continue to deploy the remaining content of the Project, in accordance with the sustainable development and development planning of the Three-Island National Park was approved.

7. Organizational mode, profit division

For the form of a joint venture, the link: the division follows the forms of capital, accountability, level of participation management, link, and product supply; equipment, brand, and initiative.

For the form for the business to rent the forest environment service service for the travel service implementation of the Digital Protocol. 99 /2010/NĐ-CP September 24, 2010 of the Government on Policy Expenditure Policy; Decree. 48 /2007/NĐ-CP March 28, 2007 of the Government on Principles and Methods of determining the price of forests.

For self-organization form: Implemenation of current regulation.

The source of the joint venture, link, lease of the forest environment is managed, used by the current regulation.

What? 2. Organization to execute:

The Head of the Forest Service instructs the National Park to establish ecological tourism investment projects in accordance with the Sustainable Development and Development Planning of the 2010-2020 Three-Island Tet National Park and Project.

The Tam Tam National Park has established a boundary area location for forest environment rental; co-ordination of project construction, inspection, unit monitoring of the forest environment for implementing the project under the Right Project for the lease of the forest environment and the regulation of the law. The Forest Service Report, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issues arise in the course of execution.

What? 3. Chief of the Bureau, General Director General of Forestry, Director of the Tam Tam National Park and the chief of the relevant units are responsible for this decision.



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